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By Andy Argyrakis
Chicago-area indie collective Like Pioneers boasts plenty of familiar faces
Monday, August 27, 2012

Like Pioneers Like Pioneers Like Pioneers Like Pioneers
When it comes to Chicago-area indie rock royalty, few have as vast of a reach as Like Pioneers, if only for members' extensive time in other critically acclaimed collectives. In fact, it wouldn't be that far-fetched to suggest the five piece alt-rock act is an underground supergroup of sorts, thanks to former Bound Stems members Bobby Gallivan, Janie Porche and Dan Radzicki, alongside Jesse Woghin (The Narrator, Chin Up Chin Up) and Matt Holland (Love Of Everything, Vacations).

"I think that's a misnomer," says singer/guitarist Bobby Gallivan, humbly shrugging off the compliment. "Like a lot of bands, we're a band with members who used to be in other bands. We all love each others' past projects, but a supergroup might be a little overboard. I don't know how many people really know us outside Chicago, or how many know us in Chicago. We're going to get out there a little bit this summer and get out of our comfort zone, but I have no concept of how we're perceived."

While the tunes contained within the group's sophomore effort "Oh, Magic" could very well light any audience on fire, the disc also makes for a solid start to finish stereo or headphone listen. That's because there's not a single ounce of fat on the nine-track, 36-minute set that's split between quirky pop sensibility and plenty of unexpected sonic explosions, plus rotating vocals by Gallivan, Woghin and Porche.

"I really like shorter records, which maybe comes from my inability to focus for a long period of time," Gallivan lets out with a laugh. "Anything over 40 minutes and I start to loose steam. I've been a part of records that were a little too long and I'd say we've all been in a band with a record that's a song or two too long. I like keeping it focused and these songs all felt like they were a part of this collection and go together naturally."

Given the creative momentum and relative brevity of "Oh, Magic," it would seem only fitting that Like Pioneers would already be plotting another trip to the studio, though past band experience suggests it's always best to simply walk one step a time. "I think realistically we'll probably have to judge [making another record] at the end of this album's cycle and that's me being realistic," cautions Gallivan. "But we've already started to write and have every intention of continuing after this unless something happens. Right now our goal is to do our label proud by supporting it and touring a little bit, and after that within the next year, we'd like to head back into the studio to make 36 more minutes of music."

Like Pioneers Like Pioneers Like Pioneers
Saturday, September 1 at Ravenswood Remix Street Festival and Sunday, September 2 at Old Town Crush Street Fest:

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