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Browne celebrates his unique gift
for lyrical storytelling

Jackson Browne
The Fox Theatre
Tucson, AZ
October 7, 2016
Jackson Browne

Review and photos by Frances Sealy

Jackson Browne is not a stranger to Arizona audiences. Nor is he a stranger to charitable causes. He made a stop in Tucson on his way to Phoenix to assisting Camp Soaring Eagle for charity. The stage at the Fox Theatre was set with approximately 20 guitars across the back and a Grand piano was located in the forefront. Jackson referred to the guitars as "an embarrassment of riches." Whatever your perspective might be, each guitar had a different sound (and soul) that seemed to fit each song perfectly.

Browne has been performing and writing songs since the early seventies. His music catalog is immense. The sold out crowd knew the words to all of the songs on the set list and they shouted their requests to the majority of the songs performed. And of course, someone in the crowd made the obligatory request for "Freebird." Jackson even strummed a few bars before getting on with the show.

Browne doesn't bother making set lists anymore because by the third song the set changes. The crowd loves it that way. Jackson remarked during the show, "The only difference between here and my house is that if I forget the words, I can get up and go make a sandwich." The Fox Theatre might just accommodate that request.

The two and a half hour set was comprised of songs that are as relevant today as they were when they were written. Jackson performed his hard-hitting songs like "Late For the Sky," "Something Fine," "Before the Deluge," "The Pretender," and "Running On Empty." He even sang a song that he has not named about the shooting in Tucson in 2011. He had volunteered to perform a civility concert to benefit the victims of the mass shooting shortly after the massacre.

There was levity during the two-act show. He spoke of how he forgets lyrics to some songs. He used an iPad these days for some of the unusual. He was trying to remember a Warren Zevon song that was in his iPad. Unfortunately, he learned that the iPad was still in his hotel room. He decided he dare not attempt it. A video would be posted on social media by the next morning if he screwed up. (Different language was used.)

By the time Jackson started "The Pretender" the crowd at the orchestra level and in the balcony was out of their seats clapping adding percussion to the song. Their seats remained empty for the rest of the show. The audience also allowed Jackson to start celebrating his 68th birthday early this weekend. Jackson seemed overwhelmed by the response of the crowd and he promised to return to Tucson soon.
Set List:
Before the Deluge
Civility Song
The Barricades of Heaven
For a Dancer (followed by 'Freebird' tease)
Just Say Yeah
Looking Into You
Something Fine
Dizzy Duck (John Trudell cover)
Your Bright Baby Blues
For Everyman
Walls and Doors (Carlos Varela cover)
Lives in the Balance
In the Shape of a Heart
Late for the Sky
Never Stop
Don't Let Us Get Sick (Warren Zevon cover)
The Pretender
Running on Empty

Take It Easy (Eagles cover)
I Am a Patriot (Little Steven cover)

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