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kimberly, parkersburg wv 01/09/12
artist: john cooper
Review: I love you john!

deonta eagle, chicago illinois 01/09/12
artist: tori amos
Review: its was great. tori was brilliant

lawrence r., london 01/09/12
artist: Wilco
Review: wilco is making some of the most exciting music in the last decade. while i love radioed I think that wilco has pushed the envelope a bit further.

Courtney, Chicago 01/09/12
artist: Lollapalooza
Review: Thanks for the fantastic photo gallery from 2009

peter, chicago 01/06/12
artist: jewel
Review: interesting interview

jimmy, seattle 01/06/12
artist: #1: NIRVANA
Review: They changed the rock scene back in the 90s. Until now many bands are still embracing the legacy Nirvana have made.

John Deacon, Winona, MN 01/06/12
Review: The picture you have posted for Cosmic Railroad is not the bass player for Cosmic Railroad..

lynette, canada 01/05/12
Review: Awesome music site!!!

sarah, whitewater 01/05/12
artist: witches of ww
Review: really scary things are happening here apparently! I just started school here and will avoid those three cemeteries as well as the witches tower!

anamedy, santo domingo 01/04/12
artist: snoop dogg
Review: I adoro snoop dogg

Review: Living in korns hometown naturally I'm a fan. I was told years ago by a friends husband that he taught jonathan davis how to play bagpipes. I always wanted to know if it was true. KORN is the best homegrown music there could ever be!

christine tyler, la crosse, wi 01/04/12
Review: this site has great reviews and amazing photography. I plan to visit here often!

lester, m., milwaukee, wi 01/04/12
artist: sting
Review: the show you wrote about in chicago was brilliant

christine. milwaukee, wi 01/03/12
artist: gnr
Review: gnr sucks without slash!!

lisa, lake geneva, wi 01/03/12
artist: tori amos
Review: excellent photos. tori is so gorgeous both as an artist and woman.

michael peters, des moines, iowa 12/30/11
artist: shane macgowan
Review: what a cool, super fucked up conversation with the man that put new york (and ireland for that matter back on the map

Brittany, Fall Creek, WI 12/30/11
Review: I knew a friend that went to school in whitewater and she told me horrible things that I never ever would go near that black town

Hank, Florida 12/30/11
Review: Concert Livewire you are one sexy son of a bitch

Susan, lake geneva, wi 12/29/11
Review: LOVE your site Phil!

franklin h., nyc 12/29/11
artist: smokey
Review: the legend lives on!

marianne, chicago 12/29/11
artist: april smith
Review: april is an artist among artists. lug her and nice interview as well

lou, new orleans, la 12/28/11
artist: voodoo fest
Review: great review the whole fest last year was a major blast!

buck nelson, apple river, illinois 12/28/11
artist: Rachael Yamagata
Review: As a music lover and photographer this site feels great. I plan on doing the International Blues Challenge in Memphis-let me know if I can be of service. Thank you Tony for giving me this website. Sincerely,Buck

jerry lance, buffalo, ny 12/27/11
artist: johnny cash
Review: thanks for the wonderful interview!

Ginger, Plant City 12/27/11
artist: Richard Street
Review: I think Richard Street is great!!

quentin brooks, los angeles 12/26/11
artist: wilco
Review: jeff tweedy's voice and lyrics are so unbelievable!!

sean, milwaukee 12/26/11
Review: great photos all over here!

bridgette, whitewater 12/23/11
Review: the evil is quite real in whitewater, i hate this place so

maris thomas, chicago 12/23/11
artist: johnny cash
Review: an intensly sweet interview

bethany, lake geneva 12/23/11
Review: phil this is a really cool site!

beethypib 12/22/11
Artist: Charlotte Amalie
Review: Which cartoon do you like The Simpsons or Family Guy?

Ben, New York 12/21/11
artist: Johnny Cash
Review: I honestly believe that johnny cash was one of the best people in the world of music. He really knew how to stick it to the people and tell them how he felt in life through his songs and experiences. also i think that his music changed who ever he sung about or what in the world where people didn't really say how they felt.

Larry, franklin, tn. 12/21/11
artist: merle haggard
Review: Merle has always been my favorite country singer. I grew up listening to him. had his own style of country music that appealed to the masses. I miss him lots.

Marianne Stacey, Milwaukee, WI 12/21/11
artist: Hank 3
Review: Looks like Hank3 and all of his fans had a good old fashioned punk rock hodown!! : )

jerri, chicago, il 12/20/11
artist: dave koz
Review: what a night of beautiful Christmas music. BRAVO to Dave an to all

james, chicago 12/20/11
Review: great lolla coverage here thru the years thru and thru

carrie, knoxville, tn 12/20/11
artist: tim mcgraw
Review: oh man for life. love his music and love his bod!

Lillian Kapellusch, Hollywood 12/19/11
artist: skillet
Review: hey guys i love your band if you know i am only 9 yeas old my brother loves you too he is 14 we love you guys <3

luis carlos, san antonio, tx 12/19/11
artist: skillet
Review: ola ola ola

Phyllis Cole, Sand Springs, OK 12/19/11
artist: DaveKoz
Review: Greatest gentleman entertainer of all times. Stay well always my favorite. Tulsa / Branson Need Dave Koz radio host and stage presents regularly. Merry Christmas.

Livia, Buenos Aires 12/19/11
artist: Dave Koz
Review: ESPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!

artist: DAVE KOZ

jeffrey, chicago, il 12/19/11
artist: wilco
Review: wilco always amazes and surprises. this show was gorgeous in tone and style

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Bethany, Whitewater, WI 12/16/11
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: What a great story. I just moved here and heard some ramblings from the locals, but I do know one thing they are trying to hide something here!

Peter, Chicago 12/16/11
artist: Jerry Lee Lewis
Review: He still rocks with the old great balls of fire! excellent review!

margie, vermont 12/16/11
artist: RHCP
Review: I heard the chili peppers are going to tour this year. so damn excited I am! love there new CD!!

lionel yates, miss. 12/15/11
artist: honeyboy edwards
Review: great interview with a true blues legend!

jean, st. pete, FL 12/15/11
artist: axl rose
Review: however wrote that shit on axl is a asshole and a dick

james, chicago 12/14/11
artist: jerry lee lewis
Review: still a rockin' madman/genuis!

yolanda, nyc 12/14/11
Review: cool site!!!

thomas avila, san antonio, tx 12/13/11
artist: cynthia
Review: I love your music. I met my ex-wife and my current wife listening to freestle music. Where can I get rare freestyle cd's.

Jenny, Greeley, CO 12/13/11
artist: Skillet
Review: Awesome band! Love what they stand for

BreNda!, Jardin, America 12/13/11
artist: Billie Joe Armstrong
Review: the coolest guy in town

lori, carbondale, il 12/13/11
Name: lollapalooza
Review: cool photos all the way around!!

Joshua, LOS ANGELES 12/12/11
Name: KISS
Review: There just amazing in everyway

Jamie, UK 12/12/11
artist: Peter Murphy
Review: The dark king of Goth is timeless.

kyle, Nashville, tn 12/12/11
artist: Hank 3
Review: Hillbilly cool! Hank 3 is not sat all like this manufactured garbage coming out of Nashville today!

stan yates, new york 12/09/11
artist: the stones
Review: damn it's been way too fucking long for a stones tour!!! i hope to hell they finally tour for their 50th this year. i hear that wyman might tour on some of it

George, Memphis, Tenn. 12/09/11
artist: Merle Haggard
Review: Merle is as honest and intelligent artist that i've ever met.

penelope, portland 12/09/11
artist: rachael
Review: rachael is the real deal, Great interview!!!

Makon, UK 12/09/11
artist: Sting
Review: Sting is in fabulous shape. looks quite good for an older bugger.

jeannette, new orleans 12/08/11
artist: voodoo fest
Review: i don't remember a thing when i was there, too drunk and to much pot, but i liked your retelling of the story : )

Mark, Chicago, IL 12/08/11
artist: Basement tapes
Review: These are really cool videos. I love all the cool music

steven, milwaukee 12/07/11
artist: hank3
Review: i stayed for the whole fucking kick ass show. hank3 your the best ever!!!

wendy, whiteewater 12/07/11
Review: whitewater is the creepiest place i've ever lived

buffalo killer 12/07/11
artist: lukas nelson
Review: he is a rompin stompin badass!!

Margot, Chicago 12/06/11
artist: Sting
Review: Great review. Sting brings it to the table each and every time he sets foot on a stage.

carrie m., minneapolis, mn 12/06/11
Review: This site is totally cool!

Monica, East Troy, WI 12/05/11
artist: The East Troy Bluegrass video
Review: I just discovered this great video. Thanks a ton for documenting our very special music event! Phil, you're the best!

kendra, chicago 12/05/11
artist: peter murphy
Review: Great show, but I wish murphy would have done an extended version od Bela Lugosi'd Dead rather than the shortened one!

jen, delavan, wi 12/05/11
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: your story is very well written and 110% true. You should talk to me sometime 'cause I have more weird things to tell you about whitewater

shannon owens, st. pete, florida 12/05/11
artist: orlando calling
Review: fucking nice orlando calling photos!!

stacey, detroit 12/02/11
artist: peter murphy
Review: still love his sexy gothiness

Watseka Theatre, Watseka Illinois 12/02/11
artist: Two And A Half Comics with Scott Wood & Bart Rockett & Willard
Review: Watseka Theatre Watseka Illinois- Great Sunday Afternoon show January 15, 2012 @ 2:00 PM ? All Seats $20.00 . Two And A Half Comics with Scott Wood ?Mr. Punchline? plus TV Star Bart Rockett & Willard . Fantastic show with Comedy, Magic, Ventriloquist, & Illusionist. Direct from Branson. The Watseka Theatre is a beautiful 1931 Art Deco Venue located 92 miles south from Chicago. It features gourmet restaurant and full bar.Come early -open for lunch. This show is for all ages.

owen tucker, memphis, tn 12/01/11
artist: peter murphy
Review: murphy is a genus! with or without bauhaus. i thought your review was well written and the photos crisp

george, chicago 12/01/11
Review: insane 2011 lolla pics!!

tabitha, whitewater, wi 12/01/11
Review: you are right on with your story. the scariest thing is that the evil people in town are starting to stop hiding the fact that they are evil.

LATIF, MONROE, NC 11/30/11
Review: Those are NOT the Cover Girls, so who ever paid for this concert got robbed. Original Cover Girls consist of Angel, Caroline and Margo, who are currently touring.

mark, Kansas 11/30/11
Review: No mention of the entire place storming security to get down to floor level as the first song was played???? and forget weezer, i was there for the D and The D only while rocking hard tasty abs washer-board style.

Lsinda M., Chicago 11/30/11
artist: Roger Daltrey
Review: Roger' voice and stage persona were amazing! He is a true legend!

Athanasia, MELBOURNE, VIC 11/29/11
artist: Dolly Parton
Review: I was at Rod Lava in Melbourne at Dolly Partons Better day Concert and Honestly thought it was Excellent and wished for more. It ended so fast.

Chris Cuccio , Eunice, La. 11/29/11
artist: Santeria
Review: Mind melting lyrics with blood boiling riffs and back breaking beats. Santeria is what RnR has been needing for years!!

Rachel Knaak, milwaukee, wi 11/29/11
artist: kings of leon
Review: Loved kol every time i saw them!

lynnette, boston 11/29/11
artist: rachael yamagata
Review: very interesting interview

stephanie, orlando, FL 11/29/11
artist: Orlando calling

cassie, waterford, wis 11/28/11
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: BULLSHIT!!! I never saw any of those things you talk about when I went to school in whitewater! it's a small, nice little town!!

stan, milwaukee 11/28/11
artist: nine inch nails
Review: the fragile is the best album by NIN

marry l., new york 11/28/11
artist: rachael yamagata
Review: she is a fascinating woman, great interview.

cody, des moines, iowa 11/28/11
artist: country thunder 2011
Review: the video is cool as shit!!!

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linda potter, elkhorn, wi 11/25/11
Review: phil this is really cool music site! keep up the good work

mack, nyc 11/25/11
artist: gn'r
Review: what an embarrassing mess!

jennifer, uw/whiitewater 11/24/11
artist: the witches of ww
Review: an absolute amazingly creepy tale. i never realized such things happened around here. i'm nervous to go out at night now.

vern, chicago 11/24/11
artist: sting
Review: I've sen sting over a dozen times thru the years and yes he might have mellowed with age, but he is evolving nicely thank you

Jack Morris, St. Paul, MN 11/24/11
artist: Rachael Yamagata
Review: Great interview! Rachael is totally a cool person and very talented artist!

Harold, Liverpool, UK 11/24/11
artist: East Troy Bluegrass vid
Review: What a wonderful place to enjoy the great heritage of American roots music.

peter, vancouver 11/24/11
artist: lollaplooza
Review: last year was the coolest time ever!!

Rocmaven, Watseka, IL 11/23/11
artist: Ronnie Milsap
Review: Ronnie Milsap is coming Valentines Day Weekend Saturday Feb 11, 2012 to Watseka Theatre Watseka Illinois.

isiah, freeport, il 11/23/11
artist: sum 31
Review: wish they would go back to baggy shorts and shirts.

jeannette, chicago, il 11/23/11
artist: avert bros.
Review: cool pictures!

jimmy, lake geneva, wi 11/23/11
Review: love this cool ass site!!

Clifford J Barrar, Madison, IN 47250 11/21/11
artist: Crystal Gayle
Review: Beauty, Talent, Proven Superstar, Consummate Country Class ...Having people like Crystal Gayle around will always increase ratings too.

Haven, NYC 11/21/11
artist: CMJ
Review: Excellent coverage of the CMJ fest this year. Looks like you had a wonderful time as I did!

marianne, tampa, florida 11/21/11
artist: 3 doors down
Review: the boys still write catchy and cool pop songs!

carrie jacobs, milwaukee 11/18/11
artist: lukas nelson
Review: cool pictures and great show!

jake, texas 11/18/11
artist: some girls
Review: no one really has hit quite the explosive homerun as the vaunted some girls record by the Stones

Jessica, Chicago 11/18/11
artist: Sting
Review: The show was excellent except for some obvious vocal and volume problems

harry yaseen, chicago 11/17/11
artist: ray davies
Review: was at his most recent show at Chicago Theatre this past week. Have seen him a number of times in the past thirty years--this show was, sadly, a huge disappointment. His voice was nearly gone---all timeing, etc was simply out of step-the show never really came together--I would best describe the experience as "disjoint"---definitely not Ray anywhere near his best.

Alex Muirden, London 11/17/11
Alex Muirden Review: Elvis Presley was the main influence for all Rock & Roll bands. For example Jimi Hendrix was inspired by the Beatles. Who was the Beatles inspired by. Watch the film 'Nowhere Boy'
It clearly states in that film that Elvis Presley was the man who influenced John Lennon to want to start a band.
It isn't about who sold how many records. Without Elvis Presley the Beatles probably wouldn't even be around.
Thanks for listening

Sharmane, Las Vegas, NV 11/17/11
Alex Muirden artist: Keith Sweat
Review: This information was very helpful and I am glad that I got to learn more about him. I love him and his music I can also relate to his music.

joe tubbs, tennessee 11/16/11
artist: country thunder
Review: the video ROCKS!

monica schmidt, denver, CO 11/16/11
Review: really interesting music articles here and the photos are amazing!!

peter wilson, nyc 11/16/11
artist: death cab
Review: interesting interview with chris

marianne, milwaukee 11/15/11
artist: rachael y.
Review: rachael's voice is as beautiful as ever

lynn, milwaukee 11/15/11
artist: lukas nelson
Review: brilliant show!!! nice review

jessica, whitewater, wi 11/14/11
artist: witches
Review: What a creepy tale. I knew there were strange goings ons in these town, but didn't realize how deep and scary it truly is!

tyler moore, gary, IN 11/14/11
artist: jewel
Review: cool interview

bonnie, chicago, il 11/14/11
artist: Sting
Review: He's stil amazing!!!

tyler t., nyc 11/11/11
artist: voodoo fest
Review: seems like a cool lineup this year, wish I could have made it!

mark, jacksonville, fl 11/11/11
artist: sting
Review: he still looks really good

Quincy, UK 11/11/11
artist: Sting
Review: Still writes from the heart a wonderful chap he is.

laredo, memphis, tn 11/11/11
artist: jewel
Review: jewel found her muse with country music. she has opened up so much more. I must say an excellent interview to

bernadette, idaho 11/09/11
artist: portishead
Review: a mighty fine review mr. andy

monica, for atkinson, wi 11/09/11
Review: the witches of whitewater is complete bullshit! I worked at the uw/whitewater library and know there is no such thing as the co-called "witches book"!

steven dunetz, san diego, ca 11/08/11
artist: davy jones
Review: Davy Jones sang "what are we gonna do" and "Cuddly Toy" at the same theatre when they video taped both songs very much a dance number. Davy' dance and jokes are above average. His singing is O.K. The show is great when I saw him years ago. I met him at the Empire room in New York and at the Sands Hotel and for his book signing " I was a teenage Monkee".

Bluezboy, Kinnelon, NJ 11/08/11
artist: Honeyboy Edwards
Review: RIP Mr. Edwards. I had the pleasure of seeing you play in NYC; great show!

vinnie, chicago 11/08/11
artist: modest mouse
Review: they're amazing!

ronnie, detroit 11/08/11
artist: lukas nelson
Review: wow I never knew that willie had a son in music. i checked out some of his songs and i have to say he is talented!

margot, boise, Idaho 11/08/11
artist: sting
Review: sting is always reinventing himself and his music. well done on the review and pictures

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Joe, Milwaukee, WI 11/07/11
artist: Lukas Nelson
Review: This show was outstanding!!!I highly suggest that people who get the opportunity to see him on the tour do so. In 3-5 years the tickets to see this guy are going to get REALLY expensive. He is truly and up and comer.

jeremy, laCrosse, WI 11/07/11
artist: lukas nelson
Review: loved the review! lukas is on the verge of making a name for himself on his own merits. see him now before the crowds start to get to large!

jenny, wis 11/07/11
Review: i found some of the coolest all time rock photos on this site!! AWESOME!!!

sarah, laredo tx 11/07/11

leslie, whitewater 11/04/11
Stephanie, Baton Rouge, LA 11/04/11
artist: Voodoo
Review: I had a magical time there last weekend! The raconteurs and Soundgarden were the Bomb! Met my new boyfriend there too : ) Awesome story and photos on top of all that.

leslie, whitewater 11/04/11
Review: yes my children the witches are quite real. stay away from the triangle and look away at the midnight mirrors

haley, lake geneva, wi 11/04/11
Review: phil I miss your photos and words. get off your ass and start covering shows again!!!

Watseka Theatre, Watseka, Illinois 11/04/11
artist: Jay And Silent Bob Get Old Live
Review: Film / TV Icons Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, Jay And Silent Bob Get Old live in concert. Their movies include; ?Mallrats?, ?Clerks?,?Chasing Amy?, ?Dogma?, ?Scream 3?, ?Clerks II?, Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back" and TV shows,?Degrassi The Next Generation? & ?Jay And Silent Bob: The Animated Series?. This live show is for mature audiences. The Watseka Theatre is a beautiful 1931 Art Deco 375 seat theatre located 92 miles south of Chicago in Watseka, IL. The theatre features a gourmet restaurant and full bar. Tickets are on sale now $35. & $50. by phone (815) 993-6585 or on line

brooklyn bradley, Portsmouth, Ohio 11/03/11
artist: skillet
Review: I love this band so much they make learning about god so much fun. I love listening to this band they are my faviorte and their songs help me thru alot of things. I just wanna say i love this band

lagarett, tampa, fl 11/03/11
artist: luda
Review: bang up interview with the man!!

Carrie Fields, Calgary, Alberta 11/03/11
artist: The AVett Bros.
Review: their music touches my soul

Derek, UW/Whitewater 11/02/11
Review: Great writing. this place is amazing and frightening at the same time. i've lived here for years and have seen so many odd things. It's like I want to leave but still want to see what's deeper. you know what I mean?

Harry, UK 11/02/11
artist: Lykke Li
Review: My wife. My woman. My muse.

jaryd, nyc 11/02/11
Review: this site has some pretty cool stuff

Watseka Theatre, Watseka, IL 10/31/11
artist: John Caparullo
Review: St. Patrick?s Day Comedy Night Saturday, March 17, 2012 at Watseka Theatre Watseka Illinois (815) 993-6585 with Comedian John Caparulo. One of the hottest comics in the country. He was featured on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Next Generation & Vince Vaughn?s Wild West Comedy Tour. His TV credits include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (3x),The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, hosted Mobile Home Disaster on CMT, regularly appears on the E! show Chelsea Lately, and voices the character of ?Headphone Joe? on Disney?s ?Fish Hooks.? John will soon play the part of ?Brian? on this fall?s ABC sitcom ?Work It.? He also has a comedy special that aired on Comedy Central called John Caparulo: Meet Cap. The special was released on CD and DVD on Warner Brothers Records. Check out John Caparulo live ? Doors Open at 6:00 PM

madtan 10/31/11
artist: bush
Review: bush is still cool as hell!!!

james, chicago 10/31/11
Review: love all the cool stuff here!

Luke, Whitewater, WIS 10/27/11
artist: The Witches of WW
Review: You've missed some important goings ons at the Calvary Cemetery. Not only did I know the person who committed suicide there. He told me that he was seeking out the Witches book 2 weeks before his sad & horrible death.

lester, nyc 10/27/11
artist: drive-by truckers
Review: Creamy review man!

George Stacey, London, England 10/27/11
artist: Abbey Road Studios
Review: A gem really

Werner, outh Africa (Pretoria) 10/27/11
artist: Misfits and Ramones
Review: The Misfits are are The Ramones...They are at the moment my 2 favourite bands of all time...If you(Jerry) thought that your music didn't reach everyone in the world-it has. To be honest-I would love to have the Misfits play at my wedding one day and also at my funeral..Feel free to rob my grave ;)

sanny, benzona 10/27/11
artist: secondhand serenade
Review: i love secondhand serenade

Khuhly, KOLKATA 10/27/11
artist: axl rose
Review: What da f*** is your Problem????? what do u gain by psycologising wit your non-sense & abusive & self-Claim rightious articles of ungenuine damnation.............. fuck yourself rather than interfering with celels personals...................... or get in the Ring .....................Assclown Shit Like u F*** Off n' Blurrer

Jordan Marion, Atlanta 10/27/11
artist: Slipknot
Review: Dude i think slipknot is fucking awesome man.

julie, east troy, wi 10/27/11
artist: the east troy bluegrass festival
Review: what a wonderful video. thanx for coming out

maverick kc 10/26/11
artist: Barack obama
Review: I love how this piece was written. brilliant and truly inspirational

Quentin, UK 10/26/11
artist: Portishead
Review: Well done to all

lamont. milwaukee, wi 10/26/11
Review: that whole witches shit is a bunch of halloween bullish

sabrinz, browning mt 10/25/11
artist: korn
Review: hahhaha very funy haha. lug the interview

kevin, chicago 10/25/11
artist: lollapalooza 2005
Review: Wow this is so cool. i was there and remember how cool the arcade fire were

marianne, florida 10/24/11
artist: jack's mannequin
Review: brilliant photos and great story!!

Staci, Milwaukee, Wi 10/24/11
artist: The Witches of WW
Review: I attended UW/Whitewater a few years ago and I can honestly tell you everything (and much, much more) is true in your excellent report.

jenelle, milwaukee 10/24/11
Review: I love this site. great reviews from so many milwaukee area concerts!

mauricio castillo, mexico city 10/24/11
artist: terje rypdall
Review: Terje Ripdall has an incredible sens of beauty in his music...he is much more than a guitar player...he is also a great composer too. He has found his own sound, a task difficult to acomplish in a world in wich the commercial music sounds the same. A cold, nostalgic sound that brings to mind the landscapes of Norway.

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Jorgan Keirflich, Stockholem 10/21/11
artist: Skillet/Naked Conspiracy
Review: Hej!! skillet are awsome!!!, but check out Naked Conspiracy on youtube for all you metal fans

Kris, Rosemont, IL 10/21/11
artist: Keith Urban
Review: Words cannot describe the energy and pure musical talent that Keith exudes. I can understand why people follow him across the country. The most talented, energetic performer to hit the stage. Get Closer did what he set out to do, involving the fans for a totally memorable night that nobody wanted to end.

michelle, vancouver, BC 10/21/11
artist: Jack's mannequin
Review: Fantastic story and review!

Steve Mills, UK 10/21/11
artist: Roger McGuinn
Review: It's now 2011 and McGuinn returned the Birmingham Town Hall (where I saw him in the Untitled tour in about May 1971). To a half full (if we don't count the almost empty circle) auditorium he played the same folksy concert as ever. I had dragged my rock band son to hear a piece of rock history, and he was far more impressed than I expected, and will now be working his way through the back catalogue (Dad - send as MP3s not CDs!). Roger did need the others for the harmonies, but he was a trooper, and managed to play lead and rhythm in the same song, though a side kick would have been useful. Still, I'm delighted to have seen him again, to have brought him to my son's attention, and to have recalled the wealth of US folk-based musical styles. Almost an American Richard Thompson. Now there would be a duet!

haley, lake geneva 10/20/11
Review: phil, I want to see more of your photos and the new video stuff you've been doing. i loved the country thunder video!

craig m., milwaukee 10/20/11
artist: summerfest
Review: summerfest is turning into a major joke! high priced food and beer and the acts get worse every year. next year will be the first time in 12 years i wont be going!!!

kristy, ohio 10/20/11
artist: jewel interview
Review: a mighty fine inteview indeed

Madele, Bakersfield, CA 10/19/11
Review: What a cool site! I've just spent over an houser looking at some of these cool reviews and awesome photos! Well done people at Concert livewire!

Kevin, Chicago 10/19/11
artist: Portishead
Review: Portishead's music and vibe is about as natural and mind-blowing as any other band out there today.

gab, new york city 10/18/11
artist: portishead
Review: well done andy

Michael, Whitewater, WI 10/18/11
Review: QWhy do you keep perpetuating the myths of Whitewater. It's all total bullshit!

Pat Weaver, Largo, Florida 10/17/11
artist: The Script
Review: Orlando's Hard Rock performance was my 5th gig of the Script's. I was also in Clearwater to see them on Wed. before. Awesome talent, awesome lads!!

Carissa, holiday, fl 10/17/11
artist: the script & hot chelle rae
Review:The concert was amazing like always. The script always put on amazing concerts. A group about 12 of us were at the orlando concert by 10. it was worth the wait in the rain. my best friend and i got there around 8am. worth waiting for to get in the front row.
hot chelle rae was amazing. I saw them at ruth eckerd hall a couple days before at the other script concert. both bands were amazing. can't wait for the next concert to come.

janet y., seattle 10/17/11
Review: these site is really cool!!

george tance, chicago 10/17/11
artist: portishead
Review: great article and pictures! the show was brilliant!!

becky, milwaukee, wi 10/17/11
artist: Witches of ww
Review: a creepy and fantastic story! I want to take some like minded friends there on Halloween

kevin, rhinelander, wi 10/14/11
Review: I never knew there was so much bad things going on in whiteweater! I'm not sure if if want to drive around or go look closer next time i;m in the area!!

James, London, UK 10/14/11
artist: Abbey Road Studios
Review: What an absolutely delightful read.

veracruz, mexico 10/14/11
artist: lady gaga
Review: hola lady gaga n t conteste porque n ablo ingles ablo en espanol

carrie, fort atkinson, wi 10/13/11
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: I remember walking along the north end of calvary cemetery (just outside the barbed wire fence) around 10 pm last year. what i saw in that graveyard still makes my skin crawl. suddenly the air grew cold and a warm mist appeared at the same time, i can't explain the weird differences. i felt scared beyond belief as I ran towards the parking lot, just as I crossed the corner of the cemetery something, someone threw a small tombstone from the darkness over the fence and barely missed me, it creeps me out so much even writing this. so I warn everyone to stay away from that terrible, horrible place

candace, reno, nev 10/13/11
artist: paul mcartney
Review: i don't understand y people r so in lug with em???

Dope, NYC 10/13/11
artist: ramones
Review: i like that song by those jape bitches

bridgette, nashville, tn 10/12/11
artist: jason aldean
Review: jason is my musical and inspirational hero

jakob, chicago 10/12/11
artist: roger daltrey
Review: daltrey mixed past and present to create a wonderful experience

justen, milwaukee 10/10/11
artist: yellow phone
Review: this sounds really cool, i wish i would have heard about it in advance

Lawrence, ohio 10/10/11
artist: G. Clinton
Review: Clinton is amazing in concert. if you have never seen him live before. Do yourself a favor and GO!!

jeanneette, chicago, il 10/10/11
artist: enrique
Review: great photos!! enrique is beautiful!

Terry, Clearwater, FL 10/07/11
artist: Wilco
Review: Jeff Tweedy is the modern day Dylan, Just listen to his lyrics as the flow from tragedy, to hope and to redemption. The music is a beautiful tapestry of everything roots and Americana.

jeenifer, whitewater 10/07/11
Review: The Calvary Cemetery makes my skin crawl when I wake by during the day on the way to class. I tell you one thing I'll never go near that place at night!!

jason tye, chicago 10/07/11
artist: enrique
Review: i think the old man is far better. don't you?

kyle 10/06/11
Review: you need to give away more free much here

haley, lake geneva, wi 10/06/11
artist: east troy blue grass festival
Review: fantastic job PHIL!!

billy barge, las vegas 10/06/11
artist: lollapalooza
Review: grant park is the most amazing place to hold such a cool festival

Marge, NYC 10/05/11
artist: the Editors
Review: thanks for the great piece. i enjoyed it much

marianne marker, whitewater, wi 10/05/11
Review: believe what you read here. the terror is true! i know people that have died here by very weird causes. stay away!

steven grey, canada 10/04/11
artist: pearl jam
Review: pearl jam rocks my world to the ends of the earth

jericha, boston, ma 10/04/11
artist: jewel
Review: fantastic interview!

cathi, uk 10/04/11
artist: jimi hendrix
Review: simply the finest guitarist the world has ever seen

frank, new york 10/03/11
artist: rob zombie interview
Review: good interview╔now i just wish zombie would make another good film soon. i hated the two halloweens but love the 1,000 corpses movies!

Jensen Freeman, Kokomo, IN 10/03/11
artist: Chris Brown
Review: Chris Brown is overrated, but I like your photos of him.

monica james, milwaukee, wi 10/03/11
artist: country thunder
Review: love the photos here and that video is really really cool! takes me back there last summer

Jensen Freeman, Kokomo, IN 09/30/11
artist: Lukas Nelson
Review: Lukas Nelson is so amazing! he's a guitar god!

karen wilkes, detroit 09/30/11
artist: michelle branch
Review: michelle your music makes me smile inside and outside

dori, chicago 09/30/11
artist: lollapalooza
Review: supremely COOL photos!!

riley terry, illinois chicogo 09/29/11
artist: taylor swift
Review: taylor swift is awesome i love her and my sister got pit passs to her concert and loves her like more than anything and talks about her 24 7 and taylor swift has awesome fashion sense she inspired me to be a fashion designer when i grow up i love you taylor tslu.

lawrence, milwaukee, wi 09/29/11
artist: rock the green
Review: awesome photos jennifer

karen, whitewater 09/29/11
Review: please a warning to everyone - STAY OUT of the calvary cemetery. it is pure evil!

blake moore, utah 09/28/11
artist: lady gaga
Review: she ha=s more talent then anyomne of you. so there

ADJI, indonesia 09/28/11
artist: secondhand serenade
Review: it's not over because they r so good

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Diana Shoup, Sterling Heights 09/27/11
artist: robert plant alison kruss t bone
Review: the music the music its beautful

Jess H., Whitewater, WI 09/27/11
Review: I knew the student who passed away in the cemetery. His name was Joey. I'm not saying that his spirit can't be there, but I highly doubt it. Just be sure you explore all the other options before making the assumption that it's him (not that you did, I'm just saying for others to be wary in their search for the paranormal). He's not the only one who's passed away there. Whitewater has a lot of history. That cemetery is very old.

bob, drumland 09/27/11
Review: please pick me to win please please please ps bob hillbilly

meghan, whitewater, wi 09/27/11
artist: witches of ww
Review: your article was refreshing in it's accuracy and honesty.this town can be very chilling and eerie at times. I hate it here when it halloween time things seem to even get weirder.

marko, miami, fl 09/27/11
artist: chris brown
Review: the pictures are awesome. wish i could have been there : (

corri graham, UK 09/26/11
artist: Pearl Jam
Review: Pearl jam stills wear the rock crown loud and proud in my book!

Bill Melton, Seattle, WA 09/26/11
artist: The Decemberists
Review: A very crafty interview with Colln, Bravo

sammi, milwaukee 09/26/11
artist: bon iver
Review: i saw him last month in milwaukee and was amazed his subtle beauty both in voice and songcraft, i happened upon your review here from a few years ago and must say it was very well written.

lawrence k, new jersey 09/26/11
artist: allison krauss
Review: i enjoyed your nice review

Ian Grace, London, UK 09/23/11
artist: Abbey Roads tour
Review: Your article was a delight. The Beatles legacy and Abbey Road will live on forever. I say everyone who comes to the UK must make this a must see stop.

linda, milwaukee, wi 09/23/11
artist: rock the green
Review: i had a great time there despite the rain. the fray and ben folds were the rockers I so know and love. jenny great photos

mikey, vancouver, bc 09/22/11
artist: axl
Review: that article was complete bullshit you stupid uneducated moron!

karen, milwaukee 09/22/11
artist: jewel
Review: a great interview and beautiful photos of jewel

haley, lake geneva, wi 09/22/11
artist: lollaplooza
Review: phil your photos are amazing and so cool!!!

Melissa Connors, Milwaukee, WI 09/21/11
artist: THe Witches of Whiteweater
Review: What a fantastic story! I went to school there over 5 years ago and I will never, I repeat never set foot in Calvary Cemetery again. I don't think many people truly understand the pure evil that lurks on those tainted grounds!

jessie, n. dakota 09/21/11
artist: hedgpeth festival
Review: I just found this review from the hedgpeth festival in southern wis. 5 years ago, all i know is it was a great time. why have they never held another one there?

james o'leary nyc 09/21/11
artist: grace potter
Review: grace potter's music is as hot as she looks

kitty, new york 09/20/11
artist: lolla '05
Review: that was still the best lolla ever with arcade fire!

jeannette baker, st, louis 09/20/11
Review: cool pictures!

jennifer t., ohio 09/19/11
Review: this is a really COOOOL site!

mitch, desplaines, il 09/19/11
artist: alison krauss
Review: the show was a delight as was you article.

stacey kunes, delavan, wi 09/19/11
artist: pearl jam
Review: eddie vedder never sounded better!! see them this year if you can. you will not be disappointed!

raven, chicago 09/16/11
artist: pearl jam
Review: so cooooooooooooooooooooo!

matt, ny 09/16/11
artist: brian Eno
Review: most influential artist/producer of all time

Steven, Buffalo, NY 09/16/11
artist: Pearl Jam
Review: Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam are amazing. they continue to produce quality music for more than 20 years.

lauren maples, bakersfield, ca 09/15/11
artist: coachella
Review: lollapalooza can't hold a candle to the coolness of coachella!

lora t., new york 09/15/11
artist: Bon iver
Review: his melody is so richly entertained with his intelligent lyrics. great review of his record!

Emma Greenwood, Burnley/Lancashire 09/14/11
artist: Bryan Adams
Review: Hi Bryan Adams Please can i have your contact numbers and Alicia Grimaldi mobile number lots of love from Emma

loren, hartford 09/14/11
artist: pearl jam
Review: i enjoyed your review and really wished i could have made it out there

Pete, Chicago, IL 09/14/11
artist: Alison Krauss
Review: The band was amazing and the Alsion lit up the fans with the most soulful and emotional voice i've ever heard!

crytal l., vancouver, canada 09/13/11
artist: tedeschi trucks band
Review: love the combination of susan's soulful voice and derke's amazing slide guitar. excellent review too. great job

karen, springfield, il 09/13/11
artist: pearl jam
Review: Sensational photos of Pearl jam!

sarah slaton, whitewater, wi 09/13/11
artist: the witches in my hometown
Review: what a cool article. you were right on everything! contact me please as there are even more chilling and ghastly things going on in this town. it's terrifying

leroy, chicago 09/13/11
artist: james brown
Review: very interesting interview. i really enjoyed it

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carny boy, montana 09/12/11
artist: country thunder
Review: cool video guys

lisa, st louis 09/12/11
artist: carrie underwood
Review: I wish people would stop trashing carrie. she's is beautiful and so uber talented!!!!!

jodi, chicago 09/12/11
artist: lolla 2011
Review: super sweet photos!!

Mike, Clearwater, Fl. 09/12/11
Review: You guys kick it last night at Night of Joy. Good quality sound, not a bunch of ya ya ya like I'm use to hearing in a lot of christian bands

brittini, whitewater, wi 09/09/11
artist: the witches of ww
Review: your story made me have chills run up and down my spine!

Billy Nelson, Chicago, IL 09/09/11
artist: Pearl Jam
Review: Was there both days and what a special weekend it was!!!

sarah, nashville, tn 09/09/11
artist: paul mccartney
Review: last year's show in nashville was full of great old beetle songs

Courtney, Des Moines, IA 09/09/11
artist: Billy Joe Shaver
Review: Billy Joe is a true American singer/songwriter. His music has been sung by so many of our country legends. I loved this review and all of the fun pictures! may you go one creating your beauty or another 50 years!!

micky 09/08/11
Review: i dig this site. cool photos and stories abound here.

coandice. nyc 09/08/11
artist: Pearl Jam
Review: Great photographs! Wish I was could have been there!

vernon, nyc 09/07/11
artist: iggy pop
Review: iggy is an asshole. used to love him but think he's a pompous dick now just in it for the money

frank san diego, ca 09/07/11
Review: this is a pretty cools site. great photographs

laura, palos heights. il 09/07/11
artist: stevie nicks
Review: stevie was adorable!

remy, memphis, TN 09/06/11
artist: johnny cash
Review: the legend is sorely missed!

debbie, chicago, il 09/06/11
artist: lolla 2011
Review: grace potter and muse were amazing!!

Shaheenm, Cincinnati 09/06/11
artist: Stevie Nicks
Review: I think that Stevie looks amazing in these photos and I know that her show had to have been equally as amazing. She is timeless and with each tour she brings something magical to the stage. She is the changeless change... an artist who endures, inspires and continues to deliver. I am so excited that she is getting much earned attention and that people are giving her new album a chance. Rock on!

Jamie T., Boxton, MA 09/06/11
artist: Farm Aid
Review: I like the photos but why don't they switch the lineup more paten? i mean it's always willie, neil and mellencamp!!

margot, milwaukee 09/06/11
artist: stevie Nick
Review: she's is still as beautiful and talented as ever. nice review and photos

marianne, chicago 09/02/11
artist: lollapalooza 2009
Review: this was the best lollapalooza ever!

clany, memphis, tn 09/02/11
artist: merle haggard
Review: thanks for the ultra wonderful interview!

john schott (shooter), florida 09/02/11
artist: jewel
Review: lets catch up lots to say

james justice 09/02/11
artist: jacks mannequin
Review: stellar interview. you asked nice questions and andrew was amazing

penelope, nyc 09/01/11
artist: the strokes
Review: i need to see them live again soon. the strokes are my lifeblood and always will be!

Janet, Milwaukee, WI 09/01/11
artist: Stevie Nicks
Review: Fantastic review!

Kris Gone, Chicago, IL 08/31/11
artist: Lolla
Review: You're all good, even the Cars!

tyler 08/31/11
artist: tim fite
Review: This is the crappiest interview I have ever read.

jesse, milwaukee 08/31/11
artist: the witches of ww
Review: what a dark and creepy place. i am NEVER GOING THER in my life!!

chantall, chicago 08/30/11
artist: luda
Review: take me to the dessert island boy man

jodi, clearwater beach, florida 08/30/11
artist: maroon 5
Review: i luv u all wow u r hot lead singer i luv your mack up

stacey peterts, milwaukee, wi 08/29/11
artist: stevie nicks
Review: stevie still looks great

mark, new york city 08/29/11
artist: lollapalooza
Review: grace potter is hot and so is that butcher chick!

carrie, st. louis 08/29/11
artist: stevie nicks
Review: what a wonderful review. stevie is the best!!

Debbie Whitlaw, Melrose Park, IL 08/26/11
artist: Stevie Nicks
Review: The best Stevie Nicks concert I have been to was last night at the Rosemont. Stevie did not miss a beat. She was fun, funny, and the most energetic. The new songs from IN YOUR DREAMS were awesome live. Introducing the new video to For What It's Worth, with her personal story of the shoot, was incredible. Most entertaining. Continue the magic forever!

Felix, Hartford ctl 08/26/11
artist: Wayne static
Review: When did u decide to become atheist?

Ming, La Salle Il 08/26/11
artist: Stevie Nicks
Review: Excelent concert. Nothing that Stevie sings can be extended too long.

james, milwaukee 08/26/11
Review: When will the Next gary con be?

john. jr, boston 08/26/11
artist: shane macgowan
Review: what a fucking cool interview

ben, lake geneva, wi 08/26/11
artist: red hot chili peppers
Review: please RHCP come out with a new record! I miss your music

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casey, nyc 08/25/11
artist: billy joe shaver
Review: His work is so fantastic. I wish he would come and play nyc sometime soon!

Linda Kelsey, Chicago, IL 08/25/11
artist: Farm Aid
Review: The photos are dynamite!

sarah, orlando 08/25/11
artist: vans warped
Review: my favorite concert of all-time! loved loved asking alexandria!!

Jeannette, Madison, WI 08/24/11
artist: Lollapalooza
Review: I've checked out your reviews and photos thru the years and am blown away by it all! BRAVO to all at Concert lIvewire.

cadence, whitewater, wi 08/24/11
artist: the witches up here and everywhere
Review: fantastic report! I hope you come again this Halloween as things are starting to get even worse up here. but something makes me refuse to leave this fucked up town. maybe i have lost my soul to them already.

gerard, montana 08/24/11
artist: death cab
Review: very good interview, now i wish that death cab would tour in montana soon!!

lisa minor, la, cali 08/24/11
artist: country thunder

tyler, canada 08/23/11
artist: farm aid
Review: there need to be a canadian farm aid to help canadian farmers as well!

James, seattle 08/23/11
artist: Farm aid
Review: Fantastic photos Jennifer

Linda T., Chicago 08/23/11
artist: Foo Fighters
Review: The Foos were brilliant at Lollapalooza last weekend! The rain made it extra special!

roc maven, watseka IL 08/22/11
artist: The Outlaws
Review: The Outlaws are playing Watseka Theatre Watseka IL on Friday October 14, 2011.

Sean l., Rockford, IL 08/22/11
Review: Great Lollapalooza photos!!

lisa, chicago 08/19/11
Review: I love it phil!!

grant lee, mi;lwaukee 08/19/11
artist: lollapalooza<
Review: I love mud and I love u~

Frank Hicks, Kansas City Mo 08/19/11
artist: Billy Joe Shaver
Review: everybody that has seen, heard or knows this man loves him/FONT>

Lawrence, Montreal, Quebec 08/19/11
artist: Tori Amos
Review: She has the voice of an angel that visits me in my nightmares.

kayla williams, bucklin, kansas 08/19/11
artist: korn
Review: :D i really like you jonathan davis :D hehe

loui, nyc 08/19/11
artist: lollapalooza
Review: i wish new york would get a cool ass music festival like lollapalooza!!!

lilly, milwaukee, wi 08/18/11
artist: lykke li
Review: the woman is absolutely amazing!

stephanie, st. paul MN 08/18/11
artist: taylor swift
Review: I have to admit that her voice really isn't that good

johnny, indiana 08/18/11
Review: dude your lolla photos are golden!

michael strange, chicago 08/17/11
Review: i just stumbled upon this site looking up blink-182. it's pretty fucking cool!.

kate hahn, milwaukee, wi 08/17/11
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: there are so many strange and amazing thing happening in whitewater. I went to school there and i'm drawn like a moth to flame there.

darrell randle, los angeles, ca. 08/17/11
artist: sheldon reynolds
Review: hello its darrell randle from stardust enterprise records c.e.o execcutive director we thank here at s.e.r.that sheldon reynolds is one of the hot,s artist out there right now godbless you mr.s.reynolds keep up the good randle

julie tyson, oklahoma 08/16/11
artist: country thunder
Review: what a great time and absolutely love all the great pics you guys took!!!

leonard, san francisco 08/16/11
artist: lollapalooza - grant park
Review: the foo fighters in the pouring rain on sunday was a once in a lifetime experience!

nelson, luanda 08/16/11
artist: godsmack
Review: i like so macth your music and for my for my this is the best band of music the music favority is voodoom...i like the estrumental bum to do dum is strong

Jeremy Kennedy, Atlanta, GA 08/15/11
artist: Tony Hadle Review: Great questions! I've read several of Tony Hadley's interviews lately and the interviewers seem a bit timid about questioning his role in the '80s for some reason - as if it were a deadly disease or something. You asked the questions I wanted to know. Thanks for clarifying some of my presumptions. Cheers!

sheryl, gladstone 08/15/11
artist: Willie nelson
Review: what can i say besides a musical legend and a with a big heat of gold. :)

Jaryd, Chicago 08/15/11
artist: Lollapalooza
Review: Brilliant coverage both in words and photos!

tara, oak park, il 08/15/11
artist: lykke li
Review: what an amazing performance at lolla!!

Jennifer p., Seattle 08/12/11
artist: Obama
Review: I so wish that the economy revives somewhat in the next year or I fear the Republicans will win and further take our country into ruin. Do these assholes really want to help the country or protect the rich with no vision into solving the problems NOw for the future.

james tyler, new berlin, wi 08/12/11
artist: Sir paul
Review: the show was amazing! It was the first time i've ever seen paul Mccartney and I'm 24 years old. paul writes his beautiful melodies with heart, soul and a bit of grit.

Candice, Buffalo, NY 08/12/11
Review: This site is the real deal. So many great things here!

Leonard, Montreal 08/12/11
artist: Loretta Lynn
Review: I know now why she is a legend

lynette, nyc 08/11/11
artist: maroon 5
Review: I promise you that you will be blown away by maroon 5. if they are coming to your town DO NOT miss them!!!

mark, chicago 08/11/11
artist: paul mccartney
Review: the show was out of this world!! great review and love the pictures as well!

ian pulse, tampa, florida 08/11/11
artist: vans warped
Review: great great stuff for sure!

janice, milwaukee 08/10/11
artist: summerfest
Review: summerfest kinda sucked this year

lance jones, los angeles 08/10/11
artist: the raveonettes
Review: moonster interview on monster artists! well done!

Kim Loncar, Hart, Michigan 08/10/11
artist: Miles Neilson
Review: Miles performed as a warm up band to our Scandal/Cheap Trick concert here at Val Du Lakes in beautiful Silver Lake Michigan. He stunned us. We thought we heard a combination of Cheap Trick, The Beatles,and Tom Petty. I had to run to the concession booth for the CD and so did the couple we sat with tonight. Great music for anyone who enjoys any of the aforementioned groups.

Stacey Kegaan, Whitewater, WI 08/10/11
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: Your story on the Witches of Whitewater was fantastic and so accurate. I wish the people here would believe, But I think many shut there eyes out of fear..

gokey, stockton ca 08/09/11
artist: Joey Jordison
Review: I love Joey, he is the reason I play the drums. We are Struggle for Eternity.

lynette, atlanta 08/09/11
artist: country thunder
Review: awesome video!!

nicole, united states palmdale 08/09/11
artist: my chemical romance
Review: i love my chemical romance they r the best ever that is all

Jessica, London, UK 08/08/11
artist: Sir Paul
Review: What a wonderful review on one of the true and greets innovators in music.

monica, milwaukee 08/08/11
artist: country thunder
Review: the photos are so good!!

penelope, boston, ma 08/08/11
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: whitewater almost sounds as like a ghost town. Im so there

cabin dodger 08/08/11
Review: i like your vans warped story, i was there and you caught the awesome vibe there

kevin fleming, orlando, florida 08/05/11
artist: vans warped
Review: brilliant photos and a very well written review. hope to see more of your guys work here

Jaryd, Detroit, Mich 08/05/11
Review: Lollapalooza here I come!!!

stacey, lake geneva, wi 08/05/11
artist: country thunder
Review: it was a blast again this year. i don't know about that rock the ranch shit that their going to have there. those grounds are only meant for country music!

george, chicago 08/05/11
Review: I really dig this site, some of the finest concert photography I've ever seen!! and all the interviews totally rock as well!!

jeannette, atlanta, ga 08/05/11
artist: the devil wears prada
Review: devil wears prada are as cool as it gets!

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art 08/04/11
artist: KISS
Review: 40 yrs together still ( Gen & Paul )..constant sellout stadium/ arena tours...looked up to by many artists of all gendre...over 100 million albums sold.... Gold and platnium status.....I could go on lol. Cant believe they weren't in here to start!! WOW...

the boiler maker, whitewater, wi 08/04/11
artist: (y)our witches
Review: the seventh covenant will only be achieved when the majority of the townsmen believe. and its getting very close

Michael Keith, UK 08/04/11
artist: Black Keys
Review: What a sterling interview

Lyle, Detorit, Mich 08/04/11
artist: Hedgperth
Review: Miss it. wish it would come back!

gary black, new york 08/04/11
Review: fuck you for your axle bashing. asshole!

Jennifer, Vancouver, BC, Canada 08/03/11
artist: country thunder
Review: love the pictures!!!!!!

glen, minn 08/03/11
artist: slug
Review: hate him want him hate him

Sam 08/02/11
artist: Flourishing
Review: Why review the album if you don't like metal and are unfamiliar with the genre?

mason, chicago, il 08/02/11
artist: e,w & f
Thinner? Reduced? Hey, you try singing falsetto for 40 years. Then, try doing it darn near daily while on what seems a continual 5 year tour. Regardless, Philip is in fine voice. 40 years! 40! Music that will continue to stand the test of time. I've loved them from the gitgo and've no reason to stop. Their music has truly made an impact on my day to day life. I listen to them daily and have for 30 plus years. Every time I listen I hear a new layer in the music. Something I didn't hear the 6 millionth times before! Thanks guys for your continual gift of healing music.

john james, bakersfield, ca 08/02/11
artist: dolly parton
Review: she is a talented artist, but I must say that her plastic surgery looks quite obvious. grow old naturally girl

lora, kentucky 08/02/11
artist: country thunder
Review: FANTASTIC video and photos!!

kylie, nyc 08/01/11
artist: the strokes
Review: you guys are still the coolest thing in town. yes you're the BOMB!!

james reynolds, chicago 08/01/11
artist: lolla 2011
Review: i can't wait!!

condor, montana 08/01/11
artist: country thunder
Review: sadly i missed it this year. the photos look like it was a great time as always!

sister kate, chicago, il 08/01/11
artist: jewel
Review: jewel is so down to earth and beautifully honest. interesting interview I might say

david gray, lafayette, indiana 07/29/11
artist: HANK 3
Review: I have a deep sense of love and respect for hank 3,assjack, and all his cotributions to music. He can pull off the saddest heartbreakin country tune & then turn around & kick your dick in the dirt thrashin to the metal & punk. doing all with ease,never for 1 second sounding forced or fake. He is the real fuckin deal bitches so man up & crank it out. If you dont like hank 3 then go fuck yourself. DAMN RIGHT REBEL PROUD

cori, davenport, iowa 07/29/11
artist: country thunder
Review: your pictures are AWESOME!!!

maxi, nyc 07/29/11
artist: the avert bros.
Review: their music pines for the simple beauty of an earlier time.

jeannette, whitewater 07/29/11
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: I try out of the witches triangle as much as possible. whenever I pass thru I get a very creepy vibe!

john welsh, chicago, IL 07/28/11
artist: country thunder
Review: I had a bang up goodtime there in the farms of wisconsin last weekend - whoooooop

tyler t., san fran, ca 07/28/11
artist: interpol
Review: sweet interview

jake, minnesota 07/27/11
artist: j hudson
Review: i cant believe she won an oscar??!!??

lee, san fran, cali 07/27/11
artist: mar
Review: gerard ithink that you're telling us a lie. please look in the mirror very closely

stacey monk, milwaukee 07/27/11
Review: i do believe in the supernatural and your words and thoughts about the witches of whitewater excites me so. please write me back because I know you know more then your telling us

walter jones sr., winston salem, n.c. 07/26/11
Review: Richard and Dennis Edwards were key members of the temptations which kept them on top.Both can carry a show and i am glad that they are doing well.

peter y., milwaukee 07/26/11
Review: keep it real U2!!

monica, lake geneva, wi 07/26/11
Review: love all the summerfest pix!!

Katy, Whitewater 07/25/11
Review: I have been to all three cemeteries in Whitewater, and well, I might not have known to be afraid, but was alone, and not in the slightest bit concerned. And I am not a ghost naysayer, or anything..

jim, chicago 07/25/11
artist: U2
Review: guys lay off them - I love their tour setup!!

frankie k., chicago 07/25/11
artist: dmb caravan
Review: Fantastic photos man!

cole r., bakersfield, ca 07/22/11
artist: the raveonettes
Review: these swedish hotties are the bomb!

mike, chicago 07/22/11
artist: u2
Review: I what them to make a new record. i didn't care for the last one much thank you

paula, whitewater, wi 07/22/11
Review: yes my friends, the witches are here and they are stunningly real!

clarence best, milwaukee 07/21/11
artist: summerfest
Review: great photos!!!

glen, milwaukee, wi 07/21/11
artist: the witches
Review: BULLSHIT you phony!

Stacey, London, UK 07/21/11
artist: Natasha
Review: Smart review and inspiring pictures!

lora, florida 07/20/11
Review: unreal photos here!!! love them so much and your so talented!!

karina clarke, Belize city 07/20/11
artist: rhianna
Review: music is great love all d songs!!!!!!!!!

JoAnn, Philadelphia, PA 07/20/11
artist: U2
Review: Enough with the politics & elaborate stages. Just sing! Your music stands on its own. You have the talent, leave the theatrics for the lip-syncers please!

jamie t., nyc 07/20/11
artist: dmb caravan + edward sharpe
Review: what a spectacular lineup!

sandy, fargo, ND 07/19/11
artist: avenged sevenfold
Review: how are you, i love you

Janet Sparks, Orlando, Fl 07/19/11
artist: Natasha B.
Review: the show was simply amazon!!!

cori, minneapolis, mn 07/19/11
artist: natasha bedingfield
Review: natasha is so hot artistically as well as physically as your beautiful photos reveal in the review

Lawrence, UK 07/19/11
artist: U2
Review: Keep it real lads and let your brilliant music do the talking rather than the spectacle you've become.

Jeannette, Genoa City, WI 07/18/11
artist: NKOTBSB
Review: Andy, I was at the NKOTBSB show on May 25th (Then again twice in June). Fantastic photos!!

tyler caine, chicago, il 07/18/11
artist: dave matthews
Review: those photos are great!

julie, whitewater, wi 07/18/11
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: the calvary cemetery is the creepiest place ive ere been too!! no wonder they have it surrounded with barb wire

??? 07/18/11
Review: Review: Whatever happened to that Karen girl? I really enjoyed her pics!!!!!

marko, chicago, il 07/18/11
artist: DMB caravan
Review: yes I agree the site had a lot to be desired. I was stuck in traffic for over two hours as well, but the amazing music made it all worth it! I love your review and your photos are amazing!

kevin, battle creek, michigan 07/15/11
artist: u2
Review: has boon and the boys finally sold out?? what's with all this spiderman broadway crap and the excess of their live shows?? get back to the music boys!

nick, illinois 07/15/11
artist: kid rock
Review: why do so many rock stars when they find that their careers are on the wane turn to country music like sheryl crow, jewel, darius rucked, etc?

Lorraine, NYC 07/15/11
artist: NY Dolls
Review: the Dolls are my boys. long live the pioneers of punk/glam!

janet yates, minneapolis, mn 07/15/11
artist: johnny cash
Review: a wonderful interview from start to finish

george, vancouver 07/14/11
artist: Yacht
Review: yacht is so damn original!

taylor e, whiterwater, wi 07/14/11
Review: I love your story. trust you are 100% right on everything. the witches are real, the evil is real in whitewater. I don't know why some people can't see what's right in front of them!!

kyle, chicago, Il 07/14/11
artist: U2
Review: I wish that U2 would come up with a new stage setup, this one is already 2 years old!!

stacey james, milwaukee 07/14/11
artist: summerfest
Review: kanye west was the absolute bomb!!

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karen p., detroit, mich 07/13/11
artist: loretta lynn
Review: beautiful picture, I love her so much!

cyndi, chicago 07/13/11
Review: awesome site!!

Stan Park, Los Angeles, CA 07/12/11
artist: U2
Review: What an incredible stage the 360 Tour has. It's quite a sight to behold and the fact that the U2 Tour is now the highest grossing tour in history is amazing too!

henry, new hampshire 07/12/11
Review: saw the band in connecticut july of 2011. they were awesome and sounded great.they played all there best songs and ended with the awesome starship trooper which brought the house down.see them if you can. henry new hampshire usa....

Spike, chicago, IL 07/12/11
artist: Summerfest
Review: Summerfest might be the world's largest music fest but it doesn't hold a candle to Lollapalooza!!!

linda, florida 07/12/11
artist: u2
Review: good review and photos!

RJ, Brazil 07/12/11
Review: Prezados, me chamo Luis Fernando e trabalho no dpto. de vendas da Pulseira Express, empresa especializada na comercializa??o de PULSEIRAS DE IDENTIFICA??O, INGRESSOS e VALE-VALOR muito utilizados em raves, exposi??es, micaretas, boates e afins . Tenho interesse em t?-los como cliente e para isso, gostaria de propor uma parceria onde ofere?o pre?os e condi??es especiais de pagamento.
Sem mais,
Aguardo um contato.

stephanis, ww 07/08/11
artist: witches of ww
Review: this stuff is got to be too creepy to be true. please tell me it ain't so!!

veronica, nyc 07/08/11
artist: u2
Review: bono's my boy : )

Jessica, Nashville, TN 07/08/11
artist: U2
Review: What a fantastic show. U2 were amazing and so good!! Loved your review and photos, Kate!

josh, canada 07/08/11
artist: drums and guitar
Review: them makes the beats to the songs of my life

monica james, milwakee 07/08/11
artist: summerfest
Review: love the photos!!

michael, san diego 07/08/11
artist: u2
Review: u2 will always hold a place in my musical heart

kago chobin, itanagar, Arunachal pradesh 07/08/11
artist: bathory
Review: I like the way the song to hall up high,blood fire death,a fine day to die sound.It takes me directly to seven sky....and it's very anointing epic songs.Very sad for quarthon.........

keyonna jones, radcliff, kentucky 07/07/11
artist: korn
Review: i really love your band...i am not your biggest fan. but i can relate to your lyrics, and your beats are sick! keep your head up and make new albums...

rhonda, delavan, wi 07/07/11
Review: your still one of the best local music sites around!!

Tracey, Milwaukee, WI 07/07/11
artist: Summerfest
Review: Sweet Summerfest pix!

lee. nyc 07/06/11
artist: interpol
Review: interpol are truly to die for

Jeannette, Lake Geneva, WI 07/06/11
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: A very well written scary tale. Is it sly true??

Liz 07/06/11
artist: Amos Lee
Review: Love this band after seeing them on 4th of July 2011 at the Whitehouse celabration!!!!

heather p., milwaukee 07/06/11
artist: summerfest
Review: I can't wait to see all of your pix phiil

Tom Melin, Muskegon, MI 07/06/11
artist: Skillet
Review: SKILLET FRICKIN' ROCKS!!!!!!! Last night we went to Muskegon Summer Celebration and watched Skillet open up for Theory Of A Deadman. Skillet blew Theory off the stage. I'm sorry, but it wasn't even close. Skillet rocked hard. I'm 41 years old. I've been going to concerts since I was 10 years old. I've seen some of the top acts, Pink Floyd, which nobody has yet beat but it's not even fair to compare since what they do is more than a simple stage show. Anyway, I've seen Metallica, AC-DC, Judas Priest, Sammy Hagar, Ozzy and that's just some of the biggest acts and I gotta say, last nights show was one of the best I've seen, especially from an opening act. I hate to say it but Theory should have been opening for Skillet. I have a feeling that this is going to be a deja vu type thing. A few years ago I saw Shinedown open up for Trapt and Shinedown blew Trapt off the stage. Last year Shinedown was back at the Summer Celebration again and they were the headliner.
I have a feeling that next time I see Skillet, they will be headlining. I was paralyzed in a drunk driving accident shortly after I returned home from Iraq.....yes, I know, it's the definition of "irony"....LOL. Anyway, a few years ago I filmed a documentary, "Forever Changed: A True Story That May Save Your Life" and I began speaking in schools around the United States and Canada. In that documentary I used the Fray's, How To Save A Life, to start the movie and to end it. I ride up on my Harley to the song playing and then climb off the Harley and into my wheelchair. At the end, I ride off into a cloud of dust with the same song playing. I am going to be filming another documentary soon. It's going to be about addiction. I'd really like to use a song from Skillet. They have such a unique sound, with the cello and the violin playing and the female voices. It's unique and I love it. I would love to work with them to create a song that, everytime you hear it, you think about my message, your life, the people that care about you and the direction!
your life is headed. If anyone is interested in checking out a couple of short clips from my documentary or testimonies from people who have seen my presentations, my web address is; Also, my contact information is there for anyone interested in booking a presentation at your school, your business or your military unit. I spent 5 years in the Army, stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC, jumping out of airplanes and blowing things up. I know what the young men and women coming home are going through and I know that many of them are using the same methods of dealing with their issues that I used, drugs and alcohol. Anyone get a chance to see Skillet, GO!!! They put on an AMAZING show!!

george t., milwaukee, wi 07/05/11
artist: gabriel
Review: gabriel was a bit boring

jean, england 07/05/11
artist: interpol talk
Review: what a fabulous interview!

tony gibbs, chicago ill 07/05/11
artist: smokey robinson
Review: smokey is the all time greatest singer of all time the worlds greatest producer and writers i have been blessedto listen to for at least 40 years

bridgette, lake geneva, wi 07/05/11
artist: stp
Review: scott weiland is still amazing!

Deniz, GA 07/01/11
Review: UH why if they wenrt satanic would they use the numbers 666 ? if they didnt want to look satanic or come off as a satanic poser why use one of the most reconizable satanic symbol. a band like slipknot who already comes off as a creepy band should condome themselfs as that if thats not what they want to be.

becky m., san diego 07/01/11
artist: my morning jackets
Review: sweet like punk rock

mark blip, nyc 07/01/11
artist: to the furies go the gods
Review: your my personal moonbeamers

steven funk, Fairfield 06/30/11
artist: all
Review: Seen SKILLET for the first time at the Carolina Rebellion....YOU ROCK!

haley. lake geneva 06/30/11
artist: phil
Review: phil I love your cool videos. KEEP IT UP BOY

Stacey, Brighton, UK 06/30/11
artist: Lou Reed
Review: You are so wrong on your Lou review at Lollapaloza. I was there where were you?

stage left 06/30/11
artist: the witches of whitewater (and other bullshit)
Review: you weirdos really believe this shit?? i should shove a werewolf, full moon and wooden stake up your asses

brandon, canada 06/29/11
Review: don't u shortsighted aliens no better then to write about axl this way. your all assholes in my big big world

molly, madison, wi 06/29/11
artist: antony & the johnsons
Review: antony is so spiritual and awe inspiring!!!! i love him dearly!!!! and loved your eloquent review as well!!!

kevin fleming, union grove, wi 06/28/11
artist: lloyd cole
Review: llyod is a musical god - great story

marco, florida 06/28/11
artist: rihanna
Review: man is that baby hot!

amber, GA ATLANTA 06/27/11
artist: King Straggler
Review: Very unique, in thr best way possible. Stay true to your sound, and many more great things shall come. Play Atlanta, try The Masquerade. it is a very electic venue. It will be fun, I promise.

stephen, Chennai 06/27/11
artist: comatose
Review: hey!!!guys u rock nd steal the show away great i luv ya.....

jenny m., chicago 06/27/11
artist: lollapalooza 2009
Review: I was there! Love Love the pictures!!!

amber, atlanta 06/27/11
artist: otep
Review: always rocking balls!

lisa, clearwater, fl 06/27/11
artist: lzzy
Review: awesome interview!! lzzy is super hot!!

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Quigley, UK 06/24/11
artist: Lady Gaga
Review: Gaga can't hold a candle to the talents of Madonna

cori, portland, or 06/24/11
artist: whitewater witches
Review: i am somewhat of a paranormal investigator and would love to come to whitewater and lend my services. call me please

Marianne Tyler, Chicago, IL 06/24/11
artist: Death Cab
Review: death Cab just keeps getting better & better

penny, lake geneva, wi 06/24/11
artist: summerfest
Review: awesome pix guys!!

james, oklahoma city 06/23/11
artist: johnny cash
Review: very good interview. i miss johnny oh so much!

farrod, new york city 06/23/11
artist: Rihanna
Review: what a beautiful woman

jessica, whitewater 06/22/11
artist: the witches
Review: damn that was creepy I so love the way you wrote that

constance, pennsylvania 06/22/11
artist: jesse mccartney

margie, chicago 06/22/11
artist: bob seger
Review: bobby will always be my man!

James newton, New york 06/21/11
artist: the avert bros
Review: these boys are truly the real deal!

brittny, lansing, michigan 06/21/11
artist: rihanna
Review: awesome review and photos! she is so great to see live!!

carrie, chicago, Il 06/21/11
artist: rihanna
Review: the pictures are HOT!!!

karen w., milwaukee, wi 06/20/11
artist: jewel
Review: Jewel is so intelligent I totally enjoyed the interview. jewel please come back to milwaukee again very soon I missed your last stop here.

James, Vancouver, Canada 06/20/11
artist: Rihanna
Review: I'm afraid that she has more "look" than actual talent.

pete, oklahoma city 06/20/11
artist: rihanna
Review: she is SOOO hot!!

bill mathers, springfield 06/20/11
artist: moody blues
Review: the show was amazing, i enjoyed your photos and review too andy

Lynn Q., Buffalo Grove 06/17/11
artist: Moody Blues
Review: Hated the weather but loved the concert - I am glad we hung in there through the rain!

Mary Watson, Las Vegas, NV 06/17/11
Review: Having been born and raised in WW, and half of my family, including my parents, are buried at Calvary, I have spent many a day and evening walking around it. There are not witches, nor never were. Nellie Horan was a relative of mine and did not poison her sister. It is just a cemetery where people are buried. Also, if you knew much about WW, you'd know that Mary Worth is buried at Hillside.

Amanda, Orange park, Fl 06/17/11
artist: Skillet
Review: Hey! My name is Amanda your bad is so AMAZING! u guys rock!

johnny t., chicago 06/17/11
artist: pixies
Review: i wish the pixies would make some new music!!

bridgette, chicago, IL 06/17/11
artist: NKOTSB
Review: give it up finally guys - aren't you all middle-aged by now

Lawrence, NYC 06/16/11
artist: The Moody Blues
Review: I still think that these boys produce interesting music

jaryd, palatine, il 06/16/11
artist: lollapalooza
Review: the lineup is amazing this year. best one ever!!

Stacey Cant, Milwaukee, WI 06/15/11
artist: the Moody Blues
Review: Wish I was there *sighs*

jacob, florida 06/15/11
artist: Lzzy
Review: awesome interview!!!

Joseph, new Orleans la 06/15/11
artist: Rushmore
Review: Rave rave rave rave!!!!!!!!

marianne, minnesota 06/14/11
artist: bright eyes
Review: i still dig conner. he's so amazing

jill, chicago, il 06/14/11
artist: lolla
Review: i'm so dam psyched!!! love all of your photos from years past. excellent!

karen p, sarasota, fl 06/14/11
artist: bob seger
Review: bob still rocks!!!

steph, eagle, wi 06/13/11
artist: witches of ww
Review: I've been close to the Calvary cemetery late at night and I heard the most frightening and other worldly cries coming from there that I turned a ran so fast. i will never ever go anywhere near that dreadful place again for as long as I live!

mark, pittsburgh 06/13/11
artist: metallica
Review: the most inspiring band ever/FONT>

Michael Lawrence, Chicago 06/13/11
artist: Halestorm
Review: Lzzy is a true beauty!!

lora, chicago, il 06/13/11
artist: bob seger
Review: the show took back down memory lane and I assure you all he Bob hasn't lost any of his touch!

monica james, reno, NV 06/10/11
artist: axl rose
Review: martians will eat your brains and tear out your liver if you ever insult axl like that again!

steveo, detroit 06/10/11
artist: lollapalooza 2011
Review: i can't wait : )

norma jean, whitewater, wi 06/10/11
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: i've lived here all of my life and i'm so sick of you hack journalists making this garbage up about our beautiful town

jackson, daytone, fl 06/10/11
artist: jewel
Review: she is brilliant and amazing!! great interview

haley, lake geneva, wi 06/09/11
Review: phil I'm still waiting for more of your awesome pictures and writing!!

marky mark, new york 06/09/11
artist: #1: elvis
Review: he could sing any song,

Roc Maven, Watseka, IL 06/09/11
artist: Jerrod Niemann
Review: Get ready for the big Labor Day Weekend Party Saturday, September 3, 2011 with Jerrod Niemann at the Watseka Theatre Watseka IL.

ashley, dan beach 06/09/11
artist: joey jordison
Review: joey i know we to talk about things and i hope i will see you soon your nice guy and i want to see your face i want feel your face.

Stacey Chapman, UK 06/08/11
artist: Lady gaga
Review: Gaga is so self absorbed and truly devoid of any talent.

paula marks, nashville, tn 06/08/11
artist: johnny cash
Review: what a beautiful interview

sullivan, montana 06/08/11
artist: beastie boys
Review: their greatst triumph is by far paul's boutique!! seminal and ever so influential!

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carrie p., fort atkinson, wi 06/07/11
artist: the terror in whitewater
Review: I do my very, vert best to stay away from that town ay night. I've seen way too many things that would curdle your blood if I was to retell them here. do yourself a favor and tell your curiosity to go to hell and stay away!!

Daniel Lemieux, Hawkesbury, Ont Canada 06/07/11
artist: Brian Johnson
Review: Between the 2 Brian is the Best since is debut with AC/DC I like is voice tone and is attitude on stage He got what it takes for a hard kicking ass Band...!!!!

artist: DEATH CAB

bill, san diego, ca 06/06/11
artist: lzzy
Review: she is the hottest chick in rock!!! yummy

ashley t., milwaukee, wi 06/06/11
artist: death cab
Review: i'm not sure i like their new album as much as their earlier work. i guess i need to give it some time first before i cast judgement

pete, milwaukee 06/06/11
artist: summerfest
Review: looked thru the summerfest photos you did thru the ages and you guys are GREAT photographers!!

campbell james, oklahoma 06/06/11
artist: april smith
Review: april really knows how to put the spit on her harmonies-nice interview friend

Owen Chapman, Leeds, UK 06/03/11
artist: witches and spooks
Review: You yanks have nothing on us as far as the scaries go HA HA

marianne k., sioux city 06/03/11
artist: lolapalooza
Review: i'm wetting my pants i cant wait y'all!!!

jenna, albany, ny 06/03/11
artist: obama
Review: fantastic writing on obama. i love you! to peaces

Anna Crystaloski, Hartstown P. A 06/02/11
artist: Lortta Lynn
Review: I Realy Love Lortta Lynn She is my Favert singer in all the World . In my Book no one She is and always be the Best singer around and the prettest Lady around I will always Love Lortta Lynn Forever and ever. Love always your biggest fan Anna

james, reno, neveda 06/02/11
Review: loved the avert bros review chum!

sarah, st. pete. fl 06/02/11
Review: my classmate likes and wants to marry carrie underwood

jennifer peters, whitewater, wi 06/02/11
Review: excellent story on the witches of ww, totally creeped me out!!

wiley coyote, nyc 06/02/11
artist: bob seger
Review: oh yeah sever still rocks like a madman!!

Lawrence Jacobs, Starfire, MI 06/01/11
artist: dcfc
Review: deathcab has just raised the bar on music with their latest release "codes and keys"

maggot matt 06/01/11
artist: slipknot
Review: joey is the bomb! i dare you to take his mask off pussy!!

monica, milwaukee, wi 06/01/11
artist: jewel
Review: i think people dog her and judge her too much on her looks and truly neglect to see the true artist that lies beneath

marigold stacey, uk 05/31/11
artist: johnny cash
Review: the man in black will live forever in my ex's tuxedo

karen, milwaukee 05/31/11
Review: awesome site!

peter, canada (yeah the northside bitches) 05/30/11
artist: liz phair
Review: gorgeous and talented

bill, chicago 05/30/11
artist: lollapalooza
Review: damn nice pictures!

janet, whitewater 05/30/11
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: what an amazing story, your scaring the shit out of me!!

Roc Maven, Watseka, IL 05/30/11
artist: Josh Thompson
Review: Josh Thompson will be performing a special concert at the Watseka Theatre Watseka IL on Friday August 5, 2011.

Latanya Maiden, Fredericksburg, VA 05/27/11
artist: Sheldon Reynolds / Brian Culbertson
Review: Although, I did not attend this Christmas event of seeing all the artisit, I know I missed something special! Being a love of the keyboards, I know I missed a treat of seeing Brian! Can't being to say just how much I enjoy this music. And as for Sheldon Reynolds, he is a life time friend and he is truly a talented individual and I am so happy of all of his successes!! Just know I would have loved to have been there to enjoy the sounds of the Soulful Christmas of soul and jazz! I hope that there will be another one for me to attend! Wonderful job, fellows!!!

Carl C. Prieto, Oak Lawn, Illinois 05/27/11
artist: Bob Seger
Review: I have seen Bob Seger in concert since I was 17 and he 24. He gets better with time. A God given voice with a soul that goes with it. Best Midwestern Rocker ever!

craig 05/27/11
artist: a perfect circle
Review: come back live I need you!!!

kelly, mt.pleasant, pa 05/27/11
artist: usher
Review: i loved the usher concer thyis year with akon i deffently think usheer should be in pittsburg way more it was the best!!!!

james tyler, chicago, il 05/26/11
artist: jewel
Review: I love her country music. has even more soul than her indie ballads

carol peters, chicago 05/26/11
artist: lolla
Review: gorgeous photos

jerica, whitewater 05/26/11
Review: I believe in all the evil that happens in whitewater. your story was awesome thanks

marley, nyc 05/26/11
artist: bob seger
Review: very sweet photos

haley, lake geneva, wi 05/25/11
artist: phil
Review: you've been so lazy lately phil, where are all of your great photos and reviews??

jessica, orlando, fl 05/25/11
Review: this site is so cool!!

Rocmaven, Watseka, IL 05/24/11
artist: Ricky Skaggs
Review: Ricky Skaggs is coming to the watseka theatre watseka IL on Friday Aug 26, 2011. Other Watseka concerts include; July 2 Marty Stuart ; July 15 Bellamy Brothers.

Vanessa, Guatemala 05/24/11
Review: hey i love skillet i would like to know you.

Krystal Hill, Pomona, CA 05/24/11
artist: Ludacris
Review: What a great interview, Ludacris is so funny!

oleg. kaniv 05/24/11
artist: skillet
Review: hallo my name is oleg and I very love Skillet.

BOB, Decatur, Indiana 05/24/11
Review: What would it take for 3 doors down to perform at my wedding at Hoosier Park casino in Anderson Indiana

amanda, rutland, vermont 05/24/11
artist: ludacris
Review: he is so fuckin hot

Karen Baker, London, England 05/23/11
Review: This site has so many cool articles and photos. I really love it!

evette, nyc 05/23/11
artist: lolla
Review: i've been to 3 of the last 5 lollas and will always say that this is by far the best music festival in the world! I can't wait to go all 3 days this year as I missed last year. you all keep your eyes out for a 42 hot blonde milf

mark lansing. mich 05/23/11
artist: jessica simpson
Review: pretty voice and prettier bod

sarah edger, milwaukee 05/23/11
artist: exile reissue
Review: this is the best reissue i've ever heard. rock on mick, keith and the boys. a true masterpiece!!!!

monica, milwaukee, wi 05/23/11
artist: the witches of ww
Review: thanks for the fantastic story. I totally want to go to Whitewater and check all the creepy legends out myself!

gavin m., buffalo, ny 05/20/11
artist: mcr
Review: gerard your a STUD!!!

jimmy dale monroe, texas 05/20/11
artist: johnny cash interview
Review: what a honest and humble man

steven adams, milwaukee, wi 05/20/11
artist: the avett bros.
Review: damn fine review!

Abigail hernandwz, Alvin, Texas 05/20/11
artist: Godsmack
Review: this is really nice sully your the bomb I love godsmack

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Jacob Vernon, Memphis, TN 05/19/11
artist: KOL
Review: King of Leon used to be so good - now they are just run-of-the-mill sellouts!

Brandon Harmon, neenah, wisconsin 05/19/11
artist: explosions in the sky
Review: explosions in the sky there sound is what I have allways tried to do but never had any other musician understand so they make my life complete I hope they never try to add a singer they are perfection

lucia 05/19/11
artist: joey - slipknot Review: nooo que buena entrevizta chabon n.n me encantooo!!=) ,muii pero muiii

buenaa m.m ...un bezooo steph, new york 05/18/11
artist: slipknot
Review: Why do u guys dress so scary looking?

Marco, Sheffield, UK 05/18/11
artist: The Raveonettes
Review: A very sly interview indeed!

Gerry Curry, Chicago, Illinois 05/17/11
artist: Lollapalooza 2005
Review: Still my favorite Lollapalooza and I've been to all of them

linda tyler, detroit 05/17/11
artist: stooges reunion
Review: fantastic piece and I WAS THERE!!!

germany bill 05/17/11
Review: rock music is for the devil or so they say

geri, Milwaukee 05/16/11
artist: Jewel
Review: Jewel's performance last time at the pabst was sparkling and stunning at the same time. Excellent review and gorgeous photos Phil!

jake, st. paul, minn 05/16/11
artist: pixies
Review: don't you all think thats its just about time for the pixies to come out with a new record then living on their laurels for so long.

stacey campdon, milwaukee, WI 05/16/11
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: I wish i could start a tour company that features all of the great haunted sites in the Midwest. whitewater would be among the top!!!

tammie, sault ste. marie, michigan 05/16/11
artist: three doors down
Review: fantastic interview and photos!

Sarah Myers, Milwaukee, WI 05/13/11
artist: Amos Lee
Review: Amos lyrics are true to the heart soul and true to the artist.

Mark, Waukee, Iowa 05/13/11
Review: I love the Pixies and the author Brett Taylor sounds super sexy!

stephanie, whitewater, wi 05/13/11
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: happy friday the 13th whitewater...

colleen, chicago 05/13/11
artist: raveonettes
Review: very interesting interview

kylle, san fran 05/12/11
Review: i love elvis

Scott, Albuquerque 05/12/11
artist: Godsmack
Review: Hi Gogsmack i like you mucike and i went to see withe magdeth and i went to meet you.

trice, madison, ga 05/12/11
artist: ludacris
Review: whats the craziest thing that ever happened to you?

Vince, Chicago 05/12/11
artist: Arcade Fire
Review: They're absolutely stunning live!

kranky 05/12/11
Review: this site smokes hot wheel rubber tires

jeanette cargo, milwaukee 05/11/11
artist: lollapalooza
Review: well I know one thing I'm going to my first lolla palooza this year without a doubt

Killey, New York 05/11/11
artist: Skillet
Review: its too darn ealy to be sitting at a desk in school right now! i should be home sleeping

Lisa, lansing. mich 05/11/11
artist: lady gaga
Review: I think she's hot and her music is even hotter!!

jason, spin boldak, afghanistan 05/10/11
artist: all
Review: i found this web site and think its awesome. you guys are great and i love listening to your music while working out here in afghanistan. wish i could hit up a concert but i wont be back that way for a bit.
keep rocking!!!!!!

Jessica, Minneapolis, MN 05/10/11
artist: The Dirtbombs
Review: The Dirtbombs are so X=Cool!

michael, florida 05/10/11
artist: arcade fire
Review: love them on Pandora radio!

jessica m., lake geneva 05/09/11
artist: jewel
Review: jewel was so good when she played the pabst last year

cori, bloomington, in 05/09/11
artist: tom morello
Review: fantastic interview!

james, milwaukee, wi 05/09/11
artist: summerfest
Review: yup summerfest is my favorite time of the year!

Lawrence Phillips, Portland, OR 05/09/11
artist: The Decemberists (Colin Meloy)
Review: Very interesting interview. I'm sorry to hear that Jenny Conlee has cancer. to a speedy recovery love

linda tyler, madison, wi 05/06/11
artist: barack obama
Review: Great piece on obama!! you should be a speechwriter with your colorful words and easy penchant for inspiration

midget man, new york 05/06/11
artist: arcade fire
Review: overrated clowns

sarah j., ft. atkinson, wi 05/06/11
Review: i can't believe i live so close to whitewater! that place always creeps me out at night

Josh, NC 05/06/11
Review: Slipknot is one of the best heavy metal bands out there, but between the weird masks and the star on the bass drum i would have to say that they indeed worship satan.

jim jacobs, chicago 05/05/11
artist: lolla 2011
Review: not liking the lineup as much as the last few years. love all the photos here thru the years too btw!!

kyle, green bay 05/05/11
artist: the rave
I miss going to the rave. i used to live in milwaukee and have seen SOOOO many shows there! I used to go with my girl a lot and we loved the old run down place

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ian thompson, Uk 05/04/11
artist: lady gaga
Review: jeez give me break she sucks and has zero talent

Margaret Campbell, Milwaukee, WI 05/04/11
artist: The Pixies
Review: I wish I would have made the show ; ( they are so darn good live!

barnstormer 05/03/11
Review: the whitewater witches story is CREEPYY!!

ronnie, san diego, CA 05/03/11
artist: pixies
Review: the pixies are an inspiration to myself and countless other bands out there today

linda r., seattle 05/03/11
artist: arcade fire
Review: great photos, these guys are killers!

darren, nyc 05/02/11
artist: lady gaga
Review: what an overrated and overhyped tramp!

karen t. st. louis 05/02/11
artist: yes
Review: thanks for the nicely written review on Yes

maxie. chicago 05/02/11
Review: this music site is super cool!!

ilayda 04/29/11
artist: lacey
Review: super bi kuz ILOVE YOU

jason, chicago 04/29/11
artist: mcr
Review: I likegerard's crazy new look

linda. milwaukee, wi 04/29/11
artist: lady gaga
Review: gaga is so overrated!!

Erika harriman, searsport, Maine 04/28/11
artist: skillet
Review: omg i love skillet you write very good songs

Mohammad A Hasham, Hauppauge. N Y 04/28/11
Review: I was dreaming water blown in ossan barmudatragal pleas. Try my wars ward

waves of space 04/28/11
Review: rechannel all of your negative energy to the sunnyside of life

margaret, vancouver 04/28/11
artist: cynthia plaster caster
Review: she should do new penises like jack white, edward sharpe and jared leto!!

mark l., milwaukee 04/27/11
artist: great photos
Review: how do I become a rock and roll photographer? I so love all of your work here. stunning and beautiful work!

yates, reno, NV 04/27/11
artist: ricky martin
Review: who the hell cares about that talentless gay blade?!!??

meghan, whitewater, wis 04/27/11
Review: i believe in the evil that lurks in whitewater, i just don't want to be a part of it anymore!

Lawrence, New York 04/27/11
artist: Lollapalooza 2006
Review: That's when the Arcade Fire meant something to me

jamaica jim, nyc 04/26/11
artist: jewel
Review: I want her in my sweet potota pie

mark later, detroit 04/26/11
artist: the raveonettes
Review: I still get the goosepimple vibe overtime I hear there music!

lisa 04/25/11
artist: merle haggard
Review: he still gives me the happy smiley goosepimples

kyle t., milwaukee 04/25/11
artist: the raveonettes
Review: i dug the interview - cool man

James, Milwaukee, WI 04/25/11
Review: I so wish they would do Hedgpeth Fest again, it was the best time iI ever had!!!!!!!

buster, nyc 04/25/11
Review: ricky martin is a completely gay tart!

John, Whitewater, WI 04/22/11
Review: Me and my friend just looked at your site and were flabbergasted! We've lived in Whitewater our whole lives and heard barely anything about this! I did hear about the Water tower, the Triangle, and the movie, but didn't believe it. Now I am really curious!

jessica, lake geneva, wi 04/22/11
artist: farm aid
Review: phil you got awesome photos!!

Michelle Baker, LA 04/22/11
artist: Mcr
Review: i'm liking the new look

kristine, chicago 04/22/11
artist: lolla
Review: i so want to go this year! anyone want to trade a 3 day pass for a hummer??

marko 04/21/11
artist: jewel
Review: HOT interview

justin, whitewater 04/21/11
artist: witches
Review: pretty creepy stuff. loved the whole story

kelly, oklahoma 04/20/11 04/20/11
artist: cynthia plaster caster
Review: cynthia im kelly don i live in oklahoma im a artist and i love ur art form and i want u to plaster cast my love stick it would be so fun and im giant down there ps kelly

Joe, Baltimore 04/20/11
artist: Cynthia Plaster Caster
Review: I actually don't see how the interviewer could conduct this entire interview and not get into size specifics. That's bad journalism.

james, chicago 04/20/11
Review: concert livewire is pretty fucking cool!

jaryd, whitewater 04/20/11
Review: you put the witches tales of whitewater into a nice perspective phil!

monique, montreal 04/19/11
artist: arcade fire
Review: tell me, tell me is there any cooler music anywhere in the world as the Arcade fire?

hohn trummel, chicago 04/19/11
artist: rush
Review: love the pics! rush still has 20 years of genus left in 'em

baker donovan, nyc 04/19/11
artist: mcr
Review: i have to say that mcr's music is evolving in creative and exciting new ways

Cliff, Vancouver, Canada 04/18/11
artist: Lollapalooza 2010
Review: I had the time of my life there last year! I don't care who is on the lineup its the coolest place to hang for 3 days and soak in the music, rays, suds and babes!!!!

starman from outer space 04/18/11
Review: you guys write spaced out reviews that should be put in a canister and buried in the ground only to be discovered 50 years from now from space aliens and tigers without spots

jimmy, chicago 04/18/11
artist: rush
Review: great review! rush still rules the world and will continue to for another generation!

carrie, burlington, wi 04/18/11
artist: hedgpeth festival
Review: i so wish hedgpeth would come back - it was so awesome with blow oat bands like primes, the flaming lips, KOL, they might be giants, living things, hot hot heat, rusted root and ludo. to have such a cool festival so close was a dream come true

Carmillo, UK 04/18/11
artist: Tom Morello
Review: I love RATM! I wish they would tour soon in the UK

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