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By Andy Argyrakis
This Week's Picks: All eyes turn towards Kasabian's first American tour in five years
Monday, March 26, 2012

KasabianKasabian's first American tour in five years: The title behind Kasabian's fourth full-length Velociraptor! (Sony UK) may seem like a random throwback to the golden age of dinosaurs, but there's actually a parallel that relates to the critically lauded English rock act. Much like the long extinct animal, these five players have an unbreakable bond of brotherhood, and when it comes to competing with their peers for staying power, have always subscribed to a survival of the fittest mentality.

"When you do your research on these creatures, you find that they hunted in packs of four and stuck together and that's the reason why they survived," notices guitarist/keyboardist/primary songwriter Sergio Pizzorno, phoning in from a tour stop in Switzerland. "That's very much like a rock n' roll band and there's something quite beautiful about sticking togeth...Also, there's nothing else we're any good at. This is all I can do."

KasabianBirthed out of just the right balance between artistic necessity and trusting its instincts, "Velociraptor!" finds Kasabian taking yet another evolutionary leap forward, building upon its space rock/electronica formula to incorporate a hearty dose of neo-psychedelia. It's equal parts Led Zeppelin, Brit rock and the synth-spiked side of the '80s, though Pizzorno refuses to pigeonhole the band.

"I think we're sort of outside in a lot of ways and we don't belong to a scene," he asserts. "We've been very lucky we've been allowed to change and take risks and the beautiful thing is we can pretty much go where want. We've never been interested in staying the same or worrying about mortgage payments. It's always about how we feel and expressing ourselves artistically. The great thing about our next record is we have no clue what it will sound like since each record very much has its own identity."

KasabianFortunately, Velociraptor! topped the charts in the UK and spawned an international arena and stadium tour (including two dates at London's prestigious O2), which will be followed-up by the band's first American tour in five years. Despite stepping down in size to clubs and theatres, the group actually sounds even more amped about the opportunity to make a more intimate than usual impression on the audience.

"With our last record, we had issues with the label in the true tradition of rock bands and their record labels," Pizzorno explains of the delay. "They didn't give the album any support, so we felt it wasn't right to come out and we concentrated on playing for the rest of the world. In a strange sort of way, it's made it really exciting for us to be coming back because it makes it more special. We've done so much in the time we've been away that we've kind of become like a different band. One of the nice things about coming to America is there's no baggage. We just arrive as a rock band that's not that well known, people come and see a show and leave forming their own opinion."

Monday, April 2 at Vic Theatre:

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