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Kiefer Sutherland's
"Not Enough Whiskey Tour" Impresses Fans

The Kiefer Sutherland Band
The Dock
Ithaca, NY
May 15, 2016
The Kiefer Sutherland Band The Kiefer Sutherland Band The Kiefer Sutherland Band

Review and photos by Johnny Hall

We have all heard of actors turned musicians, and the result is usually music that is not quite on par with their acting chops. This is clearly not the case for veteran actor Kiefer Sutherland, star of the TV drama "24" as well as multiple big screen movies.

The Kiefer Sutherland Band rolled their tour bus up to The Dock in Ithaca NY, a nice live music venue located at the foot of Cayuga Lake. The sold out show of about 350 people was a good mix of ages, and fans were excited to hear some good music from this particular movie star.

The night kicked off with an indie folk singer, Minneapolis native Austin Plaine. Plaine has a well refined voice, and a style reminiscent of James Taylor and Jackson Browne. The crowd seemed to enjoy the singing and songwriting skills of Plaine, proving he was a great choice to open the show for Kiefer and his band.

The Kiefer Sutherland Band consists of members Kiefer Sutherland (lead vocals and guitar), Austin Vallejo (backup vocals and guitar), Michael Gurley (backup vocals and guitar), Joseph De La O (Bass and cowbell), and Jess Calcaterra (drums). Kiefer is touring to support his upcoming new release Down in a Hole, which is due out in the summer.

Kiefer and crew took the stage amidst huge applause from the crowd, starting their set with "Can't Stay Away" and "I'll Do Anything". Kiefer is a great front man. He engages the crowd, and he is both gracious and talented. His vintage guitars show signs that he plays them often, and his vocals have a low growl with a touch of a Mike Ness feel. Playing mostly original songs like "Shirley Jean", written as an homage to the late Johnny Cash, mixed with a few cover songs like "Honey Bee" by Tom Petty and "Knockin' on Heaven's Door," Sutherland proved that he is as talented a musician as he is an actor.

Kiefer's songs, along with the stories he told in between, gave a glimpse into his life. An audience favorite was his recollection of being driven to his Canadian nursery school by his dad, Donald Sutherland, in a red Ferrari. He credits his father with teaching him "what cool is."

The Kiefer Sutherland Band rocked their 16 song set, filling The Dock with happy faces and great moods.

Set List:
Can't Stay Away
I'll Do Anything
Calling Out Your Name
Truth in Your Eyes
Not Enough Whiskey
Going Home
My Best Friend
Ways to Be Wicked
Shirley Jean
Honey Bee (Tom Petty cover)
All She Wrote
Down In a Hole

Gonna Die
Sundown (Gordon Lightfoot cover)
Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan cover)
The Kiefer Sutherland Band The Kiefer Sutherland Band The Kiefer Sutherland Band
Austin Plaine
Austin Plaine
Austin Plaine
Austin Plaine

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