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Adam Ant shows that he's still quite the dandy

Adam Ant/ Glam Skanks
Rialto Theatre
Tucson, AZ
February 11, 2017
Glam Skanks
Glam Skanks
Adam Ant
Adam Ant
Adam Ant
Adam Ant

Review and photos by Frances Sealy

Adam Ant born Stuart Leslie Goddard rose to fame in the late 1970's in the post punk era as Adam and the Ants. His career changing album, Kings of the Wild Frontier was released in 1980. Now, some 37 years later, Ant and his band have embarked on a sold out tour celebrating that landmark album. The album has been performed in its entirety along with other Ant fan favs. The tour has been focused on smaller venues so that fans get an upclose, intimate experience with their hero.

A flamboyant Adam Ant jumped on the stage wearing his famous swashbuckling garb. As he looked across the audience, he could see that many in the packed house were sporting the same Napoleonic hat and pirate garb as himself as well as his classic makeup. The set was started with "Dog Eat Dog" to the screams of the wildly excited fans. Adam responded with his best dance moves and dandy showmanship.

Adam has kept his twin drums in the band. Andy Woodard and Jola performed on drums. William Crewdson delivered righteously on guitar, while Joe Holweger kept the band on point with the bass guitar. It was a magical synergy between the band and the "King of the Wild Frontier."

The entire album was performed during the first part of the set. In keeping the night ablaze, the set was Adam performed such hits as "Stand and Deliver," "Goody Two Shoes," and "Prince Charming." There was a two-song encore that included fan favorite, Marc Bolan's "Get It On." This was an epic night from an artist who uplifted the fans to the stars.

The shows' openers were an all girl band from LA, Glam Skanks, a glitter-rock band. The band is supporting their debut album, Glitter City. Their exciting set had all the elements needed to get an already excited Adam Ant crowd warmed up and ready for what was to come. Members are Ali Cat on lead vocals, Veronica Volume on lead guitar, Millie on bass, and Cassie on drums. Their's was an electric, uncensored and fun filled set.
Adam Ant Set List:
1. Dog Eat Dog
2. Antmusic
3. Feed Me to the Lions
4. Los Rancheros
5. Ants Invasion
6. Killer in the Home
7. Kings of the Wild Frontier
8. The Magnificent Five
9. Don't Be Square (Be There)
10. Jolly Roger
11. Making History
12. The Human Beings
13. Beat My Guest
14. Christian D'or
15. Stand and Deliver
16. Vive Le Rock
17. Cartrouble
18. Desperate But Not Serious
19. Zerox
20. Never Trust a Man (With Egg on His Face)
21. Lady/Fall In
22. Goody Two Shoes
23. Prince Charming
24. Red Scab

25. Get It On (T. Rex cover)
26. (You're So) Physical

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Glam Skanks
Glam Skanks
Adam Ant
Adam Ant
Glam Skanks
Glam Skanks
Glam Skanks
Glam Skanks
Adam Ant
Adam Ant
Glam Skanks
Glam Skanks

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