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Incredible roots and Americana music ruled the night

Sarah Jarosz with The Brother Brothers
Fox Theatre
Tucson, AZ
October 24, 2017
Sarah Jarosz
Sarah Jarosz
Sarah Jarosz
Sarah Jarosz
Sarah Jarosz
Sarah Jarosz

Review and photos by Frances Sealy

Sarah Jarosz has been touring to support her latest album, Undercurrent. Jarosz has many reasons to be confident these days. "House of Mercy" won a Grammy award this year for best American Roots Performance and Undercurrent picked up the Grammy for Best Folk Album of the year. "House of Mercy" was her opening song.

She was accompanied by her upright-bass player, Jeff Picker, and guitarist, Anthony da Costa. Every song seemed to be an example of how musicians can telepathically play together. It was truly uncanny how tight they were. Jarosz's vocals were pristine as she rotated instruments that included guitar, banjo, and mandolin. Fans may had expected more of an acoustic show, however, all instruments were plugged in.

Anthony da Costa appeared to be in another sphere as he pulled so many incredible sounds from his guitars. Picker's acoustic bass defined the space and the rhythm of each song. The acoustics of the Fox theatre were exceptional for this show.

Seven of the songs in the set were from her latest album. The record is adorned with songs that are penned by Jarosz. Occasionally, she has partnered with other writers on the album. Jarosz's writing has some of Joni Mitchell's confessional style of writing. Gems performed during the show included "Jacqueline, "Lost Dog," and "Green Lights." Jarosz's rendition of Prince's "When Doves Cry" was stunning. Homage was paid to Tom Petty with their cover of "Time To Move On."

"Painted Blue" and "Blue Heron" were new selections from the 35-minute "Blue Heron Suite" that was commissioned by the Fresh Grass Festival. The music was inspired by her youth spent on the Texas coast. Jarosz has many years of experience from playing professionally during childhood and her experience has rendered her a superb performer.

The Brother Brothers opened the show. The Brooklyn based twin brothers, Adam and David Moss, performed bluegrass music like they are straight out of Kentucky. It was a quiet acoustic set that had rich, delicate harmonies of self-penned songs from their new EP, Tugboats.
Set List:
1. House of Mercy
2. Green Lights
3. Mile on the Moon
4. Build Me Up From Bones
5. Comin' Undone
6. Lost Dog
7. Time to Move On (Tom Petty cover)
8. Painted Blue (from The Blue Heron Suite)
9. Jacqueline
10. Take Another Turn
11. When Doves Cry (Prince cover)
12. Tell Me True
13. Take Me Back
14. Blue Heron (from the Blue Heron Suite)
15. Over The Edge

16. Ring Them Bells (Bob Dylan cover)

Sarah Jarosz
Sarah Jarosz
The Brother Brothers
The Brother Brothers
Sarah Jarosz
Sarah Jarosz

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