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Artist Venue, City & Date Trade / Sell Notes e-mail
Alkaline Trio mass or ct anytime in 2015 Wanted Seats: no seat preference...well its obvious everyone prefers front, but if its last row im still good. alk3 rules. laura e-mail
Marsha Ambrosius Irving Plaza, New york, NY - Anytime! Wanted Seats: doesnt matter!!! Jocelyn e-mail
The All American Rejects Anyday - Miami, FL Wanted Seats: HI..i've been trying so hard to find tickets for the all american rejects but can seem to find them and im in love with there music and the band is the best thing i have ever seen...i've always wanted to go to a concert but couldn't seem to find the band i wanted to see untill the All American Rejects came along and blew me away so now i want to see them live! I want this so badly i would do anything for those please send me something about tickets for florida!!! Romina Cugini e-mail
All concert tickets in uk wembley -uk Wanted Seats: All tickets wanted look on buymytickets. - jon e-mail
any artist London Wanted Seats: 33 Anne Street Plaistow London E13 8bx Carina Antonio e-mail
Avenged Sevenfold Manchester Evenening News, England - arena anywhere next year Wanted Seats: i need like 3 or 4 tickets to see a7x, never seen them before and cant find tickest anywhere...if you can sell email me or if you know where i can buy tickets for MEN arena email me plz - Brad e-mail
Avenged Sevenfold Any time in 2015 Wanted Seats: 2-3 tickets to avenged sevenfold for 2015. Anywhere in the UK. Any time in 2015. Please e-mail me if you have tickets or you know anywhere I can buy tickets. Thanks, Liam Dutton. e-mail
Avenged Sevenfold Any date and any where anywhere - 2015 Wanted Seats: i need 1-3 back stage passes for a7x email me PLZ!!! ashlea king e-mail
Avenged Sevenfold ANY DAY - ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA Wanted Seats: 2 FRONT ROW TICKETS AND 2 back stage passes for a7x PLZZZZZ!!! -JEN e-mail
Avenged Sevenfold Whenever Seattle or In WA Wanted Seats: I just want to hopefully find 1-3 backstage passes for A7X! PLEASE!! also 1-3 front row seats to an A7X concert in Seattle or surronding areas!! Ashley e-mail
Avenged Sevenfold anytime -dallas, tx Wanted Seats: FRONT ROW AND 1 BACK STAGE PASS PLEAZE - crystal e-mail
Avenged Sevenfold any dates in california in 2015 Wanted Seats: hi i'm looking for a back stagepass to see avenged sevenfold i'm a huge fan and just moved to cali recently when my fiance deployed i'm looking to go see them by myself so if anyone could help me out to find 1 back stage pass let me no I'll Pay Whatever They Cost, I'm a long time fan and love them and there music. rachel e-mail
Avenged Sevenfold Whenever - where ever Wanted Seats: Wanted: 2 Backstage Avenged Sevenfold passes.... Will pay up to most prices..... I will drive/fly anywhere, Europe or else where to see them live. Tyler e-mail
Avenged Sevenfold Any date - Southern California Wanted Seats: 1-3 Backstage passes! I will pay top $ for your passes! Please and thank you! Amanda e-mail
Lloyd Banks ANY - New York Wanted Seats: I want BACKSTAGE tickets to see Lloyd Banks I am willing to pay ANYTHING!!!!!!!! It could be 50 cent and the gunits... I just want to meet Lloyd Banks. Thank You!! Candice e-mail
Lloyd Banks ANY - New York Wanted Seats: in the front - Jen. e-mail
Daniel Bedingfield Anywhere and anytime Wanted Seats: Any seat, location..whatever I can get. I really wanna see his concert! It would be the best birthday present. Sara S e-mail
Daniel Bedingfield Any US/Europe Wanted Seats: Tickets and Backstage Passes wanted for any date anywhere! Willing to pay top dollar! J Peters e-mail
Daniel Bedingfield anytime or place in the uk Wanted Seats: hiya if there is anyone with ant seat tickets anywhere in the uk to c daniel bedingfeild please email me luv sarah xxx e-mail
Daniel Bedingfield england, anytime Wanted Seats: I want to meet daniel bedingfield anywhere at anytime preferably manchester or nottingham. Please help. liz scott e-mail
Daniel Bedingfield England
Wanted Seats: I Want to meet Daniel Bedingfield after he sang to me at his contert in Leicester I did not take any pictures Im so upset but its still in my mind pls make me happy and let me meet him. Monessa e-mail
Justin Bieber Uk Anywere ANYTIME Wanted Seats: ANYWHERE, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... BCKSTAGE PASSES! I LOVE U...Isabella e-mail
Pat Benatar any date, any state - anywhere Wanted Seats: Looking for Pat Benatar Front Row tickets near center if possible. Will negotiate! Thanks, van e-mail
Blazin Squad birmingham - wheneva Wanted Seats: i want kenzie foreva if u get him for me you will recieve 1000 - rach mackenzie. e-mail
blazin' squad MEN arena any date Wanted Seats: near front willing to pay anyting 2 tickets needed next to eachother charlotte e-mail
the blood brothers arizona Wanted Seats: help me find tickets i love the blood brothers so much. morgan e-mail
Bon Jovi Anywhere in 2015 Wanted Seats: Pay It Forward!!!! The front row seats I bought on an auction site were fake and I lost all the money I purchased with ($3,000). If you have any front row tickets to Bonjovi in either the mid-west or east coast, please let me know. Back stage passes would put the icing on the cake! Pay it forward! Kim e-mail
David Bowie anything.anytime. Ontartio (toronto etc) or New York 2015 Wanted Seats: ANYTHING. just want to see bowie if he tours. laura a.m.b. e-mail
bowling for Soup connecticut next tour Wanted Seats: backstage and at least 5th row - kylie e-mail
Bowling for Soup Midlands - anytime Wanted Seats: 2 x (standing) tickets - Emma e-mail
Brooks and Dunn any, Flrida, Virginia, Maryland, N.C. or S.C - 2015 Wanted Seats: Looking for great tickets and/or back stage passes to Brooks and Dunn on the east coast. Very flexible. Thanks. Jenni e-mail
Garth Brooks All over the country Sell Seats: ClickitTicket offers a large selection of Garth Brooks tickets e-mail
Chris Brown Any date - Leeds UK Wanted Seats: Wanted tickets to see chris brown live. Totally his number 1 fan and would love to go see him perform, this is my only chance hoping for 2 tickets for me and my friend. in the uk !!! obviously let me know if u can help THANKSS LOADS!! Charlotte e-mail
chris brown anywhere any time in london in 2015 Wanted Seats: chris brown tickets any where any time please contact me willing to pay plzzz contact me amz x e-mail
Chris Brown around london Wanted Seats: front seats !! i really wanna see chris brown..THANKZ xx angelie e-mail
Chris Brown London / UK Any Wanted Seats: I would love mainly Chris Brown, or JLS tickets VIP and backstage PLEASEEEE!! Cant find any anywhere xxx Jessica OKeefe e-mail
Kenny Chesney Any Wanted Seats: 1 or 2 Backstage passes for any show!! Looking for 1 possibly 2 Tina e-mail
Kenny Chesney Florida, Ohio, or Virginia Wanted Seats: would like 1 or 2 backstage passes to kenny chesney. please e-mail me if u have them!! courtney e-mail
Kenny Chesney NC, VA, or SC Wanted Seats: I need two backstage passes! I am willing to do or pay just about anything for them. Please help me. John e-mail
Kenny Chesney anywhere Wanted Seats: I want two backstage passes for any kenny chesney show in any city, PLEASE HELP!!!!!! shanna e-mail
Kenny Chesney anytime -omaha, des moines, las vegas, columbia MO Wanted Seats: 2 backstage passes please email!!! cities listed and anywhere else in missouri, kansas, iowa or nebraska -David e-mail
Kenny Chesney Anytime - Florida Wanted Seats: Please e-mail me if you have any Kenny Chesney tickets for concerts in Florida!! Meagan e-mail
Kenny Chesney Omaha Wanted Seats: Want 1-2 backstage passes...would do or pay almost anything!!! Please help make my wish come true! Heidi e-mail
Kenny Chesney Alltel Arena, Little Rock Wanted Seats: Wanted: The BEST tickets to see Kenny in Little Rock. I have tried to see him for the past 5 years & have never made it. PLEASE... let me know if you can get me some good tickets! Ann e-mail
Darius Any UK Wanted Seats: Will pay a good price for a couple of backstage tickets to a UK Darius Danesh concert. Please help. Adam e-mail
darius uk Wanted Seats: front row - vicki. e-mail
Dave Matthews Band Any 2015 Wanted Seats: ANY BACKSTAGE PASSES FOR ANY OF HIS CONCERTS ANYWHERE fred e-mail
Dave Matthews Band NH, MAINE, CANADA, PHILLIDELPHIA - ANY Wanted Seats: any at all, needs to be $100-$150 backstage passes please my daddy loves his songs and can play all of them plus his dream is to meet him thanks, AVERY! e-mail
Dave Matthews Band Europe 2015 Wanted Seats: Desperately looking for backstage passes for any DMB show in Europe in 2015. Please let me know if you have anything to offer! Thank you, Darina e-mail
Dave Matthews Band Any Wanted Seats: BACKSTAGE PASSES!!! PLEASE!!!!!! Susanne e-mail
Dave Matthews Band Any 2015 Wanted Seats: Will buy any VIP Backstage pass for any price at any location in the world. please email me asap if you have anything available. they can be just dave matthews, him and his band, him and tim reynolds, him and trey, anything. thanks, Doug Finney e-mail
Dave Matthews Band Any Wanted Seats: Backstage passes to ANY DMB concert!!!!! Kellie Flores e-mail
Dave Matthews Band Any Wanted Seats: Wanted: Dave Matthews Band backstage; would be a DREAM COME TRUE. name you price!! thanks, Laura Adams e-mail
Dave Matthews Band Any concert in VA Wanted Seats: Backstage passes to DMB please will pay any amount just name your price please contact with any info thanks. Nathaniel e-mail
Depeche Mode Any Wanted Seats: Any backstage pass for upcoming Depeche Mode tour. Jason Tonks e-mail
Celine Dion Las Vegas Nevada - ANY Date Wanted Seats: Front row and Backstage passes. willing to pay top dollar! Kjcheristy e-mail
Celine Dion Ceasar's Palace In Las Vegas Sell Seats: 2 VIP Orchestra Seats For Any Date: (6 Weeks In Advance Notice). David e-mail
Celine Dion Any Friday thru Sunday - Las Vegas, NV Wanted Seats: WANTED FRONT ROW SEATS (AA) TO CELINE's A NEW DAY. WANTED BACKSTAGE PASSES. WILL BEAT ANYONE's OFFER. Diana e-mail

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