MMMBop No More

Riverside Theater
October 9, 2000

Tyler Hanson
Zac Hanson
Issac Hanson

Story and Photos by Phil Bonyata

Hanson, what can you say, they're cotton candy at the fair. Hard to digest and usually leaves you with a stomach ache.
"Growing up" from their "MMMBop" days the band tried to tackle more adult pop. All teenie booper bands feel the need to do this as their popularity inevitably wanes. They might be better served to stick with what got them there in the first place and let the candle burn out naturally rather then deeming themselves musically important enough to reinvent the wheel in mid stride. Money and fame seems to always bloat one's self image socially and intellectually
To their credit Hanson actually write their own songs, but this heroic endeavor doesn't make their bland brand of pop music any better than the scripted sounds of 'N Sync or The Backstreet Boys. Get a good writer and their day in the sun might eclipse the noon shadow.
Awash in a sea of teen screaming admiration Hanson reigned over the Riverside in Milwaukee on Monday night. The laid-back oldest brother Isaac along with the elevated androgyny of Taylor and the true-to-the-beat Zac could have raised the hormonal level of the audience whether they played any music or just stood there like preprogrammed robots smiling and waving the whole night.
They're all about style over substance.
They tried to shake their descent from the pop mantle with grittier numbers like Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love", "Money" and Spencer Davis' "Gimmie Some Lovin' ". This young audience probably didn't even notice it. They were basking in the presence of a band's that day is not yet over.
This is the same group of girls that grew up on Barney and loved him until he was uncool. Peer pressure is strong especially when you start questioning the merits of what was yesterday.
Hanson forgotten? Time will only tell.

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