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Shredder heaven and creative vision

Joe Satriani
The Fox Theatre
Tucson, AZ
March 2, 2016
Joe Satriani Joe Satriani Joe Satriani

Review and photos by Mary Andrews

Joe Satriani's "Surfing To Shockwave Tour" is on the heels of the release of Satriani's new album, Shockwave Supernova, a concept album that "tracks and exposes the exploits and inner demons of this alter ego, the one I've created to be a more extroverted version of myself," as Satch mentioned in a recent interview. The set contained eight songs out of 26 from the new album.

It is hard to believe that it has been a 30-year long career for Satriani. This show was a soundtrack for those years. Joe's not getting older, he's aging like a fine wine still laced with tangy vinegar. He is a guitar hero of infinite proportions. He, like Hendrix, can create sounds that you don't anticipate coming from a guitar.

There was no opening band. Joe provided two hours of pure guitar bliss to a packed house with only a short break in the middle. Joe's touring band is the best there is with Mike Keneally on guitar and keyboards, Marco Minnemann on drums and Bryan Beller on bass. There were many opportunities for each band member to have featured solos as well as some duets with Joe along the way. Mike and Joe sparred on guitars and Bryan took on Joe with his bass. The beautiful back and forth between the musicians was seamless and natural.

Highlights included "Lost In A Memory," "If There Is No Heaven," "Surfing With The Aliens," and "Butterfly And Zebra."

Everything from the sound to the light show accompanying the music was very precise and a sensory explosion. Joe managed to deliver an emotive, enthusiastic performance that continuously revealed his creative vision. Considering that there are no lyrical components to the music, Joe and the band accomplished an uplifting, electrified experience in shredder heaven! It was apparent that the band was enjoying the show as much as their enthusiastic fans were.

1. Shockwave Supernova
2. Flying in a Blue Dream
3. Ice 9
4. Crystal Planet
5. Not of This Earth
6. On Peregrine Wings
7. Friends
8. Time
9. If I Could Fly
10. Butterfly and Zebra
11. Cataclysmic
12. Summer Song
Set 2:
14. Drum solo (Marco Minnemenn)
15. Crazy Joey
16. Lost in a Memory
17. Keyboard Solo (Mike Keneally)
18. Luminous Flesh Giants
19. Always With Me, Always With You
20. Guitar, Bass and Keyboard Jam
21. God Is Crying
22. If There Is No Heavenv 23. Goodbye Supernova
24. Satch Boogie

25. Big Bad Moon
26. Surfing With the Alien
27. Ending Jam
Joe Satriani
Joe Satriani Joe Satriani
Joe Satriani Joe Satriani

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