D'Angelo Shows Summerfest His Soul

Marcus Amphitheater
July 4, 2000


Story and Photo by Phil Bonyata

DAngelo brought his style of Motown era R&B mixed with jazz and modern soul and rap to the Marcus Amphitheater on the Fourth of July. D'Angelo's favorite style is old school soul . He landed into "Devil's Pie" from last year's hit album Voodoo. The crowd loved it!
D'Angelo is a slick performer with tight horns and rhythm sections that added a funky beat while his back-up singers peppered the show with a lot of range and color. His whole band added some interesting texture to his performance.
Part of the P.A. system went out midway through his performance for a couple of songs in which the crowd roared "We Can't Hear You!"
Yeah, but D'Angelo you still look good.
D'Angelo is a fresh performer, who has a lot of charisma and plenty of musical talent to back it up.

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