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Milwaukee Goes Industrial

Stabbing Westward
Mountain Dew Rock Stage
Summerfest 2001
Milwaukee, WI
July 4, 2001

Stabbing Westward
Christopher Hall

Story and photos by Terry Mayer

The Chicago industrial-rock band Stabbing Westward hit the Mountain Dew Rock Stage like they had hot coal in their pants. Lead singer Christopher Hall, figuratively beat his chest as he strutted over every inch of the stage. Busting into their big hit "What Do I Have to Do?" right out of the gates might not have been a good idea. Don't hit 'em where it hurts right away. Try to build the anticipation and set the mood. The band backed Hall's front court antics with a back breaking churning beat.
The grinding continued as the band put forth all of it's intensive angst for the audience to digest. It was Ministry lite - a fellow band from Chicago who helped create the whole industrial scene in the early 80s. That's not really a slight to Stabbing Westward as a little Ministry can go a long way.
This young band has potential if they just let their own sound emerge from the grooves that they are yet to create.

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