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cadence, las vegas 08/14/09
artist: lolla
Review: WOW it looked like a great time!!!

lindsey 08/14/09
artist: country thunder
country thunder was a blast this year! will be back next year for sure

meghan, milwaukee 08/14/09
artist: no doubt
Review: gwen is still so very hot

Lawrence, London, England 08/14/09
artist: The Decemberists
Review: We were blown away by their set at Lollapalooza, My one and only complaint - not nearly long enough!

karen l., chicago. il 08/13/09
Review: I had a fucking great time there this year...went sta. and sun....loved loved loved the yeah yeah yeahs, snoop dogg and cage!! and I must say your photos are beautiful!!

lindsey, minneapolis, mn 08/13/09
artist: atmosphere
Review: HEY, why didn't you guys review atmosphere?? his show was AWESOME!

Penelope, France 08/13/09
artist: Muse
Review: vision de saint Eustache d'un Christ crucufie (accent e) sur la tete d'un cerf et non pas sur la Terre Mere. salle 55 de la national gallery. je me dois de restifier ici une chose que j'ai ecrite et qui est inexacte: le Christ n'est pas crucifie (accent e) sur l'agya du cerf mais, sur la base de ses bois. c'est a dire, dans sa foret?...
et, il y a un autre detail dans ce tableau qui est capital, c'est, la forme en amande delimite (accent e) par les bois d'un cerf qui ce situe en second plan et au dessus du cerf avec le Christ crucifie (accent e). les bois de ce cerf sont directement mis en relation par alignement avec son propre arriere train et celui un peu plus loin sur la gauche d'une biche dont il est possible de voir, le sexe, en forme: d'amande.

marky, springfield, il 08/13/09
artist: skillet
Review: nice piece of writing

jeremy lynch, chicago, il 08/13/09
artist: lollapalooza
Review: after reading your piece and seeing your pictures I wish I would have got my lazy ass of the couch and stopped watching crappy cubs game and headed my way down to grant park for apparently some fine music

barry brecheisen, chicago. il 08/12/09
Review: Awe thanks guys I appreciate the shout out! It may have been the coolest and dumbest idea I ever had...just happy she said yes!

tyler r, portland, OR 08/12/09
artist: the decemberists
Review: ah yes the photos here are divine.

Edgar Meyer, Russia 08/12/09
artist: Serge Koussevitzky
Review: He is gratest dubble buss player I have ever heard!

michael forbes, canada 08/12/09
artist: rusted root
artist: great interview! my only complaint is I wish it were longer

ben, rockford, illinois 08/12/09
artist: Brian Johnson
artist: ac/dc is so much better with brian johnson than bon scott. yup that's right you heard me!

luara, nyc 08/12/09
artist: cage the elephant
artist: they got it all!!

Frank Rossi, Asbury Park, N.J. 08/11/09
Review: Thank you !! Cyndi Lauper is AMAZING !!! We are going to see her in Red Bank, NJ on August 9th.

lisa tyler, great lakes, michigan 08/11/09
artist: cage the elephant
Review: thanks for the tip at lolla yesterday...I LOVE THE INTERVIEW!! cage are soooo damn COOL!!!

Ashley, Victoria 08/11/09
artist: Pink
Review: I love pink pink if your out there please email me

Alyssa, so. jordan utah 08/11/09
artist: Mxpx
Review: I love all the pictures of Mike Herrera! Turquoise basses with a pokinatcha punk face on them are the coolest by far! Plus, MxPx is my favorite band. : D

owen, chicago 08/10/09
Review: this site is amazing. I love everytthing on here!!

Michael, Las vegas Nv 08/10/09
artist: linkin park
Review: great review man!!

Vanessa, miramar 08/10/09
artist: Chris Brown
Review: sexy, sexy man.

julie, paris, france 08/10/09
artist: Muse
Review: ainsi maintenant comprenez-vous peut-etre pourquoi le film "l'exorciste" est bien plus interessant qu'il n'y parrait... les premieres scenes du film ont lieu en irak sur un site archeologique de ce que fut la ville d'Ur. la statue d'un demon est detere (accent e), des que le pretre la voit, il sait ce qui vient de ressurgir des profondeurs.

Bob, Milwaukee, WI 08/07/09
artist: Social Distortion
Review: I don't know about the Milwaukee show because I wasn't there, but I'm surprised they didn't play anything new there. I saw them the night before in Green Bay and they played a new song "Bakersfield" and announced that they were going back into the studio this winter.

lorenne, memphis 08/07/09
artist: elton and billy
Review: you've put so much beauty into my life over the years - thank you.

karen, new berlin, wi 08/07/09
artist: coldplay
Review: I thought that there concert at alpine was purely magical. thanks for the great review and photos

Robert Lansing, Leeds, UK 08/07/09
artist: Lollapalooza
Review: I'm flying in tomorrow morning...The artists this year are amazing...See you all at the beer tents and in front of the stages!!

Review: I LARRY TORRES ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS WEB PAGE!!IT IS A [MUST SEE] FOR ANYONE EVEN REMOTELY INTERESTED IN THE EARLIEST BLUES DISCOGRAPHY. Living in overlooked KENOSHA area, I"ve listened to some of the SADDEST BLUES to never be recorded, EVER.Therefore I feel very IN on the power,feel and raw versatility ONLY the blues has to offer..TO LOVE YOU AND TO LOSE YOU is the unfortunatly,,, the greatest offering the blues can give.P.S.thank every technician who tries to capture these sounds and every radio station who broadcasts[for the very poor,non xm listeners]this most emotional cry for hope, and a better tomorrow...H.C.SPEIR I SALUTE YOU AND THANK YOU WISCONSIN CHAIR COMPANY and to you ;THE LIVING; I APPLAUD YOU ALL...larry.

Moi, france 08/07/09
artist: muse
Review: nan vraiment, on a pas fini de se fendre la gueule nous, c'est sur..

kristen, mosinee, wisconsin 08/06/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: david i want to meet u so bad - I'm on hwy b mosinee, wisconsin

jenni, cali 08/06/09
artist: coldplay
Review: beautiful photos!!

lawrence red, las vegas, nv 08/06/09
artist: no doubt
Review: gwen is hot, both musically and physically

julie, paris, france 08/06/09
artist: muse
Review: et si il y en a qui se dise que je ne devrais pas envoyer des messages ainsi formules (accent e) et bien, sachez que, c'est comme pour les texto. quand j'ecris un truc que je ne dois pas envoyer et bien, ca part pas. le message n'est pas envoyer. alors, je vais faire un test

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CJ, Milwaukee 08/05/09
artist: Taylor Swift
Review: Taylor Swift looks dead in the eyes...really not that pretty either!

haley, lake geneva 08/05/09
artist: coldplay
Review: phil beautiful photos once again!!

marty, new york 08/05/09
artist: the jesus lizard
Review: sounds like a bang up show!

lucky, settle 08/05/09
artist: coldplay
Review: love love love this band!!!

michael, florida 08/04/09
Review: some fantastic photography on this site!!

mabelle, detroit, mich 08/04/09
artist: coldplay
Review: overrated yes, but still entertaining.

leanette, ottawa 08/04/09
artist: cybni lauper
Review: she'll always be "The queen" in my book!

daisy, chauncey ohio 08/03/09
artist: trick pony
Review: Awsome i like it i love it i want some more of it ! i love trick pony . ponies rock !

randall, crockett, tx. 08/03/09
artist: Country Thunder

Amy Robinson, Tampa, FL 08/03/09
artist: T-Pain
Review: I love him hes so sexy I have all his albums and first seen him appear at the "last damn show" when his first single came out Im sprung. Love it Love him!!!!!!!! He needs to marry me

bascent, egypt 08/03/09
artist: the fray
Review: the fray are always amazing the songs are inspiring.

Sandee, boston, me 08/03/09
Review: For the sake of slipknot I will admit i'm 38 years old YOUNG and still rocking like a mutha-fucka I saw you guys a few times and every time was different and better than the one before. I would just like to thank you for giving mine and future generations the opportunity to get out all their anger and bullshit cuz we already know growing up sux but for the present YOUTH its fuckin insanity they need to learn to release some of that aggression at shows and not on one another. Thats what has always got me threw shitty time MUSIC no matter what you may like but when you can scream like a psycho it definitely helps no doubt. Keep up the great work you're doin FAN 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANX AGAIN YOU'VE PROBABLY SAVED MORE LIVES WITH YOUR MUSIC THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE.

li, france 08/03/09
artist: muse
Review: so the fact are i mean... actually, ther's many things must be treated before to rejoice. i mean, if i consider just the fact, the differents problems that's must be treated, i haven't got any reason to be joyfull. i explain. if i take what happen in Sahaja Yoga wich is The Teaching of The Divine Mother on Earth. right. i am supposing to be in front of higher people in awarness and... what happen... i am in front most part of the time of arrogant people stoping the spreading of Truth and proper informations. that's a big problem. and i am not Happy, i can't be Happy to see how Mother is treated, in witch physical She was when I saw Her. when I heard in fucking yogi bastard says as a journalist talk about a football match that's "the victory of Spirit on materiel" about Our Mother suffering in Her Wheel Chair without any capacity to say something just because the same yogi-ni are not able to be their own master after soooooo many time, i mean, in front of such sadism,!

i haven't got any reason to rejoice Me. but, actually, things change, people with finally it's possible to be for me exist. i mean, that's balance the situation.on a side fight. on an other real good stuff. you know, they just think i am as they believe i am. when i see some people, trying to make me jealous because of a dress or their connexins or i don't know what i mean. it's so ridiculous. My Crown is in Heaven. i prefer to be what i Am than to be comform to a fashion by obligation to obey of those who finally want to dominate the other by a way or an other. i mean, i am a Queen on Earth without any stupid obligation. and believe me than i will not have any stupid obligation by being a movie star! aloah

george mason, portland 07/31/09
artist: elbow
Review: elbow moves through musical landscapes like knowing shapeshifters of time

julie, paris, france 07/31/09
artist: muse
Review: a beautiful and twisted band!

lawrence, england 07/31/09
artist: elton
Review: elton john is the borat of pop music.

mongolianbeefboy 07/31/09
artist: taylor swift
Review: sweetie let's go for a ride on my polish sausage

marianne tyler, milwaukee 07/30/09
artist: antony and the johnsons
Review: brilliantly written!!

ethan, lake geneva, wi 07/30/09
artist: country thunder
Review: despite what locals are saying I had a riot at country thunder this year. the music and people were absolutely great!!

prater k., las angeles, ca 07/30/09
artist: country thunder
Review: they sure do have pretty people for such ugly music

Bill, Chicago 07/30/09
artist: Elton and Billy
Review: loved the photos!

Marcia, Roselle, IL 07/29/09
artist: Motley Crue
Review: Great review! The pictures were outstanding. I felt like I was there. Good job!

sierra, edmond, ok 07/29/09
Review: omg! i am soooo in love with skillet i wish i could meet them! its a life long dream and if i met them it would help me push myself and to pursue my dreams! p.s. love the website

MIRIAM, phoenix, Az 07/29/09
artist: AC/DC

lori, chicago 07/29/09
Review: I do love this site!

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Weronika, warszawa/Polska 07/28/09
artist: the ataris
Review: Hello !=))Has undergone composition of group why? i salute ! ;)and nice day!

Monique Merchant, Detroit, MI 07/28/09
artist: Richard Street
Review: I think Richard Street is so sexy omg

Owen, Chicago, IL 07/28/09
artist: Lollapalooza
Review: I do like this lineup this year!

Kate Hahn. Whitewater, WI 07/28/09
artist: Country Thunder
Review: had a great time! My first time but I'll be there for sure next year!

lisa, chicago 07/28/09
Review: this is a cool site. I come here every week!

marty, phoenix 07/27/09
artist: slim shady
Review: he's the best rapper in the world!!

Penelope, UK 07/27/09
artist: The Jesus Lizard
Review: Love the photos. Sounds like an impossibly beautiful show

janet yates, chicago, Il 07/27/09
artist: taylor swift
Review: this so called "singer" has no talent, in fact she's not that pretty either!

jill, twin lakes, wi 07/27/09
artist: country thunder
Review: country thunder was a major fiasco!! from the lack of vendors to the lack of security.. I hope the rumors are right and you move to Alpine valley next year

Carol, Milwaukee 07/24/09
artist: Country Thunder
Review: I can't believe what awesome photos you got!! bravo Phil!!

jeffrey, calgary 07/24/09
artist: green Day
Review: I like their last album the best

Ian Lester, UK 07/24/09
artist: Jesus Lizard
Review: Damn, what I would have given to have seen that show in Chicago. Boys please come to London!!t

peter j 07/24/09
artist: gwen
Review: that babe is Hotter than hell for 40 years old!!

Georgio, Sao Paolo, Brazil 07/23/09
artist: Country Thunder
Review: Country music sucks. They are all Republicans who got the country (and world) into this mess. Thanks for nothing.

karen, twin lakes, wi 07/23/09
artist: country thunder
Review: the photos are great, but aren't you a bit harsh on the southerners??

monica, milwaukee 07/23/09
artist: conor oberst
Review: i like his new band better than bright take that to the bank your emo egg suckers!

julie, paris, france 07/23/09
artist: Muse
Review: just to be fully clear, there some people lost for ever already; those who use The Divine Energy, Powers finally for demonic sex party and killing children and all the things they enjoy to do all of them, they are lost, even if they ask for forgiveness just because they want to have the benefit of Sir Martin Scorsese's experiences and teaching (can you believe it. they ask for forgiveness because of that). that's concern gaspard ulliel too even if this "je sais pas moi, euh je cherche un qualificatif mais... avec des trucs comme vous il est vrai qu'on est bien au-dela de ce que peuvent dire les mots...", bref, even if this flesh with an automatic dick think if you want to experiment the Good you have too experiment the evil in the same time (nan mais quand meme, faut etre particulierement con ou acteur pour jpj pour dire des trucs pareils. fin de citation)that's wrong. and too late because he goes too far in his experimentation of evilness. so, even if they have put!

some "logic" to explain us hooooow necessary was the experience for them, i'm not sorry too tell it but, vous allez continuer a faire ce que vous faites deja depuis un moment a savoir: vous faire foutre. au moins, vous n'irez pas protester en disant que votre libre arbitre de grands debiles devant L'Eternel n'est pas respecte! on est juste. rassurez-vous. il n'y aura pas d'erreurs. that's for those already lost. (vincent elbaz is one of them).

johnnie taylor, chicago 07/22/09
artist: green day
Review: I appreciate the kind word for my favorite band of all time

Luke, Lansing, Illinois 07/22/09
artist: Rusted Root
Review: This was a fucking awesome interview, theses guys are one of my musical inspirations that keep me going in music

sally cowan, santa rosa ca 07/22/09
artist: les claypol
Review: the light was bright in the eyes of god into the moment I saw the seconds that made the moment of what was les and then more .. I wish that i was at this concert .. with matt and les

billy, memphis 07/22/09
artist: merle haggard
Review: he's the real honest to goodness deal

charlene, canada 07/22/09
artist: marilyn manson
Review: the guy's an overbearing idiot!!

conor t., chicago, il 07/22/09
artist: green day
Review: hey I dig the pictures

Lynn Elliott, Clemson SC 07/21/09
artist: Pat Benatar
Review: Are these photo's available for purchase? Thank you. Lynn

JHEM, MANILA 07/21/09
Review: hope i can see you all (skillet)

Lynn Elliott, Clemson SC 07/21/09
artist: Pat Benatar
Review: Are these photo's available for purchase? Thank you. Lynn

margaret, portland, oregon 07/21/09
artist: green day
Review: I thoroughly enjoyed your review and photographs, thank you.

bree, az sells 07/21/09
artist: april
Review: Hey I realy like that but one thing. Why would u have sex with your ex gurlfriend if I wher u I wouldn't do that that would be the stupid thing. Buti would say if I was your gurl there would be no stoping at it just kep on goin and havin sex. But that was realy good but I should stop laterz.

John, Houston 07/20/09
artist: Strait
Review: George dosen't need to change his show. He gives the crowd a quality show that everyone has come to expect of him. His effort to ensure the quality of every song is superb, and he doesn't need smoke and mirrors, and lightshows to entertain. If you are looking for that you could go see any of the other 'country stars' out there.

Crysta, Thorsby, Alabama 07/20/09
artist: Jimi Hendrix
Review: Thats really cool...But,why can't the collection be seen on the internet?


jeffon 07/20/09
artist: rhianna
Review: i luv rhianna she's hot!!!!!!

kevin, suwanee, GA 07/20/09
artist: the band
Review: are you guys a satanist band?

britney, cali 07/20/09
Review: this site is awesome!!

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Amy Kerrigan, Florida 07/17/09
artist: Bob Seger
Review: oh my god...lord is he really in his 60's ? wow...well guess that would prob be about my dad who would have been 60 this year introduced me to bob segers music in guess we all age...

cynthia, nyc 07/17/09
artist: michael jackson
Review: I so wish I was there that day!!...

bob, clearwater, fl 07/17/09
artist: slipknot
Review: awesome interview with joey!! now i just wish slipknot would get their asses down to florida soon!!!!

jeannette carson, milwaukee 07/17/09
artist: summerfest
Review: this year's summerfest was the best one i've seen

Melody Baker, London, UK 07/17/09
artist: Michael Jackson
Review: You were the best ever Michael. We will miss you so much!

frank schmitt, wauwatosa WI 07/16/09
artist: phish
Review: My first show was this year at alpine and i've never fell so alive in my life thank you phish.

marge l., california 07/16/09
artist: michael jackson
Review: I can't believe how little michael's house was!

peter, new berlin, wi 07/16/09
artist: stooges
Review: I hope they tour again!!!

candeyman 07/16/09
artist: micahel
Review: why is everyone lionizing michael!!??!! he did some pretty bad things you know!

jorge 07/15/09
artist: avenged sevenfold
Review: a truly great band!!

stacey, chicago 07/15/09
artist: michael jackson
Review: thanks for the touching photos of his home.

julie, paris, france 07/15/09
artist: muse
Review: bon. c'#est l'heure d'aller dormir. bonne journee.

coreen, milwaukee 07/15/09
artist: no doubt
Review: the band was so good at summerfest, best show i've seen in years!

Cody, Bunker Hill, Indiana 07/14/09
artist: Slipknot
Review: Slipknot is the greatest band in the world i dont care what any body says they're number 1

alex, veracruz 07/14/09
artist: the killers
Review: !!!the killers es de lomejor soy fan num 1!!!

naomi, abbeville, louisiana 07/14/09
Review: Leave Axl Rose the fuck alone.

starstruck, memphis, tenn. 07/14/09
artist: michael jackson
Review: what beautiful photos of his boyhood home. I wish I couid go and see it personal and up close!

artist: MUSE

chris, melbourne, vic 07/13/09
artist: mark knopfler
Review: Hey Mark you're a living legend and a great inspiration. Good luck with whatever you do. Your pal from Australia, Chris.

margot, blackpool, uk 07/13/09
artist: michael
Review: we love you michael and will always miss you dear

stacey t., milwaukee 07/13/09
artist: no doubt
Review: those are some of the hottest pictures of Gwen i've ever seen!!!

little mister t, seattle 07/13/09
artist: death cab
Review: you nailed it with your review...great piece of writing!

janet, flint, mich 07/13/09
Review: this site is an escape from all of the jobless pain we're going through. I just like to think about the joy of music right now and thank you.

Colin, Manitoba, Canada 07/10/09
artist: Michael Jackson
Review: I heard Thriller for the first time in it's entirety in almost 10 years. It truly is a pop masterpiece!!1

carrie wilson, milwaukee, wisconsin 07/10/09
artist: summerfest
Review: man the crowds were sure small this year, but I liked it cause I could finally move down the narrow walkways for once in my life!! great photos gang

sargent frank, nyc 07/10/09
artist: les claypool
Review: an interview conducted from the dry canals of mars i'm sure

sadie, madrid, spain 07/10/09
artist: micael jackson
Review: we will miss you my dear!

julie, paris, france 07/10/09
artist: Muse
Review: - a l'heure actuelle et au regard de ce qui a ete vecu ses dernieres annees d'un pointde vue vibratoire, il est actuellement un seul homme en mesure de partager ma vie sans risque pour son equilibre au regard de ce qu'il y a a combattre au quotidien. Il sait qui il est. reste a nous rencontrer maintenant que nous savons sans aucuns doute possible.

amine, algerie_oran, france 07/09/09
artist: michael jackson
Review: missing michael i love him and i love his music

joel, chicago, il 07/09/09
artist: yeah yeah yeahs
Review: great review and I see you live the spirit of their music

corinne, belguim 07/09/09
artist: michael
Review: you will be forever

julie, paris, france 07/09/09
artist: muse
Review: et non, je n'ai pas voulu dire que je ne peux rencontrer qu'une personne, j'ai juste dit qu'il y en a un qui a evolue dans des conditions telles que la negativite ne le perturbe pas plus que ca. ce qui veut dire aussi que pour les autres, etre avec moi dans les situations qui sont les miennes constituent certes un travail evolutif mais, pas toujours evident loin de la.

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Jacquelinee, Weslaco TX 07/08/09
artist: chris cornell
Review: hi i love you i always think about u you rock and u r hot i'm 10 years old i wish you marry me love and bye PLEASE COME TO WESLACOTX your hot

karen, vegas 07/08/09
artist: no doubdt
Review: gwen still looks so tasty!

julie, paris, france 07/08/09
artist: Muse
Review: that's not the Play Of The Goddess. and if it's the period of last judgement, it's not for nothing.

Sarah, Philly, PA 07/07/09
artist: Oso
Review: Hi Tony,
Thanks for the nice write up on Oso. Any chance you know which show The B's was featured on on The Food Network? The guys in the band had no idea!

Terri Goodfellow, Des Moines, Wa. 07/07/09
artist: Berlin
Review: Berlin kicked ass as usual! To even compare them to ABC and Wang Chung especially is a joke! Berlin is making new music and staying current! Go BERLIN!

lawrence g., chicago 07/07/09
artist: cage the elephant
Review: I'm loving this band!!

julie, paris, france 07/07/09
artist: Muse
Review: if american soldiers and alies in irak can read this, i work on them to feel better even if they are in a nightmare. and yes, my helth is better. thanks. and you will feel better too. with Love.

Robin, Oosterhout (NL) 07/07/09
artist: Simple Plan
Review: Simply : ) said a simple brilliant band!

RJ, Waukegan 07/06/09
Review: When are we having another Freestyle concert? I have lots of friends interested!!

sierra smith, jackson, michigan 07/06/09
artist: ray j
Review: i ~luv~ u soooooooooooooo much!!!!.p.s.u r da best

penelope, milwaukee 07/06/09
Review: beautiful Summerfest pictures!

brooke, tx 07/06/09
artist: buckcherry
Review: cool band

Carrie, Milwaukee 07/03/09
artist: Summerfest
Review: DAMN!!! you people shoot nice photos!!

les, milwaukee 07/03/09
artist: karen o
Review: the yeah yeah yeahs rock my world but karen o rocks my rocks off!

greenehorne, las vegas 07/03/09
artist: cocker
Review: a fine review mr. andy

brian miller, nyc 07/03/09
artist: joe cocker
Review: never seen the man live, but your words put me there. thanks buddy

phillip, london, england 07/03/09
artist: lollapalooza
Review: I'm coming this year--I'm finally coming!!!

ejack, ulu klang 07/02/09
artist: the strokes
Review: u such a great natural born talented band

kristy, milwaukee 07/02/09
artist: summerfest
Review: you have some pretty prople in your photo gallery ; )

jeannette, seattle, wa 07/02/09
artist: the decemberists
Review: you must see them live to really do their music justice!

Coleen 07/02/09
Review: Very nice site!!!

e. buskala, stanwood wa. 07/01/09
Review: saw at the showbox-seattle. my friend zakk wylde was there. amazing is an understatement. vai to me is a prodyge. i havnt time to copy even partial solos. yes i copy for my own music. maybe thats bad , but listen to the ones like vai. some of us are still building castles with duplo blocks. i am glad to be a part of this musical century with artists like vai. God bless.

carny, boston, Mass 07/01/09
Review: totally dig this site!!

hassan, maroc, safi 07/01/09
artist: enrique
Review: hello enrique, your beautiful

melvin, lagos 07/01/09
artist: princediddy
Review: Hello,i'm melvin from West africa an up coming artist... looking for a sponsoral

julie, paris, france 07/01/09
artist: Muse
Review: canet attaque comme un malade en ce moment. c'est normal. on a compris toutes ses manipulations et tout le bazare. il a faim le petit. alors il pique a l'aveugle. de toute facon, celui la, il est deja plus que crever. c'est le seul a ne pas le savoir parce qu'il "possede" tellement de gens qu'il n'est que l'amas de ses voles. une fois que tout le monde aura reccupere (accent e) ce qui lui appartient de Droit Divin, les metamorphoses vont etre surprenantes!

Paige, pennsylvania~west york 06/30/09
artist: skillet
Review: omg yu guys rocked at creation this year! i was in the front row of the mosh pit...yu were amaziingly awesome! i cnt waiit to see yu next year~yu rocked...yu were liike the bestt bannd at creation 09'

allen, fort worth, texas 06/30/09
artist: country thunder
Review: are all of these singers coming to Dallas fort worth and when?

julie, paris, france 06/30/09
artist: muse
Review: vais me coucher... il y a beaucoup de "mauvaises choses" qui sont parties de mon systeme subtil aujourd'hui. je vais tres clairement mieux, y a pas photo! donc, en theorie, vous aussi. reste a stabiliser maintenant. Love You. ps: Chris, thanks for the information about english fascism.

haley, lake geneva 06/30/09
Review: phil great summerfest pics! are you going to be there thursday for no doubt...I'll be there ; )

sarah powers, milwaukee 06/29/09
artist: cyndi lauper
Review: we traveled 8 hours to see her.she looked a little frustrated at times, but the show was great. seen her 3 times, and hopfully many more times.

jerry, phoenix 06/29/09
artist: aerosmith
Review: the old boys still know how to rock

marianne lewis, st. louis 06/29/09
artist: phish
Review: It's all brilliant!!

shri Allahfioulia, France 06/29/09
artist: Muse
Review: salut! bon alors, en ce moment voyez-vous, les satanistes qui n'ont vraiment rein d'autre a foutre de leur existence travaillent pour notre mort, a vous, a moi, a Mere, a toutes celles et ceux qui protegent Mere,etc. le fait que je jeune les embettent beaucoup voyez-vous parce que cela les affaiblit considerablement en fait ce qui veut dire que leurs attaques vont etre virulantes pendant quelaues jours parce que... ils ont faim les vampires. pas de quoi paniquer. c'est la routine.

carmen, detroit 06/29/09

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