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Rant or Rave

mark, milwaukee, wisconsin 03/29/10
artist: stone temple pilots
Review: show was horrible. 1h 5m long. weiland forgot words and timing. band walked off stage leaving him singing who knows what. came back and did 1 song and done. stp is my favorite band, i've seen them 3 times now, but never again.

Bruce Courts, Westerville, Ohio 03/29/10
artist: Dan Hicks
Review: Great to see Dan looking good! I really can not wait until he comes to Ohio again--Columbus would be great. He is truly one of a kind.

Janet, Paris, France 03/29/10
artist: Air
Review: Air is both beautiful and hypnotic!

bruce, boston, ma 03/29/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: I'm getting ready!! I wish they would announce the lineup soon

Karen, UK 03/29/10
artist: dave wakeling
Review: A very entertaining interview!

shane, orlando, florida 03/26/10
artist: slipknot

bridgette, miami, fl 03/26/10
artist: the english beat
Review: I'm snapping my fingers to your beat boys : )

carrie r., chicago, il 03/26/10
artist: alice in chains
Review: what a shame that they ressurected this great band without the lead singer!!

Emmie, Cedar knolls, new jersey 03/26/10
artist: luda, black eyed peas, lmfao
Review: i love all three! =) seeing all three in a concert would of been AMAZING

Bruce Campden, Chicago, IL 03/26/10
Review: This site i a great place for concert photography

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Michael, Chicago, IL 03/25/10
artist: Norah Jones
Review: This show was a shocking disappointment. At the risk of coming off as, not so PC, this was the whitest show I have ever attended. And I am not. From the crowd to the performance, to the setlist, the whole thing needed a big dish of soul. In fact I felt like I left with a little less of mine after the encore and the silent wispery walk from the theatre. Litterally, no one spoke at an audible level for fear they might offend their grandparents who were napping next to them. And, unfortuneately, I'm sure that Norah senced that. Her performace was very straight forward, we learned nothing from the evening besides what we already knew. That she has an amazing voice. You may have been slightly amused to see her come on stage donning a polka dot poodle skirt and a red strata caster, but if you were any sort of music fan, you were already aware of these facts. Her performance was a carbon copy of the muscic you recieved as a bonus when you bought her new album from itunes ri!

ght down to the predictable Chicago and World band, Wilco cover, that left most people nudging each other to ask, "who's Wilco?" Her voice and the package that she sold us was beautiful, but her demeaner and the new dirrection that she clearly wants to go in, which is evident by the nature of her new album, and the fact that she plays in another all girl rock band, no longer fit her sweet little girl image that drew most of our grandparents and sorority sisters to this show. She would be much better served to follow her musical urges and give the public and herself an honest example of what she clearly would rather be performing.

Mike z, Columbus, OH 03/25/10
artist: Dan Hicks
Review: Iconic quality pics. (Fortunata, thank you for dressing the artistes so well .)

Tony Browne, Melbourne, Australia 03/25/10
artist: Dan Hicks
Review: Great photos. I'll call in on my next visit.

felicia 03/25/10
artist: bullet for my valentine
Review: i love this band i think that their the best their one of my faves

marcia, tenn. 03/25/10
Review: How tall is Merle Haggard?

lauren, chicago 03/24/10
artist: rock n roll hall of fame
Review: I didn't know anyone from Abba was still alive??!!

Tammy Dean, Buford, Ga. 03/24/10
artist: Reba McEntire
Review: I love her so much.I watch her show every single day.

gregory, clarksdale, ms 03/24/10
artist: the avett brothers
Review: i want you to meet me at me home siner at me soon i want to no hor to rant

the bricklayer 03/24/10
artist: slipknot
Review: thankks for the happy interview from hell!

billy, la, cal 03/23/10
artist: the english beat
Review: dave seems like a cool guy, there music is pretty good too

leanneatte, detroit 03/23/10
artist: the stooges
Review: they should hang it up now that ron is dead. don't ruin the legacy just to cash a check guys!!

alexis, veracruz 03/23/10
artist: aimple plan
Review: simple plam lo mrejor conpradres jejeje

Jim Landwehr, Waukesha WI 03/22/10
artist: Norah Jones
Review: Your comments about Norah Jones are ridiculous. She's the best thing to come along since Ella Fitz. You don't need to jump off amplifiers to captivate an audience. She played about 4 different instruments and blew the Riverside up. Her backing band was phenomenal too.

dreil, lizet 03/22/10
artist: evanescence
Review: she is beautiful!

sean, montana 03/22/10
artist: dave wakeling
Review: dave you're one cool cat!!

sara, detroit, mich 03/22/10
artist: the english beat
Review: I just discovered their music and I LOVE IT!!!

Brenda Allis, Milwaukee, WI 03/22/10
artist: The Avett Brothers
Review: Wonderful photos!

Mr Rene Jimenez, Chicago 03/19/10
artist: Skillet
Review: Skillet, Very cool, I like your sound and look. Keep kick-en ass and I wish you all the success. God Bless and way to go!!!

James M., Chicago, IL 03/19/10
artist: Ray Davies
Review: Excellent review! The show was absolutely amazing!

blake, chicago, il 03/19/10
artist: dave wakeling
Review: I loved the interview, dave is such a smart guy with a shitload of talent as well. I love the English beat so much!!

jordan douglas, seattle, WA 03/19/10
artist: the english beat
Review: dave you move so swiftly through intelligence and satire - well done

margaret, milwaukee 03/19/10
artist: brandon james band
Review: truly genius!!

bubble boy 03/19/10
artist: red hot chili peppers
Review: you don't like them do you JERK!!!

Liz Kirchner, Annandale, Virginia 03/18/10
artist: Dresden Dolls
Review: In Coin-Operated Boy, Amanda Palmer sings, "Can you extract me from my plastic fantasy I didn't think so, but I'm still convincible." a line representative of Dresden Dolls' whole caberet, song-and-story repertoire: smart as a wink and and sexy like a whistling girl.

stephanie, chicago 03/18/10
Review: this site is amazing!

Tracey C. Smith, stratford, ontario 03/17/10
artist: Richard Street
Review: Richard Street was terrific with the Temptations and I think of Richard Street as a Temptations singer from the early 1970's.

denise bolden, detriot mi 03/18/10
artist: neyo
Review: well i wanted to comment that the artist neyo is just so so sexy. i love to listen to all his songs. keep up the good work love you. bye

Andrew, Aurora, Illinois 03/17/10
artist: The Avett Brothers
Review: In considering the novelty of the songs for me--I was not very familiar with their catalog--the songwriting, the musicianship, the performance, the staging, and the venue, this is one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. It will be interesting to see if the band will ever make it to the level where they'll be able to sell out a basketball arena.

michael, chicago, il 03/17/10
artist: The avett Bros
Review: your photos totally captured the electric mood of the night

ConcertLivewire 03/17/10
Review: Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!

Sparrow m., Laveen, arizona 03/17/10
artist: Korn
Review: i think korn is the badest band ever and no one beats them

jwillie, south africa, jhb 03/17/10
artist: merle and kris
Review: nice combination

janet, lake geneva, wi 03/17/10
artist: black eyed peas
Review: just saw them in milwaukee - loved your review!

christine, chicago 03/16/10
Review: so many great things on this site. I like coming on here

buffalo bill, minnesota 03/16/10
artist: joanna newsom
Review: O want to see her live and in person really, really bad!!

Joe Wendt, Des Moines, Iowa 03/15/10
artist: Yoko Ono
Review: I used to be creeped out by Yoko, but now am finding her more and more appealing

penelope 03/15/10
artist: hottest guys in rock of all time
Review: 1. jim morrison 2. jack white 3. devandra banhart 4. jakob dylan 5. conor oberst and jimi hendrix

michael, ottawa, canada 03/15/10
artist: the avett brothers
Review: you desribed their energy to a tee! loved the photos so much

I Smell Poop, Fairfield County, CT 03/15/10
artist: Harry Connick Jr.
Review: This guy's biography is phoney! He's not from New Orleans. He's from Weston, CT, where he attended public school from 1970-1982. Do your homework!

Bridgette, Tallahassee, FL 03/15/10
artist: John Mayer
Review: I can't stand his constant whining. I love his music and you're right shut up and just play John!!

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jakob, minneapolis, mn 03/12/10
artist: slipknot
Review: why do you wear a mask joey? I loved the interview!

ronnie, chicago 03/12/10
artist: the avett bros
Review: i'll tell you these guys know how to rock!!

corey t., nyc 03/12/10
artist: the sex pistols
Review: they sill kickass. just saw sid and nancy again last night, what a great movie!

karen, billings, montana 03/12/10
artisy: Uncle Kracker
Review: How did you get your music career started?

janet, milwaukee 03/11/10
artist: the avett bros
Review: it was a rocking party!! great story and the photos were great!

karen james, milwaukee, wi 03/11/10
artist: the avett brothers
Review: the avett brothers make great music and look great too

the baron, seattle, wa 03/11/10
artist: shane macgowan
Review: I love shane, I wish the pofueswould tour the west cost soon! HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY SHANE

cori, reno, NV 03/10/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: your photos totally ROCK!!!

jeanneatte, chicago, il 03/10/10
artist: john mayer
Review: great review kate! thanks for sticking up for john. alot of people are just petty assholes!

ANTICHRISTA, Russia 03/10/10
artist: Marilyn manson
Review: his words and wisdom rule me and my familys live. all hail marilyn manson

tiarna, vic- melbourne 03/10/10
artist: skillet
Review: skillet should come to melbourne :)

mark lewis, chicago, il 03/10/10
artist: rob zombie
Review: can't wait for his next movie...tho I was a bit dissappointed in halloween 2

Deaan Smothers, Waverly, Tenn 03/09/10
artist: Jerry Lee Lewis
Review: My husdand worked at Stable Club in Lexington Tenn He was a real fan of your he died in Nov2007 at his bed side your last cd was playing he had strokes in hursing home for 5 years. seen???nurures run to run tv to you he couldn,t but would cry when he herd you watch all of your shows. he was buried in Holliday tenn with your music playing that was his request my Daughter gave him tape 10 years before he die so he would have it ready. He was the same age of you William Wayne Smothers he lived in Lexington at that time he attend bar. thanks you were injoyed.

BUST IT, GHANA 03/09/10
artist: NEYO

TAM, MTL 03/09/10

zoe, houston, tx 03/09/10
artist: zoe keating
Review: omg!!!! i play the cello to and my name is zoe that is soooo wired.

Aleisha balhorn, Pinconning, Michigan 03/08/10
artist: We the kings
Review: We the kings has such great music I started listening to them Thursday and ever since I'm in love with the band:) and the lead singer isn't that bad looking<3 lol

constance, flint, michigan 03/08/10
artist: axl rose
Review: you're an asshole to rite such things about axl. get a life asshole and appreciate that he is a rock god and stop dwelling on the little ticky tacky things he's done

nan, Uk 03/08/10
artist: kris kristofferson
Review: his voice grows more beautiful with each passing year!

angler for rock and roll pussy 03/08/10
artist: hottest chicks in rock!!
Review: These are the babes I would sell my soul for: lady gaga, britney, keisha, and courtney

justen, whitewater, wi 03/08/10
Review: great story!! there are even more things that i could tell you that would curdle your milk!!!!!

yates, nyc 03/08/10
artist: yoko ono
Review: love this woman and thanks for the interview tony

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Hank, Baltimore, MD 03/05/10
artist: Muse
Review: The show was incredible over 2 hours plus a encore great light show also.

karen, palmyra, wi 03/05/10
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: this story is so creepy, I've heard many tales of the witches in whitewater, but never had it put into focus like this before! THANXX

stacey, milwaukee, wi 03/05/10
artist: john mayer
Review: jessica simpson should kick john in the balls!!

Bill, Seattle, WA 03/05/10
artist: Lollapalooza
Review: What a wealth of wonderful photos here. I think I finally have to attend this year's vent in Grant Park

Laura james, Milwaukee, WI 03/04/10
artist: Langhorne Slim
Review: His performance was spot on perfect. Full of life experiences soul and energy.

krista, orlando, florida 03/04/10
artist: luda
Review: he is the best rap artist in the world!!

john henry, chicago, Il 03/04/10
artist: merle haggard
Review: the hag is still the man

stephanie, chicago 03/04/10
artist: tom morello
Review: Great interview!!

Bunnie, whitewater, wi 03/03/10
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: I would really like to see this movie so when is it suppose to be coming out I grew up around here and so did my mom.

marty, NYC 03/03/10
artist: Led Zaeppelin
Review: Zeppelin still is the greatest band of all time!

Christina, port charlotte,, florida 03/03/10
artist: Lindsie Rice
Review: Skillet is soo Awesome! ! ! I cant wait to see u guyz in concert! ! ! ! !

jelan, Jackson miss 03/03/10
artist: Beyonce
Review: hello how are u. i love u!!

becky 03/02/10
artist: yoko ono
Review: I like this interveiw I copyed it onto my new blackberry lmao!!!

stephanie, nashville 03/02/10
artist: harry connick, jr.
Review: you hit the nail on the head! I was at the show in nashville and had such a wonderful time!

Natalie P. Chicago, IL 03/02/10
artist: Connick JR
Review: He is so so completely dreamy!

James, chicago 03/02/10
artist: tom morello
Review: I love this guy he is so talented and such an intelligent person. GREAT INTERVIEW!!

haley, lake geneva, wi 03/02/10
Review: phil, your site is rockin!!

Jayne Hasselroth, Elburn, IL 50119 03/01/10
artist: Merle Haggard Kris Kristofferson
Review: Loved the concert. Love the photos. A beautiful intimate concert with two of the greatest country musicians and song writers ever.

maggie, nashville, tn 03/01/10
artist: KID ROCK
Review: his new country music is amazing!

monique, atlanta, GA 03/01/10
artist: john mayer
Review: I forgive you my beautiful JOHN

Stacey, Milwaukee, WI 03/01/10
artist: Langhorne Slim
Review: Gypsy, your photos are great!

michael 03/01/10
artist: hag and kris
Review: love the photos!!!

jennifer, denver, co 03/01/10
artist: skillet
Review: skillet rocks and your article rocks too

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bud, conway, sc 02/26/10
artist: skillet
Review: fucking cool

KC, Nashville 02/26/10
Review: I guess I will have to add some more imposers to my lit for the Attornies. Again someone is using Newgrass Review either trying to impersonate me, and the band, or the band in general. WE WILL TAKE WHOMEVER we have to to cour for damages against our name and as well as what the Record label will do. Please advise this new grup they should have checked before using our name. As well as we are respectfully asking that you take down any article/venue advrtising us when weare NOT booked there.
Sinceely, KC owner Newgrass Review KC & Newgrass Review

martin, st. paul, mn 02/26/10
artist: john mayer
Review: you're still gay no matter what!

marcy, reno, NV 02/26/10
artist: yoko
Review: she is so so together. I LOVE HER!!!

harold, paris, france 02/25/10
Review: I like your website

monica b., seattle 02/25/10
artist: david byrne
Review: I actually prefer his solo music to the talking heads, call me what you want as long as it's not stupid

susan, milwaukee 02/25/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: I heard that lady gaga, the strokes and the white stripes are going to headline this summer. is that true?

Haley, lake Geneva, WI 02/25/10
artist: Phil
Review: Phil, your laziness is unbelieveable! no pictures or words for so long...

Kylie L., NYC 02/25/10
artist: Plastic Ono Band
Review: The show was an absolute delight!! Thank you so for the wonderful review!

Micki Feeley, Chicago, IL 02/24/10
artist: YES
Review: I was there! House of Blues sound is not so great! But YES still rocked! Steve Howe was unbelievable! Benoit David is a replica of Jon Anderson. Great concert! (especially cause I got to share it with the same group I did with 30 + years ago!)

Stacey, Madison, WI 02/24/10
artist: Yoko Ono
Review: I read all of your recent Yoko reviews and interviews. I must say that you've given the underrated artist her dues. BRAVO

michael thompson, ottawa, canada 02/24/10
artist: langhorne slim
Review: his voice carries the words that I feel.

margaret, wisconsin 02/24/10
artist: Black eyed peas
Review: their music sucks, but Fergie is pretty hot

Tom, St Louis, MO 02/23/10
artist: Langhorne & Smith
Review: Great review. This could have described the St Louis show on Feb 12. Langhorne is fantastic live, and April Smith picked up a lot of new fans.
I wish we had someone in St Louis reviewing artists like Langhorne. Keep up the good work!

kyle tyler, los angeles, ca 02/23/10
artist: plastic ono band
Review: what a totally cool concert!!

jacob, chicago 02/23/10
artist: john mayer
Review: john mayer is a total pussy!!!!!!

mary, tenn 02/23/10
artist: alabama
Review: who was at the we first in 1983

Laura Cccobb, Citrus Heights, Ca. 02/22/10
artist: Merle Haggard
Review: The Hag!! Best song writer in my history. I was born in 1930, so I can really relate to all of Haggards music.I was part of the Dust Bowl he talks about.Born in Oaklahoma , moved to Ca. 1939 picked cotton in Bakersfield,Ca. Grapes around Fresno,Ca. we were called "The Fruit Tramps" because we followed were ever we could work.

I love the way Merle stands up for what he believes in even tho some don't like his political music. I love most the song he wrote "Me and Cripple Soldiers". His song "If I Could Only Fly" will be played at my husbands funeral. Thanks for allowing me to express my feelings for Merle, HE REALLY IS THE VERY BEST WE HAVE LEFT.

Lynn Allen, Milwaukee, WI 02/22/10
Review: Great article on the .357 String Band....One thing though that should be mentioned is that Bob Wayne (Bob Wayne And The Outlaw Carnies) is shown in a couple of these photos as well. Bob made a special appearance with the boys that night at Turner Hall and did a couple of sets with the boys at the follow up party at Durango's.

shine khant, myanmar 02/22/10
artist: slipknot
Review: ha! ha! I loved the interview!

tracey, chicago 02/22/10
artist: john mayer
Review: he's the best!! loved the photos

Sophie, ireland 02/22/10
artist: madina lake
Review: Hey i love you dudes id love to get an autograph :) you guys rock ;)

Andrea 02/22/10
artist: .357 String Band
Review: Nice article Thomas!

karen, east troy, wi 02/19/10
artist: john mayer
Review: guys give john mayer a break please. his apology seemed truly heartfelt. we all screw up - just remember we can forgive. kate I loved your review and the photos were spectacular!

bridgette, UK 02/19/10
artist: tom morello
Review: great interview, but tom seemed a little clamped up with some of his answers.

Stephanie K., Chicago, IL 02/19/10
artist: John Mayer
Review: John Mayer can do me now wrong!! I agree just keep playing your music and fuck the media altogether!

corey, milwaukee 02/19/10
artist: summerfest
Review: hey who's headlining summerfest this year?

lawrence, canada 02/19/10
Review: 357 string band
Review: the band seems pretty cool. liked where you went with the review, but I wished you would have told me more about the music they played there.

james, chicago 02/18/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: sweet photos!!

stacey, lake geneva, wi 02/18/10
Review: phil, your site looks awesome as always, but sir where the hell have your photos been...get to work slacker : )

jacob, la crosse. wi 02/18/10
artist: mariah carey
Review: mariah's got some real juicy boobs

lora, chicago 02/18/10
Review: john mayer is an asshole!!!

kristina 02/17/10
Review: john mayer is the best!!!!!!!

Jason, NYC 02/17/10
artist: John Mayer
Review: The man made a mistake I wish all of you haters would just focus on his music an cut him some slack!

mark 02/17/10
artist: Red Light Records
Review: This is where you'll find the best musicians and artists around!

linda e., mineesota 02/16/10
Review: your site is pretty cool. can't believe all of the great photos here

meg, chicago 02/16/10
artist: black eyed peas
Review: your photos are awesome kate!

max, miami, florida 02/16/10
artist: john mayer
Review: don't let his crying fool you, the guy is a complete asshole!!

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marianne, detroit 02/15/10
artist: john mayer
Review: peopel are ragging on him too much. he said wah t he though now leave him the fuck alone!

Kevin Peterson, Chicago, IL 02/15/10
artist: John Mayer
Review: Thanks for the great review and photos Kate!

brianna, nc 02/15/10
Review: I love this band. my fav song is unleashing the demon

maribel, Caracas-venezuela 02/15/10
artist: john mayer
Review: I think he is a big star ...maybe fame affected him...but will is a genius ...a big singer... and I love his voice...

Kyle Stephens, Logan, Utah 02/15/10
artist: Geoff Tate
Review: Geoff, enjoy the music that you put out towards are Troops! Se ya in Wendover come Feb. 13th. Thanks for the great Music!!

David Elliott, Los Angeles, Ca 02/12/10
artist: Dionne Warwick/David Elliott
Review: I first want to thank the St. Charles Arcada and the Onesti family for putting on a wonderful event and showing us a wonderful time!!! I also want to thank the wonderful people of St. Charles, for coming out to the show in the cold and rain. You were a wonderful crowd and I hope that you will have us back.
I want to personally thank Gerry from Barrington IL, for such a wonderful review. So sorry Gerry that the show wasn't up to your standards. Thank you for "tolerating" me...... All the best to you!!
Thanks again to the wonderful people of St. Charles..... Although Gerry and his partner didn't have a good time, I hope the rest of you did.... I know we did!!!!!!!
Much love, David Elliott

angel, detroit 02/12/10
artist: britney spears
Review: she is so hot I can taste her!!!!

Colleen, NYC 02/12/10
artist: Algernon
Review: This band seems so intriguing. thanx for the great review and photos

stacey, milwaukee 02/12/10
artist: april smith
Review: she is so beautiful and I love your photos!!

rylee, oklahoma 02/11/10
artist: flyleaf
Review: hey i love you guys u guys rock i love your music

martin owens, little rock 02/11/10
artist: skillet
Review: skillet moves me in all the right ways with their music, and message!

Chucak R., Chicago, IL 02/11/10
Review: I'm doing a report for school on the music industry. How the CD is nearly dead and how the record companies are nearly going bankrupt. I'm also focusing on the concert industry as well and your coverage of Lollapalooza has been a great help!

penelope, texas 02/10/10
artist: country thunder
Review: can't wait! can't wait! can't wait!

jake, memphis, TN 02/10/10
artist: lucinda williams
Review: if you've never seen her live then treat yourself to something truly special when she comes to your town next!!

arcade dude, minneapolis, mn 02/10/10
artist: april smith
Review: she is so exciting live. thanks for the great review and photos!

satan, hell 02/10/10
artist: lucifer
Review: fuck you masonns!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deb, Dallas, Texas 02/09/10
artist: David Cassidy
Review: I wish I would have read this review before I wasted an evening. Even tho this review was years earlier. It was like this guy saw the same bad, unrehearsed show I saw lastnight. David Cassidy whinned about the band, guitars didn't work, sound was all wrong, songs were hacked, and when he did sing a song from the past he ""tried" to revamp it un successfully. To sum up the evening, concert sucked. Now I know why he doesn't have a show in Vegas anymore. Don't waste your time, or go to a bar for a couple hours before seeing a David Cassidy concert... Just a suggestion.

jericha, florida 02/09/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: when do they announce all of the bands??

martin p., chicago 02/09/10
artist: langhorne slim
Review: lloks like I'm going to have to check this guy out, he looks like he could be great live

Scott Beningfield, Calgary AB CANADA 02/08/10
artist: Axl Rose
Review: I think you're pretty much right on everything. I enjoyed reading this Blog. I would, however, just like to take this opportunity to say just how much I would love to see both Axl and Elmo on stage together. Or maybe doing a fun duet together on an episode of Sesame Street. I'm a real big fan of both these red headed creatures. And, to hear, even if just once, these two singing together would be quite awesome. I'm still waiting for Elmo's much awaited new album for kids called "Sesame Insanity". Although still delayed; due to be released by Holiday Season of 2012.

Katie Kuss-Shivler, Springfield, OH 02/08/10
artist: Langhorne Slim
Review: Absolutely, 100% agree! You've got me anxious for the show in Columbus next week!

mehregan, iran, tehran 02/08/10
artist: cher
Review: my lovely cher very like nice @ good just cher

Gina Atwell, Dublin, OH 02/08/10
artist: Super Desserts
Review: Saw Super Desserts here in Columbus and loved them. Agree with your review 100%. The mix of so many different instruments and well sung harmonies was a delight and lifted my spirits.

artist: THE SMITHS

Genoveva, San Diego CA 02/08/10
artist: Langhorne Slim
Review: I can"t wait to see them again

john, belgium 02/05/10
artist: bon jovi
Review: they still rock with authority

Peter Webb, Sofia, Bulgaria 02/05/10
artist: Sonny Rollins
Review: Possibly the best Tenor player ever, Sonny Rollins brought a unique, inteligent and good-natured vitality with his music. It's a shame he can't be with us for ever and a shame that there will be so many people growing up today who will not enjoy the pleasure of his music.

eve, columbus, ohio 02/05/10
artist: Super Desserts
Review: thanks for the review of our first chicago show!

jeremiah, california 02/05/10
artist: langhorne slim
Review: I love this guy!!

burnt offerings, the deepest reaches of outer space where even sperm fear to tread 02/05/10
Review: the flaming lips and my brothers are talented, yet comical, soulmates

marty l., chicago 02/04/10
artist: top concerts
Review: without a doubt Lolla was by far the best of the year. I mean animal collective, jane's, neko case and the decemberists...thats a pretty good start

jeanneatte, indiana 02/04/10
artist: michael jackson
Review: as much as i love michael jackson that 3d thing on the grammys sucked balls!

kevin baker, chicago, il 02/04/10
artist: lollapalooza
Review: you have a fine wealth of beautiful photos here over the years. it was quite fun going back and seeing the memories as i've attended every single one in grant park!!!

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Stephen Jenkins, Englewood, TN 02/03/10
artist: Axl Rose
Review: I watched the video clip where a fan was evidently taking photos of Axl Rose during a performance. He stormed off stage, struck the fan, returned to the stage, threw the mic down, then stormed out and blamed security for not responding well... Great recording music! In concert they sound like ass, I hate to hear them live, and he's not good enough to march around like he owns the world, i assure you that... so, Axl, you are no better than me nor the Pope, get your thong untwisted out of your ass crack and take a chill pill, you make yourself look like a douche.

jaylon jones, port arthur, tx 02/03/10
artist: imaginery senses
Review: hi , im jaylon jones from port arthur, texas. i really love your music and admire. you are part of my inspiration. i have a band as listed up ahead ,. i knoww your friend nikki. she is in our band and her fellow bother as well and his band. we are serious about our music and wont be stopped from making to the top, where you guys are. please send msg back to my e-mail. it will definitly change my life as well as our band,

phellipe, Brazil - cabedelo - pb 02/03/10
artist: skillet
Review: Review: well I'm a fan of the band skillet since 2003, and I twist a lot to them to come to Brazil in order to show that one is what the fans of Brazil wanted to happen ... well I love this band and I aconpanha whenever you can each detail of them and love them after all, a hug and much success for them:) thanks!

Peter Killings, UK 02/02/10
artist: Antony and the Johnsons
Review: The man spins nothing but gold and turns milk into honey

jared h., chicago 02/02/10
artist: langhorne slim
Review: langhorne is the man, everybody you have to listen to his latest album and see exactly what I mean!

stacey, chicago 02/02/10
Review: this is an awesome site Phil!!!

Monica Ashton, London, England 02/01/10
artist: Yoko Ono
Review: Very interesting interview. Yoko is involved is so many worthwhile and creative endeavors that it makes one's head spin.

lennon, austin, tx 02/01/10
artist: them crooked vultures
Review: dave grohl is so talented!

kevin yates, chicago, il 02/01/10
artist: Lady gaga
Review: the girl is soooo overrated and will be forgotten by next Spring

peter m., bloomington. mn 02/01/10
artist: atmosphere
Review: a very interesting interview. you got him to open up very nicely!

The Livewire crew 01/29/10
artist: Andy and Katie
Review: Congrats on your wedding day!!

cory a., las vegas 01/29/10
artist: top 10 concerts
Review: coachella was number 1 followed by lollapalooza and sxsw

stacey wedster, minneapolis, mn 01/29/10
artist: brandi carlile
Review: wonderful review and your photos sing so nicely!

britney, alabama 01/29/10
artist: ray j
Review: i have to say 3 words ja ja ja

Gerry, Barrington, IL 01/28/10
artist: Dionne Warwick
Review: Dionne Warwick at the St. Charles, Il Aracada Theatre, 1/23/10

This tour really should be billed "Dionne Warwick and Her Eldest Son" who is kind of a BIGGER voiced Luther VanDross & Alexander O'Neil. HE was the warm up (Dionne comes out in blue jeans and an olive green sweatshirt and introduces him and THEN goes and gets dressed) and later did some duets with Dionne. He has a Fantastic voice AND we did not come to see him.

I believe that Dionne opened with "Walk On By" and "Anyone Who Had a Heart", both hits I think recorded on the same studio day. WONDERFUL, and I think her son could have actually helped her on "Anyone Who Had a Heart" if he could turn it down a little, but he certainly is no Cliff Richards:) And then frankly the next couple songs were a little weak. She is FANTASTIC, all my respect, but they were. She also did a really nice small set on some Brazilian styled songs including a KOOL new arrangement of "Say a Little Prayer" that WAS a really nice piece for BOTH her and her son.

I would have liked one less of the elder sons warm up songs, or shorten the over top endings of his songs to get an ENCORE from Dionne Warwick. We were all pretty disappointed that she did not come back for an encore. That crowd knew its music; we had The Drifters sitting near us and Bob Sirot and a host of real musicians were everywhere, and I felt most were disappointed that we did not get an encore.

(My partner points out that the Arcada or somebody, did something a little odd that might have been simulating an encore for somebody. They turned the lights up the last two songs. If that was an encore, I didn't get it. It may have been their statement that "we aren't coming back out". Dionne came out at 9:20 and performed one hour and 10 minutes and was off at 10:30, a good half hour before the St. Charles Arcada says they will quit. )

I DID get the feeling that "they" didn't think that we were that enthusiastic enough an audience several times, and if that is true then she might want to get a REAL warm-up act next time, some back up singers and/or someone who can COMPLEMENT her voice and back it up; versus all of us being terrified he is going to OVERPOWER her. I've got a big dick, but I don't have to use it all ALL the time:) I thought we were quite tolerant of her son as a warm up act and respectful that he really wasn't a perfect match for her in a duet or as backup.

And I suggest that they "ease up" on the "you aren't clapping or appreciating us enough stuff", when we are come out in the rain and cold for these $200 nights including dinner. We ARE getting older and perhaps don't clap or yell the way we used to, but I am wondering if their hearing isn't what it used to be either:)?

SUPPORT the St. Charles Arcada and the Onesti family. They always try hard, and when Ron milks you for more applause, you don't mind:)

james, nyc 01/28/10
artist: yoko
Review: very good interview!

katia, rio de janeiro brasil 01/28/10
artist: sheldon
Review: sheldon, you are lovely, beautiful and a great artist. When you come to Rio to make a performance? Kisses, Katia

Indica Man, Rockhampton (Australia) 01/27/10
artist: Folk Uke
Review: I was listening to the radio a week or so ago and heard an interview and some music from this pair. I was pretty stoked, because I like folk and these two were coming to Oz! Unfortunately I am too far away from any of the venues, so will have to wait. Hopefullt Folk Uke might play at Byron Bay or Nimbin's MardiGrass this year. I'll take time off to trot down and say hi. Brilliant lyrics. Brilliant tunes. Folk Uke are a pleasure to listen to.

Carrie, UK 01/27/10
artist: Lollapalooza
Review: Insanely GREAT photos!

Jericha, Milwaukee 01/27/10
artist: Brandi Carlile
Review: She is so beautiful. Her show was so amazing!

Leah lamberson, fullerton, california 01/27/10
artist: jerry only
Review: i really want the band to get back together and make new cds also im a big misfits fan they are my no 1 band i luv them and the music i dont just like the music but all of it why would any one not love the misfits there such a good band and the music kickass and plus i every misfits thing you can think of im a huge fan 4 ever

aribel, CAracas-Venezuela 01/26/10
artist: Axl Rose
Review: Escribir mos sobre una estrella es llenar el cielo con mos luz...pero lo mejor es que ol es la mejor estrella que he escuchado...y me encanta!!!

jon searancke, appleby, new zealand 01/26/10
artist: skillet
Review: i realy like the songs they bring out the godness in you and they should come to nz for a nz stockcar teams heavenboundracing aka skillet racing vs hellbound ogod will win anything

jacob, sioux falls, SD 01/26/10
Review: this is a really cool site!

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lisa summers, uk 01/25/10
artist: matt devine
Review: when is the next time will you be in uk in bristal or bermingham i reley whant to sea u live iv never bean to a live consat befor and u whant to sea u fore the first exspereance

frankie, new york city 01/25/10
artist: the stooges
Review: I'm already missing them since ashton died

oshin maitland, Montego Bay, jamaica 01/25/10
artist: Ray J

Skylar, Woonsocket SD 01/25/10
artist: skillet
Review: i loved this because i think skillet is the most best sounding christian band ever..if you think about it..some songs they don't even sound christain at all..but i love them i wish they would come to south dakota

jordan, Iowa 01/25/10
Review: jordan Bahr me we too con be as one if you let me?

jaryd, round lake beach, il 01/22/10
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: phil, great story. i never realized there was that much spooky shit so close to home!

Yates, New York 01/22/10
artist: Lady Gaga
Review: She is so hot both musically and physically. I'm dying to see her in the flesh!

jennifer, tulsa, ok 01/22/10
artist: taylor swift
Review: those are some pretty photos of taylor!!!!

elma, nyc 01/21/10
artist: lady gaga
Review: she's where it's at people!

carrie, milwaukee, wi 01/21/10
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: beautiful review

Janet Yates, Boston, MA 01/20/10
artist: Lady Gaga
Review: I so hope that she feels better soon, I so want to see her live!!!!

kylie, milwaukee 01/20/10
artist: nick drake
Review: i am mesmerized by his haunting and beautiful music.

pete 01/20/10
Review: i'm digging all your lolla coverage

Kelly, aguascalientes 01/20/10
artist: Skillet
Review: hello.... like much

billy, chicago 01/19/10
artist: lady gaga
Review: she sucks!!

jericho, las vegas, nev. 01/19/10
artist: ike reilly
Review: excellent review! ike reilly's music is beautiful!

jermaine, chicago, il 01/19/10
artist: tom morello
Review: this is a pretty cool interview

Jeannette, Chicago, IL 01/18/10
artist: Yoko Ono
Review: Yoko is amazing!! So full of life and love after all these years after John's death. I adore her!

Yates Stogel, NYC 01/18/10
artist: Billy Joe Shaver
Review: Their music grows even stronger after every new listening

James Lofton, London, England 01/18/10
Review: An admirable interview! She remains one of music's greatest treasures.

lawrence, memphis, tn 01/18/10
artist: KOL
Review: I hate the new KOL music. They sold their souls to the devil so the could play the big arenas!!!

richard james, cornwall 01/18/10
artist: richard james+The Redoubt
Review: i think he's right about the devil thing. evil is real as you perceive it, but don't endow it with powers it does not have. life is hard enough as it is!

mike d carver, bakersville 01/18/10
Review: the greatest musician in this world or ever will be mike carver

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