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Pitbull knows how to juice the crowd

Anselmo Valencia Amphitheatre
Tucson, AZ
July 8, 2018

Review and photos by Frances Sealy

Pitbull is one of the biggest Latin American artists in the world. The superstar is full of energy and he uses that energy to drive the people out of their seats and to dance. His outsized personality was on display throughout the show.

The son of Cuban refugees, the rapper has long made his rags-to-riches tale a basis of his music, which combines throbbing club beats with exhortations to reach for the stars. His background plays a large role in how he relates to his fans.

Pitbull, aka Armando Perez, told fans that "it didn't matter if they had baby daddy issues, baby momma issues, bills they couldn't pay or bail bonds they couldn't afford that this night was about leaving troubles behind and having fun."

The entire uplifting show was saturated with positivity and diversity. He ended each number with a sincere smile that charmed the crowd.

This was a Miami style party as he delivered hit after hit. "Fireball," "Timber," "Don't Stop the Party" and "You Know You Want Me (Celle Ocho)" all made the set list. There were many pelvic thrusts as the sunglass-sporting rapper chanted about lust alternatively in English and Spanish.

Pitbull's group of eight dazzling backup dancers had a constant presence throughout the show. These were gorgeous women in every way. They performed several sensuous choreographed dances that complemented Pitbull's dancing.

Pitbull kept his eyes on the derri¸res of his backing cadre. The infectious music behind him was often loud and it wasn't always easy to hear the raps. 'Mr. Worldwide' and the dancers made sure their moves translated appropriately.

One of Pitbull's missions for the night was to promote unity and inclusiveness of the entire crowd. He made a pitch for the universality of music and he called for a "united United States."

The packed house consisted of Hispanic, Native American, African American and Anglo-American fans. His songs included a number of Spanish lyrics and he told the sold out crowd that "you are going to learn a second language if you only know one and you will learn a third language if you know two. You're going to leave here knowing how to use your tongue. No matter how many languages spoken, there will be one language spoken tonight, the language of music."

The explosive videos complemented "Fireball" perfectly as did many of the other background videos during the show. Also the bursts of colored steam shot to the sky at unpredictable moments added to the super-charged electricity of the evening. The show hit on all cylinders with all the beats that Putbull is known for. The set came to an end with a confetti cannon finale.
Set List:
1. Don't Stop the Party
2. International Love
3. Echa Pa'lla (Manos Pa'rriba)
4. Boom, Shake, Drop
5. Rain Over Me
6. Fireball
7. I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)
8. Timber
9. On the Floor (Jennifer Lopez cover)
10. Hotel Room Service
11. Bon Bon (We no speak americano)
12. Give Me Everything

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