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The Sunset's Never Linear

Vertical Horizon
Harley-Davidson Roadhouse
Summerfest 2001 Milwaukee, WI
July 8, 2001

Vertical Horizon
Matt Scannell

Story and Photo by Phil Bonyata

Vertical Horizon's music is destined for the leveling off stage before it ever reaches it's much desired commercial success. Peaking too early is ever so common in the rock world. Making an appearance at Summerfest last Sunday only reinforced their destiny. Their rabid fans would surely disagree. Short attention spans aside, the boys can surely make their retirement reservations long before they'll cash in their 401ks.
Opening with "We Are" Scannell posed and preened like a mannequin hoping for a ride back to the safety of the department store window. "You're God" and "Miracle" lassoed the girls in the front rows, but failed to impress the real music fans way in the back. "You Say" came out of the gates fast and furious and then tapered off into a repetitive dirge, laced with forgetfulness.
Vertical Horizon's future depends on the whims of pseudo teenage girls. Unfortunately, their the same ones that grew up with Barney and New Kids on the Block.

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