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Livewire's Photo Release

Thom Yorke

ConcertLivewire's 2003 RADIOHEAD PHOTO CONTEST
And the Winners Are:

1. Soren Friis, Tranbjerg J., Denmark
2. David Chapman, Atlanta, GA
3. B. Holmes, Frederick, Maryland
4. Curt Immerfall, Marshfield, WI
5. Alanna Nolan, Waterville, NY

1) At what school did Radiohead originally met one another?
A: Abingdon

2) What's Radiohead's connection with Unbelievable Truth?
The band Unbelievable Truth featured Thom Yorke's younger brother, Andy, on lead vocals.

3) Which album featured the statement "more ghosts, this time on tv"?
A: Amnesiac

4) What is Buro Destruct?
A: The Swiss graphic design team that created the Radiohead Kid A and Amnesiac font.

5) Where did the band name "Radiohead" come from?
A: The Talking Head's song "Radio Head" (from their album True Stories)

6) Which album features the statement "Peep. 'Yes?' 'Mmmmmorrre coookiesss......'" in it's liner notes?
A) Hail To The Thief

7) What Radiohead song features the lyric "On lollipops and crisps"?
A) "True Love Waits"

8) How many songs has Radiohead released on official studio albums?
A) 71

9) Where did the album title Pablo Honey come from?
A) A Jerky Boys' tape

10) What band featured Thom and Jonny along with Bernard Butler, Paul Kimble and Andy MacKay?
A) The Venus In Furs (for the soundtrack of the film Velvet Goldmine)

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