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Creed Slathers on the Pearl Jam

Dane County Coliseum
March 27, 2000

Creed Creed

Story and Photos by Phil Bonyata

I'm sure that Creed likes to avoid looking into the mirror. What they would find staring back at them is the disturbing reflection of Eddie Veder and company.
Creed is Pearl Jam lite.
Not to say that this band can't kick-out some hard driving rock, that even at times bangs some ass, it's still hard to get past the glaring similarities. It's so bad that Creed sounds more like Pearl Jam than Pearl Jam these days.
Playing to a nearly sold-out Dane County Coliseum last night, lead singer and lyricist Scott Stapp and the rest of the boys blasted into a bare bones rendition of "What If." On the melodic and haunting "Beautiful" Stapp preened and postured like Jim Morrison might have at 8 years old.
Creed will probably continue to feel the criticism, remember Hootie and the Blowfish, until they either try to tap into some of their own creative talents for material or until they just simply fade away

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