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Amazing talent from south of the border

Alejandra Guzman
AVA Amphitheater
Tucson, AZ
May 23, 2019
Alejandra Guzman Alejandra Guzman Alejandra Guzman

Review and photos by Mary Andrews

Alejandra Guzman has been a musical rock icon in Mexico and Latin America since the 1990s. She has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. Add songwriter, musician and actress to her many accomplishments and you have one of the most well rounded entertainers in show business. Recently, Guzman was added as a coach on Telemundo's Spanish version of The Voice, La Voz.

Guzman is from a show business family with her parents being actress Silva Pinal and her father is singer Enrique Guzman. Her mother insisted that Guzman graduate from high school before entering show business. There have been many accolades and a long list of awards during Guzman's career including U.S. and Latin Grammy Awards for "Best Latin Pop Album," Best Female Rock Vocal Performance" for the song "Algo Natural" and "Best Rock Solo Album" for "Lipstick."

Guzman made a return visit to Tucson and the packed house of fans were ecstatic to see their favorite 'femme fatale' rock star. Guzman quickly demonstrated why she is labeled Mexico's most energetic, daring, and controversial rock singers. She has an alleged reputation for flashing fans on stage. That did not happen during this show.

This show was completely in Spanish of which this writer is not fluent. However an interpreter was utilized for the review. Guzman succeeded in delivering an impressive 'arena" worthy performance from the first moments of the performance. There was an immediate video show in the background to a highly professional light production. There were multiple costume changes.

Eight musicians, dancers and singers supported Guzman by giving stellar performances throughout the night. Guzman was by their sides performing as hard as the rest of the crew. Guzman displayed her musicianship when she pulled out her gold sparkling guitar. She teased the fans when she mentioned that playing guitar often ruined her manicure. She also played drums during certain songs.

Guzman has a rather sultry, deep, unique voice as she performed her hit songs including "Eternamente Bella," "Mirala Miralo," "Mala Hierba," and "Hacer El Amor Con Otro." The energy was high throughout the night even though Guzman was at the point of tears during "Volverte a amar (Go Back to Love)."

Guzman's superpower is obviously is her ability to communicate with her fans. She was flirting with a man close to the stage at times and even dedicating a song to him. She invited another man in the audience to dance with her. He very willingly obliged.

Fans have dubbed her "The Queen of Rock." It was a multigenerational crowd with many younger fans singing and dancing to the music. Everyone seemed to know the lyrics. It was a two-hour seduction by one of the world's greatest entertainers. The show was meant to dazzle and it succeeded.
Set list:
1. Un grito en la noche / Lipstick
2. De verdad
3. Ven
4. Mala hierba
5. Mírala, míralo
6. Mi enfermedad (Los Rodríguez cover)
7. Día de suerte
8. Cari–ito Corazón
9. Eternamente bella 10. ángeles caídos
11. Rosas rojas
12. Llama por favor
13. Volverte a amar
14. Toda la mitad
15. Hey güera 16. Reina de corazones

17. Hacer el amor con otro
18. El rock de la cárcel (Enrique Guzmán cover)
19. La plaga
Alejandra Guzman
Alejandra Guzman Alejandra Guzman Alejandra Guzman

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