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Miami's homies have put a cool
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Black Violin
The Fox Theatre
Tucson, AZ
November 8, 2014
Black Violin Black Violin Black Violin

Review and photos by Mary Andrews

Black Violin label their music a blend of classical music and hip-hop. The two front men are classically trained violinists, but it's the beat of the music that makes it so unique. It is a signature sound like no other!

Black Violin is Wilner "Wil B" Baptiste and Kevin "Kev Marcus" Sylvester on violin, DJ TK, the turntable whiz, and drummer Nathaniel Stokes. They have been playing violin since they were VERY young. One source quotes age nine and age 14. All of the musicians were top-notch all the way! It was evident from the beginning of the concert that: 1) They are very passionate about their music and 2) they are committed to getting young people interested in music, all kinds of music. Wil B is so passionate that he has named his violin, "Tiffany." Tiffany sings beautiful music to everyone within earshot. While on the subject of Will B, he also played keyboards and sang.

There were a large number of children at this show. More children than I have seen at children shows at this theatre. Their goals are to promote music as an outlet for our youth instead of more destructive outlets that seem to be prevalent in society these days.

The high-octane energy was present from the start and maintained throughout the set. Wil B announced that this was a party and everyone was to get up and dance. Everyone complied! They succeeded in their mission to inspire their young audience. The band has mastered how to think outside the box and they encouraged everyone in the audience to do the same.

Classical music was at the forefront throughout the show. But this was not a "long-hair" event. The band was dressed in baseball caps, jeans, tennis shoes and T-shirts. First song was Bach's Brandenburg concertos and who knew it could be so rockin'? They had a freestyling number in the set that put a new twist on improvisation. The did covers of Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" and Maroon 5's "Animals."

After the show, the guys had a "down home" meet n' greet with audience members in the lobby. They answered questions, signed autographs and posed for pictures until the last person left the theatre. Black Violin left a lasting memory for the kids and adults alike in Tucson!
Set List:
1. Brandenburg
2. Jammin'
3. Dirty Orchestra
4. No Church In The Wild
5. A Flat Major Bach
6. Radioactive
7. End of the World
8. Virtuoso
9. Robin Thicke set covers
10. Animals
11. Sleepin'
12. Freestyle
13. Go
14. Stay with Me
15. Mission
16. Opus
17. Classical number
18. Rock Anthem

19. Fanfare
Black Violin Black Violin
Black Violin Black Violin Black Violin
Black Violin Black Violin
Black Violin

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