red lights

It's Not In Vayne

House of Blues
Chicago, IL
August 31, 2001
Painted pretty.

Story and Photots by Rob Grabowski

Kurg, Ryknow, Spag, and Kud also known as the bombastic metal band, Mudvayne stepped onto the House of Blues stage decked out as crazy as their names surely suggest.Mudvayne Setting the tone early, Mudvayne came out and recreated the bits of Stanley Kubrick's classic movie "A Clockwork Orange." Dressed in all white medical scrubs, lead singer Kud covered in blood and sporting a derby and bloody baseball bat in hand, scowled menacingly at the faithful. The sub sonic tones recreated a kind of warfare sensory deprivation and grabbed a hold of the audience like a rabid pit bull and refused to let go. The pile driving rhythms sent the crowd, consisting mostly of teenagers, into a hurricane like frenzy enveloping the crowd into a massive mosh pit. The wildest event may have been when a young male climbed onto the balcony and dove into the crowd except the crowd parted, like the Red Sea, leaving him in an unfortunate and painful predicament on the floor. Kud, sensing the potential, climbed onto a 20 foot sway pole and was spitting all the fire and brimstone his loyal subject could take. As the crowd begged for more he stage dove into the sea of sweating and wanting bodies.
The band were promoting their latest album LD 50. Their set list consisted of "beat the brains in" versions of "Internal "Primates," "Under My Skin," "Pharmaecopia," "PROD," "Death Blooms," "-1," "Severed," "(k)NOW" "F(orever)," "Nothing To Gain," "Cradle" and "Dig."
As long as teenage angst exists, rebellious bands will have their moment in the spotlight or at least until the next music fad comes along or the crowd grows up.

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