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Micahel O., Miami, FL 01/15/10
artist: Yoko
Review: Awesome interview! I think Yoko has so much to off the world if they would only listen!!

carney, elgin, illionis 01/15/10
artist: lady gaga
Review: I think ive fallen in luv again!!!!!!!!!

alton nunn, bassett, va 01/15/10
artist: terri nunn
Review: I love terri as I would love my on child

jesse, chicago 01/15/10
artist: lady gaga
Review: I went on sunday night and fell completely in love with lady gaga!!

Jam, Argentina Chaco 01/14/10
Review: Muy buenooooooooooooooooooooo (L) ModernSynthPop Love

Connie, Ecuador 01/14/10
artist: oasis
Review: adoro al grupo de rock oasis

jamie, milwaukee 01/14/10
Review: got some killer stuff on your site!!

theresabrown, toledo, ohio 01/13/10
artist: whispers

Villads Bugge Bang, Copenhagen, Denmark 01/13/10
artist: Sly & The Family Stone
Review: I am a 15 year old boy who loves soul music! I do not understand new music now days! It can NOT compete with original soul, natural feeling, passion, voice & body power music! Bring real soul music back!!!! Everything Old is NEW again! I will love to se Sly & The family stones and others living soul legends like Temptations, Bill Withers, The Jacksons to one of the biggest festivals in Europe: Roskilde Festival 2010. My group on Facebook for the names to come to the festival in Denmark

nika, poland 01/13/10
artist: GREEN DAY
Review: GREEN DAY is so talented and cool!!!

Carl, Montreal 01/13/10
artist: Yoko
Review: Yoko is so sincere and intelligent - thank you for sharing.

bethany, st. louis 01/13/10
artist: rhianna
City & State: ky Review: i loveeeeeee uuuuuuuuuu rhianna

robert james howard jr., Layton, ut 01/13/10
Review: quailridge #64 take the fuck'n name or get out of the fuck'n game before i show myself back on the stage. if u knew u would know

Marla, milwaukee 01/12/10
Review: I love this site I come back every week!

sisnege, venezuela 01/12/10
artist: evanescence
Review: she is a beautiful singer!

jimmy, nyc 01/12/10
artist: swell season
Review: they are beautiful together..

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tessa, hartford 01/11/10
artist: skillet
Review: i love skillet so much! i listen to the song the last night whenever i feel like cutting! my one true wish is to be able to meet them!

lisa, milwaukee 01/11/10
artist: janis joplin
Review: she had more soul than any black singer!!

larry fine, nyc 01/11/10
artist: best cd
Review: best cd of 2009 is u2s No Line On the Horizon

crane, chicago 01/11/10
Review: great yoko interview!!

janet tyler, chicago 01/08/10
artist: yoko ono
Review: she so inspires me! great interview and thanks for sharing with the world

marianne 01/08/10
artist: ray j
Review: ray j is hot but pretty dumb

lawrence, chicago, illinois 01/08/10
artist: axl rose
Review: you're a certified freeze dried jerk!! axl is the KING!!!

steve c., lansing, michigan 01/08/10
artist: yoko
Review: she's so cool now!!

george owens, memphis, tn 01/07/10
artist: country thunder
Review: stellar photography. amazing shots!!

wildboy from the jungle 01/07/10
artist: slipknot
Review: metal straight from the devil

James, United Kingdom 01/07/10
artist: Yoko Ono
Review: She gets blamed for the breakup of The Beatles, but that's bullshit as John was already on his way out. With or without Yoko's influence!

Karla, Hamburgo- Barrio S. Pauli 01/06/10
artist: bono
Review: he's still sexy!!!

Renee, Texas 01/06/10
artist: SKILLET
Review: Skillet is second to NONE. They are simply the BEST in everything. Most awesome shows ever!!

Karla, Hamburgo- Barrio S. Pauli 01/06/10
artist: Korn
Review: Hola me pueden dar el correo de Jonathan Davis?? porfavor!

Ola, NJ 01/06/10
artist: rob zombie
Review: awesome interview lol

jessica, chicago 01/06/10
artist: swell season
Review: BEUTIFUL!!!

Ian Smith, Aberdeen, Scotland 01/05/10
artist: The Swell Season
Review: Glen and Marketa blend perfectly into a beautiful musical pairing. Their harmonies and chorus' blend together like honey on the throat.

minister child, canada 01/05/10
artist: janis joplin
Review: her tortured voice kills me everytime!

david l., chicago 01/05/10
artist: lolla
Review: why wouldn't you have depeche mode in your top 10 fools??!!

Karen, Seattle, WA 01/05/10
artist: The Decemberists
Review: Colin and company have built a band to withstand the ages or more appropriatly - for the ages.

lawrence, chicago 01/05/10
Review: i'm stunned by the quality of the photography here!! you people are seriously gifted as well as the artists you cover!

margaret, minneapolis 01/04/10
artist: radiohead
Review: in rainbows has taken radiohead to stranger places than before

jeannettte, mimai, fl 01/04/10
artist: red hot chili peppers
Review: when the hell are they going to tour again??

walker, milwaukee 01/04/10
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: looks like i'm going to bring my ghostbuster friends to whitewater and do some of our own investigations. maybe we could get a tv show!

Lost little boy 01/04/10
Review: apparently you don't understand axl asshole! fuck all his so called offstage antics and listen to the music!!

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Lawrence J. Lack III, Clarksville TN 01/01/10
artist: Headlghts
Review: wicked shiba' dawg..wicked

Christina, Warnerrobins, Georgia 01/01/10
artist: Ray j
Review: hey ever body have a graet time

jacob, milwaukee, wi 01/01/10
artist: the swell season
Review: a magical pairing indeed

kyle, boston, mass 01/01/10
artist: cky
Review: I found out 'bout them from the jackass movie. Best decision I made seeing the song ne and artist in the end credits

stacey, chicago 01/01/10
artist: top 10
Review: lollapalooza was by far the best of 2009!!!

Pamela, Millersburg, Ohio 12/31/09
artist: Yanni
Review: I really think that your photo of this event is really breathtaking as Yanni and his music is.I wish that I could get this photo of this concert to add to my collection of yanni.

Miller, Whitewater, WI 12/31/09
Review: I've seen many things here as a student here at UW/Whiterwater, I enjoyed your story and hope that you take the time to investigate that hauntings up here even further!

lori, clevelnad, ohio 12/31/09
artist: trans-siberian orchestra
Review: A beautiful show indeed. I see them everytime at this time of year.

matt markus, milwaukee, wi 12/30/09
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: thanks for the awesome review. I'm so dying to see him live again!

jordan 12/30/09
artist: shinedown
Review: they ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Melissa, Chicago. IL 12/30/09
Review: The best show of the year was clearly Britney Spears!! You guys are elitists!

monroe, nyc 12/30/09
artist: thrice
Review: the cd sounds great, I think I'll check it out.

jarrod, milwaukee 12/29/09
artist: summerfest
Review: do you know who's coming there next year?

linda schmidt, tennessee 12/29/09
Review: great site!

Jennifer, Chicago 12/28/09
artist: Lollapalooza 2009
Review: Absolutely FANTASTIC photos!!

tm, billings, mt. 12/28/09
artist: the cult
Review: they were dreary

Doug, Dalhart, TX 12/28/09
artist: Willie, Merle & Ray
Review: Those three are awesom...pic is great. I have been a fan, espcially Merle since I was a kid. Keep up the good work guys

carmen, queens ny 12/28/09
artist: davy jones
Review: Davy Jones still going strong he is great loving i just went couple of his concets he was so nice with everyone he is a truly loving monkee he is a pleasure to meet and listen to his music he is a real friend god bless him always and his family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVY

Seth Thompson, St. Paul, MN 12/25/09
artist: Lolla
Review: I'm finally comin', I'm finall comin' next year!!

karen foster, nashville, tn 12/25/09
Review: kate I love you work! can I go to a concert with you sometime???

ulysses s. grant 12/25/09
Review: us old civil war guys like the new school pussy of britney and pink. i'll trade you lincoln to have their legs wrapped around my wrinkled ass butt

Carolyn, Southern New Jersey 12/25/09
artist: Boney James
Review: Came from Southern New Jersey to attend Boney's show at Horseshoe Hammond (nice venue)...all I will say is Boney and his crew know how to throw a good party ! Awesome !

Dee, washington DC 12/25/09
Review: Ray J is a punk on his way to hell if he don't find JESUS.

owen, milwaukee 12/25/09
artist: m. ward
Review: he's an underrated storyteller. just sit back and give him time and you will see the truth.

Will Kyle, Wisconsin 12/24/09
artist: Detroit Blackout
Review: Great story on the Detroit black 5 years ago. I was there and it was surreal like cool! Upset that I missed The Stooges tho!

quentin j., nyc 12/24/09
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: antony explores valleys that we dare not venture and spaces that we have forgotten about

harold, philly 12/24/09
Review: the jessica simpson photos are way too hot!

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Robin, Greenville, SC 12/23/09
Review: The Outfield is them...Wish they would come to SC....saw them in concert in Fort Myers, FL in the late 80's

peter l., minn. 12/23/09
artist: slug
Review: the interview turned out nice

bonnie lee, williams bay, wis 12/23/09
artist: country thunder
Review: love the photos you've taken over the years! you do country quite proud!

margaret, boston 12/22/09
artist: regina spektor
Review: can't wait til she comes out with her new cd!!!

jeannette, madison, wi 12/22/09
artist: music
Review: some real nice writing here

bill, chicago 12/22/09
artist: headlights
Review: these guys sound pretty cool

Rhonda, Pulaski, VA 12/21/09
artist: Skillet
Review: I think you guys are great!!!!

cori, milwaukee 12/21/09
artist: skillet
Review: awesome review and the photos rock my world!

james torrence, san diego, ca 12/21/09
artist: iggy
Review: i think that iggy's solo work is far better than with the stooges. just look how great he was with david bowie

John Reynolds, London, England 12/21/09
Review: Bloody great site!

micahel, whitewater, wi 12/18/09
janet, chicago 12/18/09
artist: tori amos
Review: I was at that show in millenium park - it was absolutely magical!

micahel, whitewater, wi 12/18/09
Review: I can't believe all this weird stuff is happening here!!

coreen s., chicago 12/18/09
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: antony moves me like no other in the world

buck, memphis, tn 12/18/09
artist: country thunder
Review: i got my big bottle of jack and my wife's cowboy boots. ready to get it on next year!!!

james, milwaukee 12/17/09
artist: the books
Review: the show was strange but cool

Tyler, NYC 12/17/09
Review: cool site!!

Ian Murphy, UK 12/16/09
artist: The Books
Review: I believe that your article has me quite intrigued.

jenny, reno, nevada 12/16/09
artist: lollapalooza
Review: hey whose playing there next year?

jan bink, new castle, ind 12/16/09
Review: i paid money to see gnr in the 90s i wouldnt attend a show now even if it was free.. youre a disgrace its a shame you axl are from indana..

mike, ALISO VIEJO CA, 12/16/09

Chappy Jennings, Chicago 12/15/09
artist: Dave Koz
Review: I think I'd rather see Rich Koz

tyler james, chicago 12/15/09
artist: the decemberists
Review: so now tell me, what CAN'T colin not do now?

bailey, new orleans, la 12/15/09
artist: rob zombie
Review: cool interview!!

britney, whitewater, wi 12/14/09
artist: the witches of ww
Review: cool story, i knew of some of these things but when you put it all together like that it's so damn creepy!

ronald, milwaukee wisconsin 12/14/09
artist: cyndi lauper
Review: i was second row and had no idea what i was in for. the show was amazing to say the very least. i really wanted her to sing echo from bringing it to the brink album. i love that song. cyndi you rock!!!!

artist: PINK

sean, milwaukee 12/14/09
Review: this site is way too cool!!!

Sean, NYC 12/11/09
artist: Lollapalooza
Review: You have some stellar coverage here through the years. I'm doing a school report on music fests and find your coverage of Lollapalooza the finest around. Thanks for the great source material!

deb karp, chicago 12/11/09
artist: robert randolph band
Review: anyone who hasn't seen these giants of music are sure missing out.

spongebob, salt lake coty, utah 12/11/09
artist: the decemberists
Review: I would give anything to see the decemberists!! please help me?

artist: KORN
Review: love, love, love the interview!

Marie, Chicago IL 12/10/09
artist: Gap Band
Review: i was there, 5th row, and the gap band did NOT sing oops up side your head!

mercy, milwaukee, wi 12/10/09
Review: this is one of the coolest sites for milwaukee concerts

stacey, canada 12/10/09
artist: jessica simpson
Review: she is sooooo fucking HOT!!!!!!!!!!

lawrence e., chicago, il 12/09/09
artist: rob zombie
Review: rob is a genius in both film and music!!

jerry, chicago 12/09/09
artist: skillet
Review: beautiful!

janet taylor, memphis 12/09/09
artist: switchfoot
Review: loved the review and photos, thanx

cori, detroit 12/08/09
artist: Widespread panic!
Review: sweet photos man!

ethan, georgetown, DE 12/08/09
artist: Rain
Review: Rain was awsome when I saw them in Wicomico

michael, mexico 12/08/09
artist: the killers
Review: the killers es lo mas chido q existe

deaona, spartanbrug 12/07/09
artist: skillet and flyleaf
Review: love your mucia. You do good job on stang. wish you was come to witer jam. you roke that.. have some thing to ask you all do you wear skull.. what do you thatnk about that.. To flyleaf. you al are so kewl love your mucia. have a lote of song that i like. one year i hope you come to witer jam. will rock the show if you all come... the same thing that i as skillet. do you wear skull and lote of blake thing.. i wear a lote of jeact skell tone that bad... that hope you can get back to me...if you can send e- mail back
thank Deaona Miller

juan, argentina 12/07/09
artist: iron maiden
Review: simple said the best!!!

Tim, Chicago, IL 12/07/09
Review: Great photos here

artist: KORN

karen b., minneapolis, mn 12/07/09
artist: the pixies
Review: these guys are major hasbeens!! get over their influence crap!

janet, chicago 12/07/09
artist: victoria's secret
Review: those chicks are HOT!!!!!

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Hannah West, Miamisburug, Ohio 12/04/09
artist: SKILLET
Review: OH MY GOSH, when i found out SKILLET was comming to OHIO i flipped out, i love you guys(and girls) im trying to find your clothes. (: i have your songs on my ipod and i play them over and over. im mad because i cant come to the show dec 5 because i couldn't come up with the money! but you guyss are still AMAZIN! (:

jeremy, madison, wi 12/04/09
Review: i've heard of that weird shit going on in white water! one of these days I'm going to follow the trail that you laid out and ill read the witches book and live to tell about it!!!

martha, lake geneva, wi 12/04/09
artist: skillet
Review: cool cool story!

georgie, des moines, iowa 12/04/09
artist: slipknot
Review: monster interview with joey...your questions were amazing!

britney, indiana 12/04/09
artist: zombie
Review: rob can I star in your next horror movie. i promise i'll take off all of my clothes and then some. call me please

haley, lake geneva, wis 12/03/09
artist: PHIL!
Review: dammit you were supposed to take me to Peaches!! you OWE ME BIG TIME!!!

Virginia, Hawaii, Ohio 12/03/09
artist: Skillet

tasha, Oakland, ME 12/03/09
artist: Flyleaf
Review: I FKN LOVE FLYLEAF AND Dir en grey!

jeaneette, las vegas 12/03/09
Review: this site is way too cool!!

florencio guzman, san diego, ca 12/03/09
artist: all, their are all my artist
Review: these were my good times. no bills no payments no mortgage, and high txs. and the best music that ever exist it. my question is: why it died so fast? if you ask me in south cal. freestyle was huge. even tijuana. WHAT HAPPEN?. there's gotta be an explanation for the quick exite, i really need to know.

naysha, peru 12/02/09
artist: jead leto
Review: he is the best

jordan, Iowa 12/02/09
artist: victoria secret
Review: HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

wendi t., chicago 12/02/09
artist: rob zombie
Review: I think that Rob found his true calling in life as a film maker.

connie lee, illinois 12/02/09
artist: chester bennigton
Review: gotta luv him!

Zram, france 12/01/09
artist: korn
Review: korn makes me smile everday! beautiful interview with jonathon

Becky, Ontario, Canada 12/01/09
artist: Rob Zombie
Review: I love his early films like "House of 1,000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects" however I believe that Hollywood is sanitizing his new work. Go independent again Rob and rule the world!

Stacey, Whitewater, WI 12/01/09
artist: The Witches of WW
Review: What a cool and scary story. I myself have seen strange things in this town. Like when I was walking alone at night near Calvary Cemetery and I swear I saw my dead brother looking at me through the fence!!! I've talked to people that knew people that have committed suicide after actually seeing the witches book!

karen tyler, boston, ma 12/01/09
artist: joe perry
Review: im so glad to hear that aerosmith is not breaking up!!!

stuffy boy 12/01/09
artist: britney
Review: i'm happy to see that britney looks super hot again

joel, nyc 11/30/09
artist: jimi hendrix
Review: still the best ever!!!

frank lewis, kentucky 11/30/09
artist: country thunder
Review: it's the best country fest anywhere! i'll be there again next year!

vern, new york 11/30/09
artist: the script
Review: their melodies rip at the soul.

quentin, canada 11/30/09
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: has there ever benn a voice as beautiful as his?

Joel mCracken, Youngstown, Ohio 11/27/09
Review: As was at the Cleveland Show and the Eagles of Death Metal did suck bad. Another thing is after that Axl Rose had another bottle thrown at him and he flipped out. Then he complained about the mic not working right and that's why he wasn't singing good. He bitched out the sound tech too. But all in all it was a great show and Axl Deserved his glory. Kurt has no talent and Courtney love is a whore. I would have said the same shit to them. He's bi-polar, egotisical and a perfectionist but if it wasn't for him being that way, those G n' R songs would haven't been as great as they are.

stacey t, seattle 11/27/09
artist: lollapalooza'09
Review: I would have killed to see lou reed and neko case!

jonathan, chicago, il 11/27/09
artist: tom morello interview
Review: I'm pretty good at playing guitar, but never have I heard a person bend an instrument in ways tom has

Karen Williams, York, England 11/27/09
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: Phil, your tales are quite spine-tingling. I hope to someday visit Whitewater and see for myself the tales of horror you speak of.

penelope, portland, or 11/26/09
artist: the decemberists
Review: colin and the band is the most important thing in music today!

buzz, chicago 11/26/09
artist: rob zombie
Review: he is my greatest influence, in music and in life.

marty, milwaukee 11/26/09
artist: joe perry

jamie, delavan, wi 11/25/09
artist: rob zombie
Review: but your balls interview man!

Stevo, Detroit, MI 11/25/09
artist: Voodoo fest
Review: One of these days I'm going to get my ass down there and experience all of the fun! I promise someday!

joseph snelling, washington 11/25/09
artist: megadeth
Review: they are the true masters of METAL!!!!!!!!

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delores johnson, sanford, florida 11/24/09
artist: smokey robinson
Review: I think Smokey Robinson is the greatest singer of love songs in my time. He has been making love to my heart from day one. I love you Smokey.

justen l, milwaukee 11/24/09
artist: rob zombie
Review: rob should stick to music and give up his side job of making bad horror movies

jakub holub, czech republic 11/24/09
Review: this site is a treasure trove for great music photos!

Casey, Chicago 11/24/09
artist: The Pixies
Review: The show was absolutely magical!

Rick K., Memphis, TN 11/23/09
artist: Rob Zombie
Review: Don't ever let the studios tame you Rob! "Hallowen II" was a bit lame for you - get back to producing your old wicked and screwed up films again.

samantha, canad ontario 11/23/09
artist: good charlotte
Review: i love them so much they allways make the best songs ever... i hope to see them one day in my city holla

sarah james, ontario 11/23/09
artist: johnny cash
Review: what a sweet and insightul interview

stacey, milwaukee 11/23/09
Review: great photographers here!!! you guys are talented and so lucky at the same time

monica, chicago, il 11/23/09
artist: kiss
Review: great photos! I was at the show and these "old" guys still know how to rock!!

Willie Jones, Berryville Ark. 11/20/09
artist: Jessie May Hemphill
Review: Happy to see the Rich Heritage is being put to good use, Can't wait to see all of you soon. I'll be bringing my mobile blues museum and a National Tri-cone with me, see ya! check youtube for Jessie Mae Hemphill/Eureka Jones

calee, milwaukee 11/20/09
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: that story gave me the creeps and extreme goosepimples. I have friends in whitewater, now I'm afraid for them!

Janice Walker, England 11/20/09
artist: Devo
Review: I've always enjoyed their outside quirky approach to everything that is relevant.

Peggy Spates, San Diego, Ca 11/20/09
artist: Michael McDonald
Review: The man could sing the phone book and it would be heavenly. I saw his Xmas show in Des Moines Iowa in 2007 and it was fantastic!!!

Sarah, Whitewater, WI 11/19/09
Review: This is so creepy. My roommates and I have used a Ouija board a few times and have talked to two apparent witches. I have been trying to see if I can figure it out at all or if there is any way to see that what is being said is true. I am starting to believe that all of this is true and not being made up. I actually think that it is possible that the UWW kid that hung himself last year in the cemetery may have actually found the witches book and that is why he was killed.

Crystal Seymour, East Wenatchee, Wa. 11/19/09
artist: Gavin Degraw
Review: I don't believe Gavin Degraw fervor for performing is going wane. Some singer/song writer/musician have there times of relief, were as it may seem like it. Lets compare other musicans to him. The difference is the feeling in each word he gives on stage. I am a fan of Gavin Degraw, and I dont believe he will be going south for the winter as far as his music life goes. Not if I have anything to do with
This man is the light of my life, and he doesn't deserve anything less than a personal appology.
So when making your thesis, I believe it is important to have other information besides one show you might see. Not everyone gives the exact same performance twice. Not even Elton John is that good, I'm sure he would agree as musician would. Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy the rest of your glorious day.

Sheena, Charlotte, NC 11/19/09
artist: Social Distortion
Review: The photos here are fucking HOT!!!

Owen Keith, Seattle, WA 11/19/09
artist: Devo
Review: Devo's place as one of the more influential bands in the last 30 years is set in stone. Excellent review and photos Andy!

peter, chicago, il 11/19/09
artist: rob zombie
Review: Rob zombie is the modern master of horror. I hope he remakes all of the classics like scream, exorcist, the omen and nightmare on elm street!

artist: GREENDAY

jill l., orlando, florida 11/18/09
artist: ramones
Review: JOEY IS SOO HOT!!!!!

margaret, texas 11/18/09
Review: I love you Rob zombie!

chris, clinton, ia 11/17/09
artist: kiss
Review: kiss alive 35 was the greatest at the unitrd center in chicago!!!

Lisa Heuwieser, Esterreich Tirol Reutte 11/17/09
artist: Bette Midler
Review: Hei my name is Lisa And i wish by all means Bette Midler to meet. Because it my big ambition is.

margaret, chicago, il 11/17/09
artist: rob zombie
Review: very good interview, thanx!

jill, des moines, iowa 11/17/09
artist: korn
Review: jonathan davis is too damn intelligent for his own britches

star, paw paw mi 11/16/09
artist: skillet
Review: skillet is awsome!!!!!

Bailey Bickel 11/16/09
artist: kiss and buckcherry
Review: hey uncle rob its bailey! great pictures all of them were awsome. i liked the one with gene, tommy, and paul all together on the stage. the pictures of buckcherry were cool i think the one with his shirt off was the best because you got to see all his tatoos. thanks for the pics love you! bailey

zachary t., minneapolis, mn 11/16/09
artist: lollapalozza
Review: man this thing is getting out of control. it's not indie anymore but about pleasing your sponsors

jenni, milwaukee, wi 11/16/09
artist: rob zombie
Review: what a cool tool interview!!

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Marcia, Roselle, IL 11/13/09
artist: KISS
Review: Great review and fabulous pictures! I'm passing this article to all my friends.

leslie, nova scotia 11/13/09
artist: hanson
Review: I would like to know how can I meet them in person someday? thank you from leslie

ray, roselle, il 11/13/09
artist: kiss
Review: photos are great.....

karen, bloomingdale, il 11/13/09
artist: kiss
Review: awesome photos!!

char, taiwan 11/13/09
Review: i love skillet

lester, milwaukee, wi 11/13/09
artist: the witches of whitewater
Review: I've heard of these fables before. Nicely written piece

peter, milwaukee 11/12/09
artist: roger daltrey
Review: did you all hear that the who is playing the Super bowl halftime show!! Im pumped!

janet reed, dallas, texas 11/12/09
artist: voodoo fest
Review: I had such a great time again this year! love your photos too.. to bad you got none of me I'm really hot!

billie, nyc 11/12/09
artist: kelly clarkson
Review: she needs to go on a major diet!!

jacelyn, new york 11/11/09
artist: roger daltrey
Review: you hit it on the head. roger is a true legend!!

wendi l., chicago 11/11/09
artist: Roger daltrey
Review: your photos are dreamy!

justen connors, st. louis 11/11/09
artist: rob zombie
Review: that was a pretty cool interview.

yesenia, mount vernon 11/11/09
artist: john
Review: as a christian singer why would u be at tactoo place and wearing eyeliner as christian we should be different from the world I think you should not be singing for god cause you dont even look like if your christian and none of your songs i have never herd you say GOD you explain him how his your hero but never minchin his name in your songs. But thats what I think but what ever I still like how sing its just we need to live a as a christian... but any ways I hope you guys keep singing for lord jesus christ well god bless you guyz!!!

phil, baton rouge, LA 11/10/09
artist: voodoo
Review: andy and mike you guys did a great job. love your work!

jamie, detroit 11/10/09
artist: daltery
Review: he looks so damn young! I can't believe he's 65!!

karen taylor 11/10/09
Review: this site still ROCKS!!!

Gayle Johnson, Baltimore, MD 11/09/09
artist: Roger Daltrey
Review: I Love Daltrey and The Who. Seeing & Metting Him in Baltimore 11/10. We will never let Rodger stop doing what he love to do. Rock On!!

Jason, Detroit 11/09/09
artist: Roger Daltrey
Review: The man looks great! Great photos!

Jasmine, Houston, Texas 11/09/09
artist: Ludacris
Review: Would you marry me BABY

ali, vancouver, canada 11/09/09
artist: roger daltrey
Review: I saw Roger in Vancouver on the first gig of the "use it or lose it tour". He was magnificent, just like the first time that I saw the Who, almost 30 years ago, when I was only 18...

sihem ait, algeria 11/09/09
artist: the perishers
Review: i love you so much i like your sing and your personality my name is sihem

aaron, fargo ND 11/09/09
Review: this is a killer site!!!

sarah carver, auburn wa 11/06/09
artist: skillet
Review: dear skillet, i love you guys = ] you have gotten me through so many tough times thanks = ] i went to your concert on halloween in kent it rocked!

jimmy, chicago 11/06/09
artist: ticket swap
Review: great service! I sold my daltry tickets through your site. thanks man!

jonathon, montreal 11/06/09
artist: rob zombie
Review: great interview! zombie is king!

coutney, portland, or 11/06/09
Review: this is a really cool site. wish you covered the portland area

leannette, chicago 11/05/09
artist: rob zombie
Review: he makes everyday halloween!!

bandido, LA. Ca. 11/05/09
artist: Natalie Merchant
Review: It's typicle of journalists like yourself "phil bonyata", to convey meaningless negetivity about an artisticly diverse performer like Natalie Merchant. Look at what journalists like yourself did to Lauryn Hills career. She actually believed the crap that those journalists wrote or said about her. Only a majority of people can relate, understand and sympathize with their music. Unfortunately your niether a music lover or artistic and most journalists are'nt. This is expected from journalists like yourself who need to thrash performers just to have people read your boring point of view.

justin, fargo, ND 11/05/09
artist: the daredevil christopher wright
Review: you all need to take the time to discover this band, trust me!

wendi, la, cali 11/04/09
artist: zombie
Review: i hope he remakes every horror movie ever made!! everyone needs to see his dark and warped world up close!

stacey, chicago, il 11/04/09
artist: rob zombie
Review: A very cool interview!!

gyna, mexico 11/04/09
artist: sugarcult
Review: hola ma gusta mucho su musica me gustaria verlos en vivo

Bob Mcbob, Brisbane QLD 11/04/09
artist: Nickelback
Review: Nickelback is really gay and shit kinda like aiden because he is a walking foreskin

rOciiO, mexico pachuca 11/04/09
Review: es una banda genial y ademas a los otros ni los conosco xDD jeje saludos! biee! =D

Megan, Albuquerque NM 11/03/09
artist: Theater Major
Review: I think RENT is a fantastic mixture of truth and love. There's no other story that expresses the belief that love lives on than this one. The original cast can not be forgotten, although I encourage everyone to open thier minds if they plan to see this performance in modern day. Don't be bias. This is something that everyone has to see at least once.

Neslihan, turkey 11/03/09
artist: My chemical romance
Review: heeeyyy im neslihan and now im in love with this Gerard way photo at the bottom phil bonyata took it amazing! is there any change for you to send its real version to me? pleaseee, i want it so badly! and its my birthday today!

jericha, lake geneva 11/03/09
Review: your awesome phil

Penelope, Seattle, WA 11/03/09
artist: Rob Zombie
Review: Zombie's movies are so insanely cool!! Hope he does The Blob and can't wait for any other of his new creations. Nice interview too!

michi, malaysian 11/03/09
artist: sam fogarino

dalia cipres, cuernavaca, morelos 11/03/09
artist: deryck whibley
Review: hi !!! step here to give my opinion that the 2 are very good and I like especially are the best sum 41 I love your music a lot and not get tired at all listen to songs I like then I think we reported through agregame

jenni, milwaukee 11/03/09
artist: blue october
Review: gotta love the photos

katie, boston 11/03/09
Review: rhianna will you talk back are text back??

Richard Williams, palm beach garden fl. 33418 11/03/09
artist: Honey Boy EDWARDS
Review: I would love meet Honey Boy EDWARDS, for my show.

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karen, chicago, il 11/02/09
artist: haunted woods
Review: those pictures have to be fake!!! there's no way that skull was taken in the camera!!

Wes, NYC 11/02/09
Review: this is a pretty cool site!

jeannette, milwaukee 11/02/09
artist: jeff tweedy
Review: jeff tweedy you're my man!!

peter watts, chicago 11/02/09
artist: kelly clarskon
Review: what a porker!!! oink oink

sarah, whitewater 10/30/09
Review: your awesome phil! you did a wonderfully scary job on all of our cool supernatural shit going on up here in good ole whitewater!

Harold, St. Louis 10/30/09
artist: Chicago Bluesfest
Review: Great coverage here!

Margaret, Dublin, Ireland 10/30/09
artist: Noah and The Whale
Review: I like their first cd so much better! This one is too dark and introspective. Come on guys lighten it up again!

Abby, Elkhorn Wisconsin 10/29/09
Review: creeepppyyy whitewater stuff, im gonna check out thoose places halloween night.

jonah, chicago, il 10/29/09
artist: kelly clarkson
Review: WOW did she gain alot of weight!!

michael, las vegas 10/29/09
artist: scary stuff
Review: that town sounds sooooo scary

Liz, Detroit, MI 10/29/09
artist: Madina Lake
Review: Madina Lake was awesome on that tour and they have been one of my favorite bands for a long time. They are one of the best live bands I have ever seen, just behind Green Day.

Matt, Milwaukee, WI 10/29/09
artist: Kelly Clarkson
Review: She had been struggling with a cold the days leading up to the concert, which might have led to some strained vocals, but other reviews of the show said her vocals were spectacular.
Also, she introduced very few songs, and the show was a near sell-out, not a "small crowd".

richard, philippines 10/28/09
artist: korn
Review: what a wonderful interview with jonathon!!

sarah, delavan, wi 10/28/09
artist: witches of whitewater
Review: I always knew that whitewater was haunted, but but to this extent!

vishal iglesias, madhaya pradesh 10/28/09
artist: linkin park
Review: i vishal a big lover of rock music linkin park band is a amasing band in world i only say them keep rockinggg
a great fan vishal iglesias

rebecca, waynesville 10/27/09
artist: tim mcgraw
Review: awesome photos.i love tim mcgraw!!!! RebeccaTeaster

Terry L Fox, Masury Ohio 10/27/09
artist: Nickleback
Review: You elite press people are so wrong on Nickelback!! They are so talented - you just don't want to see it or admit it!

jason, des moines, iowa 10/27/09
artist: slipknot
Review: intense interview man!

Mckayl Ruhter, Filer Idaho 10/26/09
artist: skittish Itz
Review: You guys are the bomb !!!!!!!

jamie, chicago 10/26/09
artist: korn
Review: interesting interview

darren butler, st. louis 10/26/09
Review: david bowie is the coolest dude of all time

Jonathan, mexico guanajuato 10/26/09
artist: iron maiden
Review: sus rolas de iron maiden estan bien chidas

becky peters, lake geneva, wi 10/26/09
artist: whitewater witches
Review: great story!! I've driven by the water tower a few times knowing a bit of the town's history, but I never realized that it was that creepy!

karen, chicago 10/26/09
artist: wilco
Review: the show was fantastic. I've seen Wilco 6 times now and this was one of my favorites!!

Lawrence, London, England 10/26/09
artist: The Witches of Whitewater
Review: I believe in witches (as many know there are great hauntings in and around London), Next time I travel too Chicago on business I plan to investigate that odd little town.

jacob, minneapolis 10/26/09
artist: slug
Review: great interview with the rhymemaster for the twin cities!

paula, memphis. tn 10/23/09
artist: witches in wisconsin
Review: sounds pretty scary up there in the north woods of wiscosin. we have our own legend of Bigfoot. i know that he exists because I've seen him in a friends backyard!!

paula, memphis. tn 10/23/09
artist: witches in wisconsin
Review: sounds pretty scary up there in the north woods of wiscosin. we have our own legend of Bigfoot. i know that he exists because I've seen him in a friends backyard!!

paula, memphis. tn 10/23/09
artist: witches in wisconsin
Review: sounds pretty scary up there in the north woods of wiscosin. we have our own legend of Bigfoot. i know that he exists because I've seen him in a friends backyard!!

Ron, Philly 10/23/09
artist: Lucinda Williams
Review: The woman gives me so much joy in life with her beautiful and poetic lyrics and simply earthy music.

mark butler, miami, fl 10/23/09
artist: tom morello
Review: rage rules and tom rules, loved the interview

margaret wilson, nyc 10/23/09
artist: natalie cole
Review: The girl's still got it!

jimmy p. 10/23/09

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