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byers, columbia, pa 10/21/09
artist: chad

michael Jenkins, detroit, michigan 10/21/09
artist: colin meloy
Review: brilliant interview man!

Anthony, Sao Paulo, BR 10/21/09
artist: Sarah Brightman
Review: Sarah is very stranger in your perfomances. Now She's very old too
beast wishes sarah =) ANTHONY CAIO

haley, lake geneva 10/20/09
artist: witches of ww
Review: phil what a creepy story. so well written. alls I know is that I'll be looking at whitewater in a new way from now on!!

Stacey O'Connor, Belfast, Ireland 10/20/09
artist: Pink
Review: Pink isn't a diva like Madonna or Gwen, she's a hard rocking little bitch!

steven, los angeles 10/20/09
artist: lollapalooza
Review: some really great photos here!

mark anderson, chicago, il 10/20/09
artist: ...trail of dead
Review: I love there spacey and alien music

Anthony, Howell, Michigan 10/19/09
artist: Mudvayne
Review: I think that you don't have even the slightest ear for decent music. How can you sit there and talk shit about Mudvayne? The bassist is one of the BEST bassists in modern heavy metal, and Chad's lyrics, mixed with his screaming voice, have elevated metal to a higher standard. The drummer isn't bad either. I will say that Lost and Found, their 3rd album, is pure shit. However their first 2 albums are simply amazing. Maybe the makeup and stage costumes work for people like you. People that don't know shit about good, solid METAL!!! As for me, I like my metal loud, intelligent, and fucking HEAVY!!! Oh, and one last note, Pantera was one of the greatest bands of our time. They almost single handedly saved metal music from the clutches of shitty 80's "Hair Metal". And FUCK THAT SHIT...!!!

kyle peter, denver, Co 10/19/09
artist: joan osbourne
Review: thanx andy for the wonderful interview

jessie, chicgao 10/19/09
artist: decemberists
Review: the decemberists nailed it on thier new record. the stories Colin weaves are amazing!

jamie, cicero, il 10/19/09
artist: pink
Review: damn that woman is fine!! AWESOME PHOTOS!!

jake, whitewater, wi 10/16/09
artist: country thunder
Review: why are you reviewing that hick shit, I though you guys were more "indie" than that??

Jeanneatte, London, UK 10/16/09
artist: The Decemberists
Review: I found your interview with Colin both original and refreshing.

sean, nyc 10/16/09
Review: bull shit my chemical romance sucks!!

margaret youth, las vegas, nevada 10/16/09
artist: tiesto
Review: you are one mutherfuckin HOTTIE!!

wes, chicago, il 10/15/09
artist: lollapalooza
Review: these are the best photos I've seen from lollapalooza! and I was there

michael g. miami 10/15/09
artist: tiesto
Review: tiesto I love you so! great interview!

janet, genoa city 10/15/09
Review: I love your site Phil!!!!

blake owens, detroit, michigan 10/14/09
artists: emeinem
Review: the guy is totally overrated!!

linda, ithaca, new york 10/14/09
artists: the decemberists
Review: their new album has finally sold me on what I used to think was just great potential

jessica, wonder lake, IL 10/14/09
Review: Phil you have a totally awesome site!!!

Danielle, Toledo, Ohio 10/13/09
Review: I absolutely love LUDA hes is a great person with a wonerdful personality!! Hes the total package:a sexy,talented, and intelligent young man and i love that bout em!! Luv u baby :0)

bob, chicago, il 10/13/09
artist: willie nelson
Review: Now i want to go to one of his concerts just to see how the crowd reacts to this one person singing.

jericha, chicago 10/13/09
Review: great site you have here!!

Sakura Williams (Manager), Honolulu 10/13/09
artist: Joan Osborne
Review: Joan Osborne is an icon ... a true artist!

Rob T, Chicago, IL 10/12/09
artist: Decemberists
Review: I couldn't agree more. Saw them last night (10/08/09) at the Riviera. They did a better than good cover of Heart's "Crazy on You" too. Haven't been floored like that in years- the Golden Palominos "Blast of Silence" tour comes to mind. Not a concept album, but just as riviting.

Heather Swirles, Rosemont, IL 10/12/09
artist: Pink
Review: This concert was amazing! Pink is such an awesome performer! I would pay to see her a hundred more times. She's sooo amazing!

Linda, Michie TN 10/12/09
artist: Queensryche
Review: Inregaurds to the Northern Lights in Milw. WI, I still believe Mike should have posted a picture of the fan he met that night with the Queensryche symbol Tatooed on Her WHO-WHO

Carolyn Albritton, Chicago 10/12/09
artist: lolla
Review: AWESOME!!!

courtney Lester, Brownsville TN 10/12/09
artist: skillet
Review: hey, ya'll were really good in memphis. Keep up the good work :)..and they pictures r great.

alma, modesto ca. 10/12/09
artist: hoobastank
Review: I liked your misic so much and I like the song THE REASON

javier davalos, san jose ca. 10/12/09
artist: johnny o
Review: killer stuff man!!

leslie r., omaha. nebraska 10/09/09
artist: conor oberst, jim james, m ward
Review: the monsters of folk are so damn talented I could scream!!!

Mason, London UK 10/09/09
artist: U2
Review: I think that U2 has lost a bit of their artistic punch, but I must say they are still so far greater than most bands out there today!

marco sullican, new york 10/09/09
artist: the ramones
Review: their music sounds so fresh today, go ahead and put on blitzkreig bop and tell me if I'm wrong??

jamie. chicago 10/09/09
artist: pink
Review: pink i so fine and tasty. I love you HOT pics!

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Thomas Hosie, Buffalo NY 10/08/09
artist: P!NK
Review: I was at this show - even though the acoutics of Allstate Arena aren't the greatest --- PINK ROCKED THE HOUS - it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. No, it was the best!

PenginVicky, Adairsville, GA 10/08/09
artist: Gerard Way
Review: Gerard is so hot no matter how you look at him. he has done so much for MCR with his amazing voice. He is just the Immortal.

tori lanier, edmond 10/08/09
artist: skillet
Review: helll yeah I love it!!

Sandi Bates, Waterford, CA. 10/07/09
Review: Just checking you out and you're still sounding outstanding! I've heard stories of you from Pontiac, Mi. cousin, Nancy Gibson and friend Sue. The admiration for you continues.

Amr, Zarka-Jordan 10/07/09
artist: Iron Maiden
Review: My Inspiration?! Is Play Music With You.... I Love You So Much!!!

jaryd, chicago, il 10/07/09
artist: rage aginst the machine
Review: your photos are GREAT!

Dosslyn, Union, MO 10/07/09
artist: (Hed) p.e.
Review: Ah, just another BREATH OF FRESH AIR!Don't mean to be hostle but a good review is due here. This band rising from a pool of nothing is the word of a generation that is ready to smoother the massive bleeding heart that is America. Truth lies in the lyrics of these soulful being. This CD is nothing short of the writen truth. That's what the people want, the mindless zombies of the nation called, they want their review back.

paul, Martinsville VA 10/07/09
artist: i wish lol im trying to play bass
Review: i really like your band it has helped me change from my eveil music(so my mom called it)and now i am listening to bands like yours i am really glad that we teenagers have people like you to look up to, if we didnt then we would be doing the same stuff everyone else is i am hopeing that one day i can get u and some other bands together and make a christian rock day where we can come together as teens and adults to just be us. thanks for listening peace (paul-E 18)

amber, kent, england 10/07/09
artist: 30stm
Review: by the way if my message got through i didn't get the artist bit, i just put 30stm. im totaly new to this whole thing... WOOT!

Shannon, Mpls, MN 10/06/09
artist: Shannon Curfman
Review: Thanks for such a nice review! I don't know if I ever took the chance to thank you. :) I will be having a cd release party at Shank Hall on December 12th so I hope you can make it!
Cheers, Shannon

dawn, amarillo texas 10/06/09
artist: u2
Review: This concert was so great!!!! My husband and I got to see it from box seats.....

stephanie vandamme, Ontario - Oakville 10/06/09
artist: director
Review: stheph responded on the wizard of oz is original music broadway a classic tsle dreamland of oz truly live place like home the story noval by L Frank Baum

erinnmoss, Hudson 10/06/09
artist: jonasbrothers
Review: great photographs!

carmen, queens 10/06/09
artist: davy jones
Review: Love Davy concerts he still going strong wgt DAVY

daniel, peru 10/06/09
artist: skillet
Review: sonm lo maximo cuan do s evienes por peru

jade, sandiego, cali 10/06/09
artist: pink
Review: pink is the hottest performer in the world! pretty pretty pink

holland, chicago, il 10/05/09
Review: you people have a lot of cool things on this site. keep up the awesome work

Chase Stevens, Toronto 10/05/09
artist: Keith Urban
Review: Absolutely right about Keith Urban, he connects and interacts with his audience unlike any performer I have ever seen. Amazing live performer!

britney, nyc 10/05/09
artist: pink
Review: very good review and photos I LOVE PINK!!!!

anadeli fragoso, orange county 10/02/09
artist: korn
Review: hey band of korn i am 10 and a half years old and im your biggest fan of all i just wanted to tell you that your music rocks love, your biggest fan Ana

margaret, london 10/02/09
artist: radiohead
Review: radiohead's finest album is without a doubt In rainbows. the sentimental beauty and stark landscapes drive me wild

karen m., florida 10/02/09
artist: elton john and billy joel
Review: these guys need to go on a major crash diet and diet shakes. like 2 tons of rolly polly fun

penelope lewis, minneapolis, mn 10/02/09
artist: slug
Review: slug's words in that interview were awesome!!

stacey, la 10/01/09
Review: this site is a true blue rocker

morgan, chicago 10/01/09
artist: lollapalooza
Review: some beautiful pictures here!

kylie moore, detroit 10/01/09
artist: eminem
Review: why no coverage of eminem here??!!??

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Paul, Oshawa, Ontario 09/30/09
artist: Zwan
Review: This Show was amazing the sound was unreal the notes or something billy pulled off, true once in a lifetime sounds :) Long Live Rock n Roll!

harry l., new york city 09/30/09
artist: u2
Review: a truly magnificent show!!!

frank webb, chicago 09/30/09
artist: lucinda
Review: her music and her life are my inspiration

justin, omaha, nebraska 09/30/09
artist: lucinda williams
Review: mighty fine review man!

david, cancun mexico 09/29/09
artist: cypress hill
Review: great interview!!

colin green, ESSEX ,ENGLAND 09/29/09
Review: WE are planning making the highway 61 road trip from new orleans to chicago in 2010. Weve got 3 weeks what would you recommend our priorities should be

lisa, lincoln nebraska 09/29/09
artist: joey jordison

Ricardo, Lima, Peru 09/29/09
artist: Ladytron

rebecca pivonka, bryan texas 09/28/09
artist: reba nell mcentire
Review: she is great and i know that she is like a sister to me she make me laugh and she is a best friend

Miguel Loureno, Lisbon, Portugal (PT) 09/28/09
artist: The Black Keys
Review: I found this interview on google. Thanks for the wonderful talking man, real natural. The best to you.

owen, seattle 09/28/09
artist: zz top
Review: get over it man!!!!!

claudia, mississippi tylertown 09/28/09
artist: johnson
Review: i think its a good website coooool pics:) im so exited to see them in concert on october 11 2009:)

janet l., chicago 09/28/09
artist: lucinda
Review: she is such a personal and brilliant songwriter. every year I see her she looks even prettier

duane, Lansing, Mi 09/28/09
artist: jerry lee lewis
Review: I agree 100%!!!!!!!!!

jacob, lincoln, nebraska 09/25/09
artist: country thunder
Review: who's gonna be there this year??

buster lawrence, chicago 09/25/09
artist: jessica simpson
Review: I want to have her babies

martha, lake geneva 09/25/09
artist: u2
Review: sterling review and photos guys

Intensity, Milwaukee 09/25/09
artist: Savages
Review: The band John the Savage is no more than savages, literally. Skorcz should get a kazoo instead, it would make him sound better. The cello player is playing parts not written by her and without consent, which is illegal. Rita can't play violin well at all, she is always out of tune and missing notes, her piano playing isn't great either. Basically the only thing they are good at is covering up most of the things they are bad at, ohhh and also deceiving and lying to people who trusted them and opened up enough to share musical ideas with them, just so they could steal the ideas and shove the creator of those ideas to the side and take credit. They owe over $3000 to musicians they took advantage of, that lack of morality should be tagged along with their 'musicianship' so everyone knows how they got where they are. They've gotten used to playing in front of half filled crowds, people must be realizing who they really are. John the who?

lawrence, detroit 09/25/09
artist: lolla
Review: had a killer time there this year can't wait til next year!!

kimber, catablan 3 09/24/09
artist: korn
Review: ahm tell me about yo.........mahal natana////.... i love you so much you are the best 4 me.....ty 4 you

addison barfoot, launceston, tasmania, australia 09/24/09
artist: KoRn
Review: korn is my all time fav band and i would love to meet them ... all of them, even head and david because there music has helped me so much with my social life and has inspired me to try every instrument emaginable, i was once close to doing some bad things to myself and then i heard my older bro listnen to "falling away from me" and i just smiled and from then on whenever im angry, sad, depressed, lonley or just happy i love listning to there magic. ps: the acoustic freak on a leash with amy lee is the reason that im dating such a wonderful girl at the moment. thx

brittany cummings, alabama 09/24/09
artist: avenged sevenfold
Review: ithink that it was really good cause iam a huge fan of avenged sevenfold cause they are really awwsome

Olivia, Hattiesburg, MS(mississippi) 09/24/09
artist: u2
Review: I, olivia love yall's music i can TOTALLY relate to yall 200%

Yeti, Chicago 09/23/09
artist: Review: your lollapalooza pictures are fucking crazy cool!!

billy james, chicago, il 09/23/09
Review: your lollapalooza pictures are fucking crazy cool!!

stacey, florida 09/23/09
Review: This is one cool ass site!

Simone, Adelaide 09/23/09
artist: Joey (Slipknot)
Review: This made me laugh so hard. Joey is such an honest man, I admire him as an idol.

jill, manila 09/22/09
artist: yellowcard
Review: it's cool...great job guys!

christina, az 09/22/09
artist: skillet
Review: WoW SKILLET iz like the koolest band ever and i love john hes so cute!!!!

lauren jacobs, chicago 09/22/09
artist: u2
Review: beautiful photos and words

sandra reyes, UBATE 09/22/09
artist: Bizzy D
Review: a sweet interview indeed!

leandra j, window rock, arizona 09/21/09
artist: slug
Review: "SLUG Is F'in HOT!!" :)

James, Tampa Flordagan 09/21/09
artist: Tracy Morgan
Review: i think shes a beutiful Women with big boobs i love her merry me!

thelma, coldwater, michigan 09/21/09
artist: skillet
Review: You gyus are super alsome i have went and seen u befoe with my church group super job kep up the good work

adrian, santa fe -soltero 09/21/09
artist: terri nunn
Review: quiero que alguien le traduzca a terri que bueno sus canciones sos muy lindas, no soy fans de ella , pero si me gustan mucho las canciones, y a pesar de que pasan los a??os sigue siendo linda, mi email es, solo eso puedo decirles. me encanataria ver fotos de ella joven osea a??o 86, si alguien sabe donde estan o puedo encontrarlas y me lo comunica atraves de mi email estare super agradecido bye

jessica, lake geneva 09/21/09
Review: Phil I so love your site!!! rock on dude!

monica smith, UK 09/21/09
artist: U2
Review: Bono and the boys still know how to write the most beautiful melodies in the whole wide world!

Aimt Brahma, Assam, Kokrajhar 09/21/09
artist: u2
Review: a touching and beautiful show!!! great photos btw

Aimt Brahma, Assam, Kokrajhar 09/18/09
artist: Joel Madden
Review: stillknows how to rock and roll!!

budget boy 09/18/09
artist: axl rose
Review: what the hell do you know about axl chump!

jason bartel, seattle 09/18/09
artist: the decemberists
Review: my my their new record is so layered in beauty and darknesss.

jerica, new berlin, wis 09/18/09
artist: U2
Review: why couldn't they come to milwaukee : (

monica, chicago, illinois 09/17/09
artist: u2
Review: your pictures are quite good, the evening was so fun and bono and the edge never looked better!

karen l., chicago 09/17/09
artist: u2
Review: the concert took my breath away! screw those people that didn't get it!!!!

jasmine, wisconsin 09/17/09
artist: pet shop boys
Review: I love the interior of the Pabst Theatre. Neil looks so far away and he looks really handsome.

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Jarrod, Chicago 09/16/09
artist: U2
Review: The show was amazing! Although the band appeared a bit slower than in years past...the internal energy was at full force!

Laura McCleland, Chicago, Illinois 09/16/09
artist: U2
Review: Snow Patrol was very energetic, very good. I was pleasantly surprised. I was not impressed with U2 at all, and yes, I am a U2 fan. We were up in nosebleed seats (thank God they were free). We couldn't hear a lot of the singing or talking. Some of the singing was off-key. U2 was obviously exhausted and barely made it through the concert -(less than 2 hours)- the drummer looked like death. The acoustic "Stay" with Edge and Bono was the best part of the concert. I could have completely done without the political crap - didn't understand what was said (other than "you got it right with Obama" coming from a non-citizen go away) and the cameras didn't help delineate that. Frankly we have more immediate concerns in our country. The band started 45 minutes late and with a David Bowie song, no less (why?). There was no cohesive set theme to the concert - lights were okay, no special effects really except a video screen that went up and down and a circular stage with moveable 'bridges.' Yawn. A lot of people left early.

D, Chicago 09/16/09
artist: U2
Review: I think they are the best group ever I only which I can go see them realy soon........Keep doing the best job ever...

morgan smith, brainerd, MN 09/16/09
Review: WOW!! you guys are cazy good... love comatose :):):):)

Drue Beall, San Gabriel, Ca. 09/16/09
artist: Skillet
Review: I think that "SKILLET" is a phenominal band. Which just goes to prove that GOD IS HIP, not a dud!

mack, las vegas 09/16/09
artist: u2
Review: fantastic piece of writing and photography all the way around!

bryon, colorado 09/16/09
artist: tayor swift
Review: you are truly gorgeous!

Kelly Fidei, Evanston, IL 09/15/09
artist: Baabe Irving
Review: Sketches of Brazil is a unique, one of kind composition that Chicago was fortunate to experience first. It should go on tour!!!

mary, concordia fs 09/15/09
Review: is think Jack Black is the coolest guy alive!!

whitney hamblin, corbin KY 09/15/09
artist: ray j
Review: I love your reality show, I like your music, I like you, I think you are HOT!!!

LynnI, Lapeer MI 09/15/09
artist: Kiss
Review: I think in this deep recession (aka depression) a night of pure good hearted entertainment is just what people need...rock god talent or not!

Caitlyn, Centreville, VA 09/15/09
artist: Travis Tritt

kimmie, nyc 09/15/09
Review: very nice site!!

johnnyj, brooklyn MI 09/15/09
artist: PARAMORE!!!
Review: i love paramore

Todd Schmitt, Rockford, Il. 09/14/09
Review: Great photos at lolla!!

Roger Christensen, San diego, CA 09/14/09
artist: richard Street
Review: Dear Mr. Street - I am a BIG fan. I would like to send some items to you to autograph. I am almost 60 (Nov 18) and handicapped. I was a Probation Officer and was injured on the job. 24 surgeries to date. Please let me know your agt's address or a PO Box .. I would love to have your autograph. Of all the Motown Groups .. The Temps, Smokey & Miracles and the 4 Tops .. are the BEST. please let me hear from you. God Bless you and let me know when I can buy your book. Mr. Street, I forgot to thank you for all of the GREAT music that has gotten "US" thru some hard times. Let me hear from you.

mary lanning, wellsville 09/14/09
artist: bon jovi
Review: hi bon jovi i love you guys as a fan

lee, chicago 09/14/09
artist: lollapalozza
Review: you guys got some spirited photos here

Amy Taylor, Minneapolis, MN 09/14/09
artist: Jimmy Buffett
Review: Buffett was as amazing as ever! I don't like your mean review, you need to drink a margarita and chill out man!

Ann Fink, Chicago, IL 09/11/09
artist: Re Crenshaw
Review: It's been a while since 2005 so if you're interested in catching a more recent performance, check out Crenshaw's 9/25 engagement at the North Shore Center in Skokie. This Crenshaw?s exclusive Chicago area engagement in support of his new album, "Jaggedland". (next closest are Milwaukee and Valpariso, IN). Crenshaw claims "Jaggedland" is one of his best ever. Here's your chance to decide for yourself.

marty murfy, WI 09/11/09
Review: If you actually went to the concert you would have noticed that no one was even watching gnarls barkley and that their sound quality was horrific. The Chili Peppers rocked just as hard as ever and the reason for Anthony's lack of energy was the flu. You cock ring, just go back into your cave and whittle dildos for you and your master.

aien, bangaluru, karnataka 09/11/09
artist: joey jordison
Review: i love u !!i love u!!!i love u!!!i love u!!!!joeyyyyyy............for life!!!

britney, charlotte, nc 09/11/09
artist: rusted root
Review: michael you're so intelligent! I love when I get to see you in person in concert!!

karen tate, milwaukee 09/11/09
artist: no doubt
Review: I want to kiss gwen on the lips now. pretty please with me on top??

mason 09/10/09
artist: creed

mark anderson, boston, ma 09/10/09
artist: jimmy buffett
Review: you were kind of harsh on jimmy...why don't you relax and have fun and get the banana out of your butt

cori, chicago 09/10/09
artist: loallapllooza
Review: greatest 3 days of my life!!!

corine, st. louis 09/08/09
artist: lolla
Review: what a beautiful portfolio of photos!!

darcy, escondido, ca 09/08/09
Review: i love sammy and michealanthony-long story short-i came to love rock and roll-eddie sucks-he is a god-but an arrogant assshole-play music sammy-and micheal

pedro, mexico 09/08/09
artist: snoopdogg
Review: k onda estas phonos estan super padres camara nos vemos arriba la 38 y la ocp attesnopy.........

Stephen, San Diego, Ca. 09/08/09
artist: Johnny Winter
Review: saw Johnny Winter last nite at Belly Up in Solana Beach. There is just something about a guy who can play like that, and I think it is all about soul. The power just comes thru him to his guitar into the soul of every body else. Thanks Johnny.

karen t., chicago 09/08/09
artist: antony and the johnson
Review: thanks for the inspiring piece of wrting

lawrence 09/07/09
Review: pretty pretty pictures at lollapalooza

hanna, mexico, coahuila 09/07/09
artist: Fall Out Boy
Review: fall out boy is a band wonderful, creative,beautiful,and patrick is hot and my comentari is thi is a great band i loveee and pace!!!

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buffalo soldier 09/04/09
artist: the decemberists
Review: there music is so original and amazing

kinky girl 09/04/09
artist: jessica simpson
Review: I want to taste her entire body and every one of her pores

wendi, chicago 09/04/09
artist: jimmy buffett
Review: why do all of these people get so excited at a an artist that lives on his old glory years?

charlotte, miami 09/04/09
Review: great lollpalozza shots!!

frank peters, st. louis 09/03/09
artist: country thunder
Review: this year was the best year ever...I'll be back for sure next year, actually I've been there every year since it started

courtney, chicago, il 09/03/09
artist: these untited states
Review: This band is the best!!!!!!!!!

deb, milwaukee 09/03/09
Review: phil, beautiful lollapalooza hots!! kisses

owen t., new york 09/03/09
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: what a truly amazing performer

laura payne, north carolina 09/02/09
Review: i really really love this site!

Winona Robinson. Vernon alabama 09/02/09
artist: Keith Urban
Review: Keith Urban is way cool.He is special cause he puts his heart and soul into it.I believe he really enjoys performing and making music for his fans. Best wishes to his family. LIvin life is fun!!!!!

gene, eagle, id 09/02/09
artist: skynyrd
Review: They are still a great band and if the author listened to Vicious Cycles he would know this band is still great. He is an idiot.

Marty, London, England 09/01/09
artist: Lollapalooza
Review: These photos are the best I've seen anywhere on the web! Cheers to your fine staff.

marty cusack 09/01/09
artist: Shane MacGowan
Review: Just a note on Shane's condition - while I wasn't at the second nigth concert and can't comment on his condition, he didn't seem out of it at the first night's show. I've seen him several times and his condition was pretty good - for him. Pretty clear vocals and control. Maybe he did have a backstage bender before the second show, but he was in good condition for the first show. Also - sorry to ehar abouot Phil Chevron.

mia, france 09/01/09
artist: Muse
Review: j'espere que vous avez tous remarquez que dans le triomphe de pan on retrouve un des leitmotiv de cette these... une biche. pas de cerf mais une biche et, elle est morte.

ashley izaguirre, hidalgo tx 09/01/09
artist: brad paisley
Review: i wanna see brad paisley in concert.(((: i know amillion people who would die to see him down here.((: we love brad paisley!!!!!

mikey 08/31/09
artist: maynard james keean
Review: he's the god of music

anthony miller, nyc 08/31/09
artist: the roots
Review: fabulous interview!! michael is so creative and intelligent

John, Methuen, Ma 08/31/09
artist: Godsmack
Review: Sully and Godsmack are amazing they are true pros who work a great crowd, There sound was great and they made sure every1 that came to the show had a good time Thx Godsmack I loved the show

Domnig, SALZBURG, Austria 08/31/09
artist: NOONe Filmproduction
Review: as poetic as this article can an artist give his audience a glimpse in its own future? not possible, i think. you can show an idea, express a feeling, of what COULD happen...but you never know. i myself thought, my own band would stuck together till the end. we didn't - and we won't. - so your own feeling about your own future can be wrong sometimes. greetings from austria, and lots of love to chicago,

Mia, France 08/31/09
artist: muse
Review: Bacchus en tant que foetus, en tant que nouveau ne, en tant que nourrisson n'a pas eu ce qu'il lui faut. regardez la maniere dont bacchus bebe mange, bois le raisin. on pressent la boulimie, la compulsion, la gloutonnerie tandis que les enfants avec leur Mere Venus joue avec les roses et le raisin sans pour autant avoir envie de leur sauter dessus et de les devorer. des experiences cruelles -il faut le dire- en psychologie dans les orphelinats roumains ont prouve qu'un enfant sans regard "maternel", sans interaction social par le regard se laisse mourrir meme s'il est nourrit.
les enfants de Venus ont ce que bacchus n'a pas eu. une des caracteristiques de bacchus adulte est la maniere dont il vit ses amours. si vous regardez le tableau "Bacchus and Ariadne" du Titian, 1520-3, Bacchus tombe instantanement amoureux d'Ariadne et, il lui saute dessus, litteralement. rien a faire de ce qu'Ariadne veut. la logique de bacchus est compulsive, sans maitrise, identique a sa maniere de se nourrir enfant.

stacey, detroit. mich 08/31/09
artist: Lolla
Review: the best 3 days of my life!

luis Gustavi, Mexico 08/31/09
artist: Simple plan
Review: i love sp...beuatiful photos

connie, milwaukee 08/28/09
artist: social distortion
Review: they were really awesome at the rave..hope they come out with some new music soon!

john jacobs, miami, fl 08/28/09
Review: that jane's addiction proposal video is way cool

britney, new york 08/28/09
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: what a gorgeous review

monica, chicago, illinois 08/28/09
artist: lollapalooza
Review: the decemberists and tool were absolutely amazing!

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Becca, lebanon mo 08/27/09
artist: flyleaf
Review: hey flyleaf is really cool and i love thim go to see them in concert in stlouis.

harry 08/27/09
artist: slipknot
Review: I think they do worship the devil...beacuse if you listen to the music it makes feel bad inside but the music sounds good...don't like the evil influence. peace

jeannette, texas 08/27/09
artist: taylor swift
Review: she is so beautiful...

Gloria Hooper, Pittsburgh Pa 08/27/09
artist: donna summer
Review: Is it true that your single?

lyle t., chicago 08/27/09
artist: donna summer
Review: gotta love the disco queen

janet, chicago 08/26/09
artist: lolla 09
Review: it was a glorious 3 days at lolla this year! got wet, got stoned, got laid, got sunburnt and most importantly heard some fantastic music!!!

mikey tyler, minneapolis, mn 08/26/09
artist: slug
Review: really dug your interview!

Donna, Dilis Texas 08/26/09
artist: Ozzy Osbounre
Review: No way rock in roll is rythm not the somthing yougo to hell for. He may have falls but that does not make him a bad person.

ashley fox, athens, tennessee 08/26/09
artist: montgomery gentry
Review: these guys are awesome...i love them to death

mia, france 08/26/09
artist: Muse
Review: eviter les tares biologiques, eviter tout ce que peut engendrer le fruit d'union entre frere et soeur a 100 pour 100. l'espece humaine a ete creee pour etre pleine de differences pas de ressemblances si ce n'est par l'education ce qui veut dire, par la Mere. c'est la Mere qui eduque. platon opposait l'argument suivant a ceux qui disaient que les femmes etaient inferieures et ne valaient pas la peine d'etre eduquees; il disait que au contraire vu que s'est a elles que revient l'education des enfants, elles devaient etre parfaitement eduquees pour eduquer a leur tour.

lawrence, toronto 08/25/09
artist: lollapalooza
Review: quite the photos here...DAMN!

princess, chicago, il 08/25/09
Review: pretty cool site you have here

barry, tennessee 08/25/09
artist: country thunder
Review: are you picking on us rednecks??

alisha, QLD 08/24/09
artist: carry underwood
Review: i love u soo much carry...i love u kenny chesney-sunny cowgirls-kelly pickler n adam brand n steve ford

Rex (Whip) Long, Seattle, WA 08/24/09
artist: Diamond Dave Roth
Review: So keep on rockin' me Davy, You betta rockin' me Davy, Come on and rockin' me Davy, You betta rockin' me Davy, DAVY DAVY DAVY!!!!!!!!! BEST........WHIP

jimmy mack, chicago 08/24/09
artist: lolapalooza
Review: fantastic photos!!!

adam niel g. corvera, cabadbaran city 08/24/09
artist: vocal
Review: why your using the rock sign ?do you know that is a satanic sign ? and if you mind i am your fan and it breaks my heart that every time i see that you use that sign and as i know your a christian comment is plzzz avoid that...

doctor julie (je trouve que ca sonne bien), france 08/24/09
artist: Muse
Review: il y a quelque chose de tres elementaire en ce qui est Divin autant qu'il y a quelque chose d'infiniment complexe! et ce qui est elementaire, L'Alpha est de l'ordre de La Chaire, de la rencontre des sexes Feminin et masculin. t c'est ce que finalement les humians ont le plus usurpe au Divin, ils lui ont refuse Sa Sexualite Sacree. d'ou le fait que la Mere du fils de Dieu fait homme soit une Vierge!

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karen, montana 08/21/09
artist: country thunder
Review: what awesome pictures!

bernard garriosn, minneapolis, mn 08/21/09
artist: lolla
Review: I've been to 4 of em and this was the best ever!!

mason, miami, florida 08/21/09
artist: twista
Review: cool interview, the guy is a bangup dude man

tyler, chicago 08/21/09
Review: I felt the best bands there were snoop dog, lykke li, kings of leon and the killers!

Jillian Smith, ellijay ga 08/20/09
artist: Iron Maiden
Review: i love iron maiden they raise hell!!!!!!!

Stacey Connors, UK 08/20/09
artist: Lollapalloza
Review: I had an absolutely magnificent time. Much of the music there was brilliant.

phillip, chicago, il 08/20/09
artist: coldplay
Review: when I play I play it cold

peter y., new york 08/19/09
artist: the decemberists
Review: their new cd is a masterpiece!

wendi, phoenix 08/19/09
artist: mcr
Review: gerard is just TOO sexy for himself

Rokit Man, Boston, ma 08/19/09
artist: lollapalooza
Review: some of the best photos i've seen of lallapalooza this year!!

Georgie. Mount Pleasant, PA 08/18/09
artist: Keith Urban
Review: Keith's concert in Pittsburgh was amazing as usual. Just like you described...heartfelt & fun. But what I want to know...who is his band members? One of the guys...another guitarist was great. He was from West Virginia. Does anyone know his name or who he is???

mary, waukegan, il 08/18/09
artist: Charlie Love
Review: Charlie is such an inspiration - I love him so much!

jenny, nyc 08/18/09
artist: 3 doors down
Review: he is my golden boy, his voice tears me up inside!

Beverly, las vegas 08/18/09
Review: beautiful beautiful photos!!!

Ken Willis, Chicago 08/18/09
artist: Lollapalooza

jason, 08/18/09
artist: lollapalooza
Review: what a cool way to propose!!! what a lucky girl

Marcus Eady, Elizabeth New Jersey 08/18/09
Review: I just don't have the energy as lauren hill wood put it. nothin sustains like "it" sorry for my lack of interest, haven't been meditating as livity wood, my hear is a year of neglect and pay no mine. "there" really is ware the hurt sew I we got 8 verses in luke 1 and more time was than expected in the temple, feeling brews and babysitting the neurosystem. Art broke bi a libra name N.E.R.D in old navy mens section for 1 1/2 credit be to hurReinamyacoustic06 seeing sounds Mitchell 100md, life is rush psalm "inspired and tired"
Lookin for away throughout of know way (xxx). possessed Morning View trice , now life sort of drains with me in it. pentetauch governs me as a now and later now but also contradiction cosume you own water?

laura k., chicago 08/17/09
artist: lollapalooza
Review: What and unbelieable photo gallery!!

bob. seattle 08/17/09
artist: cage the elephant
Review: dudes I really dig this band!! great interview!

haley, lake geneva, wi 08/17/09
artist: phil
Review: phil your photos never cease to amaze me!!!

Armando Dr Leon, Houston, Tx. 08/17/09
artist: Merle Haggard
Review: You're the best! in all time

Steve LaFayette, Chi-town 08/17/09
artist: The Stooges
Review: Having seen Iggy 4 x's this show proved The Stooges worth and what their music really meant - Kick F**kin Ass!

david, urugay 08/17/09
artist: kellerman
Review: ob fotze oder arsch haptsache wir haben spass

kierra jackson, atlanta 08/17/09
artist: nelly

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