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3 Doors Down Sparks Summerfest

3 Doors Down / Lifehouse
Marcus Amphitheater
Milwaukee, WI
July 6, 2001
Brad Arnold reaches for the stars.

Story and Photos by Phil Bonyata

The long road has given 3 Doors Down it's current commercial success. Incessant touring the last two years have gotten the word out that these guys really can rock.
3DD When the band played all of those local bars in Biloxi, Miss., the fans became so enamored with them that they enlisted the local radio station to help. Through non stop requests for the bands' song "Kryptonite." The radio station's acceptance led to a series of gigs all over the U.S.
3 Doors Down triumphantly returned to the Marcus Amphitheater at Summerfest last Friday night after playing one of the smaller stages last year.
Lifehouse The bands' records and videos don't quite capture their natural chemistry. Ever charismatic lead singer Brad Arnold opened with "Duck and Run" - a Creed like song on record, but performed live the song took on it's own electricity and charm. Arnold's posturing and natural stage presence was that of a seasoned rock veteran. Living for the stage will do that to some people. The band fanned the flames with their monster breakthrough hit "Kryptonite," an infectious and catchy pop song. You can't help but like this song. The band floored the gas pedal as their sound became harder and a little darker.
Arnold lyrics tend to be very personal and the passionate way in which he sings them only heightens the lyrical content. The band closed with the overplayed "Loser." The song's somber lyrics and melodies start grating after a time. The only lowlight to an otherwise sterling evening of rock 'n roll.
Lifehouse took the stage ahead of 3 Doors Down. They lit right into their MTV smash "Hanging By a Moment." The song has catchy hooks and smart lyrics. It's straight ahead rock n' roll anchored by Wade's intense and very personal lyrics. His lived a hard life at the young age of 22. Lead singer Wade has all the boyish charm that helped to hold the attention of the audience for the rest of their show, when sometimes the music didn't.

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