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New Heights for Pop Music

'N Sync
Miller Park
Milwaukee, WI
June 26, 2001

N Sync
The boys in all of their glory.

Story by Tiffany Watts
Photos by Terry Mayer

You will not see a more "larger than life" concert than this years 'N Sync's Pop Odyssey Tour.
The five young twentysomethings: Joe, Lance, JC, Chris and Justin have worked extremely hard this year and it's paying off. Not only do they have the largest tour in musical history, they also have their third album coming out in stores on July 24th.
The concert began at the sparkling new Miller Park with three opening acts: specifically Tonya Mitchell, pop stars Eden's Crush and 3LW. Now that the crowd was warmed up, it was time to unleash the boys.
'N Sync started off the set with a bang by strutting out of the side stage, emerging victoriously from a trap door on the floor. Springing into their latest hit, "Pop," they charmed their way around the gigantic stage, slapping hands with fans and winking into the many cameras. Other well known hits such as "Tearing Up My Heart" and God Must have Spent," along with a mix of songs from their new album, including "Celebrity" and "Just the Two of Us" were performed with rock idol abandon by the group.
The light and laser show was breathtaking, with the Miller Park roof opening midway through the show to open up the night sky for the fans. And, as always, the fans were treated to original costumes and fresh choreography.
If you thought 'N Sync had outdone the pop world with their last tour, wait until you see this show. It is guaranteed entertainment!

N Sync Eden's Crush
Eden's Crush
Eden's Crush
Eden's Crush
N Sync

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