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Musical therapy now in session

Wynonna and The Big Noise/ The Shari Rowe Band
The Fox Theatre
Tucson, AZ
August 13, 2017
Wynonna Wynonna Wynonna

Review and photos by Frances Sealy

Wynonna Judd's intimacy tour found her and The Big Noise back in Tucson. Tucson loves Wynonna and welcomes her with open arms every time she makes an appearance. There are many reasons for that adoration. She sings from the heart and she makes the fans laugh at the same time.

The evening's opening act was The Shari Rowe Band. This band does a lot of traveling worldwide. They have opened for acts like Dan and Shay and Maddie and Tae. Much of their set consisted of songs from their latest album release, Southern Spells. The Phoenix natives blended bluegrass and country music with some added blues and rock for a lively 30-minute set that got the crowd in the mood for the headliners.

Wynonna mentioned early in the show that she changed her name to Wynonna at the age of 12 because she knew she would be famous one day. She has been gifted with an extraordinary voice, sense of humor, and a fiery attitude that resounded throughout the venue.

The tour is in support of her new record, Wynonna and The Big Noise. The new record is described as a "product of throwing away the Nashville politics and doing what we wanted to do. It was recorded in a studio the size of a shed you park your lawnmower in." She continued to say that it is one of her most favorite records. The album comes from where she is in her life right now. Her kids are grown. She has more confidence than ever before.

The show was more about her relationship with her fans as much as her big voice. Four-year old T.J. brought a bouquet of flowers to the front of the stage. Wynonna invited him on stage and said, "We're about the same age. I'm 46 and four. What is your favorite song?" He responded, " Cool Ya." She was surprised that he knew her music. After they took a selfie and he left, Wynonna remarked, "I love to tour because you see what happens when I do. I don't get that kind of love and attention at home. T.J. thinks I'm okay. That is fine by me."

It would be impossible to talk about the show with mentioning Wynonna's relationship with the husband, drummer Cactus Moser. She quipped that she "overheard him saying to someone that 'she's the chick singer for my band.'"Moser lost his leg and almost his life three years ago in a motorcycle accident. He was told he would never play drums again. Not only does he play drums, he massacred them at the end of "No One Else" at the end of the show. There were stories of how he asked momma Naomi for Wynonna's hand in marriage and how he did a naked shower exposure for Wynonna before the show. They seem to still care deeply for each other and they still have a lot of fun. It seems that their relationship has strengthened since his horrific accident. Highlights from the music include "Ain't No Thing," "Cool Ya," "You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast," and "Keeps Me Alive" are from the new album and they are given the big voice treatment. "I Want To Know What Love Is," a Foreigner cover, is so good, you are left wondering 'Foreigner who?' The audience requested "Free Bird."

She gave it the 'Wynonna treatment.' All of her songs were sung with passion and conviction, but that is nothing new for Wynonna. 'Shelvis' can sing anything. Wynonna calls her shows therapy sessions. This show was feel good fun and the best therapy session ever for everyone.

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Wynonna Wynonna
The Shari Rowe Band
The Shari Rowe Band
The Shari Rowe Band
The Shari Rowe Band

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