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Grunge Rock's Nu-Metal Sheen


Seether - Disclaimer
(Wind-Up Records)
3 stars (out of 5 stars)
Reviewed: Sept. 16, 2002

By Tony Bonyata

Who'd think that a band that mixes the heavy metal thunder of acts like Godsmack and Helmet with the radio-friendly melodies of Bush and Nickleback would hail from the unlikely place of Johannesburg, South Africa. But the trio Seether, featuring singer-guitarist-songwriter Shaun Morgan, bassist Dale Stewart and drummer Nick Oshiro, sound determined to break big with metal fans worldwide on their U.S. debut Disclaimer.
Produced by Jay Baumgardner (Drowning Pool, Papa Roach) Disclaimer is filled with the kind of dark melodies and brutal rhythms that are sure to win new audiences with the nu-metal crowd as well as those who don't mind a little more meat on the bones of their pop music.
Without wasting any time the album blasts headfirst into the grungy "Gasoline" before settling into songs with strong pop sensibilities such as "Sympathetic" the tender acoustic number "Broken" "Driven Under" and "Fine Again," which is also featured in the new video game Madden NFL 2003.
But the band also takes their music further then most of the new wave of nu-metalers, as they prove on the dark dirge "Pig" as well as the Tool-like minor chord progressions of "Pride" and "Your Bore," which breaks into a bit of midsong Black Sabbath sludge. It was this type of dark, aggressive music that made them favorites on the second stage of OzzFest earlier last month.
While Seether's approach at times hearkens back to the Seattle sound of the early '90s, especially with Morgan's deep guttural moans which are more than slightly reminiscent of Peal Jam's frontman Eddie Vedder, their nu-metal punch, nonetheless, adds a fresh sheen to an already familiar sound that has come and gone.

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