red lights

Lennon Shows Imagination

House of Blues
Chicago, IL
Nov. 13, 2001
Lennon Murphy coming fast
out of the gates.

Review and Photos by Barry Brecheisen

Who knew that on a Tuesday night at the House of Blues it would be the opening act that would captivate my attention. Her name is Lennon Murphy.Lennon A striking raven-haired beauty that fronts the newest sensation alt-metal band, Lennon. Last night she was here to win over this Chicago audience and introduce them to her debut CD, 5:30 Saturday Morning. Only two months out, the CD, along with the singer/songwriter from Tennessee is turning heads and demanding our attention. It's easy to peg her as the next Alanis Morissette or Fiona Apple. The more I watched and studied her the more I realized she courses more from the the vein of a classic rock chick like Joan Jett. This goth-songstress meets Runaway has a unique way with the pen.
On the song "My Beautiful," she proved wise beyond her years with such lyrics as, "Walk down the street with nothing on but the shame of last night and the number in my hand of a man I don't really need." Makes you wonder if perhaps your number has had that same with a woman from your past...ouch!
On her first single, "Brake of Your Car" she gave us her version of how love sucks. "I'm caught between your lies and my dreams," she angrily proclaimed. These are smart and mature lyrics for someone who has just turned 19. Did I mention she can also play the piano? If she's not working the stage showing off her confidence and sexuality you can find her stage-left at the keyboards pounding away the keys like an angry Tori Amos. It's nice to see that she knows when to pump up the noise and when to bring it back down to let her personal lyrics breathe.
If you want to check out an up and coming artist with a lot of potential or if you are just a fan of tattooed piano players then be sure to get your ass off the couch and see Lennon when she comes your way. You won't be disappointed and you will surely be pleasantly surprised like many at last night's House of Blues were.

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