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Pantera Cleans Rust Off Old Metal

Alliant Energy Center
Feb. 19, 2001

Philip Anselmo satisfied!

Story and Photos by Phil Bonyata

Have you ever been to a metropolitan construction site where the explosions of loud and dissimilar sounds attack your senses and you're not sure if you feel energized or pissed off. Pantera's music is a never ending construction zone! The metal veterans attempted to build their own mile high skyscraper at The Alliant Energy Center last night.
Lead singer, Philip Anselmo, lips pouting and perpetually pissed off, proclaims "We are the kings of heavy metal!" Dimebag Darrell churns into "Cowboys from Hell" with the subtlety of a WWF wrestling "match". Rex's relentless bass rhythms and Vinny's tuneless primal beats somehow anchor the chaos that spills forth from Dimebag's guitar.
When you see Pantera live, you feel Pantera. There is no other way to describe it. You succumb to the booming chaos that spills forth from the stage. Their energy is relentless, their one purpose - to create utter mayhem! Pantera is one of those bands with no gray area, just pure black and white. You either love them or hate them. There is no in between!
As Philip, lowered his head and the straining chords of "Walk" started to unleash it's fury into the sweat soaked crowd, he arose with veins popping and eyes glazed over with an anger that only comes from someone who is either truly possessed or doing a rather fine job of acting the part!
Heavy metal act Soulfly opened for Pantera, and dutifully got the audience primed with heavy hitters "Back to the Primitive" and "Terrorist." Lead singer Max Cavalero's, originally from the pioneering heavy-metal band, Sepultura, heavy choppy guitar style and guttural screams may not be very original, but Soulfly's music did exactly what heavy metal is supposed to do - assault your senses until you have no choice but to give in to the sonic attack.

Dimebag Darrell

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