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Road warriors hit paydirt

The Revivalists
The Rialto Theatre
Tucson, AZ
March 13, 2019
The Revivalists
The Revivalists
The Revivalists
The Revivalists
The Revivalists
The Revivalists

Review and photos by Frances Sealy

The Revivalists made their first stop in Tucson's Rialto Theatre to thrill a packed house. The band's trademark full-throttle energy show left Tucsonans wanting more of this great band. The tour is in support of their latest album release, Take Good Care.

The show was two hours of hard-hitting music and dancing that was one of the best rock and roll shows this year.

David Shaw is very capable of electrifying an arena or a smaller venue. The high energy standard was set with opening songs "When I'm With You" and "Oh No. That was just a warm up. Shaw spent the first few songs playing guitar, but once he put the guitar down, the singer was totally unbridled to do whatever came to his mind.

Shaw uses the entire stage and a runway to interact with fans. Even though the stage was filled with a plethora of equipment, he was able to cover the stage. Shaw jumped into the crowd multiple times and sang while he was fully immersed in the audience.

Shaw is the band's secret weapon and they use him generously. His vocals have a soulful rasp that can be recognized immediately.

The band works veraciously to keep up with Shaw. The band may be New Orleans most successful recent export, but none of the musicians are from the Big Easy. Most of the band members came to New Orleans to go to Tulane or Loyola and stayed. Shaw moved to Nola after college specifically because of the music scene. They managed to meet and the rest is history.

Guitarist Zack Feinberg, saxophonist Rob Ingraham, pedal steel player Ed Williams, bassist George Gekas, keyboardist Michael Girardot, and percussionist PJ Howard were all in tow with Shaw. Ingraham joined Shaw on the catwalk, wailing on his saxophone for the happy fans.

The band showed off their jazz-infused and ever-expanding improvisational skills with hits such as "Wish I knew You," and "Change." "Fade Away" had awesome guitar solos.

There is an indelible melody and a mix of bluesy rock and Southern R&B swagger in their songs. This is not accidental. Their hit song, "Wish I Knew You," has garnered more than 80 million streams to date on Spotify.

The new album has racked up more hit songs like "All My Friends," "Change," and "You and I" have gotten millions of streams as well.

Their song lyrics are written with the truth in mind and reflect how you are feeling at the time. They construct songs that treat melody and lyrics equally.

The band has been road warriors for almost a decade. The group has quietly grinded one gig, song, and album at a time. Their steadfast work has paid off. People have responded to the bands individuality. They do not have to conform to present day trends.

They add bits of homegrown cayenne pepper to the set. A fun, funky, danceable show is the result that audiences go wild over.

Singer-songwriter, Rayland Baxter, was the show's opening act.
Set list:
When I'm With You
Oh No
All My Friends
You and I
You Said It All
Got Love
Fade Away
Should I Stay or Should I Go (Clash cover)
Wish I Knew You

Some People Say
Catching Fireflies

Encore 2:
Have a Cigar

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The Revivalists
The Revivalists
The Revivalists
The Revivalists
The Revivalists
The Revivalists
The Revivalists
The Revivalists
The Revivalists
The Revivalists
Rayland Baxter
Rayland Baxter

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