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Asia plays in the "Heat of the Moment"

The Fox Theatre
Tucson, AZ
October 13, 2014
Asia< Asia< Asia<

Review and photos by Mary Andrews

Asia has had its ups and downs over the years with the most recent change last year when Steve Howe left the group to play with the band Yes. The replacement is a young guitar player, Sam Coulson, who has cultivated some great guitar chops of his own. The result was that Howe was not missed!

The band is touring in support of their latest album of new material, "Gravitas." The band formed circa 1981 with the demise of British progressive rock bands Yes and Emerson, Lake and Palmer. The other three members touring now are the original members of Asia. John Wetton is the original lead vocalist and bass player. He originally played with King Crimson. Carl Palmer, drummer, is formerly from Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Finally, Geoff Downes, keyboardist, is formerly from the band Yes.

Asia soared to immediate worldwide success upon the recording of "Heat of the Moment" and the release of their first album Asia in 1982. Tonight's show was a good blend of the old and the new. The crowd was keenly aware that the band's grand melodies, catchy hooks and pounding rhythms were all still present.

The most outstanding and predominant feature of the show was the skill of each member of the band! John Wetton's tenor voice has not been weather worn and is spot on! Carl Palmer performed a drum solo that was exhilarating to say the least! It was probably the most incredible drum solo this reviewer has ever witnessed. Geoffrey Downs gave a resounding keyboard solo and Sam Coulson's guitar licks fit in like he had been playing with Asia since the beginning. The band is still relevant pumping out the new as well as the old!
Set List:
1 1812 Overture (intro music)

 2 Sole Survivor

 3 Wildest Dreams

 4 Face on the Bridge

 5 Time Again

 6 Valkyrie

 7 Finger on the Trigger

 8 I Know How You Feel

 9 Voice of America

 10 The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
11 An Extraordinary Life

 12 Gravitas

 13 Keyboard Solo

 14 Days Like These

 15 Go

 16 Don't Cry

 17 Drum Solo

 18 Only Time Will Tell

 19 Open Your Eyes

 20. Heat of the Moment

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