red lights

Dude, Look at Me I'm in a Band

Miller Oasis
Summerfest 2001
Milwaukee, WI
July 4, 2001

Keanu Reeves

Story by Phil Bonyata
Photo by Terry Mayer

"Hey Dude Where's My Rock Band" might be the title of Keanu Reeves' next movie. He can't act, but he thinks he can. So what's stopping him from thinking he can act like a rock star?
Dogstar, formed in 1996, has Reeves playing bass and the rest of the band playing a passable scruffy bar band sound. This band would have never found the garage door opener if it weren't for Reeves' star power. The band was mildly entertaining, but so are countless thousands of other bands who will never stop playing at the Tick Tock Inn.
The majority of fans didn't seem to notice the music as they were too busy screaming at "The Matrix" star and snapping hundreds of pictures.
Dogstar is simply a good bar band whose future hangs on the whim of it's not so talented bassist.

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