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Ricky Martin Shows Off His Bon Bon

Bradley Center
July 3, 2000

Ricky Martin Ricky Martin

Story and Photos by Phil Bonyata

Ricky Martin is the reigning sex symbol of the moment.
Ascending from the bottom of the stage astride a silver convertible, Ricky danced with youthful enthusiasm and a universal sex appeal. Ricky looked good in his tight leather pants. At least the thousands of screaming women that packed the Bradley Center last Monday night thought so.
In an unusual move for most artists, Ricky opened with his biggest hit "Livin' La Vida Loca." This is and always will be his signature song. With his butt shakin', arms waving and his famous grin flashing, Ricky's gamble paid off. The song's infectious pop charm had his adoring fans under his spell for the rest of the night.
The elaborate set featured four levels, catwalks, treadmills, huge projection screens and of course a large number of beautiful dancers to mirror Ricky's' bon bon moves throughout the evening's performance.
Fans don't go to hear his rather inane pop tunes, as much as to see Ricky Martin in the flesh and boy, this guy can move. His youthful energy was driven by the excited screams from the audience.
Martin changed his wardrobe faster than a runway model at a hot Parisian fashion show. Of course the back rows could see Ricky enormously projected on numerous screens shot in various angles.
Ricky played some other up-tempo tunes like "The Cup of Life," "Marcia Baila" and "Por Arriba, Por Abajo." These worked better than the ballads such as "Private Emotion."
Ricky Martin is all about visuals, much less on music. He's a good entertainer that is simply enjoying his short time in the sun.

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