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Susan, Clearwater Beach, FL 12/31/10
artist: Paula Cole
Review: Paula you never cease to amaze me!

dan j., milwaukee, wi 12/31/10
artist: jewel
Review: great interview you lucky fella you

britches on backwards 12/31/10
Review: I dig this site. a lot of cool shit and shit that pisses me off. that's why I like you

Peter Yates, NYC 12/31/10
artist: slipknot
Review: please, pretty please infect me with your sickness!!!!

constance, toronto 12/30/10
artist: of montreal
Review: you guys are the gallaghers of rock

Bern, UK 12/30/10
artist: glasvegas
Review: keep me posted boys when you decide to play london again.

meghan, milwaukee 12/30/10
artist: jamey johnson
Review: he makes me so wet with his deep and sexy voice!

britni, whitewater 12/28/10
artist: the ww witches
Review: if you only you knew the truth!

Mason K., Milwaukee, WI 12/28/10
artist: Farm Aid
Review: What an awesome review and group of photos. It was one of the mamboing experiences of my life!

tim, phoenix, az 12/28/10
artist: slipknot
Review: slipknot is awsome can i have one of ur old masks?

Mason Taylor, Fort Worth 12/27/10
artist: country thunder
Review: concert livewure has great coverage of country thunder thru the years. it was fun looking at some of the past events and reliving all of the crazy times i had there. and i promise i'll be there to tear it up again next year!!!

Austin, Oklahoma city, OK 12/27/10
Review: hey man joey in slip knot is the bomb, he inspired me to start drumming and stuff and have been for the past 9 years, slipknot keep it rocking!

mary kaye, milwaukee, wi 12/27/10
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: I just found your wonderful review when antony came to the pabst theater a few ago. I was at that show as well and couldn't believe the sublime beauty of his voice

james, milwaukee 12/27/10
artist: cloud cult
Review: Cool photos and i think that cloud cult is the coolest band around

Mercury, Chicago 12/24/10
artist: Paula Cole
Review: Your review was great and concise. I wish I went to the show, (wanted to, but got lazy) but your review gave me a front row seat!

christopher richards, atlanta, ga 12/24/10
Review: Been a fan since my preteens now about to turn 30 and I still listen and sing along daily.I have always loved the fact of no drugs or drinking goes on eliminates the argument of deranged drug addicts...just deranged and taken as a compliment.only saw the live show once so far.and jerry did just as he said in the interveiw.walked right off the front of the stage and with a eager completly stoked crowd hot on his trail walk past me and my friend we exchanged hellos stepped to the bar and ordered a pineapple juice took a couple of drinks sat it down and turned to all the love and energy of his fans and began signing and picture taking.I followed suit and got one snapped of jerry and I I asked me to act out like he was choking me and I was fight to stay alive.great pic and he was happy to do so.his energy was amazing a man that truely does what he believes and loves life.

michael, milwaukee, wisconsin 12/24/10
artist: cloud cult
Review: the show was a blast!! nice review matt

johnson boy, detroit 12/24/10
artist: loretta lynn
Review: loretta is still and will always be the queen of country

Nadin, Saint-Petersburg 12/23/10
artist: John Davis
Review: Korn Forever!!

caprise, florida 12/23/10
jeson derulo is loveeeeeeeeeeeelllllyyyy

Review: Nicely written. Thanks for noticing her in that show. The Kuh Ledesma/Pop Diva in action! More shows coming with 'The Duets' with various artists next year

Donna, Marksville, La 12/23/10
artist: Smokey Robinson
Review: Smokey Robinson has had so many hits accredited to himself and I for one have been a fan of his for 40 years. His music was and still is an iconic way of bringing up wonderful memories of personal concerns and I truly believe I am not alone with my beliefs. He is still at the top of his game and I'll love him forever...

Leo Gonzales, Chicago, Illinois 12/23/10
artist: Kuh Ladisma
Review: She's real diva i'am proud of her she's one of a kind Tunay na Pinay

stan, boston 12/22/10
artist: jamey johnson
Review: he's a true blue country roots genus!!!!

cassie, whitewater, wi 12/22/10
Review: I loved your story on the witches of ww. there are still some important facts that you left out but overall it we very interesting and true

Lawrence D., Chicago, IL 12/22/10
artist: Tom MOrello
Review: Tom is as interesting as he is talented. I enjoyed the interview!

marcus, chicago 12/21/10
artist: ludacris
Review: what a hilarious interview!

margot, san fram 12/21/10
artist: paula cole
Review: she is a one of a kind gem in music.

Lori, NYC 12/21/10
Review: this site has seem really cool articles and photos! thanks

Jordan, Fargo, ND 12/20/10
artist: slipknot
Review: DAMN! Joey has some pretty good words to say when he talked to that guy about his music and the best one and all that shit. Joey's fucking hard core.

Melissa T, Chicago, IL 12/20/10
artist: Paula Cole
Review: Great story and pictures and you really captured the overall mood of the show!

john, texas 12/20/10
Review: this is a very cool music site!

Marianne Lewis, Dublin, Ireland 12/20/10
artist: The Pogues
Review: I've been seeing Shane and the boys perform live for over two decades and The Pogues have lost nothing of their passion and their energy.

nick, davenport, iowa 12/20/10
Review: lollapalooza looked like a total gas last year!!

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Jessica M., Whitewater, WI 12/17/10
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: Walk with me on a cold night in Whitewater and I will show you things that will make your dreams dark forever

adam Kedrowski, Medford, WI 12/17/10
artist: Kedro
Review: dude i played guitar at this concert you happen to know any pictures out there?? i still have the guitar but never found a picture of me up there??

jimmy, chicago 12/17/10
artist: jewele
Review: I love her so much - stay true to your beliefs jewel

Bill Buxton, Ocala, FL 12/16/10
artist: Paula Cole
Review: Your review of Paula was a breath of fresh air in this otherwise dismal world of negativity. Well done sir!

Bill Buxton, Ocala, FL 12/16/10
artist: Paula Cole
Review: Your review of Paula was a breath of fresh air in this otherwise dismal world of negativity. Well done sir!

maxi, cali 12/16/10
Review: what a cool site!!

jennifer, milwaukee, wi 12/16/10
artist: antony
Review: antony is my personal jesus

mark, las vegas 12/15/10
artist: jewel
Review: thanks for the wonderful interview with jewel

Lorraine Harris, Chicago, IL 12/15/10
artist: Paula Cole
Review: The concert was truly amazing!

brianne, manitoba, canada 12/15/10
artist: michael buble
Review: your review makaes me want to see michael so frisking bad!!

Scott W., La Crosse, WI 12/14/10
artist: Paula Cole
Review: I was at this Paula Cole show at the Metropolis Performing Arts Center (IL), and it was simply the best concert I've ever attended - and I've been to all kinds of shows (Rock, Jazz, Metal, Pop, Country, etc). She's one of a kind with a voice that is amazing and inspiring. Go see her In Concert if you get the chance. And... I got to meet her after the show (cd signing) - what an awesome person she is. Paula, keep doing your thing - you're the real deal. Love ya!
Scott W. La Crosse, WI

Val Villaluz, Palm Desert, CA 12/14/10
artist: Dave Koz, Candy Dulfer, Brian Culbertson and Jonathan Butler
Review: Their concert in Palm Desert was AMAZING last night! As a huge fan of all four artists since I was little, seeing them perform live was a dream come true. Especially Dave Koz & Candy Dulfer whom I've adored for quite some time, they are the reasons why I played the alto sax myself in middle school & I am considering going back to playing again now that I'm in college.
These 4 artists are a MUST see this, they are indeed THE best in Smooth Jazz, all hands down. I wish their concert last night never ended, it was THAT great! Would've been even better if I got the chance to meet them though :(

carrie, boston, ma 12/14/10
Review: the witches of whitewater seems like an amazing story, hope it's true! sounds quite haunted like salem!

justin, chicago 12/14/10
artist: paula cole
Review: awesome review and photos!

Anne, Tampa, FL 12/13/10
artist: Dave Koz &Friend
Review: I saw the Dave Koz and friends Smooth Jazz Christmas tour in Clearwater, FL. They were fantastic!! So much energy and passion for the music and each other. The wide variety of Christmas songs plus each individual artist solo song made the night complete. In addition to many holiday songs, they also take the time to sit on stage and share personal holiday memories, making a very intimate connection with the audience. By the time the show was over, I was very much in the Christmas spirit. This isn't the first time I've attended the Smooth Jazz Christmas tour and Dave Koz & Friends always bring the house down. If you haven't seen these wonderfully talented group please do. You wont regret it.

Stacey, Milwaukee, WI 12/13/10
artist: Jamey Johnson
Review: Excellent review Gypsy. The show was exactly as you described!

nadine sharpe, milwaukee, wi 12/13/10
artist: the witches
Review: what an amazing story, if it's true than I am not going to sleep well at night. and to think that I live so close to whitewater!

tom laws, new mexico 12/13/10
artist: slipknot
Review: they are so gay i hate them!!!

jaryd, eau claire, wi 12/13/10
artist: jamey johnson
Review: jamey is EXACTLY what ciyntry music needs!!

tareq samara, london 12/13/10
artist: dave koz
Review: dave continues 2 sparkle. candy's as glamorous as when she 1st started blowing those horns, on Lilly was here, back in the 80s. JB's so graceful & eternal. B. Culbertson, need 2 lose those selofane shiny shirts...

bristol, montana 12/10/10
artist: paula cole
Review: very good review! i wish i could have been ther

kevin, las vegad 12/10/10
Review: jeez jessica simpson has some sweet legs and tatas~

haven, clearwater beach, fl 12/10/10
artist: jewel
Review: jewel is so amazing with every thing she touches! from her music to her hot boyfriend i love her so much

katy, denver co 12/09/10
artist: paula cole
Review: awesome stuff!!

belinda t., chicago 12/09/10
artist: lolla
Review: immpressive photos guys!

marianne, denver, colorado 12/08/10
Review: what a cool site!!

marko p., chicago 12/08/10
artist: paula cole
Review: i wish i would have went to this show instead of being lazy. looks like I missed a great one!

penelope lewis, omaha 12/08/10
artist: conner oberst
Review: I love the way conner keeps changing his music and image. doesn't always work but he is an artist seeking his inspiration.

jimmy, nyc 12/07/10
artist: mgmt
Review: they have such a super sweet sexy sound

mary, new england 12/07/10
artist: david bowie
Review: stud!!

Mary, Paxton, Nebraska 12/07/10
artist: Mat Devine
Review: I like the band Kill Hannah as it is. Don't add anyone else, cuz your amazing just the way you are.

kyle ober, milwaukee, wi 12/07/10
artist: paula cole
Review: love the review and great photos of paula!!

jeanette, lake geneva, wi 12/06/10
artist: paula cole
Review: I love paula, she is such an inspiration in my life! i thought your review was really well written!

space boy bob, the fringes of the known universe 12/06/10
artist: zappa plays zappa
Review: frank has come back to the living either through the sub atomic particles of a parallel universe or he had too many weinies and beans and out popped dweezil

Stacey Lords, London, UK 12/06/10
artist: Lollapalooza
Review: I went to Lollapalooza in 2007 and completely enjoyed myself. I will say that there are far too many weaker festivals throughout the lands. Make Lollapalooza your music destination next year!

Connie R., Detroit 12/06/10
artist: the blackout
Review: I just read your blackout piece from 2004 and I loved it!

lawrence, chicago, il 12/06/10
artist: paula cole
Review: she is simply the best

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peter, milwaukee, wi 12/03/10
Review: this is a really cool site!!

beater, cali 12/03/10
artist: paula cole
Review: what a wonderful review. your writing is so full of life and beautiful colors,

mark westenberg, nyc 12/03/10
artist: tom morello
Review: hands down the best guitarist of the last two decades

Marianne Foster, Spokane, WA 12/03/10
artist: Paula Cole
Review: Paula's voice is so full of passion and beauty!

Alan, Gray, Me. 12/02/10
artist: Paula Cole
Review: We have 4 tickets to see her in Maine in a couple of weeks. Counting the days to share an evening with her and her music. What a great talent!

Andrea, Milwaukee, WI 12/02/10
artist: MGMT
Review: I heard a live session of MGMT on the radio and it was AWFUL. I decided at that moment they were basically the Indie equivelant of artists like Kesha and Katy Pery...a good studio producer and autotune can make anyone sound good on a recording. (Not that Ke$ha sounds good even with all that - she still sucks.) But basically, I would never see MGMT live.

Danielle, thorton, Colorado 12/02/10
artist: John Cooper
Review: OMG i love skillet i went to one of you concerts and it was the best concert i went to. Your music is all i lison to i love your music i love your song Never surrender and savior one song i havent hurd in awile was say goodbye I LOVE SKILLET grate band come back to denver
your fan Danielle Rodriguez

Angy , Olean, NY 12/02/10
artist: Paula Cole
Review: Absolutely!:)!
I saw her (Paula Cole) in Niagara Falls on Black Friday, and her whole atmosphere was just stunning!:)! There are no words to express how evocative her performance, how humble her grace. I cried, I clapped, I danced. I didn't move from my seat the entire time! Afterward, Ms. Cole met us all personally, signed autographs, and gave every single one of us a hug:)!
I have never been a Sarah McLaughlin Fan, but I have never understood how someone could not, not be a Paula Cole Fan.
The woman is a living maraca. Beauty Personified. The Soul Within. Gorgeousness overflowing is the understatement of the century!:)!
Here's to you, Ms. Paula Cole!:)!

michael, vegas 12/02/10
artist: axl rose
Review: u ar gay, i wish axl would kick your fucking ass!!!!!!!!!!

celeste, petalolen 12/01/10
artist: santiago
Review: intense and brural

Asley, Milwaukee, WI 12/01/10
Review: Are the witches of whitewater real? I can tell you all BELIEVE, BELIEVE!

Angel Vega, Chicago, IL 12/01/10
Review: umm i was wondering is skillet really a christian group? because i see them getting tatoos the guy has his ears pierce then i see somebody trowing up the devil rock horns and some guy with a skull shirt and eyelines????? then a guy counting money is skillet really christian or are they just in for the fame and the money?????

Mason Gunner, Memphis, TN 12/01/10
artist: Jewel
Review: People make fun of Jewel because she sings country now, I say shut the hell up and give her a chance!

johnny cole, chicago 12/01/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: great rock and roll photography at lolla!

lisbon montana, minneapolis 11/30/10
artist: paula cole
Review: her voice radiates subtle beauty.

paige, atlanta, ga 11/30/10
artist: slipknot
Review: gnarly intervierw man!

maggie, seattle 11/30/10
Review: you got some real cool things going on this site!!

Carla, Reno, NV 11/29/10
Review: Hey!! DOesn't anybody remember Cher and her belly button fetish years ago!! Eery time you'd see here, she'd be wearing something shamelessly cut way down below her bellybutton leaving nothing to the imagination..... Does anyone remember the belly button obsession of that nasty little thing?

Meghan, Whitewater, WI 11/29/10
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: What an amazing story! You hit all the facts smack on the head! I've already ready your story 3 times!!

naoufal, maroc - casablanca 11/29/10
artist: godsmack
Review: i love you godsmack very much

chulle jagger, indonesia 11/29/10
artist: mick jagger
Review: I love him in concert

Vanessa, Dodge City, KS 11/29/10
artist: LMFAO
Review: LMFAO is a kick-ass group!!! I'm sooo in love with their music!

mt, l.a. CA 11/26/10
artist: paula cole
Review: yes she is amazing! lets see new videos so others around the globe can remember and rediscover this wonderful performer! peace

brit, fargo, nd 11/26/10
artist: paula cole
Review: she's still gorgeous!

redman, boston 11/26/10
artist: twista
Review: he's still my badass boy

Karen Walters, Milwaukee, WI 11/26/10
artist: Paula Cole
Review: I think she is one of the most talented artists out there!!! She is the "real thing". She is authentic and multi-talented. She is loved and adored by her fans because she is always there to greet them. I am hoping the music world is going to wake up and acknowledge her once again!!!!!

Karen Walters, Milwaukee, WI 11/26/10
artist: Jewel
Review: Her poetry sings through her words and her music.

jacob tammy, la, ca 11/25/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: it's all music to die for!! and I was there boys

haley, lake geneva 11/25/10
artist: phil
Review: still being lazy I see mister : (

Bill Comet, NYC 11/25/10
artist: Exile
Review: The Stones rewrote the book on this one. Jagger's vocals are so twisted and jagged and Richard's guitar work came straight out of a dirty still in New Orleans

jerricha, whitewater, wi 11/24/10
artist: the witches of ww
Review: i have yet to see these things but i so want to!!

george, carbondale, il 11/24/10
artist: jessica simpson
Review: jessica might be fat now but she's super hot in those photos

Maker's mark 11/24/10
Review: this is a pretty cool site

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Blake, Idaho 11/23/10
artist: farm aid
Review: A truly amazing series of performances all day long!

jennifer watkins, whitewater 11/23/10
Review: the witches are so real!! trust me you don't want to look into the eyes of one. if you do you will commit suicide, a friend of mine told me that she did see them and then she killed herself two weeks later

kylie, wisconsin 11/23/10
artist: the avett bros
Review: my boys are so frickin sexy!

james, buffalo, ny 11/23/10
artist: the stones
Review: exile on main street is the baddest and dirtiest record ever made

Colleen Baker, Spokane, WA 11/23/10
artist: The Black Angels
Review: Nice review and yes I surly love these guys!

Ivi, Austin, TX 11/22/10
artist: Pleasure CLub
Review: Pleasure Club deserves another go and better management behind them. These guys are AMAZING. I just now heard them and they totally blow a vast majority of "music" out of the water. God bless those guys... I'm saddened by their absence.

missy, atlanta, ga 11/22/10
Review: voodoo fest was so amazing this year!!

un3, iran 11/22/10
Review: I enjoy this site much

simone, berbice 11/22/10
artist: ray j
Review: hi you are so beautiful!!!!!!

monica, west allis, wi 11/22/10
artist: jewel
Review: thankless for the beautiful and intimate interview with jewel

shark man for the deep 11/18/10
artist: dweezil zappa
Review: the lad has the zapper weird going on loud and strong

lisa harten, bakersfield, ca 11/18/10
artist: voodoo
Review: great lineup! great review and pictures!!

Stacey Keaton, Chicago, IL 11/18/10
artist: THe Avett Brothers
Review: Come back to Chicago soon boys, pretty please

lawrence 11/18/10
artist: farm aid
Review: the music was the best i've seen in years, especially dave!


mark ratcliffe, ON 11/17/10
artist: skillet
Review: awesome band...would love to see some professional live concert dvd's come out...they are great on cd but so much better live

carola, Mexico 11/17/10
artist: skillet
Review: como te llamas

pete, milwaukee 11/17/10
Review: the witches of whitewater are truly real. i know because i went to school there! i've seen strange and evil people in the cemeteries there at night doing things that i fear to ever mention again! STAY AWAY!!!

Jeff, NY, New York 11/17/10
artist: Furthur
Review: I wanna see Furthur @ MSG 11/20-21, 2010! Gonna try :)

Darryn, New mexico 11/16/10
artist: Corey taylor
Review: maggot till the end!!!

margot, chicago 11/16/10
Review: I really love this site

Jonathon, Milwaukee, WI 11/16/10
artist: Farm Aid
Review: Awesome stuff!

Mark, New York 11/15/10
artist: Lollalapalooza '06
Review: It was the most magical three days of my life! I heard the greatest music in the world there that year and met my future wife!

marky mark, portland, or 11/15/10
artist: farm aid
Review: great photos!

malinda f., st. paul, mn 11/15/10
artist: the avett bros.
Review: I disagree with your review. the avert bros are brilliant!

michael eisenberg, tampa 11/15/10
artist: jewel
Review: her lyrics inspire me on a daily basis

Micaela De Chavez, LA Nevada, USA 11/12/10
artist: Serj
Review: The coolest dude in the world!

jannie, boaz, alabama 11/12/10
artist: duran duran
Review: I stll love your music today. Ican" imagine that we would ever get old. come to alabama usa for a visit. ok??

Jody, Daleville, In 11/12/10
artist: Cher
Review: I'm sorry you feel that way about Cher. She has had wonderful songs for years, and never has had to woller on the floor like maddonna. Cher has a voice like no other, none of the other female artists will ever beat her. She will ALWAYS be at the top for me, Turn Back Time is my most favorite. You have Cher, the late John Denver, Alabama, Bee Gees, Abba, no one will ever replace these wonderful singers, NO ONE!!!!!

Michael, Boise, ID 11/12/10
artist: Slipknot
Review: I'm glad Slipknot is not satanic, I will continue to listen.

kyle jones, woods of wisconsin 11/12/10
Review: this is a really cool site!!

Lisa, Chicago 11/11/10
artist: voodoo
Review: Awesome photos!!

marko, texas 11/11/10
artist: Witches
Review: I had a friend that went to school in Whitewater and said that all these tales are so true!! I'll never, ever go there!!

Stephanie, Miami FL 11/11/10
artist: Seether
Review: I fucking love Seether. I think it wouldn't make my day, but make my LIFE just to see them live at least once before I die.

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kimberly ray, tx austin 11/10/10
artist: tim mugeral
Review: i love tim mugeral so much he was so funny when he played inthe blin side

james, california 11/10/10
artist: jewel
Review: im a big fan yours the boom

matt yates, des moine, iowa 11/10/10
artist: slipknot
Review: KILLER interview with Joey!

Monica, NYC 11/10/10
artist: Voodoo Festival
Review: I love the Scooby Doo photos of MGMT!

kevin jones, chicago, il 11/09/10
artist: lolla
Review: beuartiful photos!!

marko, orlando, fl 11/09/10
artist: the avert bros.
Review: the avert bros. rock like no one else can!

victor, detroit 11/09/10
Review: lots of great writing and reviews here!

Yoki Shamuski, Vancouver BC 11/08/10
artist: Stone temple Pilots
Review: Terrible Sound, Energy, presence, fucking Brutal. Its like all the degenerates flocked to these washed up bums

tina, portland, or 11/08/10
artist: voodoo
Review: Best voodoo photos i've seen this year so far!

mary quentin, milwaukee 11/08/10
artist: voodoo festival
Review: one monster lineup! I wish I was there : (

Cassie, Farmington, NM 11/08/10
artist: Flyleaf Review: they inspire so much in my life!! I love YOU!!!!

patience t., chicago, il 11/08/10
artist: the avert bros
Review: My favorite song is the beautiful tin man from I and Love and you

kyle baker, new orleans, la 11/05/10
artist: voodoo fest
Review: voodoo was titanic! the music was awe inspiring and beautiful! thanks for the stellar review and photos andy!!

frankie love, nyc 11/05/10
Review: man the acts at voodoo festival look awesome!

Ian Jinesa, UK 11/05/10
artist: Iggy Pop
Review: I think Iggy should venture out alone again rather than be stuck with the uninspiring Stooges

sally f, la crosse, wi 11/05/10
artist: creepy stuff
Review: Whitewater sure seems like a creepy place!

Chris Byers, Austin, TX 11/04/10
artist: johnny Winter
Review: Brutally honest like his music!

Chappy, Chicago 11/04/10
artist: Weezer
Review: Weezer. Why won't this band just go away already?

linda jacoby, st. could, mn 11/04/10
artist: the avert brothers
Review: these boys are so fine and sexy

jake 1., chicago 11/04/10
artist: voodoo
Review: AWESOME photos man!!!

Frank Pierce, Fargo, ND 11/03/10
artist: Obama and vote!
Review: I know it's confusing to you voters because the Republicans got us into this mess and the Democrats can't get us out of it!

trevore, racine, wi 11/03/10
Review: those pictures are pert weird

Brenda Capitol, NYC 11/03/10
artist: Lady Gaga
Review: Se is an overrated tramp locked into a very skinny body

stacey moore, lake geneva, wi 11/03/10
Review: phil your story on the witches of ww makes my skin crawl. WELL DONE!!

sly, la, california 11/02/10
artist: witches
Review: if you believe in witches then you my friends are the devil's friend!

megan, chicago, il 11/02/10
artist: gary numan
Review: 80s music is so cool!

Alyssa Six, El paso, Texas 11/02/10
Review: I love this band, especially their song the last night. It speaks of my life.^-^

bonnie moyer, delavan, wi 11/01/10
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: would love to read a book about all this. get someone to write one.

megan 11/01/10
artist: haunted woods
Review: in the photo with the "floating gloves" it is obvious that someone is wearing them because you can see an arm coming out of a black sleeve.

Thomas G. Blass, Great Neck, New York 11/01/10
artist: Scherrie Payne, Lynda Laurence, Joyce Vincent
Review: Please inform me as to how I can obtain a program of these Ladies past concerts. I really hope they will consider touring within the New York area soon.
Sincerely, Thomas G Blass.

muherszitha, mexico 11/01/10
artist: rawwr
Review: io amo the horrors. szon poqa madre

prettle london girl 11/01/10
artist: Rob zombie
Review: rob is one of the most creative directors in the film business today!! Such an original

Brandon powell 11/01/10
artist: skillet
Review: hey wuz up I am 11 years old and my name is brandon I am going to see skillet on Dec 12 att salem

Quentin, Seattle 11/01/10
artist: Jewel
Review: Congrats on a great interview Phil.

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Brent Jacobs, Nashville, TN 10/29/10
Review: Kate you're a fantastic writer! I love reading your work here.

Galya, Ukraine 10/29/10
artist: kill hannah the best
Review: so nice

Lizz Blake, Mantua, New Jersey 10/29/10
artist: Skillet
Review: i loveeeeeee skillet. i listend to them yesterday in the car with my bestfriend because i never heard of them before and as soo as i got home i downloaded every single song that i could and ive been listening to them ever since!

Diane, Woodleaf, NC 10/29/10
Review: I love love love Weird Al! Nothing could change that so I'm glad that Limewire didn't seem to twist his words because if they did, like all rporters, as a fan I would be greatly upset but this proves not every interview is fueled by a heinous question in which an answer is needed. Anyway, I love Weird Al and am a huge fan.

kenneth elsey, Oakland, MD 10/29/10
artist: ZZ TOP
Review: These guy the ZZ TOP shouldn't be in country they look like HARD ROCK band.

thomas g. blass, great neck, new york 10/29/10
artist: lynda laurence, scherrie payne, joyce vincent
Review: I think these three ladies deserve all the accolades, they are wonderful perfomers and deserve continued success. i look foward to seeing them appear in the new york area.
Sincerely, Thomas Blass

stacey mckenna, whitewater, wi 10/29/10
Review: what an awesome and scary story to read just before halloween!! I truly believe every word of it!

DANIEL 10/29/10
Review: he's my true blue soul mate!

Kayla R. Groetken, Whitewater, WI 10/28/10
Review: I can't wait to see this movie!! I live in Whitewater, and the entire place has always had an eerie feel. Once I started hearing the rumors of its past, I couldn't help but be interested. The movie looks great, and people will get a feel of what it's really like out here. I still wouldn't set foot in any of the cemeteries, so hopefully the movie doesn't inspire anyone to go looking for trouble here.

wes, philly 10/28/10
artist: farm aid
Review: this is the first year that I've missed!! I am so sad

marco g., chicago 10/28/10
artist: tom morello
Review: a very insightful interview on a cvery deep artist.

meghan, whitewater, wi 10/28/10
Review: I don't even get close to the calvary cemetery anmore. I've seen too many weird and strange things from outside it's fences!

anonymous 10/27/10
This is just more stupid tripe. I don't know who your "reliable source" is, but there is no witches book in the UWW library that makes anyone insane or suicidal. And what about the claim, "It is believed by many locals that there is a Witch's Triangle." Just how many "locals" did you survey?!

kevin wendt, milwaukee 10/27/10
artist: the witches
Review: creepy and scary stuff out there in whitewater!

elise chalfant, Los Alamitos, CA 10/27/10
artist: skillet
Review: i listen to your music all the time its the best!!!!

kenny d., orlando fl 10/26/10
artist: rush
Review: what can u say, the 1 the only RUSH

karen, minneapolis, mn 10/26/10
kenney d. Review: this site ROCKS!!

lori owens, chicago 10/26/10
Review: the witches are for me I know

Blaine, Chicago 10/25/10
artist: Witches of Whitewater
Review: Your story makes me want to go up there in Cheeseland on Halloween!

Peter Yates, Chicago IL 10/25/10
artist: Johnny Cash
Review: A very interesting interview

marianne q., milwaukee, wi 10/25/10
artist: farm aid
Review: I read a review somewhere that said dave mattews sucked! that couldn't be the farthest thing from the truth! he ROCKED like nobody's business!!

london calling 10/25/10
artist: punk photos
Review: thanx for the killer neverbefore seen photos of the ramones. priceless man!

margot, portland, OR 10/25/10
artist: farm aid
Review: luv love love the photos!!!

carrie, minnesota 10/22/10
artist: the bleepin witches
Review: damn boys that is scary ass shit!!

Pete, San Diego, California 10/22/10
artist: Cynthia
Review: Cynthia is a HOTTIE. Always has and still is! Wow

melia 10/22/10
Review: That interview was pretty fucked up, but i enjoyed reading it. SLIPKNOT 4EVER BITCH??.



Monica Lang, Manchester, UK 10/22/10
artist: Farm Aid
Review: Americans should be proud of these stars taking thneir time year after year to help the family farmer. Corporate farmers are eating England alive only for vast profits and little concern for the quality of the food or the safety as well.

gerardo, tijuana 10/22/10
artist: drowning pool
Review: canten chido ustedes son chingones como slipknot.

spunky boy, iowa 10/22/10
artist: slipknot
Review: damn insane interview with joey!!!!!!! rock it like a pussy star fellow maggots

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