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There's Always Strings Attached

'N Sync
Bradley Center
Nov. 18, 2000

N Sync

Story and Photos by Phil Bonyata

'N Sync's No Strings Attached Tour rambled into the Bradley Center last Saturday night. These mega huge boys are on a roll! After posting the fastest selling album of all time and cementing their spot as boy band royale 'N Sync has no where else to go but down. Even though the bottom might be very, very deep, their descent will be so rapid the boys might want to consider wearing parachutes from this day forward.
N Sync 'N Sync's productions are impressive indeed. Huge dance numbers, massive stage sets, giant video projector, flash pots galore, laser lights and, of course more than enough charisma to set this predominately teen and preteens collective estrogen levels racing off the charts. Justin's smile had some girls maturing so fast it felt like we were in Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory witnessing the birth of the bride.
The band opened with "No Strings Attached". The boys descended from the ceiling each suspended by a single cable , resembling a marionette's worst nightmare. On the sappy and syrupy "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You" the band were elevated 20 feet in the air on individual towers to the delighted shrieks piercing from the fans.
Early 'N Sync had a sort of naive charm that is all but gone now that they've reached the pinnacle of teen super stardom.
Too bad, because what little bit of artistic ability they might have had early on has been completely sapped by the bands packagers.They are just another product like Big Mac or Coke. No originality, but their commercials are great. As our culture's art consciousness continues to be inspired more by Super Bowl commercials rather than museums, theater, and literature the breeding ground for future 'N Sync's will only become more fertile.

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