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steven k., milwaukee, WI 07/05/10
artist: Summerfest
Review: Summerfest sucked this year!!!

Karen, Milwaukee, WI 07/05/10
artist: Cypress Hill
Review: Carlos was awesome!!! I was blown away by his great guitars and band!!!

stacey, milwaukee 07/05/10
Review: there were so many pretty people here

khadija hassan, wi 07/05/10
Review: you are beautiful inside and outside jewel!

Amy Lee, Vancouver,Wa 07/05/10
artist: Godsmack
Review: Godsmack is the most energetic most phenomenal band ever. Sully is the greatest musician I have ever known:)

Peggy, Vancouver, Canada 07/02/10
artist: Passion Pit
Review: I so want to see them again. Michael your voice is like an angel

steph, milwaukee, wi 07/02/10
Review: I don't believe in that witches are a bold face liar

Gwen, Fargo, ND 07/02/10
artist: Jewel
Review: Her beautiful voice melts me an iceberg. I love her so much! I love the way you write your music. so full of passion and desire

adler, Milwaukee 07/02/10
artist: summerfest
Review: DAMN nice photos!!!

micky t., whitewaer, wi 07/01/10
artist: creepy whitewater
Review: I see you stared in the face of evil and survived - you truly are one of the lucky ones my friend!

Julie, Milwaukee, WI 07/01/10
artist: Summerfest
Review: Great time and love your pics!!!

billy james, vermont 07/01/10
artist: country thunder
Review: i'ma puttin my boots on and downin the whiskey gettin ready for a blowout

perry, washington 07/01/10
artist: rhianna

gariel, chicago 07/01/10
Review: very cool site

kyle, milwaukee 06/30/10
artist: summerfest and petty
Review: great photos of petty!! the show was a bit mellower than in the past but still was very good.

brent, milwaukee 06/30/10
Review: this is a rocked up music site

stephanie brown, st. louis 06/30/10
artist: jewel
Review: thanks for the wonderful interview!

jenn, New York, NY 06/29/10
artist: creed
Review: Creed is a band Tallahassee, Florida that became one of the '90s biggest-selling rock bands. Creed disbanded in 2004 after three multi-platinum albums, selling an estimated 35 million records worldwide. The four original members, Scott, Mark, Tom, and Ryan reunited in 2009 and created a new album called Full Circle. In April 2010 they began The 20-10 Tour to perform their new album. has great deals on Creed tickets for all of the stops on their current tour. For cheap Creed tickets visit

coldcut lemonhead kinda guy 06/29/10
artist: joanna newsom
Review: meet me on mars and I'll make you your own solar system

stacey, milwaukee 06/29/10
artist: edward sharpe
Review: totally marvey review

skillet, charlotte nc 06/28/10
artist: jen ledger
Review: skillet rox they are an aewe some band

Watseka Theatre, Watseka, IL 06/28/10
artist: Crystal Gayle
Review: Grammy Award Winning Country music star Crystal Gayle in concert on Sat July 10, 2010 at The Watseka Theatre 218 E Waknut St Watseka IL (815)993 6585 . Crystal has 21 Top country hits including "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" . The Watseka is a beautiful fully restored 1931 art deco 394 seat venue. Concert is open to all ages. Tickets are available at the theatre,by phone or

Julia, Nashville TN 06/28/10
artist: Jesse McCartney
Review: Jesse McCartney Is Hott...Hes Amazing and A Great Singer!!!!

bening, utah 06/28/10
artist: april smith
Review: she is so talented. there music gives me massive goosepimples!!!!

Lawrence, Manchester, UK 06/28/10
artist: The Beatles
Review: Brilliant Abbey Road piece!

greg, kenosha WI 06/25/10
artist: haunted woods
Review: i say fog and camera malfunction but what i want to know if i go on the tour thing can i do my own thing or do i have to do what u guys say to do like your astro projection thing i just want to talk to the dead

jamie, eagle, wi 06/25/10
artist: witches of ww
Review: the witches tower scares the bejesus out of me

Phillip Peterson, Atlanta GA 06/25/10
artist: April Smith
Review: Great interview and I love her music!

london calling 06/25/10
artist: passion pit
Review: what a yum yum band

gavin, chicago 06/25/10
Review: you got ultra cool stuff here!!

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Margaret, London, U.K. 06/24/10
artist: April Smith and the Great Picture Show
Review: I discovered them a few months ago and am enraptured with their quirky music. Bravo on the fine interview with April!!

jonathon, minneapolis, mn 06/24/10
artist: april smith
Review: she's a breath of fresh air in this stagnant music world!

miles r., chicago 06/24/10
artist: bryan adams
Review: I still like ryan better ; )

Vaughn, NYC 06/24/10
artist: jewel
Review: a captivating beauty indeed...

Dan, Holmdel, NJ 06/23/10
artist: Scorpions
Review: Just saw Scorpions at PNC Bank Arts center. Just like Tull the week before, another nose thumbing at the old fans who made them what they are. After 75 minutes they had played only one of their radio hits, and Klaus Meine's voice sounded so bad, it was like chalk screeching on a black board. I left not caring what was played after that, another $150 was already circling fast and deep, headed down the tubes, and into Klaus Meine?s pockets. The sound of the toilets flushing in the venue's bathroom sounded better than the Scorpions !

jennifer tyler, whitewater, wi 06/23/10
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: Fantastic writing and photos. You captured the mood and history of our strange little town very well!

jeven n., chicago 06/23/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: this years lineup is kinda lame.

gaby, malaga espala 06/22/10
artist: nkotb
Review: they are still gorgeous!!!

dana merz 06/22/10
artist: eminem
Seats: to meet with eminem before show or after show, backstage passes, front or second row seat, it would be a dream come true !

beth, colorado 06/22/10
artist: passion pit
Seats: great review!!

Pam, Park Forest, IL 06/21/10
artist: clapton's crossroads
Review: Awesome lineup~ only ones missing is Jimmy Page and Eddie Van Halen.. to hear them all together would be a giant O!!! Im thinking of Other Blues guitarists too! TICKETS ANYONE..?? PLEASEEEE!!!

maxim, chicoutimi, Quebec canada 06/21/10
artist: bon jovi
City & State: Review: do you see this might be the same night as Stone Cold Steve Austin - former wrestler wwe? get a life bon jovi

ben macken, edina, mn 06/21/10
artist: new kids
Review: i saw them for free at the mall of america

johnson, canada 06/21/10
artist: sheryl crow
Review: she looks fantastic for 48 years old!!

mason j., dallas, tx 06/21/10
artist: edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
Review: Modern hippies unite for edward sharpe is our saviour!

jessica, pittsburgh, pennsylvannia 06/21/10
artist: nkotb
Review: AWESOME AWESOME pictures!!!

Mean Joe T, North Brunswick, NJ 06/18/10
artist: Manzerak & Krieger
Review: Just saw these guys last week at The Starland Ballroom in Sayreville NJ. They totally rocked, played for 2 solid hours, and the crowd went nuts. One thing I gotta add is that singer is amazing! Didn't think anyone could do justice for the Doors, but this guy is absolutely incredible. Definately want to see them again. Who would think these guys could still rock in 2010? But they sure did!

lawrence, cairo IL 06/18/10
artist: tom morello
Review: morello is the most innovative guitarist in the last 20 years!!

hannah, indy 06/18/10
artist: nkotb
Review: the photos are HOTT!!!!!!!!

fat freddy 06/18/10
artist: jewel
Review: she's still drop dead gorgeous!!

monica, chicago, il 06/18/10
Review: I just found out about this site and I LOVE it!

kyle r., seattle 06/17/10
artist: the decemberists
Review: I need to see the decemeberists live again!!! when are they coming to seattle?

jake, milwaukee 06/17/10
artist: jewel
Review: the show was a beauty. jewel is much better solo than with a backing band.

Stacey Thomas, Milwaukee, WI 06/17/10
artist: Verge Fest
Review: The weather kind of fucked things up, but once you accepted it and started listening to the music it was a great time..Awesome story and photos too!

Brenda, Whitewater, WI 06/16/10
artist: the Witches of WW
Review: Excellent reporting! Please contact me as I have many more untold stories from this weird little town.

Constance, UK 06/16/10
artist: Adam lambert
Review: He's a sexy little twit.

laura, milwaukee 06/16/10
artist: vergefest
Review: hey Lynn your photos ROCK!!

Justin M., Canada 06/15/10
artist: Rob Zombie
Review: Great interview! I love Zombie as the twisted director that he has become.

bonnie lee, milwaukee, wi 06/15/10
artist: verge
Review: afi ruled and weezer wasn't as good as they used to be.

kylie, milwaukee 06/15/10
artist: verge fest
Review: it would have been so much more fun if it hadn't rained...but what are you going to do. I love the pictures!!!

jamaica jim, chicago 06/15/10
artist: liza
Review: she still radiates beauty and charm, and she can still belt out those notes!

Mark, Chicago, IL 06/14/10
artist: Liza Minnelli
Review: Her Chicago performance was absolutely magical! Thanks Andy for the wonderful review and photos!

jose ramirez, seffner, fl 06/14/10
artist: joey jordison
Review: hey joey you are my heart and soul and inspire me by the minute!

alvonte, montgomery, al 06/14/10
artist: terry crews
Review: heyy terry crews i think u is asexy outstanding guy with your big chest

jeanneatte, texas 06/14/10
artist: country thunder
Review: great photos!! can't wait for this summer!

micael, new berlin, wi 06/11/10
artist: scary things
Review: I made love to a beautiful witch under the watertower in whitewater

victor, fitchburg 06/11/10
artist: paramore
Review: i love you paramore you are so fuck cool rock on

carol, south carolina 06/11/10
artist: country thunder
Review: wow! alan jackson and Tim Mcgraw,taylor swift all you need to make this just perfect is sugarland and kellie pickler

Christina, Milwaukee, WI 06/10/10
artist: NKOTB
Review: I was at the show on 6/5/10 in Hammond and it was awesome. NKOTB brought the house down. Can't wait to see them again in NYC.

Stacey, milwaukee 06/10/10
artist: jewel
Review: Her performance at the pabst was amazing. she is such a great storyteller with an awesome voice. Your pictures are breathtaking!!

Jesse, Cincinnati, OH 06/10/10
artist: New Kids On The Block
Review: I was there!!! I've been an NKOTB fan since I was 13 and I will be one til the day I die! If they return twenty years from now, I'll be there cheering them on!!! THEY ROCK MY PANTIES OFF!!!

kristiluvsnkotb, St. Louis, MO 06/10/10
artist: New Kids on the Block
Review: RAVE!!!! This concert was so amazing!! We drove 6 hours to get there & it was SO WORTH IT!!! We only planned on going Saturday night, but the show was so phenomenal we stayed over & attended Sunday's show too!! NKOTB can bring it in a BIG WAY!! So much talent across the group! THE BLOCK is an outstanding album that should be banging on radio stations across the country!
NKOTB takes the concert experience to the NEXT LEVEL!!!!!!

Melissa, Effingham, IL 06/10/10
artist: New Kids on the Block
Review: This was my 5th-7th time seeing them and once again they exceeded all of my expectations. Amazing show by 5 of the most amazing men!

John, Chicago 06/10/10
Review: Great site!! I come to see what's up musically in the area every week.

Missy, Chicago, IL 06/10/10
artist: NKOTB
Review: Seeing New Kids all 3 nights in Hammond was one of the best week ends of my life!

Kristi, Midland, TX 06/10/10
artist: NKOTB
Review: Rave rave rave!! :) A great review!! I was lucky enough to see them in Hammond on Sunday and absolutely LOVED every second of it!!

Bridgette, Whitewater, wi 06/10/10
artist: scary things
Review: DO NOT go into Calvary cemetery at dusk!! the things i've seen and heard will make your skin crawl! why do you think that they have barb wire all around?

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marty kline, chicago 06/09/10
artist: exile
Review: exile is the father of grunge and american roots music. the stones myth will always live on!

David Short, London, UK 06/09/10
artist: Passion Pit
Review: I think that the boys are on to something here. Their music reverbs my entire body.

samantha, milwaukee, wi 06/09/10
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: whitewater is a really creepy town at night!

brittney, san jose, ca 06/09/10
artist: jewel
Review: great interview! jewel has always had a great impact on my life

peter cottontail 06/08/10
artist: jessica simpson
Review: I was watching leno the other night and jessica said that she's addicted to nicotine gum and never smoked before! What a air brain!!

jaryd, chicago 06/08/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: you have some insane lolla photos here!!

mariela, mexico 06/07/10
artist: skillet
Review: los amo muxo skillet son lo maximo viva skillet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lora, chicago, il 06/07/10
artist: jewel
Review: jewel's acoustic solo performance in Chicago was AMAZING. her voice is so beautiful!! loved the interview

Margaret, Milwaukee, WI 06/07/10
artist: Jewel
Review: Jewel is beautiful!

marky, vegas 06/07/10
Review: thanks for the great site. some real nice concert photography here!

logan, san diego, ca 06/04/10
artist: jewel
Review: I wish you would have asked more about ty!

kyle ronnan, california 06/04/10
artist: slipknot
Review: dam good interview with joey!!!!

holly, texas 06/04/10
artist: jewel
Review: jewel you are so beautiful and smart! I loved all of your answers!!

paris, nevada north las vegas 06/03/10
artist: ludacris
Review: whats your parents name

Kazuki Gomi, Osaka, Japan 06/03/10
artist: Ringo Starr
Review: I want to purchase the Ringo Starr photograph which was photographed of Tony Bonyata All the best, Kazuki...great!!

baker, minnesota 06/03/10
artist: jewel
Review: can you yodel for me jewel??

jessa, whitewater, wi 06/02/10
Review: i've been to the witches tower now late at night and have seen shadows come from nowhere when there is no light source and very eerie noises when the wind is still.

Kyle, Chicago, IL 06/02/10
artist: Publuc Image LTD.
Review: Johnny still knows how to keep it dangerous!

kevin, milwaukee, Wi 06/02/10
Review: this is Milwaukees best music site!

Looch, Vancouver BC Canada 06/02/10
Review: Saw you guys tonight here in Vancouver-Fab! Hey "John", last time I saw you, you were looking for a fake Lennon nose-no luck?

marco, philly 06/01/10
Review: beatles unquestionably the greatest band ever

ANNA, BARDOS 06/01/10
artist: LATOYA

marylynn nash whaley, route 30, salmem, n.y. 06/01/10
artist: davy jones, the monkess
Review: coming up, to trip. chicoga, night.? concert, my mom and marylynn? see you, show... the monkees, summer where. time It Is twon, see my mom and me. cds gathy and picture, gathy? for me... I love the monkees. davy jones, I love you. DAVY JONES? I'm only one fave, mary mary? big fave, of the monkees, yes. I do

kim, asia 06/01/10
artist: slipknot interview
Review: its kinda funny!! love it!!!

jill, miami 05/31/10
Review: I watched some videos on you tube and i think it was truly magnificent! Makes me jealous :P I can't wait to see their concert in Orlando XP

missy little, chicago 05/31/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: hope to see you guys there again this year!!

Colton, NYC 05/31/10
artist: PIL

Lauren, Jacksonville, Florida 05/31/10
Review: love love love passion pit!

jimmy lee 05/28/10
artist: jessica simpson
Review: Damn that woman is hotttt

lora yates, st.paul, mn 05/28/10
artist: culture club
Review: boy george where are you i miss you

artist: SKILLET

ekfik 05/28/10
artist: ek-boss
Review: you are fantastic!!! the monster is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexis, East Canton, Ohio 05/27/10
artist: Lacey
Review: Lacey you are so pretty, p.s. I love your guys music =)

jackie 05/27/10
artist: whitewater witches
Review: i've been there and I know the truth...keep close to your momma's breast and pray to the underground

jonathon reese, buffalo, ny 05/26/10
artist: passion pit
Review: passion pit are full of life, energy and a love of music, viva la passion pit!

margot, fort atkinson, wi 05/26/10
artist: the witches
Review: whitewater creeps me out everytime I go there with my mom or dad. just weird shadows and noises that I can't explain. I would never ever go in calvary cemetery, you're absolutely crazy if you do!! your best bet is to stay the hell away from whitewater altogether!!

lyle, chicago 05/26/10
artist: Tom morello
Review:the interview was a GAS!

brittany stewart, amsterdam, ohio 05/26/10
artist: david archletta
Review: dose he have a pet..if not I can be one!!

Tyree, Norfolk, Va 05/26/10
artist: Slipkont
Review: i think slipknot is an awesome band and they inspriing me to start my own band

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Brittany Sukowski-Turley, Whitewater WI 05/25/10
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: I believe all this is real my grandmother has told me stories and my family has lived her for years. I ALWAYS thought it was weird how Irvin l young library never had the books of the cemeteries in whitewater, i needed to do a class project on where u were from and i wanted to find which family members were buried in which Whitewater cemetery well come to find out after asking family none of them are, well now i know why the cemeteries have spirits the didnt want to be with for all eternity. im not like most people who want to get a cheap thrill and think its all stories and tales and grandparents who need to go to the loony bin i believe most if not all is real the whitches, sprits everything, ever since i have been born i have lived here and my family never told me family stories until the school project came up then i could tell they were hiding something but what .......

rogerio, Brasilia, the Capital 05/25/10
artist: Robert Plant
Review: Hello, guys. Id like to send an email to Plant. Is it possible by your space? By the way, you have a special and good place here. Thanks.

devin adkins, proctorville, ohio 05/25/10
artist: hostile society
Review: hostile society is really good they are a local band from proctorville ohio if you want to know more about them check em out on myspace or email me at

james, london, UK 05/25/10
artist: johnny lydon
Review: he's a fucking wanker!!

kylie p., atlanta, georgia 05/24/10
Review: I love ghosts!! I want to come to whitewater soon

ken, ottawa 05/24/10
artist: stp
Review: give it up guys!

margie 05/24/10
Review: you are the great ones all of you photographers

jimmy, arkansas 05/21/10
artist: country thunder
Review: thanks for all of the amazing pictures of country thunder. all the country girls look so hot

John, Leeds, UK 05/21/10
artist: PiL
Review: Hats off mate for the spot on review.

lori, alberta, canada 05/21/10
artist: jewel
Review: she is so beautiful you know

peter y., nyc 05/21/10
Review: this site is insanely cool!

Shelby Greathouse, Russellville, Arkansas 05/20/10
Review: I think that slipknot has its own shit, and its sick as fuck. You do you man. It's great. ..but i dont think im going to carve fucking shit in my back for you though.. haha.

lauren, minneapolis, mn 05/20/10
artist: pil
Review: stellar photography!!

george tyler, montana 05/20/10
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: we have similar stories to tell in our creepy towns here in the great state of montana. except everyone's afraid to talk about them.

Bernie, UK 05/20/10
artist: Johnny Lydon
Review: The jerk has always been a fucking WANKER!!!

lara 05/19/10
artist: skillet
Review: i'll love them forever!!

jeannette yates, chicago 05/19/10
artist: the smiths
Review: please guys will you reunite!

Monica Davis, San Jose, CA 05/18/10
artist: Peter Gabriel
Review: Peter is yet again reinventing himself.

tyler 05/18/10
artist: jared leto
Review: from rock star to prince of persia - c'mon give me a break!

stanley johnson, baton rouge, la 05/18/10
artist: janet jackson

Tori, Hawley, Minnesota 05/18/10
artist: Skillet
Review: i think this is amazing...i love ya'll

Marco, Milwaukee 05/17/10
artist: Public Image Ltd.
Review: It was my second time seeing PIL and I have to say the show was just as fiery and intense as when I saw them in the early nineties

kyle o., bakersfield, ca 05/17/10
artist: sia
Review: a clever woman with ideas all her own.

karen, chicago, il 05/17/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: I go every year and every day of the fest. to me this is one is one of the worst lineups ever!!

Amanda, Sun Valley, CA 05/17/10
artist: Paramore
Review: I want to see you in the flesh again...ewww I love YOU!!!!!

berta, california 05/17/10

Mark Tyler, Milwaukee, WI 05/14/10
artist: Tom Morello
Review: Follow Tom everyone he has a lot of great ideas on how this world c(sh)ould be.

fatgurl 05/14/10
artist: no doubt
Review: gwen, please tour again!!!!

lyle r., ormond beach, fl 05/14/10
artist: the lips
Review: you're absolutely right! i've seen the lips 6 times an only grow in awe each time I see them!

jenny, nyc 05/14/10
artist: pil
Review: johnny might be old, but he'll always be my #1 punker!

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Margot, Austin, TX 05/13/10
artist: Willie Nelson
Review: Hey Willie won't you share that joint with your biggest fan?

karen, cali 05/13/10
Review: this is a great site!!!!

ben k., detroit, mi 05/13/10
artist: pil
Review: johnny's a jerk, but a talented one at that

melody, milwaukee 05/13/10
artist: apples in stereo
Review: the show was so amazing. full of life, perkiness and charm!!

mason, phoenix, az 05/12/10
artist: PIL
Review: the sex pistols were the grandaddys of punk, long live johnny rotten!!

sage. milwaukee 05/12/10
artist: apples in stereo
Review: thomas your review was right on. thanks for the awesome review

cari ann, madison, wi 05/12/10
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: what a creepy and intriguing story you weave

Tyler, Idaho 05/12/10
Review: Drummer is hot.. hands down. Both of the chicks are but damn.. Drummer is :O

daniel, england 05/11/10
Review: skillet kicks ass

brennan, florida 05/11/10
artist: flyleaf
Review: bad ass, like the pictures

Terry Phelps, Milwaukee, WI 05/11/10
artist: Neko Case
Review: Why would Jakob Dylan waste Neko's immense talents as a backup singer??

Ally 05/11/10
artist: Jared Leto
Review: I think I.. would do anything to meet him.

Alan, UK 05/10/10
artist: Johnny Lydon
Review: I saw Johnny Rotten play with PIL some for the last time I have 10 years ago or more now in the London Shepherds Bush Empire Theatre and as always this guy does what he says on the TIN, delivers , the man influenced my musical tastes and my life choices back in the insane days of growing up during the punk rock explosion, getting sent home from school for wearing a Clash Bondage Shirt!, God Save The Queen Sex Pistols style during the Jubilee, along with the now sadly departed Joe Strummer and Ian Dury these three guys I owe more to my character than any other influence in my musical or otherwise life!

Thank god I was born when I was and not 10 years too late for punk! one of my favourite lines of all time came to mind during the last few days of UK elections "If Adolf Hitler was here today, they'd send a limousine anyway!" Joe Strummer "White Man In Hammersmith Palais!"

corey, los angeles 05/10/10
artist: the flaming lips
Review: wayne you make me wet all over

Joe Hardtke, Milwaukee, WI 05/10/10
artist: Public Image Limited
Review: It was a show for the ages. Johnny you might be an asshole, but you are a brilliant one!

barb, madison, wi 05/10/10
artist: johhny rotten
Review: the photos are amazing! the review made me wish i would have plunked the money down and seen them when I had my chance

margie, milwaukee 05/10/10
artist: pil
Review: I absolutely loved seeing them live for the first time!! Johnny is still so full of anger and real punk energy. Long live the Sex pistols!!!

Rory Skillin 05/07/10
Review: Writing this as a massive fan of the band, and their large collection of work to date, I take what is written here as a fairly good summation of a Brian Jonestown Massacre 'gig'. When a band's appeal is not only their music, but their enthusiasm, charisma, beliefs and possibly folklore, then a one-off night of live music is going to be eagerly anticipated. When that show is one of 50, 60 shows over two and half months, then what you innevitably, unfortunately end up with, is a poor immitation of what you had in mind. At the risk of sounding too ridiculous, the BJM are better, the fewer the listeners. I'm not making a point here about fame, I'm saying give them a big stage and a thousand fans, and you'll lose the artistry that you know they are capable of. Having seen the BJM headline T in the Park, all be it fortunately (Hot Chip were unwilling to play the same time as Prodigy, supposidly...) I came away having seen the best band in the world, who write the best music, and sing the best lyrics. I would fully understand however, if someone who was standing right next to me, felt completely different. I suppose it would be how I felt watching Prodigy at a later event.
To call BJM an album band, would be doing them a great disearnest, but if the love isn't there having heard the albums, I don't think the live show is going to win you over.

margot, chicago, il 05/07/10
Review: I've been coming to this great music site for years. thanks for all of the hardwork that all you guys do here!

bridgette, st. louis 05/07/10
artist: jared leto
Review: I like jared a lot, I think he is intelligent and talented!

Carey, Chicago, IL 05/07/10
artist: NO Jazzfest
Review: great review and photos Andy!

Jamie, Indpls, In 05/06/10
artist: Fireflight
Review: Fireflight is so awsome!!!!!!!

haley, lake geneva, wi 05/06/10
artist: phil
Review: thanks for the sneak peek of your johnny rotten pics. they're AWESOME!

lord of the rings 05/06/10
artist: rob zombie
Review: stick to the music - your movies BLOW!!!

Peter, London, U.K. 05/05/10
artist: The Stooges
Review: They still rock with the same intensity they did 40 years ago. Iggy you are a punk master, mate!

lawrence, chicago 05/05/10
artist: lolla

casey, whitewater, wi 05/05/10
Review: the withces here are not nice ones. I myself have seen them near the witches tower and I've never been so scared in my whole life!!!

sherri tate, new jersey 05/05/10
artist: 30stm
Review: Awesome review, I just wish it were longer!

marianne, milwaukee 05/04/10
artist: neko case
Review: I agree it was a shame to see neko wasted in the background

tali, nyc 05/04/10
artist: stp
Review: I so want to see them live before they break up again

aaron harris, north dakota 05/04/10
artist: slipknot
Review: badass mutherfuckers!!

stephan, germany 05/03/10
artist: flaming lips
Review: hay i can not so good englisch sorry YOU THE BEST BEND EVER

masdon, milwaukee, wi 05/03/10
artist: jared leto
Review: loved the interview and jared you're a true genuis!!

kylie, whitewater 05/03/10
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: I've seen way too many scary things in this town to describe, but I warn you all of you it is so very real. BEWARE!!!!!!!

jessica, milford, nh 05/03/10
artist: flaming lips
Review: um i think that they should come to milford NH every one loves them here they will make more money than in new york trust me

lisa, chicago, il 05/03/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: I am so excited for this year blowout!!

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Doug Nadeau, Colorado Springs, Co 04/30/10
artist: Sia
Review: Just discovered, my kind of music!!!!!!!

Mason Wright, New York 04/30/10
artist: The Flaming Lips
Review: They are what everyones life should aspire to!!

matt, minneapolis 04/30/10
artist: yoko ono
Review: yoko is a complete and brilliant woman

monica, milwaukee 04/29/10
artist: 30 seconds to mars
Review: I love the photos of jared!

johnny, milwaukee 04/29/10
artist: sia
Review: I saw sia in milwaukee a couple of years ago - she is AWESOME!!!

lawrence waters, nyc 04/29/10
Review: some really outstanding photography here!!

Che Correa, Green Bay, WI 04/28/10
artist: 30 Seconds To Mars
Review: Awesome pics!! I met you at the show!! The show was awesome!! I sent you an email....Please respond!! LOL :)

laura tynes, milwaukee, wi 04/28/10
artist: the lips
Review: the show was a magical mystery tour!!!

little lady from the south 04/28/10
artist: jared leto
Review: very enjoyable in every way!!

green day adrien, blogue, france 04/28/10
artist: green day
Review: mon p'tit Billi joe amstrong jtm!!!!

brianne, jacksonville, fl 04/27/10
artist: jared leto
Review: jared is such a cool guy, thanx for the interview.

jaryd burns, chicago 04/27/10
artist: the lips
Review: brilliant piece man!! you really captured the vibe in words and in pictures of what it's like to attend a lips show!

margot, las vegas 04/27/10
artist: flaming lips
Review: pretty pictures!!

peter m., milwaukee 04/27/10
artist: ben folds
Review: ben is amazing in concert. I love him so much!

Rachel, Whitewater, WI 04/26/10
Review: Me and two of my friends just went up by the watertower on campus and saw a lot of creepy things. It was reported to us that if we walked around it three times we would hear something, six time we would see something; and we did. One of the fence pegs was moved after the third time, got hit in the head by something on the 4th time, and after the 6th we found a strip from a book infront of us. Needless to say we are all freaked out.

Meghan, Daytona Beach, Fl 04/26/10
artist: Jared Leto
Review: What bad things are happening in Jared's life????

Michele F. Reyes, Manila, Philippines 04/26/10
Review: Johanna is adorable a very very good musician

carrie o., fort atkinson, wi 04/26/10
artist: 30 secs to mars
Review: their show was so fucking cool!!!

taylor, ia 04/26/10
artist: skillet
Review: nice photos

Sid, Detroit, Michigan 04/23/10
artist: Eminem
Review: How do you think Eminem is a "90's" rapper..when only 1 of his albums was released in the 90's....How can you say that when we was named the Artist of the 20's decade...Next time...get a better reviewer website

Conti, Bloomington, IL 04/23/10
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: My friends and I are planning a trip there this summer based on the legends there.

johnny, austin, tx 04/23/10
artist: jared leto
Review: jared your legacy is already sealed in my book.

brittney, miami, florida 04/23/10
artist: 30 seconds
Review: jared you make me very horny!!!

jermaine, hammond, ind 04/23/10
artist: janet jackson
Review: she is so sexy. yum yum

paige, nyobz! 04/22/10
artist: all of them!
Review: OMG! OMG! There was a Skillet, Evanesence AND Flyleaf tour!? Why didn't I know about this? I totally would have gone. They are my favorite bands! =D

bill phelps, chicago 04/22/10
artist: huey lewis
Review: the old cat still has it!

margaret k., detroit 04/22/10
artist: jared leto
Review: damn cool interview!!

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Alexa, Santa Ana, CA 04/21/10
artist: Dashboard Confessional
Review: DC's performance april 6 was my first real concert that i've ever attended. it was amazing!! chris is so sweet and you can definetely tell he loves his fans. i sang my lungs out. every song he played i had at some point in my life used to get me by. i couldn't have asked for anything better! <3

Riley, Seattle, WA 04/21/10
artist: The Avett Bros.
Review: Brilliant photography!!

Maggie, New Mexico 04/21/10
artist: 30 seconds to Mars
Review: good questions and jared had some nice answers

carrie r., memphis, tn 04/21/10
artist: jared leto
Review: jared is soooo sexy and smart, I love him!!

Margot, Chicago, IL 04/20/10
artist: Julian Casablancas
Review: He's just as good as a solo artist as he is with the Strokes!

jeehadz, zamboanga 04/20/10
artist: fred durst
Review: i love you fred durst, your the best for me mwaaah.....

stephanie, milwaukee 04/20/10
Review: I went to school in whitewater and i've seen many odd and weird things when I was there!!.....

amanda, antioch, california 04/19/10
artist: skillet
Review: hey i think u guys are great i hope that one day i will meet u guys in person. i love you all :)

brianne, milwaukee, wi 04/19/10
artist: 30stm
Review: Loved the interview!!!

Jil, Santa Barbara, CA 04/19/10
artist: RAIN
Review: This show was very entertaining. The guys are all super great musicians (including the keyboardist who is not in the spotlight) & put on a really great show. I was expecting it to be sort of corny but was pleasantly surprised!! FIVE STARS!

David, Chicago 04/19/10
artist: Graham Parker
Review: Saw the show April 17 at Old Town School. Was well worth the time and money. Had front roll seat, Graham was fit and ready. Voice was right on, band was very tight, and his sense of humor was wonderful. Fun show! 2 thumbs up.

steve, terrebonne quebec 04/19/10
artist: skillet
Review: skillet you ROCK !!!!!!

Becky, Orlando, FL 04/16/10
artist: 30 Seconds to Mars
Review: nice article.. I think everyone would love to see the drawing on the wall of The RAVE.. Jared is about moving forward and this tour, this album expresses just that..

liz, minneapolis, mn 04/16/10
artist: Jared leto
Review: the interview was super good and super sweet

Lisette Miller, Chicago, IL 04/16/10
artist: Foo Fighters
Review: The concert was truly awesome starting with the beautiful venue. It's incredible how they can totally 'rock' out their acoustic songs. I hope they come back SOON and put on another outstanding show.

joe hairy mcpubs 04/16/10
artist: tom morello
Review: i could use ass hairs as guitar strings and play all night bitch

britney, tampa, florida 04/16/10
artist: jared leto
Review: he is one sexy man!

Buffalo Bill, Montana 04/16/10
artist: Country Thunder
Review: You guys a waiting on me better be ready this year cause I'm prettier than ever!

Lora, Milwaukee, WI 04/15/10
artist: STP
Review: Phil, your photos are THE BEST I've seen anywhere on this tour, trust me I'm a hug STP fan and I've been looking!

Rusty, Janesville, Wisconsin 04/15/10
artist: 30 Seconds to Mars
Review: Good interview with such a short amount of time. Next time give them more time to get into the meatier parts of the conversation. Nothing worse than getting my curiosity piqued and then having the next question be unrelated.

connie lee, san fran, cali 04/15/10
artist: jared
Review: i like him better as an actor than a musician, so i'm not sure you're right about that, nice interview tho.

velocity, portland, oregon 04/15/10
artist: gary con
Review: great story and photos guys!!

Ben, Wi 04/15/10
artist: Chris Voss
Review: Hey chris it's me ben so loves you

beck, australia 04/15/10
Review: do you know what a christian is? don't publishize your horror stories about witches if you don't want to be like jesus. so far l can't see a resemblance - sorry

stacey, iowa 04/14/10
artist: joey jordison
Review: u guys are sick to have sex with a mask on!!!!!!!!!!!

casey, fort atkinson, wi 04/14/10
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: I've heard of those tales in whitewater, but the way you potray it makes it even creepier.

darla, milwaukee 04/14/10
artist: passion pit
Review: nice stuff : )

tanya, bloomington, mn 04/14/10
artist: jared leto
Review: nice interview would have liked some more questions though.

mike, st. louis 04/13/10
Review: beautiful music site!!!

meghan, burlington, wi 04/13/10
artist: jared leto
Review: this was a good interview and i can't wait to see 30 seconds to mars next week!! yippie

billy, fargo, nd 04/13/10
artist: stp
Review: i think there all demented and take drugs, and they slit their wrists and stuff like that

Lauren N., NYC 04/13/10
artist: Jared leto
Review: jared is a very intelligent man and I always enjoy listening to what he says.

lou, chicago, il 04/13/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: this years lineup is a bit questionable

Muhammad Jafar, Lhore. Pakidstan 04/13/10
artist: Jared Leto
Review: I want to See XXX Sexy Pictures

Lindsay, Point Pleasant, WV 04/12/10
artist: Skillet
Review: This is the BEST band there is. I am attending the concert tonight, in huntington, wv! I am so excited.

Tayler, Genoa City, Wi 04/12/10
artist: STP
Review: Awsome!!! i was at that concert my parents noticed you cause janet is our naighbor. but amazing pictures!

margaret, indiana, UK 04/12/10
artist: N-Dubz
Review: Everyone must see him live!!

margaret, indiana 04/12/10
artist: josh holmes
Review: I've heard Josh live and he's absolutely electric.

Laura, Milwaukee, WI 04/12/10
Review: I love Concert Livewire! Absolutely wonderful photography and writing here!

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Haley, Lake geneva, WI 04/09/10
Review: Phil I loved your stp're making brownie points again

john melby, portland, or 04/09/10
artist: april smith
Review: that's my future wife you know

kayla monk, jamestown, Tn, united states 04/09/10
artist: ludacris
Review: hey! like who inspired you the most all threw your life??? Did any1 put you down and made you feel like you couldn't do it?

jenna, whitewater, wi 04/09/10
artist: witches of ww
Review: is all that shit true?? damn that's creepy stuff, I'm scared to walk around this town now!!

lyle, milwaukee 04/08/10
artist: stone temple pilots

Kara, Milwaukee, WI 04/08/10
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: WOW, that is some seriously scary stuff!

marianne peters, milwaukee, wi 04/08/10
artist: stp
Review: the show was great! screw you people that say otherwise!!

utiger, nyc 04/08/10
artist: john mayer
Review: he's a dumb pussy. give it up once and for all john!!

Artem, Turkmenistan 04/07/10
Review: i singin in the clubs just Joe Cocker songs. people love me. you love me

joshua, saint louis, mo 04/07/10
artist: slipknot
Review: slipknot is the best fucking band ther is and im only 12 but i think there still pretty fucking great ROCK ON!!!!!

Danny, pickerington/ohio 04/07/10
artist: Skillet
Review: Skillet is my favorite christian band..One day when my friend came to my house he told me about Skillet and how they are an AMAZING christian band and i listen to them and they helped me alot because i was going threw alot and one of the songs-The Last Night- I can really relate to that song...well I can relate to most of the songs.SKILLET IS AN AMAZING BAND and they became my favorite christian rock band
God bless Skilet

James, Milwaukee, WI 04/07/10
artist: Puscifer
Review: The show blew me away!!! great photos btw

stacey t., milwaukee 04/07/10
artist: stone temple pilots
Review: scott is still HOTTTT!!!!

lokelani, kauai omao 04/06/10
artist: singer
Review: hi my name is lokelani, please listen to my music it's foreign and beautiful...

brian, seattle 04/06/10
artist: puscifer
Review: loved your review and photos- I want to see all three shows!

Paul, Chicago, IL 04/05/10
Review: Depeche Mode not of the caliber of other headliners? Get a life...

James, Kingston, ON 04/05/10
Review: whoever interivewed joey asks the stupidest questions. Who the fuck talks about Iraq when you are talkign to an amazing drummer like Joey lol? Here are two questions for Joey if you ever manage to interivew him again. How tall were you when you were 14? I'm 5'2. And, how did you manage to get your record to Ross Robinson before you signed with roadrunner? Stay (sic)

JoElllen Giatras Long Beach, CA 04/05/10
artist: The Black Crows
Review: they're the best in the world!!

larry, chicago 04/05/10
artist: stp
Review: awesome photos!!

bob, texas 04/02/10
artist: green day
Review: go green day - you guys are so darn cool!!!!!

lineatte, milwaukee, wis 04/02/10
artist: stp
Review: I totally agree with your review. there were many high moments as well as many lows. I just don't think that their hearts were totally in it that night. The photos are so amazing!

Margaret K., London, England 04/02/10
artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Review: Can't all the grungers just give up once and for all?!!? STP, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains (without Layne) and now I hear that Soungarden is reuniting....give it all a break boys!

jordan, tomah, wi 04/02/10
artist: tegan and sara
Review: these women are so fucking talented! sorry I missed the milwaukee show...promise I wont next go around.

ricky, mesa, arizona 04/02/10
artist: linkin park
Review: These guys still rock my world. in fact I think that there music is the best ever!!!

laura, milwaukee, wi 04/01/10
artist: stone temple pilots
Review: weiland and the boys sounded and looked awesome! whatever they've been doing they've been doing it right!

jim peterson, milwaukee, wi 04/01/10
artist: stp
Review: they're nopt near as good as they used to be and I'm not sure that they're still relevant, but I do still like them.

Nancy Rusbosin, Greensburg, Pa. 04/01/10
artist: Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks
Review: I think Dan Hicks is GREAT! He is timeless. AND he looks good. I am looking forward to listening to him again.

stacey, nyc 04/01/10
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: antony is PURE MAGIC

becky, milwaukee 03/31/10
artist: stp
Review: I wish that they sound at the rave was as good as your pictures!

Carla, New Berlin, WI 03/31/10
Review: I was at this concert, awesome. What I'd really like to see is a picture of Steven spitting his water all over the girl in the audience (me). Can you help?

curtis, idabel ok 03/31/10
artist: icp
Review: text me I love you guys!!!!

lawrence, elgin, il 03/31/10
artist: jimi hendrix
Review: still the finest guitarist of all time!! the michael jordan of music if you will.

Butler, Fargo, ND 03/30/10
artist: Tegan & Sara
Review: Tegan & Sara make me want to become a polygamist

michael, la crosse, wi 03/30/10
artist: dan hicks
Review: the man is looking very good these days, I hope I look that good when I'm his age!!!

ernesto 03/30/10
artist: Dan Hicks
Review: is good to have photos. as there, pbr silos also good. Hicks man good.

lindsey, milwaukee, wi 03/30/10
artist: tegan and sara
Review: the girls rocked my socks off! pretty pictures

stacey, whitewater, wi 03/30/10
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: great job on the witches of whitewater Phil. great and creepy and beautiful and scary!

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