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Ted Nugent5. TED NUGENT July 22, 2002 Beloit Riverfest
If you like Ted's stand on hunting, guns, parenthood than you would have to agree that the Motor City Madman can play one wicked guitar and have the charisma and momentum to back it up. He salutes the American flag and be honestly proud of it. Of course, this American is Ted Nugent.

Shirley Manson4. GARBAGE May 10, 2002 The Rave
Can Garbage be beautiful? It is when Scottish sensation Shirley Manson fills the trash can. Along with Wisconsin's own Butch Vig, Duke Erikson and Steve Marker they were still fun and exciting. With an exciting and inventive playlist, Garbage made one of my top five picks.

Pink 3. PINK June 12, 2002 Rosemont Theatre
It no secret that I like Pink, she is like the anti-Britney. Where Britney is fantasy fluff, Pink is streetwise reality. No lip synching at her concerts. Even though the majority of fans were teen girls, her music is so much more. She continues to grow musically while Britney's breasts are currently the only thing growing.

Pinetop Perkins2. PINETOP PERKINS AND CAREY BELL August 24, 2002 Madison Bluesfest
As legends of the delta blues these two powerhouses of raw blues talent played with heart and soul that was not matched by any other concert. They bleed music and and it's so emotional you can see it in their eyes and hear it in their breath.

Bob Weir1. TERRAPIN STATION August, 3 & 4 Alpine Valley Music Theater
Without a doubt my number one choice for best concert of the year. It affected me the more I thought about it. This concert was not a sure thing, in fact a bettin' man probably would have bet against it. There were many powerful people who were opposed to it. They feared there was going to be an invasion of 500,000 Deadheads to the local rural communities. I sat at the hearing for two days, I went to all the press confabs and police statements and experienced everything both in the parking lot to the fans in the stands to the backstage circus, This was not just a concert, but an event that lasted the entire summer. From the Dead hearing on whether the concert would even happen back in June to the two-day event which took place in August. Terrapin Station was more than a concert lasting a few hours - it was an event that decided the future of the remaining members of the Dead. To the fate of Alpine Valley and the battle against censorship, a lot was riding on this concert. The Dead reunion was an awesome sight to behold, just as each of the individual bands were all great as well.

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