Bizkit Knowz It'z Buzinezz

The Anger Management Tour
Bradley Center
Nov. 1, 2000

Limp Bizkit
Bizkit crew.

Story and Photos by Phil Bonyata

This is pop music Darth Vader might have listened to as he plotted the demise of the the rebel forces. Luke? He was dancing in time to 'N Sync. How could the Evil Empire have ever collapsed so easily?
The Limp Bizkit led Anger Management Tour, which called The Bradley Center home last Wednesday night, was a teen metal head's wet dream come true. It had all the fixins' of a wild adventure without the danger. Ho hum. Lead singer and angry little man Fred Durst is probably the most out spoken bad-boy in the music biz today. From supporting beleaguered free music internet site Napster, to trashing such stars as Scott Stapp of Creed, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears in public, Durst has cast his die as asshole du jour. He has made a lot of new enemies but his legion of supporters could swallow them whole and spit them back into oblivion.
Eminem The Bizkit stage included immense metallic transformer-like robots, set upon a molten lava moonscape in which Durst did his crouch to the ground, goose stepping, stuttered march while proudly displaying half of his crack in the process. It doesn't take Durst much to get this young group of people in a grooved-up mood.
On "Break Stuff" Durst belched out the lyrics with the fire of hell burning out his tonsils as guitarist Wes Borland, who is sort of a Dracula meets Neanderthal man, with body, face and hair painted like a "lost" tribal native with matching black skirt, churned out sonic buzz saws overlaid with prickly but substantial power chords.
Limp Bizkits' menu ran out of the special of the day and cooked-up something even better. On George Michael's "Faith" Bizkit reminded us that they have got a sardonic sense of humor. Maybe they don't take themselves too seriously after all.
The material off their latest album seems to have lost the infectious energy of their previous efforts. Could their suit of armor be showing signs of rust?
An ever growing trend, between sets, at these teen metal events is to egg on the women (and girls) in the audience to bare their breasts. This time however it went further with at least two men baring all to the surprised screeches and howls from the women in the audience.
Controversial blonde rapper, Eminem 's hour-long set, which featured video parodies of "South Park" and "The Blair Witch Project" and set changes of a rundown house that Eminem called "home" to a Gothic castle, was flat and lifeless. Eminem's message. Get screwed up on drugs, have your way with women as you swear all the way to the bank. The impressionable faithful digested this like it was their last meal. Eminem's music is a kind of trip hop ferris wheel ride. It's fun at first, but after awhile it gets pretty boring and if you're on too long, you want to puke.
Eminem said that "I'm tired of all the motherf**king critics attacking me all the f**king time. F**k off
motherf**kers. You don't f**king know me!"
Eminem need not worry much longer because he's todays f**king Vanilla Ice.

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