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eric d., minneapolis 12/10/15
artist: brian setzer
Review: aging well

jennifer, bloomington, in 12/10/15
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: you know how I know that your video was made in wisconsin? it was soooo cheesy

Malind O., Whitewater, WI 12/09/15
artist: Scott & STP
Review: I'm so depressed about Scott not going clean. I grew up with STPs awesome music and will miss him so much!

jackie, lake geneva 12/08/15
Review: i went thru a lot of your photos and they are fucking amazing!!

Monique, Milwaukee, WI 12/05/15
artist: Scott Weiland
Review: What a supreme tragedy about Scott Weiland. I'm going to miss his beautiful music and extreme showmanship! RIP Scott we're truly going to miss you

larry t., boston 12/05/15
artist: scott weiland
Review: what a fucking shame!

phil, chicago il 12/04/15
artist: brian setzer
Review: i've seen the show live and he puts on one helluva a rocker! great photos!

barney, los angeles 12/04/15
artist: merle
Review: his legend hi supreme!

snake, chicago 11/30/15
artist: merle haggard
Review: if we all held just a quarter of the honesty and humility of merle haggard this world would be a far greater place

Lauren, bayside, ca 11/30/15
artist: Madonna
Review: Madge never ages a bit

berne s. new york 11/30/15
Review: iggy puts on an explosive set anywhere he lands!

Jessica Palance, Chicago, IL 11/27/15
artist: Trans interview
Review: TSO puts on a blistering show. Thanks for the great interview Andy, much appreciated!

montee, nyc 11/25/15
artist: merle haggard interview
Review: what a great window into a beautiful mind

stacy, milwaukee 11/25/15
artist: scott weiland at the pabst
Review: i was at that show! great article and pix!!

haley, chicago 11/24/15
artist: lolla
Review: some of the greatest times of my life were spent at the many fabulous lollas in chicago!

george, arizona 11/24/15
artist: monster mash
Review: love the halloween costumes. great photos!

lisa jenkins, whitewater, wi 11/24/15
Review: im a wiccan and we practice only for good. most witches are good not bad

frank, chicago 11/21/15
Review: merle haggard is such an increible legend! Fantastic interview!!

jesse, monteray 11/21/15
artist: jewel
Review: jewel is so intelligent. i wish i could meet her

quentin., tucson 11/16/15
Review: absolutely amazing madonna photos!!!!

Jennifer Collins 11/18/15
artist: Madonna
Review: Great photos and review Mary. thanks for sharing!!

jill, seattle 11/16/15
artist: billy joe shaver interview
Review: billy jo is an american songwrting legend! I enjoyed the interveie thru and thru

Bill Davis, Milwaukee, WI 11/16/15
artist: Monster Mash
Review: Those are really cool photos Mary. Love the Halloween outfits on stage!

wendy, lake geneva wi 11/13/15
Review: I know that country thunder sells out every year but the acts have gone down in quality due to the fact it sells out based on the huge party that it has become. I remember 5 years ago they has kenny chesney, tim mcgraw, carrie underwood, taylor swift and dierks bentley! I mean come on

tom nance, orlando, fl 11/12/15
Review: this site has an absolute amazing wealth of concert photography! Props to all of you fine photojournalists

carrie, whitewater 11/11/15
artist: the witches of ww
Review: whitewater is indeed the second salem!

veneza. chicago 11/09/15
artist: luda
Review: hez soooo rippin!

jonny t., round top, texas 11/09/15
artist: monster mash
Review: puscifer and tool?? totally cool totally insane

bristol memphis, whitewater, wi 11/09/15
artist: the witches legends
Review: all of the bizarre things that occur in these town are insane, i wish you would have contacted before your made your movie, you wouldn't believe what i have seen!!

bonnie, seattle 11/07/15
artist: madonna
Review: HOT photos!

mark, san fran 11/06/15
artist: farm aid
Review: Awesome site!

janet r., milwaukee, wi 11/05/15
artist: farm aid
Review: great review and pictures. I know cuz I was there

james, nyc 11/05/15
artist: madonna
Review: she's still got it. amazing photos mary!!

minnie r., milwaukee 11/02/15
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: I would like to investigate whitewater how do i go about starting a paranormal team?

bacon kid 11/02/15
artist: madonna
Review: damn that chick is hot!

jim owens, chicago, il 11/02/15
artist: madonna
Review: thumbs up on the awesome photos!!

Mark Lewis, Nashville, TN 10/29/15
artist: the White Stripes
Review: I think its time for Jack and Meg to start making magic together again

tyler, st. louis park, mn 10/28/15
artist: rob zombie
Review: it is the time for DRAGULA!!!!

bridgette m., whitewater, wi 10/28/15
artist: the witches
Review: i have seen many strange things at calvary cemetery as well as the witches tower in strain park! beware the legends are true!!

stafford, queens, ny 10/26/15
artist: zombie
Review: zombie is still a force in metal music and scary movie filmmaking

conor, winnepeg 10/26/15
artist: the witch legends
Review: amazing story! would love to investigate wisconsin and illinois paranormal sites

Bill Yates, Chicago 10/26/15
artist: Mavis Staples
Review: Staples still has those magic pipes and she knows how to use 'em

Allen, dallas, tx 10/23/15
artist: rob Zombie
Review: I enjoyed the interview and have to disagree with others here and LOVE the halloween series!

michael rawlings, milwaukee 10/21/15
artist: farm aid 2015
Review: great photography mary!

rachel, beaver dam, wis 10/20/15
artist: the whitewater witches
Review: the film was very well done. i knew a lot of whitewater's supernatural history as I went to school there over 10 years ago.

Mark, minneapolis 10/20/15
artist: rob zombie
Review: cool photos, zombie never loses his touch when he's on stage although his later films are something to be desired

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janis, milwaukee 10/19/15
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: a very scary town indeed!!

stable, buffalo, ny 10/19/15
artist: godsmack
Review: great photos!

Billie, Milwaukee, WI 10/14/15
artist: Godsmack
Review: I haven't see Godsmack in years and it seism by your article that they are still going strong!

marco, nashville, tn 10/14/15
artist: farm aid
Review: it's amazon that willie, neil, john and dave have been doing this fantastic benefit for so many years. just think of the countless family farmers this great cause has helped and the awareness of their plight!

james, orlando, fl 10/13/15
artist: lolla
Review: thanks for the killer photo galleries from year's past, especially 2010!

lynette, whitewater, wi 10/13/15
artist: the witches of ww
Review: great article and it's all true!

Brian Thomas, Chicago, IL 10/12/15
artist: Iggy Pop and the Stooges
Review: I'm happy i found this review and photos from the first reunion in Detroit. I was there and it was the most amazing show I've ever seen!! Great photos and concert review!!!

Jimmy peterson, nyc 10/06/15
artist: Rob Zombie
Review: zombie has digresses as a filmmaker I have to say! The originality of House of 1,000 Copses and The Devil's Rejects were eclipsed by his formulaic and creatively anemic Halloween series!

karen, east troy, wi 10/06/15
artist: alpine valley
Review: it's truly a shame that this world class venue only hosts 2 or 3 shows a year

jessica m., whitewater, WI 10/05/15
artist: the wicca of whitewater
Review: I had an amazing experiences in whitewater as part of a wiccan group. we were able to communicate with wicca from decades ago through our collective spiritual powers. Most that we touched were of a pure and naturalist nature, but I must warn you there are very evil entities in whitewater that mean to do harm but are confined in the realm of the unbelievers. if you should decide to accept them and try to communicate with them I fear that you will be putting your life in great danger!

lawrence, oklahoma 10/05/15
artist: country thunder videos
Review: i just got thru watching your country thunder videos and they all brought a smile to my face! reminded me of the great times I had there

ben g. milwaukee 10/05/15
artist: ozzfest
Review: whatever happened to ooziest? i used to love to go down to alpine valley get fucked up and listen to some insane music

Emily Tuack, Milwaukee, WI 10/01/15
artist: The Witches of WW
Review: That is some serious scary stuff going on in Whitewater

phil m., chicago 10/01/15
artist: farm aid
Review: damn dynamite photos!!

bille, milwaukee 10/01/15
artist: farm aid
Review: thanks to all the artists who made this such an enjoyable show!! Donate because its a great cause!!

Justin, Iowa 09/29/15
artist: Farm Aid
Review: Fantastic photos!!

Bill Matthews. Chicago, IL 09/28/15
Review: Great concert photos on this site!

jessie 09/28/15
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: investigate, investigate, investigate what is true and you WILL believe!

lady thompson, new york 09/24/15
artist: boxmaster
Review: wow i never knew billy bob was so into music. i would love to see him play in nyc soon!

Ginger, Whitewater, WI 09/23/15
artist: The Witches legends
Review: I've lived in Whitewater all my life and have never witnessed anything strange here, in fact this town is rather boring! So stop perpetuating the myths with your stories and videos please.

bing paul, milwaukee 09/22/15
artist: dawes
Review: dawes are reinventing music!

jamie thomas, los angeles 09/22/15
artist: lenny kravitz
Review: well written review on the lenny show in chicago andy. you captured the special energy with your well crafted words

jamie thomas, los angeles 09/22/15
artist: lenny kravitz
Review: well written review on the lenny show in chicago andy

Brenda, Milwaukee, WI 09/21/15
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: Well done article!

carlos, california 09/18/15
artist: paul mccartney
Review: great review! i know cuz i was there

lynn warner, whitewater, wi 09/17/15
Review: fantastic documentary!! scared my friend and I and now we want to explore the legends even more!

Brian, Minneapolis, MN 09/17/15
Review: I've spent the let few hours going thru many of your concert reviews and I can't believe how cool so many are

brigette 09/17/15
artist: basement tapes
Review: these bands look so cool. loved checking out their videos and music! why don't you do it anymore?

frank, milwaukee 09/16/15
artist: iggy pop in detroit
Review: can't believe you guys were at the stooges reunion in detroit over 10 years ago. that would have been my dream concert!!!!

stephanie parker, milwaukee, wi 09/14/15
artist: foo fighters
Review: i saw the foes at the 100th anniversary of harley and they were amazing! wish I could have made this show it looked awesome!!

tyker bomber 09/12/15
artist: lenny kravitz
Review: bust me a new bomb lenny is for real

jade, detroit 09/09/15
artist: jewel interview
Review: jewel has really reshaped her music and sound for the better!!

Emily, Whitewater, WI 09/09/15
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: Well done documentary on our paranormal history past and present.

harold, New York 09/09/15
artist: jill scott
Review: jill has a voice with the power of a raging freight train. and trust me that's a really, really good thing!

Jeffrey Wendt, chicago 09/08/15
artist: Foo fighters
Review: i love the fact the growl tapped into the native music legends in Chicago. Thanks for the great review and stunning photos!

frank l., san diego 09/03/15
artist: foos
Review: great photo gallery!

colleen, chicago 09/02/15
artist: foo fighters
Review: this show was an amazing experience! dave grohl lit it up on stage!

Bruce, Chicago, IL 09/02/15
artist: Foo Fighters
Review: Bad ASS Photos Andy!!

jennifer, new berlin, wi 09/01/15
artist: kelly clarkson
Review: kelly looks divine I must say

wendy, milwaukee, wi 08/31/15
artist: rob zombie
Review: zombie is the future of horror! just watch house of 1,000 corpse again and you'll see!!

karen thomas, chicago, il 08/28/15
artist: paul mccartney
Review: excellent review andy!!

brittany, ft. atkinson, wi 08/26/15
artist: the witches
Review: we've always known about the three cemeteries forming the triangle but you were the first to let people know that you have to include the ancient indian burial grounds there too!

Tyler, Allegan, MI 08/26/15
artist: Primus
Review: If the soul of Frank Zappa can be found anywhere it resides in the body of the great Les Claypool.

brianne k., milwaukee 08/26/15
artist: collie caillat
Review: she is absolutely amazing! i want to say great job on your article and photos mary!!

frank, Chicago 08/24/15
Review: this site is a treasure trove of great concert photography!

bill, orlando, fl 08/24/15
artist: grace potter
Review: beautiful photos!

Jessica F., Whitewater, WI 08/21/15
artist: The Witches of WW
Review: The Pratt Institute's history is really cool. It really was the first spiritualist college in the midwest and left its legacy throughout greater Whitewater.

Karen Mona, Tucson, AZ 08/19/15
artist: grace potter
Review: grace is hot as coffee

briana, lacrosee, wi 08/19/15
artist: country thunder
Review: phil your photography is beautiful!

sid, milwaukee 08/18/15
artist: les claypool interview
Review: les is an artist who is still and will always be stretching his own boundaries of creativity

Quentin, Buffalo NY 08/18/15
artist: DMB
Review: THey ALWAYS put on a tight show!

carrie yonkers, whitewater, wi 08/18/15
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: everyone says that calvary cemetery is the most haunted here of the 3 cemeteries but i've seen black demons and other terrifying things at the locked up oak grove cemetery!

Jam Man 08/14/15
Review: What a wealth of beautiful concert photography here. I Love this site!!

connie watson, whitewater, WI 08/14/15
Review: Calvary cemetery and the witches tower are probably the 3 most haunted sites in WW. if you are paranormal researcher then i say start at one of these places and i promise you won't be disappointed!

stephanie, chicago, il 08/14/15
artist: paul mccartney
Review: fantastic review andy! i was there and you hit the vibe right on the head.

goattee, new york 08/13/15
artist: primus
Review: way cool!

vinnie, florida 08/10/15
artist: incubus
Review: brandon body has still got it!

lawrence 08/10/15
artist: slash interview
Review: very interesting

tom n., cleveland, ohio 08/06/15
artist: country thunder
Review: photos are great!

steve miller, milwaukee 08/06/15
artist: primus
Review: claypool is a modern renasainnce man for freaky weirdos, which is me : )

Sami, Lake geneva, WI 08/06/15
artist: Country thunder
Review: The music wasn't as good as years past but the party was hot as ever!! I love all of the great photos here especially of the campgrounds and video!!

blythe meritt, okc 08/04/15
artist: country thunder
Review: man those boys said it right damn good on the rebel flag! those peoples died for the battle flag!!

constance, chicago, il 08/04/15
artist: van halen
Review: they floundered a bit at first and then caught stride in midst

jarrod l., milwaukee, wi 08/03/15
artist: thunder 2015
Review: the music was fucking great this year! Dierks was the man!

lynn, whitewater 08/03/15
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: i wont go anywhere near the calvary cemetery. too many bad things have happened there

benda, twin lakes, wi 08/03/15
artist: country thunder
Review: Phil amazing, amazing photos!! Your knocked it out with your video too!

Brent, LaSalle, IL 08/03/15
artist: country thunder
Review: love the campgrounds scene in your video. that was us!!

budgie, atlanta, ga 07/29/15
Review: david lee roth can kiss me anytime he wants to

lynn, lake geneva, wi 07/29/15
artist: van halen
Review: fantastic review and photos andy. van halen looks AWESOME!

Tyler, Chicago, IL 07/28/15
artist: Lolla!
Review: Great old photos here! Can't wait for next weekend!!

betsy, nyc 07/27/15
artist: MMJ
Review: great article. i've sent hem live at a dozen times and am always surprised on how good they are!!

jennifer, milwaukee, wi 07/27/15
artist: summerfest
Review: great photos!!!

Lawrence Quentin, Milwaukee, WI 07/21/15
artist: Scott Weiland
Review: I believe I like him better as a solo artist than frontman of STP!

johnny danger, nyc 07/21/15
artist: the stooges in detroit
Review: found this great review from 2003 and I was there on that magical reunion!

brittany wagner, lacrosse, wi 07/20/15
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: your video was amazing where do I find that paranormal team?

Sebastian, Whitewater, WI 07/20/15
artist: The Witches story
Review: I think you hit it right on the head with your article. Whitewater indeed has a sordid past on witchcraft and racism. There was a big KKK group in the 20's and 30's here and you are correct The pratt Institute is partly where it all began along with the Indian Burial Grounds.

grant, san diego, ca 07/16/15
artist: jewel
Review: jewel is to die for!

jaryd, chicago 07/15/15
artist: lollapalooza galleries
Review: that's for the teasers. can't wait for lolla this year!

Bone Tims, NYC 07/15/15
artist: Leonard Cohen
Review: A master at heart, mind and soul.

lizzy, milwaukee, wi 07/14/15
artist: summerfest
Review: bitchin photos man!

carnival bob 07/14/15
artist: lolla 2005
Review: i was there children do you remember the purple guy that would eat you soapy nachos and then run away laughing?

Penny, Whitewater, WI 07/13/15
artist: Witches of WW
Review: The truly scary thing about the paranormal happenings here in WW is that the locals don't really believe it! I guess you have to have an open mind to see the things you might not want to see.

mindy lewis, baltimore, md 07/11/15
artist: my morning jacket
Review: jim james invented COOL!!!

Mark James, Canada 07/07/15
artist: MMJ
Review: Thanks for the review and great photos I wish i could have been there!

willie, milwaukee 07/06/15
Review: sweet summerfest pix!!

jimmy t., missouri 07/03/15
artist: my morning jacket
Review: MMJ is built for the stage. Bravo!!

jolee, whitewater, wi 07/03/15
artist: the witches legends
Review: i truly believe there is paranormal happenings here in whitewater. i've seen so much of it that it would make your head spin!

michelle, milwaukee 07/01/15
artist: antony & the johnsons
Review: your eloquent concert article absolutely floored me!

Bernard, Hartford 07/01/15
artist: Imagine Dragons
Review: Not as good as all the hype I dare say

stacey l., milwaukee 07/01/15
artist: sumnmerfest
Review: aren't there more here??!!??

Meghan Riley 06/29/15
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: I have seen menacing shadows and extreme temperature drops when I near Calvary cemetery. Many terrible things have happened in that creepy place. STAY AWAY!!

jennifer olsen, milwaukee 06/29/15
artist: country thunder
Review: got my pink boots dusted off, cowgirl hat with fringe and my super sexy daisy duke shorts just waiting for the good times ahead!

penelope, san fran, ca 06/26/15
artist: rob zombie
Review: those are some super sweet zombie photos!

Keven Miller, Lake Geneva, WI 06/25/15
artist: Summerfest
Review: Where are the Stones here Phil??

james, chicago, il 06/25/15
artist: imagine dragons
Review: great pictures!!

leanette, montreal 06/24/15
artist: jewel
Review: the woman never does anything but give it her all in song and performance.

conor, crystal lake, il 06/22/15
Review: the imagine dragons show was the best ever! thanks for sharing the great photos and nice article

gemma, milwaukee, wi 06/22/15
artist: imagine dragons
Review: loved it!

gordon, florida 06/17/15
artist: boz scaggs
Review: thanks for the nice review and photos mary. boz is the MAN!

Jennifer, Seattle, WA 06/16/15
artist: Brandon Boyd interview
Review: Brandon has an amazing intellect!

frank, milwuakee, wi 06/16/15
artist: james bay
Review: can't wait to see him play at lolla

tom, whitewater, wi 06/12/15
artist: the witches
Review: nice article. i've always been creeped out when i walk by the calvary cemetary at night!!

jean m. seattle, wa 06/12/15
artist: basement tapes
Review: i just discovered these cool sessions today. I'm surprised I've never heard of this site before but it looks like it's been a few years since you've added any new content, sure wish you guys were still doing this. Great bands and interviews.

Brian Phillips, Milwaukee, WI 06/10/15
artist: Lollapalloza galleries
Review: SWEET photos in your Lolla galleries!

alyssa, chicago, il 06/10/15
artist: nelly
Review: nelly still rocks it!

marko, nyc 06/03/15
artist: James bay
Review: great interview!

Ian, Stafford, UK 06/01/15
artist: The Beatles Abbey Road
Review: Thank you very much for the amazing insight into the inner workings of The Beatles!

leannette, chicago 06/01/15
artist: lollapalozza
Review: can't wait to sink my pretty little teeth into this one!

Mark L., Whitewater, WI 05/30/15
artist: The Witches of Whitewater movie
Review: Your film was done well, maybe a bit long and did contain some inaccuracies but overall I liked it very much!

ribbon girl, new york city 05/30/15
artist: NO jazzfest
Review: Great coverage! wish i could have went this year but didn't have the money but all of your grate photos took me there.

james, whitewater 05/26/15
artist: wicca in whitewater
Review: the wicca community here doesn't appreciate all the negative publicity here. please stay away!

brianne, chicago, il 05/26/15
artist: lollpalooza
Review: i don't like this years artist lineup

sammie, ft, wayne 05/21/15
artist: bb king
Review: thank the lord i got to see bb 2 years ago! he was brilliant and i'll miss him and his music terribly!

maria, chicago 05/20/15
artist: stp
Review: unlike some other people i've read here i think chester is far better than weiland any day!!

Brent Waters, San Jose, CA 05/20/15
artist: Jonathon Davis interview
Review: The interview was Ok but that mostly the fault of jonathon's badly limited answers to some pretty good questions.

sharon, new berlin, wi 05/20/15
artist: lady gaga
Review: gaga looks gorgeous with tony bennett

Lou Stevens, LA 05/18/15
artist: BB King
Review: He is certainly one of the most important blues influences and legends alongside, muddy, howling wolf and robert johnson!

monica o., ft. atkinson, wi 05/18/15
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: fantastic video!

steph, whitewater 05/15/15
Review: the cemeteries here scare the shit out of me. in fact the whole dam tone does!

bruno, nyc 05/15/15
artist: iggy pop
Review: there's a reason why he's the king of punk! because he IS!!

James, milwaukee 05/13/15
artist: no jazziest
Review: love the photos of gaga and bennett!

lynn, minneapolis, mn 05/13/15
Review: stunning photography here!!

Carrie, Jefferson, WI 05/08/15
artist: witches
Review: I absolutely know that the calvary cemetery is terribly haunted and scary as hell!

buffy Jax, new york City 05/08/15
artist: lady gaga and tony bennett
Review: awwwwww they looks o cute together

Ben J., Knoxville, TN 05/07/15
artist: NO Jazzfest
Review: Fantastic photos Mary Andrews!!

stacey, milwaukee 05/06/15
artist: stp
Review: no scott weiland?? BAH!

linda k., orlando, fl 05/06/15
artist: johnny cash
Review: amazing interview!

Stacey Plant, Whitewater, WI 05/04/15
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: Very good documentary on The Witches of Whitewater. You covered so many of the legends in your film with the various interviews and the paranormal investigations. I would like to know more tho on the tunnels that run thru our town, Maybe a Part II soon??

bennie, milwaukee, wi 05/04/15
artist: summerfest 2015
Review: this might be the best summerfest of all time!

Ian Youth, chicago, IL 04/30/15
artist: STP
Review: Bennington over Weiland, I highly doubt it my friend!

marci, trenton 04/30/15
artist: rob zombie interview
Review: zombie needs to make another movies real soon

James, Chicago 04/29/15
artist: Lolla archives
Review: I have to say that Concert Livewire's coverage both in words and images through the years is amazing! Loved reliving all the great moments I had there as I've attended every year since 2005!

marie, whitewater, wi 04/27/15
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: very very scary here!!

Libertine, NYC 04/24/15
artist: Antony & The Johnsons
Review: Your wordplay conveyed the magic of an Antony & the Johnsons consort. It's truly a life changing experience to see this beautiful bard live and in the flesh.

chauncey, orlando 04/24/15
artist: country thunder
Review: pix r the bomb!!

marcey, chicago, illinois 04/23/15
artist: jewel
Review: jewel is a gorgeous and talented artist. praises to this phenomenal interview!

Ted Phillips, Minneapolis, MN 04/22/15
artist: Alabama Shakes
Review: Brittany Howard is today's version of janis Joplin! Great pictures!!!

jeremy, whitewater, wi 04/22/15
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: the scariest part of your well written tale on whitewater is all true!!

brian, milwaukee 04/20/15
artist: the avert bros
Review: roots music is the best and nobody does it better than the avert bros!

marcie, eagle, wi 04/20/15
artist: the witches of ww
Review: your video was interesting

tom nelson, new york 04/20/15
artist: johnny cash interview
Review: great interview!

tom nelson, new york 04/14/15
artist: James Bay
Review: Bay is out-of-control cool and talented. listen to his latest cd Chaos and the Calm or see him live in concert and see for yourself!

brittany, austin, tx 04/143/15
artist: arlo guthrie
Review: great photos and review mary

harold, chicago, il 04/13/15
artist: lollapalooza 2015
Review: I am primed and ready to finally see mccartney at lollapalooza!

karen, san diego 04/10/15
artist: james bay
Review: SWEET interview!!

Greg Yates, Milwaukee, WI 04/10/15
artist: Tweedy
Review: Great to see Jeff on the road with his son. Wish they would have made a stop in Milwaukee.

jennifer 04/08/15
artist: lolla 2010
Review: thanks for the great memories I'm the pretty blonde in the front row ; )

bernie, chicago, IL 04/06/15
artist: iggy and the stooges
Review: dude I love the smashup review from the awesome reunion in detroit in 2004!!!!

Lyle Keats, Madison, WI 04/06/15
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: I loved your documentary film! Please do a Part II and investigate the legends even deeper if you dare

corey blaine, mt. prospect, il 04/06/15
artist: lolla
Review: stupid lineup

george p., los angeles 04/01/15
artist: jeff bridges
Review: i totally abide!

tammy johnson, milwaukee 04/01/15
artist: lollapaloozas
Review: what a great library of photos from all the past lollas!! BRAVO concert Livewire!!

joan, thomas, texas 03/30/15
artist: leon russell
Review: leon keeps pushing and pushing while never giving up any of his talent and artistic integrity

mike brannigan, chicago 03/30/15
artist: michael glabicki
Review: great interview michael is a genus!

Brandon, Miami 03/27/15
artist: Lollapalooza 2015
Review: MCartney, Metallica REALLY??????

mark t.,chicago 03/26/15
artist: billy joe shaver interview
Review: great interview on an undiscovered legend! thanks for sharing this

Monica, NY 03/26/15
artist: Johnny cash
Review: His canon of music will live on forever

brandon whey, st. pete. fl 03/25/15
artist: leon russell
Review: the man looks amazingly good for his age but then again he looked old when he was 30 : )

Stacey M., Whitewater, WI 03/23/15
artist: The Witches of Whitewaterl
Review: Fantastic documentary, I knew some of the people in your film and really liked it!

george, chicago, il 03/20/15
Review: this is a pretty cool site

darren, milwaukee 03/16/15
artist: billy joe shaver
Review: upright interview!!

tyler offspring 03/16/15
artist: witches
Review: i've seen whitewater firsthand when i went to school there and didn't see anything strange. the story and myths there are total bullshit!

buckner, chicago, il 03/16/15
artist: shane macgowan
Review: shane is amazing - drunk or SOBER

John, New York City 03/16/15
artist: Dear John Hughes
Review: Great review Andy! Sound silk a charming musical indeed!

amy. whitewater, wi 03/10/15
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: what a great story! the facts were spot on except you left some scary things out.

bernie w., milwaukee 03/10/15
artist: johnny cash
Review: thanks for the amazing memories!

Breakfast Club Kid, Chicago 03/09/15
artist: Lollapalooza
Review: Too bad it's now become the lollapalooser!

Kevin K., Minneapolis, MN 03/09/15
artist: Jewel
Review: Jewel is stunning live. just see her for yourself as your in for a treat!

monteaugue, paris 03/06/15
artist: avert bros
Review: amazing toubadors

James Teague, Toronto 03/02/15
artist: Pitbull
Review: What a loser!

bennie, milwaukee 03/02/15
artist: leon russell
Review: thanks for the kind words sir

blister bucket, LA 02/27/15
artist: alien ant farm
Review: really??? they are really still around?

Jamie Tyler, Chicago 02/27/15
artist: Shane MacGowan
Review: Great interview but whey haven't the Pogues toured in Chicago or the anywhere in the States in years?

frank, nyc 02/26/15
artist: iggy pop and the stooges
Review: fantastic reunion review and amazing photos from detroit!

liza mekons, milwaukee, wi 02/25/15
artist: witches of ww
Review: this video is very cool. i never knew there was such a rich supernatural history in whitewater until this documentary.

Bonnie Thomas, Spokane, WA 02/25/15
artist: Shane MacGowan
Review: Fantastic interview with Shane! What a great way to get prepped for my favorite HOLIDAY of the year!!!!

mason, l., newark, nj 02/24/15
artist: the avert bros
Review: mighty fine photos mary!

Collette, Whitewater, WI 02/23/15
artist: The Witches Fables
Review: I myself am a wiccan and truly believe that there are unusually negative forces here in Whitewater. I believe in the good spirit of wicca and don't understand where all of this evil energy comes from.

michael, milwaukee 02/23/15
Review: what a great site for rock photography! truly amazing work here!!

Brian, London, UK 02/20/15
artist: The Avett Bros.
Review: I appreciated your performance review and photographs. I truly hope they decide to give England a whirl soon.

jeanine, chicago, il 02/20/15
artist: the strokes
Review: whatever happened to these guys? they just fell off the face of the earth and I miss them!

kendrick, nyc 02/16/15
artist: the avert bros.
Review: dynamite photos mary!!

marianne, ft. atkinson, wi 02/16/15
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: your documentary was very well done but please tell me what happened to the fictional version of the witches of ww that you see on youtube?

kenny, buffalo, ny 02/12/15
artist: the pogues and shane
Review: what a smart talk with shane! love, love all the great articles here on the pogues as well!

james thomas, st. paul 02/11/15
artist: jewel
Review: one of the better jewel interviews i've read on the web.

margie, milwaukee 02/11/15
Review: love all these great photos of rock icons here!

Franklin, Milwaukee 02/06/15
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: This place sounds quite scary. Please let me know if you ever need another paranormal investigator?

bernadette, milwaukee, wi 02/06/15
artist: mason jennings
Review: where the hell has he been??

veronica, chicago 02/03/15
artist: merle haggard
Review: AMAZING interview!!

kevin, san diego, ca 02/03/15
artist: jeff bridges
Review: he's almost as good as steve martin : )

jen, whitewater 02/02/15
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: the video was really, really cool!!

Bill M., New York City 01/30/15
artist: Jeff Bridges
Review: The Dude apparently has talent beyond acting. Great pictures!

jim tucker, chicago, IL 01/28/15
artist: madonna
Review: she was great but now just riding on her past laurels

vivian lance, milwaukee 01/21/15
artist: bob seger
Review: i was at that show and found him somewhat boring and too laid back. j geils on the other hand really played with much more energy

jenny, whitewater, wi 01/21/15
artist: the witches of ww
Review: great article and video! I wish you would have touched more on the underground tunnels here. lots of weird stuff that happens around these eerie places!

ben 01/20/15
artist: alice cooper
Review: the guy still rawks!!

mike davis, georgia 01/20/15
artist: country thunder
Review: what a titfest galore!!!

Lennon, nyc 01/20/15
artist: Jewel
Review: I seriously think jewel in totally underrated as an artist. Just because she's beautiful people automatically discount or belittle her music. Listen people, close your eyes and you will hear her true art.

Stacey & Monica, Milwaukee, WI 01/19/15
Review: Great Ariana Grande photos!!!

ben, seattle, wa 01/11/15
artist: alice cooper
Review: mighty interesting interview!

leslie, chicago 01/11/15
artist: andy's articles
Review: andy i've been reading your articles here for years and have never responded before this (i know i should have tho ; ) but thanks for all the talent and great work. i'm a HUGE fan!

Jennifer Collins, Ft. Atkinson, WI 01/11/15
artist: andy's articles
Review: The documentary was very well done. A little long but still very well done.

margot, maple leaf canada 01/11/15
artist: merle haggard
Review: interview to die for!!

erin, whitewater, wi 01/07/15
artist: witches
Review: it's all true, believe me its all TRUE

stacey, toronto 01/07/15
artist: alice cooper interview
Review: loved it mary!

jerry t., chicago, il 01/07/15
artist: merle Haggard
Review: Go see this great legend before it's too late. He's a true genius!!!

Bridgette Larson, Milwaukee 01/02/15
artist: Black Violin
Review: They are so original and entertaining!!!

George, Tyler, Kansas 01/02/15
artist: Alice Cooper Interview
Review: Alice is a lot more intelligent then I thought, nice interview.

kyle, milwaukee, wi 12/31/14
artist: summerfest 08
Review: it's the summerfest i met my beautiful wife!

lisa t., whitewater, wi 12/31/14
artist: the witches
Review: insane film! I can't believe all of the weird things going on up here! thanks for the great film!!

mark little, denver, co 12/30/14
artist: iggy azalea
Review: great photos!

carrie, oak park, il 12/23/14
artist: demi lovato
Review: she is gorgeous and hot

Jamie, Chicago 12/23/14
artist: KISS Jingle Ball
Review: The concert was the most amazing in my life. Thank you Andy for the unbelievably awesome pictures!!

Becca, Whitewater, WI 12/22/14
artist: the Witches of WW
Review: Thanks a million for the amazing videos and story as well. Everything you see there is true just be careful if you dare to dig deeper.

calvin, lansing, mi 12/22/14
artist: jewel interview
Review: i gotta say i dig her country music a whole lot more than her folkie shit. she's hot as hell to

justin, st. paul, mn 12/22/14
artist: dr john
Review: the snake man from new orleans always comes through

saline, milwaukee, wi 12/17/14
artist: cher
Review: I was there great review

moses, detroit 12/17/14
artist: lolla 2010
Review: best lolla ever!!

stacey, chicago, il 12/12/14
artist: b96 bash
Review: pretty pictures andy!

Jeannette Davis, Milwaukee, WI 12/12/14
artist: Tom Morello
Review: Sweet interview- Do you know if Rage is getting back together soon? I sooooo MISS THEM!

marrin, nyc 12/12/14
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: bangupgay review man!! : )

Jesse, Whitewater, WI 12/09/14
artist: the Witches of Whitewater
Review: I love your documentary. you really dug deep here in whitewater!

carmel, madison, wi 12/09/14
artist: merle haggard
Review: great interview and really like the interaction between the interviewer and Merle

JenniferT. Ft. Atkinson, WI 12/09/14
artist: Whitewater
Review: I've always heard tales of evil down ion whitewater but learned ,more from your story, thanx

Martin, milwaukee 12/03/14
artist: smashing pumpkins
Review: i ran across this old article on the pumpkins at the rave. what an amazing night

lisa watkins, orlando 12/03/14
Review: love all the stellar concert photography on this cool site!!!

becca, whiteweater, wi 12/01/14
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: very interesting documentary. i wish you could have talked about the the underground tunnels that snake thru whitewater

Jonas, Auburn, NY 12/01/14
artist: Alice Cooper
Review: Its amazing that cats still alive!

maggie white, jefferson city 11/28/14
artist: a. toussaint
Review: nice shots of a true jazz legend

michael, chicago 11/25/14
artist: james brown
Review: great interview!

Bill Phillips, Milwaukee 11/24/14
Review: Brilliant photography here!!!

Monica Quent, NYC 11/24/14
artist: Black Violin
Review: I loved your review and photos of Black Violin. They are a must-see!

jeannette, ft. atkinson, WI 11/24/14
Review: The story on all the paranormal activity in Whitewater is really cool. I have friends that have seen the witches dancing around the strain park water tower!!

thomas, whitewater, wi 11/21/14
artist: the witches of ww
Review: fantastic video!!

jenny thomas, seattle 11/21/14
artist: sheryl crow
Review: she's still so gorgeous at 50+

melanie, milwaukee 11/17/14
artist: foo fighters
Review: harleyfest was great that year

frank, nashville, tn 11/17/14
artist: country thunder
Review: awesome videos!

bernie yates, new york 11/12/14
artist: ray lamontagne
Review: ray is wonderful and so full of life when he plays live. GO SEE HIM!!! you won't be disappointed

vern, nyc 11/10/14
artist: iggy and the stooges
Review: great article on the great detroit blackout! I was there too

leslie, milwaukee 11/10/14
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: whiteater town scares the hell out of me!!

Brian M., Milwaukee, WI 11/07/14
artist: Merle Haggard
Review: Fantastic interview! What an amazing piece and opportunity to be able to interview the legend in person BRAVO

jeremy, boise 11/04/14
artist: jewel
Review: i enjoyed the jewel interview with great questions!

Calvin M., Milwaukee 11/03/14
artist: Country Thunder
Review: Fantastic Photo Gallery

Marge, san fran 11/03/14
artist: bob dylan
Review: the legend is still as great live as he was 40 years ago. I know because I was there in NYC!

crissy, whitewater, wi 10/31/14
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: Great video!!!

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