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The Avett Brothers carry Americana to new heights

The Avett Brothers
Tucson Music Hall
Tucson, AZ
February 5, 2015
The Avett Brothers The Avett Brothers The Avett Brothers

Review and photos by Mary Andrews

Tucsonans got to experience the power of The Avett Brothers once again! The Rialto theatre has presented this group at their venue twice in the past, but due the band’s increased popularity, the show was moved to a larger venue and it was a good thing.

Chatham County Line, a Raleigh-based four-piece quartet that specializes in the bluegrass-Americana music opened the concert. The band's four members – Dave Wilson (guitar), John Teer (mandolin, fiddle), Chandler Holt (banjo), and Greg Readling (bass) are in the second decade of the band’s existence and finished their sixth studio album last year. These dapper musicians huddled around a single microphone to sing and play. Wilson spends most of the time at the mic singing lead while Mr. Teer fills in with harmony. Each member of the band moved up to the loving mic in a carefully choreographed manner when it was each ones turn to play or sing. This band performed with a earthy swagger and natural energy and they seemed to be the perfect match for the Avett Brothers.

As soon as The Avett Brothers took the stage the diverse crowd was on its feet clapping and swaying to the music of their heroes. The Avett Brothers are known to typically provide an upbeat, high-energy show. The band was not going to disappoint. They started the set with the familiar "Morning Song" that led into "Live and Die," The lead vocals are primarily sung by brothers Seth and Scott Avett. Scott plays banjo that seems to be a cornerstone of their sound. Seth plays guitar. Bob Crawford kept the rhythm going with upright and electric bass. Joe Kwon is probably the most animated member of the band and the most animated cellist in the world. Tania Elizabeth played a 'mean’ violin and had a strong voice to boot. Mike Marsh on drums and Paul Defiglia on keyboards completed the ensemble.

It is impossible to point out the highlight of the set simply because the whole show was a highlight. "Laundry Room" started mellow but built up to such a crescendo that the whole music hall was vibrating from the foot stomping and clapping from the crowd. Many shows will start with a burst of energy and wanes as the show progresses. This is not true with the Avett Brothers. Instead the energy just kept building until the very last note. The rabid fans were the happy recipients of a full Avett Brothers’ explosion.
Set List:
1. Morning Song
2. Live and Die
3. The Fall
4. Down With Shine
5. Another Is Waiting
6. Gimmeakiss
7. Rejects in the Attic
8. Denouncing November Blue
9. Salina
10. Tania
11. Die Die Die
12. Satan Pulls The Strings
13. Hard Worker
14. In the Garden ([traditional] cover)
15. I Wish I Was
16. Murder In The City
17. Open-Ended Life
18. Color Show
19. Slight Figure Of Speech
20. Laundry Room
21. Talk On Indolence

22. Country Blues (Doc Watson cover)
23. I and Love and You

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The Avett Brothers The Avett Brothers The Avett Brothers
The Avett Brothers The Avett Brothers
The Avett Brothers The Avett Brothers The Avett Brothers
Chatham County Line
Chatham County Line
Chatham County Line
Chatham County Line

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