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Rebecca Sends a Message

Rebecca St. James
Walworth County Fair
Elkhorn, WI
August 30, 2001
Rebecca St. James
Rebecca St. James

Story by Malinda Obershaw
Photos by Terry Mayer

Christian singer Rebecca St. James graced the Grandstand at the Walworth County Fair last week to the delight of the many rock loving people in the audience. Rock music loving that is. Rebecca St. JamesAs many Christians and non Christians alike might enjoy today's rock music, many can't stomach the graphic lyrics that seem to offer little hope and faith. For every 100 Marilyn Mansons, Corporate Avengers and Limp Bizkits out there, there is only one Rebecca St. James. So it was indeed a rare treat to see the lovely Rebecca in the flesh. Where else can you see a great rock concert for $7.00?
The majority of people in attendance were between the ages of 12 and 18, so it seems logical to suggest that there are many youths today clamoring for a more positive message that still carries a good beat. On "Carry Me High" Rebecca entertained with her bubbly and cute stage presence. The song's hard rock belied the loving message of redemption. Between songs the beautiful, young singer liked to read passages from the bible along with her own interpretations of their meaning. She spoke of keeping her virginity until she married the man she loved, of making and keeping promises to herself and going after positive goals for God. She said "I'm true to myself and secure and proud that I'm a virgin!" Very positive messages indeed.
Rebecca has style and stage presence. She commands your attention with her beautiful moves and face. She is simply captivating. Simply riveting. On "Go and Sin No More" and "Psalm 139" she let loose her whole vocal armada. Rich and soulful she proved that rock music should not be alien to the infusion of positive Christian lyrics.

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