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ConcertLivewire debuts Daily Dish:
A letter from columnist Andy Argyrakis

Daily Dish
Jan. 30, 2007
Andy Argyrakis
Andy Argyrakis

Story by Andy Argyrakis
Photo by Barry Brecheisen

Dear ConcertLivewire readers,

Since the clock struck 2007, the word "daily" has popped up in several places on ConcertLivewire. Though the website has always made a point to provide timely, accurate and informed concert coverage (not to mention CD reviews, interviews, music related movie reviews, free ticket swap and a whole slew of special features), yet another element has been added thanks to the newly developed coverage angle called "Daily Dish." As the name implies, this news column will indeed run every day of the work week, chronicling up to the minute information about the music industry from the inside out.

Want to know what tours are on the horizon, who has CDs on the way or who's playing at the country's largest festivals? How about sneak peaks at the hottest indie bands making major waves on the underground or updates on the most relevant established superstars? "Daily Dish" has all the obligatory bases covered, along with some glimpses off the beaten path. Of course there's also room for cheers and jabs on all of the above when warranted, plus regular analysis of issues facing the music industry and assessments of its subsequent changes.

Though everyday promises cutting edge coverage, music fans can especially look forward to a preview of what's hitting store shelves every Tuesday in a special "Street Date" wrap-up, along with a look at the most essential live shows, majors festivals and musical meeting grounds (from the Midwest to both coasts) each Friday for the "Weekend Report." And every once in awhile, yours truly will be contributing an "Andy In Action" edition dedicated to wherever this roving reporter may be across the globe, from the red carpet of an award show to a tour bus in transit to a music conference.

Lastly, for those wondering why the staff waited until the last week of January to get started, the decision was two fold. For starters, the music industry is just exiting its holiday hibernation stage and gearing up for an action packed year of releases, shows and reunions, kicking off with the first round of major projects hitting physical and virtual retail this week. And like everything else within media realms, there's plenty of planning and brainstorming that goes into any venture, which as the weeks, months and years progress, will certainly integrate itself into ConcertLivewire's continuous commitment to covering virtually anything under the musical umbrella, with artistry remaining the top priority.

Andy Argyrakis and the Concert Livewire staff

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