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Magic and laughs performed in birthday suits

The Naked Magicians
The Fox Theatre
Tucson, AZ
May 13, 2016
The Naked Magicians

Review and photos by Mary Andrews

Everyone has seen magic shows live and on television. "America's Got Talent" has showcased them every season since the show's existence. There is a plethora of magic acts. What is obviously different about this magic act is the eventual absence of clothes. The Naked Magicians have nothing up their sleeves!

Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler, aka The Naked Magicians, made a stop at Tucson's Fox Theatre on their full tour of the United States last week. The Australian born duo started out as magicians and gradually built the show around magic and comedy. To complete the unique flavor of their show, they added nudity.

They have delighted audiences in Australia for the last two years and tested audiences in the U. S. for two weeks last year. The success of the mini tour last year, led to a 45-city tour this year. The show did not start with these two ‘hotties' in the buff. They entered the stage fully clothed in suits and tie. The audience almost played as much of a role during the show as the stars. They selected members of the audience to come on the stage during certain parts of the show. The more the inductees worked during the act, the more clothes came off of the magicians.

Much of the magic performed is mental telepathy. There are no magic wands, capes, or live animals in the set. The laughs are abundant throughout the show! It's all about fun and naughtiness, but at the same time, the show is not smutty. They walk a fine line between the two and succeed in keeping the show clean fun. They mentioned that the show continues to be a work in progress during the question and answer period after the show.

The chemistry between the performers and the audience has worked well as The Naked Magicians continue to play packed venues across the country. The illusions are real!
The Naked Magicians The Naked Magicians
The Naked Magicians The Naked Magicians
The Naked Magicians The Naked Magicians

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