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American Idol runner-up shows us
why she's the star

Crystal Bowersox
Musical Instrument Museum
Phoenix, AZ
September 23, 2016
Crystal Bowersox Crystal Bowersox Crystal Bowersox

Review and photos by Frances Sealy

American Idol runner-up Crystal Bowersox's show was an intimate concert showcasing a tasty selection of her new self-penned songs as well as older fare. The venue was sold out to old and new fans. Crystal's vocals were clear as glass and gut wrenching at the same time. Her stories like her songs, show a transparency that is not found with many entertainers. As a result, this seemed like an evening spent with old friend.

Ms. Bowersox introduced many of the songs in the set relating to how she was inspired to write them. She moved to Nashville a little over a year ago and she said, "It was the best thing I ever did. I have been blessed to work with some songwriters who have shaped me into the person I am." This led into the new song called "No Mistake." She expressed hope that this would help other single moms out there.

She spoke of writing Farmer's Daughter during the auditions for American Idol. The song was written about surviving an abusive childhood. During the auditions in Chicago, Bowersox recalled how her mother almost sabotaged her life by changing the audition. The song offers forgiveness by the end.

There were three songs in the set from her album, Farmer's Daughter. 14 songs were new, yet to be released tunes. Themes ranged from accountability, fulfilled and unfulfilled desire, and past loves.

Ms. Bowersox no longer has to busker in the train stations of Chicago singing cover songs. However, she did add a few at the end of the set starting with "For What Its Worth," Brandi Carlile's song "Keep Your Heart Young," and her old Kris Kristofferson standby, "Me and Bobby McGee."

Crystal Bowersox has been a type one diabetic since she was six years old and she is a spokesperson for the disease. She wants to inspire children with 'type one diabetes' to pursue their dreams and have a normal life. There are many fans that think that Crystal Bowersox should have won 2010's American Idol competition. Crystal uses her old busker box for fans to drop a dollar in the box after they have written, "Crystal Bowersox should have won American Idol" on the dollar bill. All of the funds collected are donated to the diabetes foundation. (Wonder what Idol winner Lee DeWyze is doing these days?)

Crystal played guitar and harmonica. Derek Louis played drums and percussion and David Freeman shredded the mandolin. David's mandolin had a life of its own while Derek's percussion never overwhelmed Crystal's vocals. As Crystal said of her band, "I write the songs, they make them sound good."
1. Sunshine Brother
2. Mine All Mine
3. He Calls Me Angel
4. The Ride
5. No Time
6. Arlene
7. Give In
8. Until Then
9. Marlboro Man
10. No Mistake
11. Dead Weight
12. Farmer's Daughter
13. Staycation
14. For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield cover)
15. Now That You're Gone

16. Keep Your Heart Young (Brandi Carlile cover)
17. Me and Bobby McGee (Kris Kristofferson cover)
Crystal Bowersox Crystal Bowersox
Crystal Bowersox Crystal Bowersox

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