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Rant or Rave

ultime, vaud suisse 04/15/11
artist: slipknot
Review: I think they just lie when they say they aren't satanists, cause when you read their lyrics, you see they aren't normal (sry fr the mistakes i'm swiss)

Carley Jones, Beaumont, TX 04/15/11
artist: Slipknot
Review: I think Slipknot is amazing! They need to do a Houston tour! I swear i'd be front row! They know how to rock and have fun and that's what a band is all about! Having fun and like Joey said being true to yourself:)

Stacey Evans, Whitewater, WI 04/15/11
artist: The Hauntings of WW
Review: There have been nights where I cannot see my own reflection in the mirror, but wht's even more frightening is when alls I see is my body in the mirror without my head. help me!!

lawrence c., new york city 04/15/11
artist: Tom Waits
Review: Rock Hall of Fame said it best: It,s a tribute to Waits? writing talent that so many of his songs have been recorded by artists who usually compose their own material, including Bruce Springsteen ("Jersey Girl"), Tim Buckley ("Martha"), Johnny Cash ("Down There by the Train"), Bob Seger ("16 Shells from a Thirty-Ought Six"), T-Bone Burnett and Tori Amos (who each covered "Time"), Steve Earle ("Way Down In the Hole"), Sarah MacLachlan ("Ol" 55?), Norah Jones ("Long Way Home"), Elvis Costello ("Innocent When You Dream"), the Pogues ("Tom Traubert's Blues") and Rod Stewart ("Downtown Train").
What other songwriter but Tom Waits could claim to have been covered by both the Eagles ("Ol" 55") and the Ramones ("I Don?t Wanna Grow Up") His songs have also been covered by Screaming Jay Hawkins (whose voice is as unbridled as Waits' own), Solomon Burke, Marianne Faithfull, the Neville Brothers, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, and the Blind Boys of Alabama. All of this establishes beyond the shadow of a doubt that Tom Waits is a songwriter's songwriter and, as VH1 declared him, "one of the most influential artists of all time."

Lyle Robbins, London, England 04/14/11
artist: The Raveonettes
Review: The Raveonettes blend of '50s rockabilly and modern surf punk is quite outstanding.

bert, st. louis 04/14/11
artist: jewel
Review: an excellent interview. jewel is as captivating with her words as she is with her music.

donna, lake geneva, wi 04/14/11
artist: gary con
Review: loved the story and Awesome video phil!

cricri, gatineau in quebec 04/14/11
artist: Chris Carrabba
Review: i do an exposistion on you and i wanna know if you could tell me your history. please help me ... thank youu

mari, Charlotte, NC 04/13/11
artist: John L. Cooper
Review: Awsome I love Skillet I live for 2 things God and the music u guys make for him thankyou so much plz I'd really like an autographed t-shirt and by the way john are you related to anybody in the band??? l let me know wats up by the way my birthday is july 4th I'd really like some tickets to see you guys if your touring anytime soon alway a panhead and a rockstar and a jesus freak thank you again sign:Imari K. Walls 2818 dellinger drive 28269 charlotte NC thanks!!!!

jeannie, milwaukee, wi 04/13/11
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: I so want to investigate the tales you talk about here! I heard there was supposed to be a hollywood movie made about the legends, did it ever get made?

Marianne parker, Orland, FL. 04/13/11
artist: The Raveonettes
Review: Sharin is so darn HOT!!

sandra, spring valley, new york 04/13/11
artist: ludacris
Review: luda your so fucking funny!!!!

carmin, chicago 04/12/11
artist: lollapalooza
Review: smashing photos!

amanda Powell, clarendon 04/12/11
Review: i love 3 doors down

Bailey, Chattanooga, TN 04/12/11
artist: Skillet
Review: I had only been to one other concert besides this one & I can tell you - Skillet definitely knows how to put on a show! I was very pleased. I knew just about every song they sang & their lights were absolutely outstanding! <3 I can't wait to go back to another concert for Skillet.

jim, nyc 04/11/11
artist: the pogues
Review: Great review. I wonder why the Pogues never came to Nyc this year?

karen, chicago 04/11/11
artist: the raveonettes
Review: i saw them at lolla last year and now i'm a HUGE fan!!

steven, p., dixon, il 04/11/11
artist: country thunder
Review: i'll be there again this year guys!

Corine Connors, Reno, NV 04/08/11
artist: Johnny Cash
Review: I sure miss the Man in Black. What a true inspiration he was throughout my fucked up life

mark l, toronto 04/08/11
artist: the raveonettes
Review: fabulous interview!

janet, milwaukee, wi 04/08/11
artist: jewel
Review: jewel is gorgeous!

joseph, uk 04/07/11
artist: yes
Review: yes blew 40 years ago and they still blow today. give it up guys

Gentleman Jim, Minneapolis, MN 04/07/11
artist: Kenny Wayne Sheperd
Review: Yes indeed Kenny Wayne is one of hew best living guitarists today

amy lynch, whitewater, wi 04/07/11
artist: the haunted witches
Review: GREAT STORY!! I live within the triangle of the three cemeteries and believe me my dorm is haunted! I hear strange noises every night around midnight which creep the shit out of me! last week i heard a man in a deep and frightening voice calling my name to come to the basement.

Chantal, Flordia 04/07/11
artist: jared leto
Review: i think jared leto is kool

monica, new york 04/06/11
Review: this is a wonderful music site. i come here often to see the latest!

James Walker, Chicago, IL 04/06/11
artist: The Raveonettes
Review: Good Interview. They both seem like an intelligent sort

lemmy, nyc 04/06/11
artist: the misfits
Review: the misfits still inspire us to this day

lili, raleigh, north carolina 04/05/11
artist: kings of leon caleb
Review: caleb followill is so cute in the third picture!!!!!!!

courtney francis, florida 04/05/11
artist: dashboard
Review: i can't believe it's been 10 years already!!

kylie, seattle, wash 04/05/11
artist: amos lee
Review: his talent has only begun to emerge

Kristin, Milwaukee 04/04/11
artist: Amos Lee
Review: The show was raw, beautiful and amazing!

Julia, sacramento, CA 04/04/11
artist: onerepublic
Review: Awesome! could use a little more pics

tina, phoenix, az 04/04/11
artist: willie
Review: great review!

tom, nyc 04/04/11
Review: The person on the cover isn't a teenage boy its the artists severely cognitively delayed daughter - research your facts.

Jeremy, Milwaukee 04/01/11
artist: Gary Con vid
Review: Really awesome video!!!!

karen tyler, nashville 04/01/11
artist: onerepublic
Review: loved the review kate. loved it all the way

Jim, Chicago 04/01/11
artist: Yes
Review: The show was very good, but there was still something (someone) missing. gee I wonder what (who) that was?

Monica James, Vancouver, BC 04/01/11
artist: Amos Lee
Review: I totally dig his groove

Debby 03/31/11
artist: willie nelson
Review: Do you have any brothers and sister if you do what year month and day where they born?

Brian, Milwaukee, WI 03/31/11
artist: Merle and Kris 03 Mar 2011
Review: This set list states it is from March 3rd 2011. Although it is close some of these songs were not played while others were that are not listted. Is this from the night before at the same venue? Or is the author just mistaaken on identifying some of the songs?

jimmy steele, milwaukee 03/31/11
artist: willie nelson
Review: willie was absolutely brilliant at farm aid last year!!

marko, nyc 03/31/11
artist: the raveonettes
Review: nice interview. the raveons are GREAT

Christy, Chicago, IL 03/30/11
artist: the raveonettes
Review: I enjoyed your interview, my only complaint is I wish it were longer.

Jade, Sydney, NSW 03/30/11
Review: The Raveonettess RULE Come To AUSTRALIA!!! p.s I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!

jessica H., Fort atkinson, wi 03/30/11
artist: the witches of ww
Review: I live close to whitewater and do believe the many supernatural stories that come from there. i would never go in one of the three cemeteries at night!!

Pandora, Las Cruces, New Mexico 03/30/11
Review: This may be somewhat irrelevant but The Misfits are an everlasting band.There like eternal or something!This band has helped me in the wierdest ways possible and i wouldnt be alive if it wasnt for there music. I'm 13 and i LOVE thier music.

Lori, Muncie, INdiana 03/30/11
artist: the ravenettes artist: the ravenettes are so awesome live!

Chappy Jennings, Chicago 03/30/11
artist: The Doors
Review: Hey, I didn't see a review of The Doors show at the Whiskey last week?

kyle, chicago 03/29/11
artist: lolla
Review: great photos!

Jason B., Manhattan, Ks 03/29/11
Review: I heard your song, "HERO" for thefirst time the other day and thought your band is amazing. Nice riffs and great messages! I am becoming a 5th generation firefighter and as this may comes my dad is up for a national Fire Cheif award< i think he would not only like your band, but jam to that song! Keep playin hard and livin life to the fullest!

alan s, chicago, il 03/29/11
artist: yes
Review: saw show 3/19/11 at house of blues started off slow but progressivily got much better than all of a sudden 3 qaurters into show got great. saw them 30 something years ago but just as good now as then. YES

Polly Connors, IRE 03/29/11
artist: The Pogues
Review: I wish The Pogues would write new music. They are so talented. Does anyone here have any idea why?

jamaica jim 03/28/11
artist: the roots
Review: now dem boy no how to carry a beat and me meat

jessica, british columbia, canada 03/28/11
artist: sarah mclachlan
Review: her voice always sends me to the clouds and beyond...

Corky McFarlan, Dublin, IRE 03/28/11
artist: The Pogues
Review: I enjoyed your review Tony. Spot on!

cori t., bakersfield cali 03/28/11
artist: the ramones
Review: joey and the boy can rock my boat anytime

corla davis, memphis, tn 03/28/11
artist: johnny cash
Review: fantastic interview! johnny was so special I miss him so

sarah franberg, new york 03/25/11
artist: the pogues
Review: I'm really pissed that the pogues skipped new york this year on their annual st . patrick's day tour.

max, indiana 03/25/11
artist: garycon
Review: i'm getting ready for garycon III in Lake geneva, wi. let the fun begin!!

james, san antonio, texas 03/25/11
artist: country thunder
Review: i'm so damn upset i can't make it this year. it's the first year i haven't been able to go. just have no money. unless one of you fine cowgirls from texas will let an old cowboy hitch a ride : )

penelope, sand diego, ca 03/25/11
artist: jewel
Review: jewel is very interesting in all facets of her life. her creativity knows no boundaries

HKaufman, phoenix Arizona 03/25/11
artist: Sarah Brightman
Review: Those that have never seen her in person or on TV-CABLE,OR YOU TUBE, YOU BLEW IT.. A--> I attended her xmas concert in AZ at the Dodge, I also Attended the Vienna Concert, Dynamic oh yes, Talented even more so Fluer du Mai-Kama Sutra, Stranger in paradise, Phantom of the opera. A class act and a Class Lady...

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megan, whitewater 03/24/11
Review: interesting tales of terror from ww

janet y., milwaukee 03/24/11
Review: great review, love sarah

lee, nyc 03/24/11
artist: lolla
Review: Amazing photographs from 2009!!

James, Chicago, IL 03/24/11
artist: Yes
Review: While Yes is still entertaining live they certainly miss Jon!

Al, chgo il 03/23/11
artist: yes
Review: Band sucks without Anderson!

Nick, San Antonio Texas 03/23/11
Review: I really want to know if u worship the devil because i hope u dont i love ur music please say that at yalls next concert that u dont thank you

Simon, Chicago 03/23/11
artist: Yes
Review: I think it's about time they hang it up

karen, milwaukee 03/22/11
artist: willie

mark l., chicago 03/22/11
artist: kris kristofferson
Review: the man is a rock/folk genus!!

jeff taggot, milwaukee 03/21/11
artist: sarah mclachlan
Review: she still knows how to bring a tear to the eye with her beautiful ballads and voice

Jesse, Memphis, tn 03/21/11
artist: onerepublic
Review: excellent review Kate!

lili, raliegh 03/21/11
artist: kings of leon
Review: i love caleb in that photo!!!!!! caleb has a funny face safari fat monkey!

sarah, milwaukee 03/21/11
Review: this site is so cool! Great reviews and interviews and sparkling cool photos!

carrie, whitewater, wi 03/18/11
Review: the witches are real, the fear is real, the book is real. i would say just stay away for your own good

michael, milwaukee 03/18/11
Review: Sarah is still beautiful!

Julie Davis, Milwaukee, WI 03/17/11
artist: Sarah McLachlan
Review: Real nice pictures! Her performance was so beautiful and understated. It still gives me chills thinking about it.

jason, boston 03/17/11
Review: yeah that witches story is total bullshit!

bernie lewis, charlotte, nc 03/17/11
artist: sarah
Review: she's still gorgeous, both artistically and physically

karen m., Chicago 03/17/11
Review: I LOVE THE POGUES!!! great review and photos

Teri Smith, Whitewater WI 03/16/11
Review: Interesting report, made me want to investigate the tower. I am sensative to spirit energy and had my first spirit encounter when I was 10 yrs old but was unaware of what I was experiencing until I was 12yrs old. At 16 I learned how to use that sensativity to identify paranormal activity. My personal experience walking past the Oak Grove cemetary, the time was aprox. 7:45pm October 2009 on the north side of the cemetary north side of the street. I felt a very errie almost angry energy eminating from the cemetary as if something/one were trying to get out. I have been to the tower and felt no energy possitive nor negative driving counter clockwise around it. Vertigo is the likely culprite if anything is felt there. The current fence also is not iron.

jamie, boston 03/16/11
artist: the pogues
Review: wish the pogues would have passed thru boston this year!

penelope, ontario 03/16/11
artist: sarah mclachlan
Review: gorgeous photos!!

Kristen, weslaco, tx 03/15/11
Review: Joey has a point to when he says that he's there to piss as many people as he is to please. I'm a huge SLIPKNOT fan and I really do respect them no matter what people do or say about them. I think SLIPKNOT is very awesome and has so much talent. All of them. I am a P.O.T.M.F.L known as PULSE OF THE MAGGOTS FOR LIFE!! SLIPKNOT ROCKS! I LOVE U ALL FOREVER! SLIPKNOT OS B.A!

delores johnson, sanford, florida 03/15/11
artist: smokey robinson
Review: I love smokey robinson and all of his music.

bryan, cebu 03/15/11
artist: the casualties
Review: punk rock i love casualties

tyler p, milwaukee 03/15/11
artist: merle and kris
Review: the show was amazing!!

jimmy, chicago 03/15/11
artist: spider
Review: interesting interview man!

Stewart, Roanoke Virginia 03/14/11
artist: Rain
Review: Rain the beatles tribute came and performed in roanoke virginia and it the best show i ever seen the boys are really back,and the guy that does ringo is so amazing

lawrnece, nyc 03/14/11
artist: the pogues
Review: brilliant!!

Jimmy, Chicago 03/14/11
artist: Pogues
Review: The show was a hoot! Shane and company never looked better!

stcey, lake geneva, wi 03/14/11
artist: the pogues
Review: GREAT photos Phil!!!!

Bek Hoglin, Perth, Western Australia 03/11/11
artist: Slipknot
Review: What can i say? I FUCKING LOVE SLIPKNOT! I recently saw Joey and Corey at Soundwave (obviously with different bands. Joey is now with Zombie and Corey with Stone Sour) and i must say, it was absolutely amazing! Insane and crazy! You know what, words cannot even touch the feeling of amazement i still have for that festival. Mainly from Rob Zombie though because i was in the mosh for that and ohhhhh ;) When i saw Joey i swear i creamed my pants- no shit. I would probably die if i ever got to see Slipknot live (Rest in Peace Paul) because even when i see their name on a set (Rock Am Ring 2009) my heart literally does shit, like skips a beat or goes really fast. I would really love to see Slipknot :( 7/9 members were apparently at Soundwave, but i only got to see Joey and Corey. But COREY CUT HIS HAIR!!! And AHHHHH! Im just getting toooooo excited now -.-


Christian, Chicago 03/11/11
artist: The Pogues
Review: A fine review indeed! The Pogues are insanely great! Excellent photos as well!

harold b. nashville, tn 03/11/11
artist: merle Haggard
Review: merle speaks from the heart and live by the mind!

Katarina, Zagreb 03/11/11
artist: Onerepublic
Review: Personally, I think there has not been nor will ever be a better band than OneRepublic. Partially because they make their own music by themselves, that's why they are original and don't sound like anybody else out there, or worse, as a product of someone else. You can say that with the Waking up album they have finally found their sound, something they were looking for. The other reason why I think they are waaay ahead other bands is that they are writing songs that change the way people think. Their lyrics are stories that help you get through life in hard times, and kick you out of the bed when your life is great, require of you to see the sun and the greatness of the life. They encourage you to live full, meaningfull life and that's why I like them. I remeber Ryan said in some interview, when he was asked what's his moto in life, he said: "Life is too short not to be able to do whatever you wanna do". I think that's what he was trying to say when he wrote Happy fo! r Leona Lewis, that's what inspires me every day. And the music they make as a just beyond amazing. They couldn't have been anything other than musicians. In fact, they could have been, but that would be just a loss for hummanity. :) Ciao!

james, san diego, ca 03/11/11
Review: the lollapalooza photos here are amazing!!

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jonathon, boston 03/10/11
artist: the pogues
Review: you lucky bastards in chicago

jim mcdonald, usa 03/10/11
artist: george strait
Review: george you are such an influence on my life. i thank you

becky, milwaukee 03/10/11
artist: liz phair
Review: god i love your music!!

stella, chicago 03/09/11
artist: pogues
Review: the show was an absolute gas! shane and company were so good that they made me cry. great review

Kevin Miller, NYC 03/09/11
artist: Shane MacGowan
Review: Loved loved loved your interview with Shane!

Lisa Vaughn, Minneapolis, Minn 03/09/11
artist: Lady Gaga
Review: What a talentless tramp. My dear I hate to tell you this but your fall is going to be loud and mighty. Goodnight forever Lady GagGag

Lyle, chicago 03/09/11
artist: johnny cash
Review: great interview!!

joeone, myanmar 03/09/11
Review: i lug your music luda!!!!!!!!

Dan Mueller, Naperville, Il 03/08/11
artist: The Pogues
Review: The Pogues played with Shane about 3 years ago at this same Chicago Theater. Other than that - nice '08 review.

jericha, whitewater, wi 03/08/11
artist: the witches of ww
Review: what an insane story. i've heard of weird things happening here, but shit this stuff you write about is creepy!

janet owens, milwaukee 03/08/11
artist: kesha
Review: she's hot but has little talent.

steven, minnesota 03/07/11
artist: haggard
Review: excellent photos and review!! seems like you enjoyed the show and had a blast

Lawrence, London, UK 03/07/11
artist: Abbey Studios
Review: A brilliant piece mate. The Beatles will always inspire for generations to come!

courtney, lake geneva, wi 03/07/11
Review: I don't know who I dislike more kasha or Lady gaga

steph, orlandom fl 03/07/11
artist: the blasters
Review: nice stuff! long live rockabilly!!

Ben Lewis, Chicago 03/07/11
artist: Lucinga
Review: Her acoustic shows are eye opening and gorgeous! I never miss one when she comes to chicago

jericha, lake geneva 03/04/11
artist: the witches
Review: a truly amazing and creepy story! now I want o go to whitewater and see for myself!

paula, new york 03/04/11
artist: kesha
Review: kasha is so beautiful!!!

brian montana, milwaukee, wi 03/04/11
artist: lucinda
Review: her show was so brilliant, beautiful and subtle. if you haven't see lucinda in a acoustic performance before then I implore you to treat yourself to something magical and special

Karen, st. paul, mn 03/04/11
artist: Kesha
Review: What an overrated tramp!

monica, milwaukee 03/04/11
Review: this is a really cool site

Stacey Trevor, Milwaukee, WI 03/03/11
artist: The Rolling Stones
Review: I love Keith Richards new book - great reading

brad, union grove, wi 03/03/11
artist: Ke$ha
Review: she is so much better then you portray in your negative review

lauren, milwaukee 03/02/11
artist: kesha
Review: kasha please come to milwaukee!

michael, n. dakota 03/02/11
artist: the black keys
Review: their music never ceases to amaze me!! they just keep getting better and better!!

sasha brown 03/02/11
artist: ludacris
Review: u cute.....hey hey hey!!!!!!!!

jac, miami FL 03/02/11
artist: gipsy kings
Review: for only 6 SINGING artists on stage, singing only 5 known songs in less then 1 hr, doing some impro. with organ and drums, THATS NOT GIPSIES ANY MORE!!!!

Sean Waterhouse, Westbrook, Maine 03/01/11
Review: I think that was a pretty awesome interview. I've loved slipknot since i was seven, and im twelve now. I cant believe u wore ur mask while having sex once. WOW.

stacey, south africa 03/01/11
artist: skillet
Review: heys let me jst tel ya skillet is da AWESOMEST BAND ever! I jst luv yal bt u mst realy cum 2 South Africa coy i luv ya! Jesus luvs ya TOo!

carrie, chicago, Il 03/01/11
artist: Kesha
Review: great photos! Kesha is super hot!!

janet, st. could, MN 03/01/11
artist: esha
Review: hey girl hey hom boy hahaha

sarah, st cloud, mn 02/28/11
artist: kesha
Review: she is SOOOOOOOO HOT!!

civil rights now 02/28/11
artist: obama
Review: beautiful piece

barry, st. paul, MN 02/28/11
artist: iggy pop
Review: dude the guy never changes!

hunchback of notre lame 02/28/11
Review: you're an idiot! how can you press people dog axl so much?? fickle off

gregory, milwaukee, wi 02/28/11
Review: your witches story is fantastic! Creepy but filled with a great story. I'm getting a group of friends together soon to do our own investigations. I'll keep you posted.

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Chappy Jennings, Chicago 02/25/11
artist: RAIN
Review: I saw RAIN at the Ford Theater and it was a great show. My favorite song they played was W.C. Fields Forever!

sammy, austin, tx 02/25/11
artist: merle haggard
Review: thanx for the amazing interview!

kyle, nebraska 02/25/11
artist: slipknot
Review: fucking GREAT interview!!!

Karen, Whitewater, WI 02/25/11
artist: UW/Whitewater
Review: Fantastic story! I too have been fascinated with the occult and the witches history in Whitewater. If you would like please contact me and we can investigate even further.

jim brightman, seattle 02/24/11
artist: motorhead
Review: motorhead still roars as loudly as ever!

georgie, chicago 02/24/11
artist: lolla
Review: has any heard the lineup for lolla this year??

jeremy, des moines, iowa 02/23/11
artist: rage
Review: i think RATM is probably the most potent and dangerous band ever to exist!!!

kacy vickers, wv 02/23/11
artist: joanne cash
Review: joanne is such an inspiration to me. in fact the whole cash family is

jeannette, whitewater 02/23/11
artist: the witches of ww
Review: your story is the creepy truth, whether people want to believe it or not...

Lon, Chicago 02/23/11
artist: Gang of Four
Review: The show was a power packed two hours of oldies and goodies

michael, SEATTLE, WASH 02/22/11
artist: RUSH

monica, toronto, canada 02/22/11
artist: scissor sisters
Review: there are so GAY, I love them!!

Jillian, New York City 02/22/11
artist: April Smith
Review: Fantastic interview. I'm glad you've discovered the extreme coolness of April Smith!

hannah, north battleford, Sk 02/21/11
artist: Chantal Kreviazuk
Review: i was wondering how do you reflect the importance of place in your music?

jen, yellowknife 02/21/11
Review: this is a great site!! the photos and reviews are amazing

martin johnson, mt. vernon, ohio 02/21/11
artist: outspoken
Review: Been looking for years for you guys had your cd in 2002

jeremy, kenosha, wisconsin 02/21/11
artist: Green day
Review: i think Green day should either come back to milwaukee soon or kenosha wisconsin. i would love to meet green day.

Emily, baytown tx 02/21/11
artist: Skillet
Review: I love ur songs

Margo, UK 02/18/11
artist: Gang of Four
Review: A wonderful and spot on review

Jericha, Chicago, IL 02/18/11
artist: Lollapalooza 10
Review: Damn those are some really nice photos!!

kristen, st louis 02/18/11
artist: liz phair
Review: i have to say i really don't like her new music. she has abandoned her creative roots for crappy pop sounds.

Jim, chicago 02/18/11
artist: chili peppers
Review: you really don't know what your talking about do you putz?

Lt. Marko, Boston 02/17/11
artist: PJ Harvey
Review: Her new record Let England Shake is so scary and beautiful at the same time. I urge you all give it a listen and another listen and another -and you will find a poignant anti-war message

tim, texas 02/17/11
Review: the beatles are the greatest thing that ever happened in music. Changed the face of music forever.

heather peters, whitewater, wi 02/17/11
Review: what a wonderful tale you've have weaved on our very own witches of whitewater

jamaica jim 02/17/11
artist: jewel
Review: very cool interview!

bill, nyc 02/17/11
artist: shane macgowan
Review: i would love to sit with shane in a bar get drunk and listen to him talk about his life!

Quentin, Chicago, IL 02/16/11
artist: Gang of Four
Review: I agree that gang of Four are stll as relevant as always! Great show too

roberto, mexico 02/16/11
artist: mcr
Review: gerard is sexy

manic depressive, london 02/16/11
artist: grace potter
Review: the music for the mind

Karen Wheeler, Milwaukee 02/16/11
artist: The Witches
Review: I have seen dark and evil things in Whitewater as a young girl that I will never ever talk about! I will take what I've seen to the grave, but I warn you all believe it and try not to dig to deeply or you will surely die!

marty, california 02/15/11
artist: country thunder
Review: can't wait for this year cowboys!!

jennifer, milwaukee, wi 02/15/11
artist: the rave
Review: i loved all of the rave shows you guys used to cover in years past, but nothing anymore, please i miss them!

jet, toronto, ca 02/15/11
artist: antony and the johnson
Review: antony is unbelievable!

Janet Roberts, Chicago 02/14/11
artist: Jewel
Review: I think Jewel's transition from folk rock to country has been smooth and rewarding for all that listen to her sweet poetry.

michael, portland, or 02/14/11
artist: the stones
Review: still the greatest rock and roll band ever!

conor, minneapolis, MN 02/14/11
artist: rob zombie
Review: nice interview - great questions

Haley, Lake Geneva, WI 02/14/11
Review: Happy Valentine's Day Phil!!!

Jarvis, philly 02/11/11
artist: eminem
Review: the guy looked like an idiot on those commercials foe the super Bowl! fucking sellout!

stacey, chicago, illinois 02/11/11
artist: liz phair

Ben T., San Francisco, CA 02/11/11
artist: Shane MacGowan
Review: This old interview is excellent. The interviewer really pulled the "true" Shane out with engaging questions and conversation. Well Done!

jill ireland 02/11/11
Review: great site guys!

rob, vegas 02/10/11
artist: panic
Review: how can you trash our boys panic at the disco go to hell

Frank Miller, NYC 02/10/11
artist: Elvis Costello
Review: Brilliant review. You captured the soul and essence of an Elvis live show with aplomb

jenna, lake geneva, wi 02/10/11
artist: liz phair
Review: the show was amazing and awesome! Love the sexy photos!

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tyler, billings. montana 02/09/11
artist: jewel
Review: Jewel is so beautiful and exciting. her music is so full of emotion and down to earth intelligence. I simply love her

bridgette, whitewater, wi 02/09/11
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: I have seen the moon here drip with blood on all hallows eve. I have a had a dear friend disappear 2 years ago. she was interested in witchcraft and wanted to see the witches book. I think that she found it

cracko, chicago 02/09/11
artist: linking park
Review: give it up guys. your music was nearly listenable 10 years ago! and now you really sound so dated

porcha, imperial, california 02/09/11
Review: no the witches story did not give enough of research give more

Marko, Toledo 02/09/11
Review: Your brain is responsible for all your feelings. And that chronic pain of perception is not an exception, seriously! That's why you believe in witches and ghosts.

jill quentin, des moines, iowa 02/09/11
artist: slipknot
Review: that interview must be a MAGGOT cause he asked such great questions and got great answers from Joey!

Karen, Tulsa, OK 02/09/11
artist: Country Thunder
Review: I have to say this is the worst lineup ever! Yes I know and I'm still going. It's too much fun whoever playing there!!

Heather, London, UK 02/08/11
artist: Abbey Road Studios
Review: An absolutely wonderful piece! Thanks you

lee, milwaukee 02/08/11
artist: ben folds
Review: i think Ben need to change his look and his sound

zane, milwaukee, wi 02/08/11
artist: summerfest and gwen
Review: sexy photos!

jeannette, lake geneva, wi 02/07/11
Review: this site is amazing!! I can't believe all the great photos and interviews. BRAVO

courtney, whitewater, WI 02/07/11
Review: Great story, the witches exist trust me people, but i must say the less you know of our town's evil the better off you'll be.

Kyle Thomas, Chicago, IL 02/07/11
artist: Tom Morello
Review: Stellar interview!

rumor girl 02/07/11
artist: britney
Review: britney is so hot, i want to be inside of her

Lee Baumann, Whitewater, WI 02/04/11
Review: I have lived in Whitewater since I was four. I lived in the only house (directly in line with a side of the triangle) at the base of the hill under the tower. That house has had many happenings inside it and is probably why it was torn down a decade after we moved out. I can attest to many of the things in this town.

Patti Jo, Hanna, IN 02/04/11
Review: This show was incredible!!! My body was taken over by the music and I couldn't help but want to be a part of every song. It was my first Linkin Park concert and it did NOT disappoint me one bit! You can watch the videos on YouTube all you want but nothing compares to sitting (standing) in that arena with these remarkable musicians on stage! The drumming of Rob Bourdon, Mixing of Joe Hahn, Bass of Pheonix, Guitar Riffs of Brad Delson and of course Vocals of Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington! These 6 guys make sure that your ticket is worth the money! I can't wait to see them again!

Steven, Manchester, UK 02/04/11
artist: Pablo O'Hana
Review: Don't miss her magic live!!

jeff, evansville, indiana 02/04/11
artist: kansas(box-set)
Review: i wish they would have included the video for cry no more, but this box set is packed with oddities that you cannot get any where else. i think is well worth the money, so buy it and kickback and enjoy it. one side note i still wish that kerry livgeen was still in the band, he really added great sound to the band

Jason, Toronto 02/04/11
artist: OAR
Review: I first heard OAR when visiting friends in Toledo (2002). I have listened to them ever since and absolutly love the sound. When you coming North of the border?
Thanks, Jason

alan, milwaukee 02/03/11
artist: liz phair
Review: liz is still a hot dish

Will P., Canada 02/03/11
artist: Ben Folds
Review: Ben is still kicking out the great jams

janet y., milwaukee 02/03/11
Review: loved the kt interview!

Margaret, Janesville, WI 02/02/11
Review: Keep that beautiful music sunshine coming Concertlivewire. luv ya all

stacey, minneapolis, mn 02/02/11
artist: atmosphere (Slug)
Review: slug is so underrated in the rap world. it totally disgusts me why black rappers and listeners are so racist against white rappers. let the music merit itself!

martian man, chicago 02/02/11
artist: linkin park
Review: are those guys even still together?? I thought that rap metal went out with limp bizkit

Frank Miller, Buffalo, NY 02/02/11
Review: Thanks for the great ticket swap pages. great service!!

frank, des plaines, il 02/01/11
artist: johnny cash
Review: brilliant interview!

jonsie, detroit 02/01/11
artist: liz phair
Review: awesome review and pictures!!

george w., hotlanta 02/01/11
artist: darius rucker
Review: his music is pretty good as country but give them old tired, but wonderful old hoot songs instead!

sydney, nyc 02/01/11
artist: Liz phair
Review: she's looking tasty HOT

captain skipper 01/31/11
artist: Liz Phair
Review: Liz phair has a nice pair

Nathaniel B. Harris, Buffalo, New York 01/31/11
artist: Cattanooga Cats
Review: Dear,Hanna-Barbera,inc,Warner Bros Entertainment,inc.& Cartoon Network,inc& TBS,inc.I loved the way if.The cattanoona cats they can jammed & I like the drummer.Groovy Groove he's the bomb.& plus I liked. Country he's the guitar of. The Cattanooga Cats & I want to. Two cartoon founders.William Hanna & Joseph Barbera of.Hanna-Barbera,inc.& Warner Bros Entertainment,inc.& TBS,inc/Cartoon Network,inc, also they passed on. Before I will joined TBS,inc. & it all due respect we lost two. Cartoon Creators who just died &. I want to joned cartoon network,inc.For my behalf to do an. Weekly prime time animated series. Without cuss words in it.& I don't do.Adult Swim not anymore.That's for older adults & I am not a cusser nomore.& Cartoon Network I going to be an recording artist at 44 years old.& I play guitar. & I do not sing period.Thanks Signed

britney, whitewater, wi 01/31/11
artist: witches of dub dub
Review: Great story phil. you did your research and wrote a very interesting piece!

Ian peters, London, UK 01/31/11
artist: Chubby Checker
Review: The Twister looks so good for his age. How old is he anyway?

paul, autin, tx 01/31/11
artist: liz phair
Review: yup exile in guyville is still a masterpiece!

peter quentin, toronto, canada 01/28/11
artist: liz phair
Review: i think your unfair on liz! everyone compares her new music to guyville and never takes it on it's own merits. it's like comparing kill bill to pulp fiction.

kyle, milwaukee 01/28/11
artist: kt tunstall
Review: excellent interview

new rocker, las vegas 01/28/11
artist: jewel
Review: I don't like her foray into country. jewel go back to the intelligent pop that made you famous in the first place!

nikki, whitewater 01/28/11
artist: witches of ww
Review: my mother has seen and witnessed evil things in this town. she sees ghosts and evil spirits within the devils triangle. i have friends who know of friends that have committed suicide after opening the witches book. I have seen a disturbing red halo glow above the witches tower. I don't know why I stay here, but it is my home.

ring o fire, memphis, tn 01/27/11
artist: johnny cash
Review: this was a wonderful interview. I so wish johnny was still making music and lighting up my soul with his lyrics

pete y., chicago 01/27/11
artist: lollapalooza
Review: hey when do they announce lolla's lineup for 2011?

barry, carbondale, il 01/27/11
artist: grace potter and the nocturnals
Review: I can't wait to see them live! I've heard nothing but good things about them. great pictures from milwaukee

Lorraine McDonald, Houston, TX 01/27/11
artist: The Roots
Review: The Roots always make me happy when I hear them!

keith r., chicago, il 01/26/11
artist: liz phair
Review: nice review! you're right her slice is over

Kalyn, Richmond Va 01/26/11
artist: Jared Leto
Review: I Like 30seconds To mars Jared Leto Is The Best

stacey, florida 01/26/11
artist: rob thomas
Review: you gotta start making better music again like the matchbox 20 days.

constance, glenshaw, pa 01/25/11
artist: jesse mccartney

jennifer n., boston 01/25/11
Review: this is a really cool site

pencil neck pussy 01/25/11
artist: jessica simpson
Review: her legs were built by a robot who understands the silliness of perfection

lawrence, nyc 01/25/11
artist: grace potter
Review: an evening spent with grace is a night spent in heaven

Monica, Stevens Point, WI 01/25/11
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: I find your story at times riveting, but choke full of holes. You could have given the message and be more effective with less hyperbole friend.

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rick, chicago 01/24/11
artist: lolla
Review: the photographs are STELLAR!!

steven, whitewater 01/24/11
Review: I've seen many strange and scary thing happen around calvary cemetery. last week i saw a headless woman come towards me as i passed the gates at 11:30 at night. she had the most awful and frightening groan that I probably will never sleep again

Sean Foster, San Diego, CA 01/24/11
artist: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Review: I've only seen Grace once and alls I know is that I;m dying for much more!

minnie mouse 01/24/11
artist: jewel
Review: jewel's body is so fucking hot! i want her body so so much!!

Rob Milleer, Flagstaff, AR 01/21/11
artist: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Review: Grace and Co. surprises me everytime I see them in concert. It's a must see for everyone into quality music!

jennifer, ft.atkinson, wi 01/21/11
artist: the witches of ww
Review: You are spot on with your story on the hauntings of Whitewater, but there are even more sinister thing that you don't know about yet

Vernon, UK 01/21/11
artist: Loretta Lynn
Review: A true American treasure

clay, milwaukee 01/21/11
artist: top 10 concerts
Review: lollapalooza was hands down the best concert of the year!!!

jeannette, carbondale, illinois 01/20/11
artist: the roots
Review: Do not miss the Roots when they come to your town! It's a one of a kind experience!

mike, jacksonville, fl 01/20/11
artist: country thunder
Review: i can't wait to go this year. the women and music are so HOTTTTT

james roberts, milwaukee 01/20/11
artist: Grace potter
Review: Beautiful photos! The show was a rainbow of colors and sound!

mergie, cali 01/19/11
artist: girl talk
Review: they always bring the house down

jilly, detroit 01/19/11
artist: grace potter
Review: my girl is so damn talented! great photos in milwaukee

Connie I. Bridges, Dora AL. 01/18/11
artist: Alan Jackson
Review: i have been a fan for a long time of Alan Jackson!!! Your drummer Bruce Rutherford may have played in a band with my husband Jimmy Inglett from Gardendale AL. Their band was known as THE SILVER EAGLE BAND!!! Played around B,ham the early 70,s thru mid 80,s.I have always wanted to go to your concert i have even registered for 102.5 THE BULL contest for tickets to Australia Tour.My DREAM IS TO MEET YOUR BAND.My husband has passed on to play in HEAVENS BAND. Our children SEATH was 13 and DANIEL was 1993. JIMMY was still young

Michele, Portland 01/18/11
artist: Johh and Lyle
Review: I watched them last night at the State Theater. I love them both. It was one of the best concerts I have ever attended.

leslie m., milwaukee 01/18/11
artist: garth brooks
Review: garth we want you in milwaukee!!

concert lover 01/17/11
artist: lollapalooza
Review: what an amazing year it was in chicago last year! the talent, the people (and the beer) still makes me smile. i'll be there every year no matter what

James coaster, toronto 01/17/11
artist: girl talk
Review: I always "feel it" when I hear girltalk!

philip, nyc 01/17/11
artist: KT
Review: KT is a brilliant songwriter with a voice that kills!! nice interview

bridgertte l., chicago, illinois 01/17/11
artist: jewel
Review: jewel moves me no matter what genre she cares to dabble in because she is such a talented songwriter and musician.

linda meyers, lansing, michigan 01/15/11
artist: kt tunstall
Review: i enjoyed the interview. no come to michigan soon kt

ben connors, milwaukee 01/15/11
artist: garth brooks
Review: garth is still the man : )

Sue, Milwaukee, WI 01/15/11
artist: Girl Talk
Review: Unreal show!!!

kyle, janesville, wi 01/15/11
artist: Country thunder
Review: can't wait for this year!! all the hot women!

Nathaniel B. Harris, Buffalo, New York 01/14/11
artist: Jewel Kilcher
Review: Dear, Jewel Kilcher I had four of your CD's & I liked all of them. But I'm a fan of guitars & bass guitars & synthesizers too. & I play. Rock & Roll as a 43 year old.& I'm a. Black Rocker & I never too old to. Play rock & roll.& I do not sing. As a black rocker I quote I am the most important black rocker. Here in Buffalo, New York & someday I will be the black. Jeff Beck in the music business in my forties. Now I going to be a star in the. Recording Industry/Actor, Comedian, Recording Artist of. The 2010's. & jewel I'm going on 44 years old. & I'll be famous liked guitar greats liked. You Jewel,Bonnie Raitt,Jeff Beck, BB King, Larry Carlton, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Tom Petty, John Mayer, Wes Mongomery, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Chad Kroeger,Carlos Santana, Wyclef Jean, & one of my favorite female country artists of all time. Emmylou Harris. & move over I'm coming to invade the music business. & I be on daytime talk shows liked. Ellen, plus late night talk with. George Lopez,Monique, Conan O-Brien,Wendy Williams, & I have my own. Clean Cartoon Show. On saturday mornings for. Warner Bros Entertainment,inc. & Cartoon Network,inc & TBS,inc. My dreams are come true.& my favorite cartoon by.Hanna-Barbera,"Cattanooga Cats" But it will comes on.Every Week. But I buying the cattanooga cats cartoon DVD with 17 episodes. And I loved.Hanna-Barbera,inc. & Jewel thanks for chatting with me.

Paul Kramer, Stroudsburg, PA 01/14/11
artist: Sarah McLachlan
Review: I think Sarah is as cute as a button!


george roy, memphis, tn 01/13/11
artist: johnny cash
Review: what an inspired interview with the only and only man in black!

stacey, chicago, IL 01/13/11
artist: lolla 2010
Review: I was getting food when lady gaga made her surprise appearance with the semi precious weapons. i was eight next door and missed it!!!

colin, uk 01/13/11
Review: i'm impressed with the value of the content on this site, well done boys

jesse, seattle, wash 01/13/11
artist: death cab for cutie
Review: I miss them please tour again guys

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jonathan, whitewater, wi 01/12/11
artist: the witches of ww
Review: I don't believe this shit that you people keep perpetuating, whitewater is great town with a REAL past! stop selling your scary pap!!

Lester M., Milwaukee 01/12/11
artist: Girl Talk
Review: The show was brilliant and you captured the mood with your words so well!

Conor Tyler, Indiana 01/12/11
artist: lady Gaga
Review: She's an over hyped talentless skank

marko, nyc 01/12/11
artist: best concerts
Review: not a bad list actually

sarah, montreal 01/12/11
artist: paula cole
Review: if she's a good as you say she is then i'll give her music a chance on my ipod

Victor Wright, New York 01/12/11
artist: Girl Talk
Review: Their vibe is really cool! See for yourself nexttime they float into town

violet, atlanta, georgia 01/11/11
artist: slipknot
Review: i'm a christian and slipknot is my favorite band. if they are satanic, then i sure hope i don't go to hell. just saying.

chicken cupcake 01/11/11
artist: axl
Review: your trying to make waves an a name for yourself with all the negative you write about him. well then just fuck off!!!!

sheila, romeoville, il 01/10/11
artist: keith urban
Review: would love to see keith at country thunder in Wisconsin again

James, Sutton 01/10/11
artist: ce lo green
Review: hello ce lo luv ya!

yates, penn. 01/10/11
Review: girl talk is just plain fun

matianne bill, billings, montana 01/10/11
artist: lollapalooza
Review: these are really stellar photos/FONT>

meghan, milwaukee, wi 01/07/11
artist: girl talk
Review: the shops was so amazing and full of life and vibrant colors, WOW! thanks for the stellar review too Andrew. well done!

Steven James, Waukesha, WI 01/07/11
artist: Girl Talk
Review: One of my coolest NYE's ever on record in my brain!

penelope, seattle 01/07/11
artist: paula cole
Review: your review was well-written, objective and quite balanced. keep up the great job there

courtney p., lake geneva 01/07/11
Review: girl talk blew the roof off the Rave! i'm telling everybody who read this, girl talk is a MUST to see live

bill potter, canada 01/07/11
artist: jewel
Review: so many people give jewel shit, just relax, stop judging and listen to her music please

ryan, chicago 01/06/11
artist: The Smoking Popes
Review: This review does not capture how epic this show was.... You forgot to mention that the set was over 2 hours long and featured THREE ENCORES!!!
I have the set list from the night signed by the entire band... I'll be posting it on in the photos sectionÉ
Anyone who checks out Athel can see what the smoking popes played.... All 26 songs ;)

martha, west allis, wi 01/06/11
artist: the avert bros.
Review: To me this was the best show of 2010!

kyle, chciago, il 01/06/11
Review: the smoking popes were awesome! what a great New years!! I like your review to

janet f., milwaukee 01/05/11
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: i've been to the calvary cemetery when I went to school in whitewater. your experience pales in comparison to my own. I was walking alone there two autumns ago ( I didn't believe what my friends were telling me about the place) and I cam across a peculiar headstone, as i bent down to investigate closer the temperature went down 20 degrees as a very odd shadow canvasses my body as I turned in horror a sinister voice said "you will die soon" I still have violent nightmares and would never go anywhere near that town again!!

jill, buffalo, ny 01/05/11
artist: lolla 2010
Review: what a jewel of a festival. i just wish I could have made it this year

jason, iowa 01/05/11
Review: joey is so fucking cool. SLIPKNOT WILL ALWAYS RULE MY LIFE!!!!! take my blood i am yours forever!

carnegie, reno, NV 01/05/11
Review: you guys have great photographers here!! wish i could work for you

jane thomas, chicago 01/04/11
artist: paula cole
Review: the woman doesn't know how to turn off her immense charm and talent!

sonny, los angeles 01/04/11
artist: the arcade fire
Review: i would have to say that the arcade Fire at lolla was the best performance of the year!!

Becky Strong, Austin, TX 01/04/11
artist: Garth Brooks
Review: Bravo on the wonderful review and pictures of the return of the the great one

Monica, NYC 01/03/11
artist: Best Shows of 2010
Review: I really like your picks, not safe and very adventurous!

Jennifer Collins, Nashville, TN 01/03/11
artist: Garth Brooks
Review: Your story made me feel like I was there. I am so happy that Garth is back in the saddle again. Now everyone has a chance to see how truly talented he is live!

jettison, vegas 01/03/11
artist: jewel
Review: that woman is still hotter than HELL!! so fine and tasty

Vishal, Imphal, Manipur, India 01/03/11
artist: Megadeth and Metallica
Review: I don't like this short hair stuff. I like Hetfield better when he had long hair. I also like metallica's former bassist Jason Newsted better when he had long hair and used to do great head banging!

jeanette, milwaukee, wi 01/03/11
Review: that is some really creepy stuff going on in whitewater. part of me wants to go and the other part of me is too afraid to!!!

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