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P. Diddy Wants His Throne Back

P. Diddy
Allstate Arena
Rosemont, IL
Oct. 27, 2001
P. Diddy
Puffy gettin' it on.

Review and Photos by Stevie Styles

It may have been a radio promoted show with several name acts on the bill, but there was only one name that really counted this evening. What in the hell is his name these days!? Whether you call him P. Puffy Diddy Daddy or just Sean "Puffy" Combs, there's no denying the man, his music and his successes.P. Diddy Although these days he's been in the spotlight more for everything other than his music. In the last couple of years he's either been in and out of the court room or creating his own clothing line. And lets not forget his on-again, off-again relationship with the J-Lo. Remember Jennifer Lopez? Maybe the name change thing is infectious. The Center for Disease Control probably has no antidote in the works.
So, it was nice to see the rap superstar back where he belongs, on-stage! Say what you will about the rapper/Bad Boy label owner, the man is an entertainer and these days we need happy diversions more than ever.
On Saturday at Chicago's Allstate Arena he did just that. Puffy came out fast and furious and never slowed down during his 45 minute set. He played his hits and proudly sampled '80s classic rock in the process. But most of us already knew this, so there weren't a lot new surprises. With his posse and some local dancers close by, the man showed us why he's responsible for over $100 million in total record sales. He knows how to deliver and pitch his sometimes mainstream hip-hop to America and the world. Dressed in a Chicago Cubs uniform Puffy took several moments to address the crowd. "I don't always believe everything we (America) do", waving a large American flag to help push his point. "But I've traveled a lot and you know what? I'm proud to be an American! This one goes out to Biggie." With that, the famous beat line of "I'll Be Missing You" kicked in or "Every Breathe You Take" depending on who you talked to at the time. During the song news footage of September 11th could be seen playing on screens in the background. Some might think it's starting to get old but the images will always be powerful and compelling. Searing our souls as reminders of that horrible day. Before his set was finished he would offer up funked-up, hip-hop gems like "Been Around the World" and his latest single "Bad Boy for Life."
Whether you look at the man as a genius or a two-bit plagiarizer, the bottom line is he's back and there's no way that even J-Lo's recent marriage is gonna stop him from taking over the rap world.

P. Diddy
Puffy the patriot.

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