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Karen P., Whitewater, WI 10/14/10
artist: whitewater witches
Review: I avoid going anywhere the Calvary Cemetery at night. There is such an evil vibe surrounding that place.

brianne, chicago, il 10/14/10
artist: farm aid
Review: this lineup and show was a lot better than the farm aid that was in chicago a few years ago!!

tyler, cali 10/14/10
Review: you people have some great photos here!

Frank Stewart, Boston, MA 10/14/10
artist: Farm Aid
Review: The guys should be commended for their great efforts throught the years on helping the family farmer.

maker's mark, tennessee 10/13/10
artist: merle haggard
Review: What a beuatiful and heartfelt man. this is where the soul of country lies not in the kenny chesneys or faith hills

jen, seattle 10/13/10
artist: the xx
Review: I love these guys!! awesome interview

nicol michell, colombia-cumdinamarca 10/13/10
artist: oviedo oviedo
Review: me encanta su banda me gustan mucho sus canciones ojala algun dia los conosca x q verdaderamente algo me paso kuando los escuche es una historia que me gustaria q superian aatt: michell los kiero

Quentin, NYC 10/12/10
artist: The xx interview
Review: I'm glad that the world is finally taking notice of this amazing band!

wonder boy 10/12/10
Review: i bet that some of those old witches are HOT

bridgette hoffman, watertown, WI 10/12/10
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: I believe that the witches book exists. don't let the library fool you, there is some evil people protecting it's identity

pete p., milwaukee 10/12/10
artist: farm aid
Review: wish I would have made it!! the story and photos were awesome. felt like I was there!

julienne, paris, france 10/12/10
artist: the xx
Review: a wonderful interview

Richard Moreno, Tulsa, OK 10/11/10
artist: Safire and Cynthia
Review: They were really great singers. I miss hearing them sing. I saw Safire in San Antonio, she was sooo coool.

stacey, chicago, il 10/11/10
artist: farm aid
Review: great photos

Amanda Miller, Irvington, AL 10/11/10
artist: Bruce Johnston Beach Boys
Review: Been Seen John Stamos While Twenty/Six Years 1985 I Was Year Old That Year Tell John Say Hello

carrie, minneapolis, mn 10/11/10
artist: willie, john and neil and dave
Review: thanks guys for all of the positive things that you've done for american farmers through the years!! the small town values still live on through you wonderful people!

becky, milwaukee 10/08/10
artist: farm aid
Review: dave stole the show!! all along the watchtower was amazing and inspiring!

haley, lake geneva, wi 10/08/10
artist: farm aid
Review: phil i'm glad to see you back. I LOVE your farm aiD photos!!!!

genie, milwaukee 10/08/10
Review: those whitewater witches make for some creepy copy.

Marvin < Los Angeles 10/08/10
artist: The xx
Review: Brilliant interview!

Dave, Jr., Chicago, WI 10/07/10
artist: Farm Aid 2010
Review: Dave Matthews should have been the master of ceremonies

Natale Mecklennburg, Arkdale, Wisconsin 10/07/10
artist: KOL
Review: Love ur music and music videos. Ur music has inspired me to sing, write my own music, and buying my first guitar, so thanks for everything and have a nice rocking day.

mary bronson, st. louis, missouri 10/07/10
artist: farm aid
Review: It was well worth the trip. Ir was a complete day filled with memorable songs and people!

renee, chicago 10/07/10
Review: concert livewire is a rezally interesting site!

brianne, colorado 10/07/10
artist: slipknot
Review: hi..well i knw that u guys sing about god n i like u guys songs and u guys too but i dnt think its right to be doing those thing like tattos and the rock sind and dressing like that because thats not what god likes but think about it and i love u guys..u guys rock i love u guy but dont dress like that or do thiungs like that because thats the devils things ok...godbless

Casey, Whitewater, WI 10/07/10
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: Great story. So much of what you say is true here. I'm really into the occult and what a place to live to do my research!

lyneete, UK 10/06/10
Review: This site is filled with some stunning concert photography!

linda peller, milwaukee 10/06/10
artist: farm aid
Review: the price of the ticket was well worth it! the performer especially dave were phenominal!!!

brunette from the streets, nyc 10/06/10
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: antony is such an amazing performer and songwriter

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Allan Porter, Los Angeles, CA 10/05/10
artist: The Flos
Review: What a show!!! I just love watch those ladies performer. What a treat to see Scherrie Payne and Lynda Laurance that sang with Diana Ross, they are unbelievable. Also I was so excited and glad to see Joyce Vincent with Scherrie and Lynda, Joyce was on the group Tony Orlando & Dawn and what a treat to see Joyce Vincent performing again. I love the song Joyce did lead on @ the show the song called: I Hear A Symphony. Joyce Vincent is such a wonderful singer and did I mention Beautiful, Joyce Vincent is my favorite Dawn when she was with Tony Orlando. Again, I will for sure would love to see The Flos again in concert, also It would love to see the Flos release a New CD! P.S. The Flos, You Keep Me Hanging On!!!!/FONT>

tammi, new orleans 10/05/10
Review: bob marley is the most influenced artist number one

augustus klopner, chicago, ill 10/05/10
artist: former ladies of the supremes
Review: the flos were truely SUPREME. we love to see them back here in hammond indiana and chicago,illinois as soon as possible. wonderful show. COME SEE ABOUT US IN CHICAGO FLOS

Kyle, UK 10/05/10
artist: Villagers
Review: I'm glad that you Yanks are finally discovering the majesty of the Villagers.

Misa Dolnikov, Varnsdorf, Chech. 10/05/10
artist: Slash
Review: He is my love!!:-**

Peter Moore, Nashville, TN 10/04/10
artist: Jewel
Review: Jewel has truly become a country star with a load of talent!

mark, nyC 10/04/10
artist: muse
Review: overrated buggers

maggie, whitewater, wi 10/04/10
Review: the witches triangle is for real!

mark, AL prisville 10/04/10
Review: whats up yall im am big fan and the only song i like of yalls is if ur 555 than im 666

stacey connors, chicago, il 10/01/10
artist: slash
Review: nice review and I like slash too!

Steve Weaver, Boston Mass 10/01/10
artist: The Supremes
Review: I saw the ladies in California - they are simply SUPREME! Classy act and faithful to the legend of Motown's greatest girl-group.

michael venting 10/01/10
artist: jewel
Review: jewel is such a natural and honest performer. you can't help but love her. interesting interview as well

Robert, Palm Springs, CA 10/01/10
artist: Former Ladies of The Supremes
Review: These beautiful talented women are not only veteran singers who have graced the stage for decades, their live performances are fantastic with or without Miss Ross or Miss Wilson!!!

lawrence tyker, memphis, tn 10/01/10
artist: country thunder
Review: I had a blast there this year. such beautiful ladies and music


chelsy, kingsville, texas 09/30/10
artist: slipknot
Review: i would love to have sex with joey but i would want his mask off most of the time. and that hair, dude i would grab onto that hair like i was fucking dying! haha!:D

Michael, Milwaukee, WI 09/30/10
artist: The Witches of WW
Review: I don't believe alot of the tales there but I know there is something strange going on in that town.

max, corona ca 09/30/10
artist: richard street - temptations
Review: hello,this richard street folmer lead singer of the temptation.this is the way to use my name.thank you so much

monica, milwaukee 09/30/10
artist: Death Cab
Review: I LOVE THEM!!!

George, Seattle, WI 09/29/10
Review: this site such rich and diverse content.

Colin Owens, London, UK 09/29/10
artist: The xx
Review: I am not sure that The xx can maintain their musical integrity as they keep becoming more successful?

Jenny Phillips, Whitewater, WI 09/29/10
Review: Oh yes the witches exist here. I have seen them floating about in Calvary Cemetery many times!

michael l., chicago 09/29/10
artist: the xx
Review: great interview!!

Peter Yates, Chicago 09/28/10
artist: Lollapalooza
Review: It was an amazing and extraordinary year. The acts were so diverse and talented, it completely blew me away!

britney l., billings, montana 09/28/10
artist: scott weiland
Review: scott is such an amazing performer! i wish that STP would come to billings soon!

ivan, new york 09/28/10
artist: RATM
Review: absolutely brilliant photos!!

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bahar, ahwaz, iran 09/27/10
artist: skillet
Review: the pictures are very good

Michele Gordon, Edwardsburg, Michigan 09/27/10
artist: Richard Page
Review: I attended the Hammond show and let me tell you, Richard Page has still got it. I hadn't seen him perform in 23 years but the voice, the professionalism, just the way he brings you into his performance is always a treat. I was only sorry that he couldn't do a few more numbers especially something off of his new album, Peculiar Life.

cori, wisconsin 09/27/10
artist: whitewater witches
Review: that is really creepy stuff. I hope to get a band of us ghost hunters to tour the town on halloween

camie, nonya 09/27/10
artist: uhh flyleaf
Review: (: - I love it!

Regina, Leeds, UK 09/24/10
Review: You have a vibrant music scene happening in Chicago. I've visited there once years ago and absolutely love your city. Concert livewire is a reall cool site as well

brent, nyc 09/24/10
artist: rob zombie
Review: cool interview..i heard rob's making a new scary movie. i can't wait!!!

stacey, milwaukee, wi 09/24/10
artist: summerfest
Review: what awesome photos!

Jeremy, Denver, CO 09/24/10
artist: Nick Cave
Review: I love Grinderman, can't wait for the new record

michael, chicago 09/24/10
artist: Slash
Review: Does slash ever age. he looks exactly the same as he did in the '80s

Lisa G'bnz., Las Vegas 09/23/10
artist: Chuck D/Public Enemy
Review: hey Chuck, long time. Say hi to the sister, 'cuz we missed ya. Now the music is hittin me Harder. I was always clean,but, It has been a journey. LOL? Hit me up chuck, wall to wall. !!want to kiss you!!

martha, milwaukee 09/23/10
artist: jewel
Review: an absolutely outstanding interview!

Kyle Borsch, Boulder, CO 09/23/10
artist: Obama
Review: Your Obama piece was so eloquently written and spot on as well. You should be his speech writer Mr. Bonyata

taylor, new berlin, wi 09/23/10
artist: hedgepeth festival
Review: what ever happened to that fest? it was such a goodtime a few years ago!!

frankie goes to bollywood 09/22/10
Review: you really need more film reviews on this site. i like what you've written but there just isn't enough to satisfy

Derrick, UK 09/22/10
artist: The Avett Brothers
Review: Well done mate!

Jeannette, Genoa City, WI 09/22/10
artist: Walworth County Fair 2010
Review: Terry these photos are great!!!

kayci, jacksonville 09/22/10
artist: slipknot
Review: slipknot ur fucking awsome so dont let others get u down also ur albums all hope is gone and subliminal verses are great by the way im 14 years old

marianne, portland, or 09/21/10
artist: the decemberists
Review: I love all the decemberists coverage on your site great photos, reviews and loved the interview with colin!

haley, lake geneva, wi 09/21/10
Review: Phil!! you've been slacking again I see...why don't you do more reviews?

jaryd k., chicago, il 09/21/10
artist: yoko ono
Review: i used to hate what I thought was her weird music but now I think I get it

frankie, florida 09/21/10
artist: johnny lydon
Review: looking a bit pudgy now aren't we johnny?

Belinda, Tacoma WA 09/20/10
artist: "The Witches of Whitewater"
Review: Hi This is a great page. My daughter, Christina, is an actress in this movie trailer. She has a scene walking in the locker room and another in the water. I had no idea this was based on a true story. The site is extremely appealing and eye-catching. Have a wonderful day!

billie, san fran, cal 09/20/10
artist: jewel interview
Review: thanks for the wonderful piece!

peter y., lake geneva, wi 09/20/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: great photos guys!!

Jeannette, Milwaukee, WI 09/20/10
artist: The Witches of WW
Review: I went to scholl here at Uww. Somemone I know told me that he had seen The Witches Book and two weeks later he committed suicide. I will never go to that horrible town again!

jenny briggs, whitewater, wi 09/17/10
Review: nice story but you barely scratched the surface of the evil that lurks in this town. I know the boy who killed himself at calvary cemetery. he told me what to stay away from in this fucked up town- but how can i believe anything now that he's dead

kat, long beach, california 09/17/10
artist: automatic mini burgers local long beach band
Review: Joey jordison is truely my icon. I'm vocals in my band but seeing his crazy adrenaline and speed made me want to be in a band. I admire joey because he opened up the door to a heavier beat of the drum and as he said in one of his interviews, "I've always thought that the most important musician out there is that kid that's in his basement that no one has heard of. There are kids coming out that want to make their mark-they're one-upping everybody, and it's absolutely amazing. i love it." Thanks for knowing that we're here. And believing that us kids are gonna get somewhere. I will forever see you as my icon. Thank you.

Carmelita Allen, Raymond, Mississippi 09/17/10
artist: Michael Jackson
Review: Well deserved tribute to the memory of a man who brought so much into the music industry/entertainment world. His legacy, whether his adversaries like it or not, will endure.

terri clark, fl 09/17/10
Review: amazing jewel photos phil!

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MichelAnge 09/16/10
artist: the beach boys
Review: This group is pure crap.

luna, belguim 09/16/10
artist: hannah montana
Review: i love you hannah!!!!!!

Franklin, Seattle, WA 09/16/10
artist: Black Eyed Peas
Review: What a bunch of overrated and overhyped shit!

linette, milwaukee, wi 09/16/10
Review: that movie trailer for the witches of whitewater looks awesome. can anyone tell me if they ever made the movie????

Melissa, Akron, OH 09/16/10
artist: Green Day
Review: Green Day is the best band. Bottem line..

cristiano, leon, nicaragua 09/15/10
artist: jon
Review: chavos son lo mejor en musica

linda peller, milwaukee 09/15/10
artist: no doubt
Review: gwen looks so HOT!!! nice photos

jonas, nyc 09/15/10
artist: jewel
Review: jewel stay true to your heart and your beliefs and you'll be fine

mark, elkhorn, wi 09/15/10
artist: wal. fair
Review: terry thanks for the amazing photos

jeannette, sydney 09/15/10
Review: what a wonderful site!

lori, san fran 09/13/10
Review: there is some great articles and photos here!!

marvin, chicago 09/13/10
artist: tom morello
Review: what a bangup interview!

stacey, milwauke, wi 09/13/10
artist: the witches
Review: i went to school in whitewater and believe those scary tales are true. I've seen many strange things there firsthand and refuse to ever go back there!!

ma. mia casabon, manila, Philippines 09/13/10
artist: aaron carter
Review: i love him so muuuuuuuuccccchhhhh..........

Rosettah, Houston, Texas 09/10/10
Review: I like this interview, and I think it's wonderful that Chris has finally started to produce using his own equipment, and talents which he is very talented in the production of music and remixing. Hopefully... He WILL make it with his music, and I wish the best of luck. Thanks Livewire and Chris Vrenna for the music.

S.S. 09/10/10
Review: Mrs. Walker, Thanks for sharing this info with me. Congratulation on you book.

Roc Maven, Watseka IL 09/10/10
artist: Chuck Wicks
Review: Chuck Wicks is coming to The Watseka Theatre Watseka IL on Sat. Oct 2, 2010. I can't wait to see him.

Lyle Peters, UK 09/10/10
artist: Louis
Review: What a brilliant concept! I so hope that they Marsalis and company and the film tour the UK!

James, Chicago, IL 09/09/10
artist: Obama
Review: Give him time and Obama will make this country right again!!

bristol, vegas 09/09/10
artist: iggy
Review: iggy still looks pretty good for a granpa

jenny, canada 09/09/10
artist: sum 41
Review: what a bunch of losers!!!!

Blaine. Whitewater, WI 09/08/10
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: What a fantastic story...but I want you to contact me because there is so much more here!

stacey, milwaukee 09/08/10
artist: lady gaga
Review: i liked her better at lolla than the bradley center, way more detached here

Martin, York, England 09/08/10
Review: Recent American music pales horribly to the vibrant English scene!

Domenic LaRosa, Hampton Beach, NH 09/08/10
artist: Counting Crows
Review: I took my wife and kids to see the hits and all we got was self-indulgent schlock. Started great and quickly devolved into Adam loving Adam. Next time you want to jam with your stoner buddies get down and the basement and rock on. When you have families doling out $300, you should be expected to give them a little bit of what they want. Totally pissed off for wasting hard earned money on such an egomaniac. You poor tortured soul!

Craig Judd, Essex IL 09/07/10
artist: all
Review: I was on line waiting for tickets to go on sale,,at that exact moment it opened,,I was on it!! I was there!!! Probably the best show Ive ever seen!! ALL DAY LONG 13 HRS!!! i WILL REMEMBER THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!

jermaine, indiana 09/07/10
artist: michael jackson
Review: the event rocked and michael would have been proud!

carrie t., milwaukee 09/07/10
artist: summerfest
Review: the photos are killer good!!!

sid, whitewater, wi 09/03/10
Review: yes I know more things on the twisted and evil tales of Whitewater that is probably way too much for my own good. the less you know the better off you are, trust me!

penny, harrisburg, pa 09/03/10
artist: lady gaga
Review: you are so wrong about her. she is way too talented for your small mind to comprehend!

jamie reed, chicago 09/03/10
artist: tom morello
Review: fucking great interview man!!

bonkers in seatller 09/03/10
artist: jewel
Review: the chick is still HOTTER than hell!


lora, chicago 09/02/10
Review: there's some great articles and photos on this site

Cornelia Liles, HighPoint N.C 09/02/10
artist: Jared Leto
Review: Jared Leto is so freaking hot man he looks good anyway it gose but he should of keep that long black and red hairstyle it'll be so cool to see him

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Callum Rowland, Sydney NSW 09/01/10
artist: Kings of Leon
Review: Always loved this band from start..they have finished new album recently actually GO KOL.

juliana, minnesota 09/01/10
artist: witches
Review: it's hard to believe your story that so much evil could be lurking in such a small town!

princess alicia, ottawa, canada 09/01/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: thanks for the amazing photographs

Tyler james, Houston, Texas 09/01/10
artist: Merle haggard
Review: I so much appreciate the old and heartfelt country rather than this new shit that they spew out of Nashville everyday like an assembly line! and I'm only 17 years old!!

Arianna Basallio, Germany 08/31/10
artist: 30 seconds to mars
Review: Boys I am a writer and film actress and I know that actors are voocs then wondered if I propose to you, you are the actors in my film .... Note: I am not yet famous as a writer and actress
I love you Arianna

ivy minnifield, new bern nc 08/31/10
artist: joey jordison

Perri, Spring Hill, TN 08/31/10
artist: Slipknot
Review: i had to prove to my friend that slipknot was not a satanic band and i did. I love you guys!! /FONT>

chido tsikai, Zimbabwe, Harare 08/30/10
artist: alicia keys
Review: i like alicia's style on the piano i wish i would see her face to face but that can't happen. AND by the way keep it up
i love you alicia.

Joe, Tinley Park, IL 08/30/10
artist: Creed
Review: The concert was awesome. I wish they would come back to chicago again soon.

Paula K Robinson, Longmont, CO 08/30/10
artist: David Bowie
Review: Excellent Interview!

marcie london, chicago, il 08/30/10
artist: stp
Review: weiland still has it as far as i'm concerned!

Nikki, Belgium 08/27/10
artist: 30 seconds to mars
Review: the band is so fucking good!

Jamie London, Whitewater, WI 08/27/10
Review: I stroll the streets of Whitewater almost every night. I avoid the triangle lines that form from the 3 cemeteries. During the day it is ok to cross them but at night you will see in the face of the devil

peter, texas 08/27/10
artist: vans warped
Review: karen your photos are fucking awesome!!!!!

barnet, chicago 08/27/10
artist: Lolla
Review: best year ever!! there was not one band that made me frown

Karen T., Boulder, CO 08/26/10
artist: The Stones (Exile on Main St)
Review: I'm 27 years old and you don't really know how this album moves my soul!

phil, bistro at night, nyc 08/26/10
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: your review was an absolute joy to read

fabian, costa rica 08/26/10
artist: skillet
Review: skillet you are my hero

Kelly, Glen ellyn, IL 08/25/10
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: ummm this is stupid and not true!

julie, buffalo, NY 08/25/10
Review: skillet2010 is probably the best music ever made!

Kian Irajy, Tehran-tehran 08/25/10
artist: Toby Keith & Rodney Carrington
Review: Just Sing you strupid BASTARD!

Leannette, Chicago, IL 08/25/10
artist: Lollapalooza
Review: I found myself discovering so many new and talented artsits like Matt and Kim, Edward Sharp and The arcade Fire - It was fabulous!!

Mike, Naperville, IL 08/25/10
artist: RUSH
Review: After 28 shows, these guys just keep getting better. Simply awesome.

monica, minneapolis, mn 08/24/10
artist: the black crowes
Review: I can't believe they've been together this long! What an amazing band!

Steph, Whitewater, WI 08/24/10
Review: I believe everything you wrote about the Witches of Whitewater. Don't ever go in the Calvary Cemetery at night - evven if you can get through the barb wire, even if you can get in because you'll never get out!

james k., chicago, il 08/24/10
artist: tom morello
Review: great interview. we need more talented people like tom in our sad little world

lorie baker, california 08/24/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: mighty fine photography on display here!

Terry, Elkhart, IN 08/23/10
artist: Creed
Review: When I'm looking for that one fix and hungry for a good show, Creed fills that void everytime. I've seen them at least 6 times and will continue to see them whenever possible. Thanks Creed... Looking forward to the next one.

marianne, chicago 08/23/10
Review: this is really cool website!

jonas, chicago 08/23/10
review: creed

lacy, dequincy, la 08/20/10
Review: Honestly, Skillet is the best band that I have ever listened to! I love 'em! <3

the pretty one 08/20/10
artist: pink
Review: yup she's my girl!!

micky, la 08/20/10
artist: the stooges
Review: the stooges are raw power!!!

jennifer knowlton, whitewater, wi 08/20/10
Review: I'm scared of this place. The darkness that envelopes this town at night is stifling. I don't know why I stay here, but my family is here. god help us

Jessica, Whitewater, WI 08/19/10
Review: I have two friends who have had separate encounters with the actual witches' spirits. Both told me (neither of them know each other) that they witnessed one blue, one green, and one purple light. Both friends said they felt sinister, and one friend said he heard female voices telling him never to go near the tower again (on that occasion, the witches had followed him back to his room and spoke to him while he slept).

maria, san diego ca 08/19/10
artist: skillet
Review: They are truly amazing live

castle builder, texas 08/19/10

margie, milwaukee, wi 08/19/10
Review: this site is insanely COOL!

becky, chicago 08/19/10
Review: you guys really took some fine photos at lollapalooza!!very, very cool!!

Red, seatle, wa 08/19/10
artist: luda
Review: If its the last thing I do I wanna fuck ludacris . So Luda if u want some real freaks come seattle for real it goes down .....=)

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james, whitewater 08/18/10
artist: scary shit
Review: buster me black - dumb mutherfucker! i would say never ever go to calvary cemetery!!! light or dark!!!!

bridgette, canada 08/18/10
artist: tom morello
Review: god I love rage

stephan, lansing, mich 08/18/10
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: I don't believe that shit dude you nee your ass scoped if you believe that shit

waterboy 08/18/10
Review: pink is so HOT!!!

stacey, chicago 08/17/10
artist: phil
Review: phil; your pictures are beautiful. you know how to capture each moment each and every time

sarah, michigan 08/16/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: the weekend was one of the best of my life. the music, the food the beer!! except i'm more than broke now!!

tanya m, milkwaukee, wi 08/16/10
artist: the witches of ww
Review: thanks for the outstanding piece of writing

Natalie, Deutschland 08/16/10
Review: hehe, I LOVE SKILLET!!! But most the song 'Lucy'. Very good song with lots of emotion!

Mike, Milwaukee WI 08/16/10
artist: Black crowes
Review: I thought your review was ok, but I think you left out any info on their new lead guitar player. I think there should have been some comparisons to mark ford and other guitar players or just something. He surprised me on the set

Lyle Ruddick, New York 08/16/10
artist: Lollapalooza
Review: I enjoyed looking at your article and all the fine photos as well. Felt like I was there.

marge, chicago, il 08/13/10
artist: lolla
Review: bang uo job guys!!!

Lyle Owens, Chicago 08/13/10
artist: Lollapalooza
Review: I loved Foxy Shazam and Semi Precious Weapons and seeing Laddy Gaga jump into the crowd was priceless!

becky, new orleans 08/13/10
artist: jewel
Review: jewel is an amazing performer

wiliam, tennessee 08/13/10
artist: country thunder
Review: you gotta love those photos!

johnny, vancouver 08/12/10
Review: damn you guys photos of lollapaloza are amazing!!!

bridgette, chicago 08/12/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: Thanks Livewire for all of the awesome photos and review of day 3. arcade fire were brilliant as ever and I saw them at the first lollapalooza way back in 2005

Laneatte, Cicero, IL 08/12/10
artist: Paul McCartney
Review: Absolutely wonderful review Kate!

blaine, des moines, iowa 08/12/10
Review: I think slipkot is the biggest load of shit ever to crawl out of the toilet!!

peter townes, whitewater 08/11/10
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: thanks for the absolutely scary and strange tales of our creepy hometown

kenderick, portland, or 08/11/10
artist: tom morello
Review: spot on interview!

remy buck, nashville 08/11/10
artist: kevin costner
Review: are you kidding me. the dance with wolves guy really knows how to sing?

karen, ohio 08/11/10
artist: rush
Review: your review was so well written and insightful thanks andy

Isorski, Portland, OR 08/11/10
artist: Rush
Review: I just saw the band last night and thought they were incredible as usual. I posted a review with almost 30 minutes of video at Enjoy!

Mark L., Chicago 08/10/10
artist: Shane MacGowan
Review: WOW fantastic interview! You obviously caught Shane at one of his peak intellectual moods

frank, east coaster 08/10/10
artist: jewel
Review: gawd is she hot!!!

Nolan Archer, Park Rapids Minnesota 08/09/10
artist: Skillet
Review: wow i just discovered you guys and my outlook on music has compleatly changed i mean i am blown away i love you guys wow

ryan, south africa 08/09/10
artist: slipknot
Review: shame man,pauls death is a real refection of this bands self loathing.My only hope is that more members from similar bands would set the bar and do themselves in.That way fans ,friends and family would have something to aspire to...

John M.Sheppard, Hastings, England 08/09/10
artist: Chicago Blues Fest Photos
Review: Great set of shots James! Missed it myself this year but hope to be there in 2011.

fran, st marys 08/09/10
artist: paul mccartney
Review: p e r f e c t =}

stephen Peters, PA 08/06/10
artist: paul mcCartney
Review: good review, I felt like i was at the concert, AND I didn't have to pay for a ticket!!!

Lawrence, New York 08/06/10
artist: Lollapalooza photos
Review: Absolutely amazing photographs!!

stacey campman, north dakota 08/06/10
Review: I went to school at UWW and believe me there are many unsettling things there that are being covered up

kyle t., houston, texas 08/06/10
Review: you were so wrong on obama man!

Ian Morris, London UK 08/05/10
artist: Paul McCartney
Review: You transported me to Nashville with your fine review.

brittney cox, carbondale, il 08/05/10
artist: gwen stefani
Review: JEEZ is the girl HOTTTTTT!!!!!!

buster, nyc 08/05/10
Review: I like this site, i just wish you were reviewing show in nyc

Michael Fiems, Tucson, Az. 08/04/10
artist: Yes: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Vocals, Songwriting
Review: I have seen Rain twice in California. In San Francisco and Concord. To see these musicians live is truly the "Tribute of Tributes" to The Beatles. The vocals and playing of All instruments Live, no tape loops of any kind on anything is incredible to say the least! They make absolutely no attempt at trying to be The Beatles, instead concentrating on honoring John, Paul, George and Ringo as dead on as could be.As artists in their own right, Rain is fabulous. The duration of time they have been playing together is astonishing in itself, approaching 3 decades and as strong as ever. A definite MUST!

carrie, nashville 08/04/10
artist: paul mccartney
Review: Great article. One correction... the pyrotechnics were part of Live and Let Die, not Helter Skelter.

Brad Fullmer, SLC, UT 08/04/10
Review: nice review - way short, but hell, at least somebody is penning something about this tour. SLC show is THURSDAY - I'm geeked outta my mind. 8th epic....I'm taking my two teenage boys (15, 14), plus my 21 yr old stepson is going, and my brother, bunch of great's the EVENT of a LIFETIME!

Keeper, Bath, Pa 08/04/10
artist: Drummer
Review: These guys are great. They are not afraid to be rock heros for those who still think that great sounding rock should be played well in big live settings complete with instrumental jamming and drum solos. Thank you Rush, for not dying the big death like Robert Plant and jimmy Page!!!

Katey Course, New York 08/04/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: fasten your seatbelts lolla cuz HERE I COME!!!

stacey, boston 08/03/10
artist: RUSH
Review: I couldn't agree with your review more!

Karen T. NYC 08/03/10
artist: Jack Johnson
Review: I like that photos and I like Jack johnson.

the legislator 08/03/10
Review: your Morello interview lauds a man who defends the weak and the homeless therefore I laud thee.

beverly white, new york city 08/02/10
artist: paul mccartney
Review: what a sweet review kate!! i'm so jealous i want to see him so so bad!!

jimmy teel, kentucky 08/02/10
artist: country thunder
Review: badass photos

carrie, black river falls, wis 08/02/10
Review: i wont ever go back to whitewater after the thing I saw there!

tony tyler 08/02/10
artist: paul
Review: i saw sir paul in milwaukee a few years ago and was blown away!!

Steve Rose, Ottawa Canada 07/30/10
artist: RUSH
Review: Great review. I saw RUSH here in Ottawa a few nights after the Chicago shows and they were amazing. Moving Pictures, performed as more of an Opus than individual songs was very impressive. After their break, they didn't say a word, nor did they introduce any of the songs. Yet at the end of Vital Signs, Lee said "that was Moving Pictures". Very sophistocated band.
Up here in Canada we sometimes forget how popular RUSH is in the US (if not the rest of the world). Their new DVD 'Beyond The Lighted Stage' answers so many questions and provides the band history many of us have been dying for!!!
As for the footage on the DVD, it's simply incredible. The only thing I didn't like was the editing of this footage as opposed to simply playing the whole song - for example Bastille Day performed early in the movie.
RUSH are Gods. They are super-human and my life is far better off with them than without.

jeannette cooper, milwaukee, wi 07/30/10
artist: the witches
Review: I absolutely believe in the weird goings on in Whitewater! I went to school there and are still get freaked out at night when I fall asleep

jessica, bakersfield, cali 07/30/10
artist: jewel
Review: great interview and jewel is truly a remarkable woman!

keith, minnesota 07/30/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: you guys have killer photos from all of the LOLLAPALOOZAS!!!!!

bridgette, whitewater, wi 07/29/10
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: fantastic report! hit me up becuase i have some more stories to tell, but don't want the powers that be finding out it's me

kenny 07/29/10
artist: ringo starr
Review: kind of lame acts all around

abbie, kettering, oh 07/29/10
artist: skillet and flyleaf
Review: i love both of your groups! keep doin what youre doin! but i do think you guys need to tour in kettering ohio! love you guys

Debbie Williams, Greenwood, IN 07/29/10
artist: Gregg Allman
Review: Gregg Allman is the best musician out there. I enjoy all of his music no matter if he is having a bad day or not. He is unbelieveable the best.

Fred, Baltimore, MD 07/29/10
Review: Wizard of Oz is one of the best films that has past test of times. With many new announcement about the wizard of oz movies in the news, you might want to consider starting to obtain Wizard of Oz books series either as collectible or investment at

tony, waukesha, wi 07/29/10
artist: mary worth
Review: I'm pretty sure I've seen the ghost of mary worth at calvary cemetary on my way home from classes. fucking creepy!!!!!

jeremy, chicago 07/28/10
artist: pitchfork
Review: pitchfork was weak this man

stacey cone, san diego, ca 07/28/10
artist: rob zombie interview
Review: zombie's the man!! great interview!!

mumford boy 07/28/10
artist: slipknot
Review: joey's a rad mutherrfucker. he answered your questions you tricky mutherfucker

penelope k., chicago 07/28/10
Review: this is a really cool music site! thanx for all the great stuff

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Michelle, Whitewatwer, WI 07/27/10
Review: I have been raised in Whitewater my whole life and from my understanding Mary was not just buried in the one cemetery she was split in 3 and buried in all three of the cemeteries which form the triangle, Also As for the book "not existing". Very good friends of my parents use to do a lot of work with the Cemeteries and do a lot historical documentation for whitewater. Mind you as a kid hearing all the tales of whitewater I had asked him about them when I was a teenager, not only had he told me that anyone involved with the library was to say that the book did not exist they were to deny any and all tales of the witches. As a teenager I had heard about articles that had been published in the royal purple regarding the witch stories and at that time if you went to Anderson library they did not have those in the micro film and clamed that there were no articles even written when you could plainly see there where missing dates of them. He also told me that in the under ground tunnels there were artifacts found to support the claims to witches being there as well as the klu Klux klan. Also he told me that the original streets of whitewater when planed were to form a wagon wheel, but do to unforeseen events they were never completed as planed and the street ended up forming a pentagon, at least until the early 1900's. Another thing that if you look up not only has there been some strange suicides, there is supposable a curse on whitewater and if you dig deep enough there was a murder every 7 years. The way I see it is for being what people say is a urban legend and for the doubtful there has been a lot of cover up done for a lot of years for there not to be some truth behind it.

Pete, Chicago, Illinois 07/27/10
artist: Lilith
Review: Beautiful photos Andy!

brandon williams, st. paul park, minnesota 07/27/10
artist: skillet
Review: i think skillet is AWESOME!!!! at what they do and they should keep doing what they do best and that is rock out to entertain people because they are excellent at it and they (on stage) seem like they know how to party thats awesome keep up the increbly awesome work skillet !!! come back anytime

amanda, mexico 07/27/10
artist: john cooper
Review: uuuuu yeah!!! ezta zuper genial zu musica kiero seguir sabiendo de ustedes ponganse en contacto conmigo sale nos vemos bye pd:nunca se olviden de Dios y k nunk se les suba la fama!!!

jimmy john, chicago 07/26/10
artist: petty
Review: the show was billiant!

markus, chicago 07/26/10
artist: lilith
Review: gorgeous photos!!

c. janet 07/26/10
Review: You ruin your credibility with an error like "Carnival"! It's "CARAVAN". I gots me a rAsh, now.

carrie, whitewater, wi 07/23/10
artist: The witches of ww
Review: you forgot to mention the other famous poisoning .... The "Poison Widow of Whitewater" She killed her husband and tried to kill her children as well!

stan, laCrosee, wi 07/23/10
artist: country thunder
Review: i'll see all you hillbillies at the beer tent tomorrow night...get ready girls stan the man is coming to town!!

harold thomas, conn. 07/23/10
artist: jewel
Review: jewel is so beautiful and thoughtful. I love her so much!!!

marky mark, fargo, nd 07/23/10
artist: rush
Review: rush has lost something, can't put my finger on it yet, but there is some magic missing.

leslie, milwaukee, wi 07/22/10
artist: skillet
Review: fantastic photos at Summerfest!

jamie taylor, nyc 07/22/10
artist: lilith
Review: I'm glad that this show was good, I missed them this year : (

vernon moore, chicago 07/22/10
artist: summerfest
Review: AWESOME photo gallery!!(

margot, whitewater, wis 07/21/10
artist: the witches here
Review: great article! I would never go in calvary cemtery at night (or during the day) youre a brave souls sir

jimmy, milwaukee 07/21/10
artist: rush
Review: i went to both rush shows here and in chicago and felt that they had far more energy in chicago

Lance page, London 07/21/10
artist: Lilith
Review: Lilith looks like a truly fine lineup, its sad to hear that the tour isn't faring well financially.

cameron calhoun, rancho, CA 07/20/10
artist: slipknot
Review: my day told me to stop listsning to slipknot because he said they're satanic but now he knows different because of this interview and anyone who hates slipknot can fuck off and go get a fuckn' life from the maggot in rancho

bonnie lee, ct. 07/20/10
artist: hole
Review: how long a fan or not I just saw them in ct. you my friend are clueless go there ask around try to wipe off that blush.......get a clue before you ink and paper

walid, ca 07/20/10
artist: marilyn manson
Review: im a huge fan of marilyn manson and you have great stuff here!

Diane, MA 07/20/10
Review: I cant wait to go to Johnny Mathis' concert in Cohasset MA on July 22....I love the old songs, and I dont want to hear any I dont know....Thanks Johnny!

virginia steen, bowling green, ky 07/20/10
artist: nappy roots
Review: I love nappy roots! They r great singer's! with talent!

liz ash, Toronto Ontario 07/20/10
artist: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Review: Review: Just got back from seeing the show in Toronto, all I can sai is awesome awesome awesome....we were dancing in the aisles...fantastic..

john jacobs, atlanta 07/20/10
Review: this is a really cool site!!

Michael, South Africa Gautengo 07/19/10
artist: Puscifer
Review: Absolutely Awesome !!!!! Can I get a Hell Yeah!!!!

Shannon, Ottawa, Canada 07/19/10
artist: "G n R"
Review: how do you a list of the road crew who worked the 2006 G n R tour thru North America???

janine, nyc 07/19/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: I got my tickets!!! I can't wait I'm so fucking excited!! See ya all there!

Jason Peters, Seattle 07/19/10
artist: Rush
Review: I think that Rush is still very talented with their musicianship but have certainly fallen off creatively with the recent material.

marko, manhattan 07/19/10
artist: cypress hill
Review: dank photos man!!

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peter yates, chicago 07/16/10
artist: tom morello
Review: I dig the interview!!!

miles, chicago, iliinois 07/16/10
artist: rush
Review: fantastic review and photos!!

stacey, buffalo, ny 07/16/10
artist: zombie
Review: i like zombie better as a musician than a of 1000 corpses sucked balls!!

james hoove, lake geneva 07/15/10
Review: love you site!

lisa, milwaukee 07/15/10
Review: the witches story intrigues me so. I want to go check it out there myself but i'm really scared!!

Carrie G., Iowa 07/15/10
artist: Jewel
Review: I enjoyed the interview with Jewel. great questions and answers you seemed to have a rapport together.

courtney miller, whitewater, WI 07/14/10
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: Unbelievable story. You are so close to many dark secrets in this town. You need to come back phil and dig deeper, you will find many things here that will scar you for life - if you survive. call me please

Jenkins, St Louis 07/14/10
artist: Tom Morello
Review: Fuck Morello, he's a true blue Commie!!

lauren, chicago 07/14/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: INSANE photos!!!!

paul waters, chicago, il 07/14/10
artist: rush
Review: the show was an extreme bore!

mariela, santa cruz -bolivia 07/14/10
artist: skillet
Review: skillet is so beautifil

Shell, Detroit 07/13/10
artist: HOLE
Review: Courtney Love is the fucking best! Her show was awesome!

randy, milwaukee, wi 07/13/10
Review: can i write for you - I think Im better haha ha

a faint whispers, hungarian 07/13/10
Review: i love favorite band. my favorite song, " whispers in the dark." I LOVE SKILLET. AND. Lacey.&John.: D and other.: D I hope you come to Hungary soon..:]
byby.: DDD

germaine t., chicago 07/12/10
artist: rush
Review: The show was a bit boring at times, but I did see moments of the old magic shine thru.

William, NYC0 7/12/10
artist: RUSH
Review: I think that Rush's new music is just as good and entertaining as their old stuff!! Great review

stacey, minneapoilis, MN 07/12/10
Review: this is a very entertaining music site!

margaret, elkhorn, wi 07/09/10
artist: dave mattews
Review: SEXY photos!!

Stephanie, Whitewater, WI 07/09/10
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: What a truly fascinating story. I know of thing and many that you say here are absolutely true and scarier than hell!!

marko, nyc 07/09/10
artist: exile
Review: Great review. the stones dizzying yet beautiful masterpiece!!

steveo lynch, milwaukee 07/09/10
artist: summerfest photos
Review: these rock!! wish you had more!

Janice, Racine, Wisconsin 07/09/10
artist: Witches
Review: Omg, I work in the basement of the Andersen Library......Thats scary

jimmy, orlando, florida 07/08/10
artist: dmb
Review: love the guy's facial expressions. comical and serious at the same time

jeanneatte, milwaukee 07/08/10
artist: cage the elephant
Review: cage proved yet again that they are more than a one hit wonder at summerfest!

Victor T., Chicago 07/08/10
artist: Hole
Review: Courtney still rocks. I think that your review will prove wrong when I get to see her in Chicago next week!!

peter, milwaukee 07/07/10
artist: Summerfest photos
Review: Killer photos you guys!!

joel, chowchilla, ca 07/07/10
artist: skillet
Review: it is so cool to see wat they do and how they have fun

gwen, california 07/07/10
Review: Hey faithhill how are you today? You're very beautiful!!!

britney, castle falls 07/07/10
artist: courtney love
Review: She would look so much better without the plastic surgery!

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