3 Doors Down No longer Close Neighbors

Circuit City Rock Stage
July 4, 2000

3 Doors Down

Story and Photo by Phil Bonyata

The meteoric rise of the Mississippi band 3 Doors Down is just gettin' started.
There was an anxious buzz in the audience, after all everyone in the audience felt that "they" discovered this band first, as they waited for "tommorrow's stars, today" to blast onto the stage
3 Doors Down played the Circuit City Rock Stage at Summerfest last night to an adoring young audience. Singer Brad Arnold let his soulful bluesy voice loose in the standout "Loser" which packed a wallop of pain. On the monster hit "Kryptonite" from The Better Life" 3 Doors Down played with a fresh combination of rock electricity and pop cool sprinkled with plenty of hooks to keep things interesting.
This band is definitely on the rise. It won't be long before playing these smaller venues or as an opening act will surely give way to playing large auditoriums as the headliner.
3 Doors Down hour long set gave this crowd, who probably most have never even heard of these guys three months ago, something for the memory banks.
They can now all say "I saw 3 Doors Down before they got really big!"

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