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Kittie Packs One Helluva Roar

Kitts Corner
Feb. 12, 2000


Story and Photos by Terry Mayer

Kittie, the all female quartet hailing from London, Ontario has started tongues wagging in the metal circles lately. Kittie includes band members Morgan Lander (vocals/guitar), Fallon Bowman (guitar/vocals), Mercedes Lander (drums), and Talena (bass). Kittie played February 12th to a sold out crowd at Kitts Corner in Madison WI. With the average age of Kittie being seventeen these teenagers play like no other there age. With the debut of there album SPIT Kittie sounds like seasoned veterans, with songs like "Brackish," "Spit," and "Jonny," Kittie is a breakthrough band that takes hard metal to the next level. Kittie plays with such intensity , and passion you can tell that they believe in their music.
Kittie Unlike other peers of their age, who sing about cutesy hip hop tunes these girls sing about harsh reality in a way that makes you sit up and listen. There not telling you about life they are drilling it into your head with a jackhammer. As Kittie plays in front of a charged sold out crowd the fans go into a chaotic frenzy. Ages ranged from 12 to 35 and they can relate to the lyrics of Kitties take on life attitude. Kittie has made a connection with the fans that others their age just can't seem to penetrate.
Kittie not only relates to their fans, they show them great care. After Kittie opened their act with "Spit". The fans went into a frenzy, pushing and shoving , bodies twisting and bending. It was fast becoming an uncontrollable chaotic onslaught. Talena the bass guitarist for Kittie looked down upon the massive fans and saw two very young girls starting to get squashed amid the chaos. Without hesitation Talena bent down and grabbed the young fans and brought them out of harms way. Lead singer Morgan Lander was at the mic trying to give order to the over hyped mass of bodies.
Even though the concert was stopped three times ( once by Morgan and Mercedes father) Kittie delivered a performance that was electrically charged for a cold and snowy night outside. Among the hysteria of fans body surfing, security guards holding back the fans and stage hands trying to steady the lights from falling down, Kittie prevailed as a take no prisoners band that delivers an outstanding performance.
Often at concerts you feel a separation between the artist and the fans, not with Kittie. They remind us about what we are thinking and can't always talk about. During their concert you feel a connection that will leave you in awe.
With rumors swirling that Kittie will be touring with Ozzfest 2000 this summer, hopefully those in Wisconsin will get another chance to hear Kittie roar throughout the state once again.

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