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Michelle, Panama City Beach, FL 06/26/09
Review: Love it! Make's me love the Goo Goo Dolls even more...if that's possible.

Shri Allahfioulia, France 06/26/09
artist: Muse
Review: got 7 minutes, no more... day 2. it's seems, 15 will be enough. wait and see. i cannot have a place in your life if ther's no place for truth and unfortunatly, we are all build with lie. so, for example, ask dom for the truth concerning your father and, you will be abble to go out of your angerness concerning is death. concerning your children Chris, they have the right not to grow finally manipulated by the lie of their mother. at the right moment they will know the truth and be glad with because, only brave person are abble to let people free of what they want to hide> no more time for tonight see you when i will have money for. Love You.

AMY, TURKEY 06/26/09

leanne schultz, milwaukee 06/26/09
artist: aerosmith
Review: wonderful photos phil

johnny, kansas 06/26/09
Review: this site is a true blue rocker!!!!

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natorie, w.r. georgia 06/25/09
artist: tpain
Review: I think that tpain is hot and cute and tpain when u get a chance to read my message call me

missy, milwaukee, wi 06/25/09
artist: aerosmith
Review: steve perry is still hot!!!

george, vegas 06/25/09
artist: iggy pop
Review: I love his new atmospheric

Mrs. Ross, Albany, NY 06/24/09
artist: Panic at the Disco

moi, france 06/24/09
artist: Muse
Review: so, if you need an excuse to stop the gossip around you may be just a : "she's too muuuuuch exhausted after such period blablabla bla" can be enough. and you will be free of bad attention around you. and, for the resistance tour, if it's possible to come... i can wear a wrong moustache and men clothes to be invisible! and, a photo camera to justify my presence. and yes, in such a period, do not hesitate to lie, but, silently (arf)!

it comes to be sad things are moving in the shadow... it's seems that actually, the best things is the silence. it's seems than you haven't got only friends around you (what a surprise). it seems it's better for us witch is mean you and i to let our desirs in the secret of our silence, just in peace. and even if we are in the same 3 D, it's better for me and for the moment to be hide, hide in your life to avoid jealousy. if i am spie by all the way you know, it's more than possible than they use different way to listen your private life as they have done with me. concerning us, the better things is the silence. we will build what we want in the secret of Our Private Space. la retraite in french; that what i have to do for the moment. that's mean not to be alone, that's mean not to be expose as an artist can be. and that's mean take care of you from the hidden position where i will be.

janet, chicago 06/24/09
artist: melissa
Review: wonderful, wondeful review

kylie m., minnesota 06/24/09
artist: aerosmith
Review: love the hot pictures!

sinbad, carbondale, il 06/24/09
artist: janet jackson
Review: stop raping her talent - she is so talented

Carol, Chicago 06/23/09
artist: Melissa Etheridge
Review: Melissa Etheridge was stunning live..I was shaken how good she was live!

Meghan, Washington DC 06/23/09
artist: Bonnaroo
Review: some pretty cool photos!!

janet, chicago 06/23/09
artist: cyndi lauper
Review: she is so talented. I liked your review and pictures

Ricardo Wolff, Sao Paulo-Brazil 06/23/09
artist: Iggy Pop
Review: Greetings, My name is Ricardo Wolff, producer of events (Angst Projekt) and are organizing a party in celebration of 25 years of nightclub Madame Sat? on 15 August 2009 in Brazil.
I would like to invite the band Iggy Pop next to a show and check the date that the band is available for this year or next year.
This is the link of the party who are organizing the event .
If you can pass the value of cache and number of people in the band, thank you!
Regards, Ricardo Wolff

andy, chihuahua mexico 06/23/09
artist: the bravery
Review: great musicians!

De'Marcus, Dallas, Texas 06/23/09
artist: Mary J. Blige
Review: luv this article!!!

julie, paris, france 06/23/09
artist: Muse
Review: je suis crevee, je vais me coucher> je vous aime (c'est important de ne pas oublier).avec tout ce que je me suis pris dans la gueule pour offrir une perspective de changement au Monde, je sais pas quand est-ce que je vais etre "sober".

moi, france 06/23/09
artist: muse /chris
Review: chris, en ce qui nous concerne, La Ceremonie De Marriage a eu Lieu en presence du Sage Viassa ce qui veut dire aue tu as probablemetn pris place dans mon Coeur Droit a La Place De L'Epoux. si tu vas pas bien, j'ai mal a cet endroit-la. et la, tu vas pas bien.

floyd peterson, leeds, UK 06/22/09
artist: radiohead
Review: brilliant photos and wonderful review

justin m., clearwater, fl 06/22/09
Review: santeria is the bomb!!!!

penelope, milwaukee 06/22/09
Review: your aerosmith photos are brilliant

marianne, boston, ma 06/22/09
Review: you have a really special site here!

karen, detroit 06/22/09
artist: aeromith
Review: I LOVE THEM!!!!! They' re fine!! Yeah!!!!

immieRae, Durham, N.C. 06/19/09
artist: Santeria
Review: Santeria is a GREAT band...they really cannot be put in a "box". So good to see them get the press they so deserve! Your interviewer did a nice job.

lynda garron, melrose, mass 06/19/09
artist: aerosmith
Review: saw the june 16 show in boston, was great but too short. thats my issue 200.00 seats I want a longer show and they should have done you see me cryin if they were doing all of toys and left something eles off. other wise i loved the show.

haley, lake geneva 06/19/09
artist: aerosmith
Review: phil you took great photos!!! love to see you working more

josie, the keys, florida 06/19/09
Review: santeria is hot hot HOTTT. love love LOVE santeria!!

Raghvendra, Raipur 06/19/09
artist: Greenday
Review: a most beautiful set of photographs.

karen m., new london 06/18/09
artist: ha ha tonka
review: the band is so raw and powerful

james, milwaukee 06/18/09
artist: aerosmith
review: damn nice photos!! the show rocked!!!!

michael, conn 06/18/09
review: Very nice site! love everything!

shri allahfioulia, france 06/18/09
artist: muse
Review: ca serait bien qu'on medite pour prendre conscience de ce qu'on a tous les 4 a changer pour qu'on puisse bien s'entendre. c'est souvent les points de details qui font que les gens finissent par se taper dessus. je vais de mon cote (accent) travailler pour nous tous mais, il faut que vous soyez receptifs et conscients des tranformations, des comportements a ne pas reproduire. quant a james Mc Avoy, meme si il fait partie des "5", c'est pas gagne (accent) d'avance> on va avoir dumal avec lui mais bon, je vais faire ce que j'ai a faire. si son choix c'est de ne pas etre avec nous alors, on sera les "4". c'est pas bien grave. c'est juste stupide.

Matthew Merler, Uvalde, Texas 06/17/09
artist: Marilyn Manson
Review: Marilyn Manson is fucking the shit! Can't beat The Prince of Darkness! You fucking ROCK man!

Fancy, Houston tx 06/17/09
artist: Kenny chesney
Review: kenny chesney is the best country star ever in life his music is based nn him growing up and the way he sees lif its self.

marko, austin, tx 06/17/09
artist: santeria
Review: rip your balls off good!!

mary, wellisville 06/17/09
artist: bon jovi
Review: jon bon jovi is my fav also is richie sambora love them all they are good band

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Primo, Lafayette 06/16/09
artist: Santeria
Review: Tony Bonyata, you are a brother and a friend..Thanks for all the love and respect...Until next time, keep those NOLA records blasting and an Old Fashioned handy!
Rock on, Primo

james, texas 06/16/09
artist: santeria
Review: I love this band!! true balls out rockers!

nico delia gurule, adelanto/ca 06/16/09
Review: slipknot/ joey i fuckin love joey im probly one of there biggest maggots iplay drums also i can play duality and wait and bleed i know alot about u guys i have lots of talent in drums ill try to send you a vid joerdison but if u guys realy worsip satan i cant listen no more cause im only 13 and i know evry song word by word love you guys slipknot #1 im a boy just so you no

monica, chicago 06/16/09
artist: yeah yeah yeahs
Review: great photos!!

Charlie, Austin, Texas 06/15/09
artist: Santeria
Review: Santeria is the REAL DEAL; they are the next leaders of R&R - a "thinking man's R&R." GREAT album!!!

cutegirl 06/15/09
artist: t_pain
Review: nice pictures NICER ABS!

Jessie, Denmark, Faaborg 06/15/09
artist: Don Henley
Review: Hey Don!you are very best!!

julie, paris, france 06/15/09
artist: muse
Review: salut! je sais vous etes dans ma tete mais, j'aime bien la 3D. c'est pas mal aussi. je vaux direr rien du tout en fait. je crois pouvoir dire que je m'emmerde grave en fait. ouais. ca doit etre ca. bon. ben voila quoi. je sais pas a combien de saloperie il va falloir coller une grosse racler avant qu'on se voit mais bon, va falloir coller des beignes en serie. moi? ca me fais chier moi? ben ouais quand meme un peu. je veux dire que j'envisageais autre chose dans ma vie que de toujours devoir faire ca mais bon, tant que y aura des cons pour ecouter madona au lieu de Madona va falloir cogner. l'eclate quoi. ah oui, je disais quoi au fait? ah oui que je m'emmerde. flying in the air. ouais, j'y pense. le probleme c'est que y a plein de grosses ordures qui pratiqwuent sahaja yoga et qui parasitent tout le systeme voyez-vous. alors, on y croit, je veux dire ca donne un motif de rouler son sac de couchage le matin mais quand meme, ca me fais un peu chier d'etre worship par des truc!
s pareils. je positive avant de partir, j'ai hate de vous rencontrer. ca, ca motive p[our rouler son sac de couchage le matin. j'y crois encore. plus beaucoup soyons honnetes mais, j'y crois encore. tchuss

Boby, Bulgaria Troyan 06/12/09
Review: I can say only Godsmack forever !!!

haley, lake geneva 06/12/09
Review: I love the way you wrote the yeah yeah yeahs review!!

constance, reno, nev. 06/12/09
artist: slipknot
Review: tear me a new soul for that interview please

jason, London 06/12/09
artist: the Horrors
Review: I love their new music!!

Rev. Robert Ashley Beagle, Ft. Thomas, KY 06/11/09
artist: CSN&Y
Review: These are AWESOME! CSN&Y are my favorite group!

cory, milwaukee 06/11/09
artist: karen o
Review: karen o is my goddess!

julie, milwaukee, wi 06/11/09
Review: great site here. awesome reviews and photos!

jean, san diego 06/11/09
artist: ha ha tonka
Review: theyre the BOMB!!

jared s ramon, green river, WY 06/10/09
Review: First off IF YOU DONT LIKE METALLICA GO HANG WITH ELTON FUCKING JOHN OR BRITTANY SPEARS!!! Go to a live metallica show and ill bet your opinion will change. THEY ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE BADDEST METAL BAND IN THE FUCKING UNIVERSE!!! The new album Death Magnetic is amazing to say the least. They have sold over a hundred million records, made it to the rock & roll hall of fame, and sell out countless stadiums around the globe. Hetfield is a genius, Hammett is a guitar God, Lars does have a big ego, but i guess you can when your in the greatest metal band in history. Metallica love making music, plain and simple. They are out there touring their asses off supporting live music. Cant say the same about posers like Brett Micheals who are in the business of creating your so called CASH COW!! Metallica Rules

mari, nyc 06/10/09
artist: yeah yeah yeahs
Review: you took nice pics of karen o!

jessica, milwaukee, wi 06/10/09
artist: the yeah yeah yeahs
Review: hey man. i totally agree with your review. the show was AWESOME!!!

Margot, Carbondale, IL 06/09/09
Review: This concert excellent just saw May 31 09 at wolftrap wonderful performance only drawback they read a lot of lyrics from paper new songs....ended patti griffin with Mary wonderful

Kazz, United States 06/09/09
artist: Green Day
Review: Needless to say, Green Day is probably one of the best bands to walk this planet.

jkelsy, warrenton, MO 06/09/09
artist: avengsevenfold
Review: I LOVE M. SHADOWS AND SYNYSTER GATES!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY R SO HOT AND SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jHector Zaldivar, Miami, Florida 06/09/09
artist: Sarah Brightman
Review: That was an excellent concert! She is one of the best.... A beautiful person....

joanie, nashvillem tn 06/09/09
Review: extremely beautiful photos!

juan 06/09/09
artist: korn
Review: the most extreme band of all time!!!

artist: MUSE

Chris Rosenau, MKE, WI 06/08/09
Review: hey. . .Chris from Bees here. . .nice article and pics. any way I can get hi res versions of these? They turned out really well.
Thanks. Chris

haley, lake geneva, wi 06/08/09
Review: hey phil, I'm looking for the yeah yeah yeahs...did you even go?/ slacker ; )
Thanks. Chris

Leah Swauger Winchester va 06/08/09
artist: Tommy lee
Review: Tommy lee seemed that he was happy to be there.but durin the tommy cam seen he seemed not happy an i think hes hot

jose, new mexico 06/08/09
artist: alejandro escovedo
Review: very nice interview!

joe, torrance ca 06/08/09
artist: kiss
Review: kiss is the #1 band in usa

terry, atlanta, ga. 06/05/09
artist: gavin degraw
Review: gavin is always hot! i have saw him at least four times and i have never been disapointed. who could be with that hot body and pretty teeth and cute butt? he don't need to be anything else he is all that now. i am a 54 year old drandma with a seventeen year old daughter and we both think he is hot hot!!!!

lawrence, seattle, washington 06/05/09
artist: the decemberists
Review: you captured the spirit of the band both in your words and photography

katy, chicago 06/05/09
artist: keith urban
Review: super duper delicious stud muffin

scott, fall city 06/05/09
artist: steven tyler
Review: you are still the best singer!!

rose-marie, paramaribo, Suriname 06/04/09
Review: is skillet a christian band or not??

marty, st. louis 06/04/09
Review: the decemberists are the new wave of artistry in america!

Angie, Bev. Hills, CA 06/04/09
artist: keith urban
Review: HE"S SOO HOTT!

kevin o, las vegas 06/04/09
artist: tom morello
Review: thanks tom! loved your answers to the questions!

julie, paris, france 06/04/09
artist: muse
Review: have receive your mail. je suis impressionnee (accent avent derneier e). smack.

Candace, Milwaukee, WI 06/03/09
artist: Decemberists
Review: One of the best shows I've EVER seen!

margaret, milwaukee 06/03/09
artist: the decemberists
Review: fantastic review and photos!!

Joanne, Matawan, NJ 06/03/09
artist: Chris Robinson
Review: Chris, Please come sing NEM to me...

John Thomas, Nashville 06/03/09
Review: Very nice site!

Jeff Pearman, Madison, WI 06/02/09
artist: Decemberists
Review: Excellent review! Great performances by The Decemberists and Blind Pilot. My first time having seen The Decemberists live. Truly the best live performance I have ever witnessed. I will be seeing them in Madison in August.

Kaylee, CA 06/02/09
Review: Hey Janette, It's Kaylee! Do you know that David Archaleta is on Disney Channel? Do you know David Archaletas e-mail? From your freind Kaylee

kris, Wisconsin 06/02/09
artist: The Decemberists
Review: This show was fantastic. Is there any way I could get a full sized file of the picture with the crowd on stage? My girlfriend and I are front & center! Please email me!
Thanks, Kris

milly, chicago 06/02/09
artist: snoop dogg
Review: well written review!

artist: RAY J
Review: sexy photos.

Eloise J. Rives, Huntington Park, ca 06/02/09
artist: Green Day

karla, mexico 06/02/09
artist: 30 seconds to mars
Review: your pictures are the best!

leonard, canada 06/02/09
artist: jesse ccartney

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marko, iowa 06/01/09
artist: slipknot
Review: what a badass interview with joey!!

Owen N., Detroit 06/01/09
artist: Ramsey Lewis
Review: The man is so talented, a true legend!

lisa, chicago 06/01/09
Review: This site ROCKS OUT!!!!

salvador, mexico 06/01/09
artist: jared leto
Review: mesmo giro...adoro os 30 seconds to mars

julie, paris, france 06/01/09
artist: muse
Review: Am I?! In all the dimensions! i'm not aware of that. thanks to give me The Revelation.

missouri bill 05/29/09
artist: keith urban
Review: urban is overrated! look at dwight yoakum or george strait if you want true country music!

janine, chicago 05/29/09
artist: ramsey lewis
Review: ramsey is such an inspiration to me and my family. his music is like gold!! great interview!

gerri, chicago 05/29/09
artist: lollapalooza
Review: beautiful photography!

haley, lake geneva 05/29/09
artist: phil
Review: where are you!!??!!

juno, chicago, il 05/28/09
artist: keith urban
Review: the show was beautiful!!

Tayler, Kenosha WI 05/28/09
artist: Rascal Flatts
Review: i am a huge fan of Rascal Flatts and i would love to go see them live!

brittany, bloomington, indiana 05/28/09
artist: corey feldman
Review: i think corey is the best actor in the world next to river pheonix(R.I.P)but singing is just someting i dont picture him doing but he sould be happy and if he loves singing then ROCK ON COREY

banaid, mexico 05/28/09
artist: fall out boy
Review: I liked your review

lora, texas 05/27/09
artist: tom delonge
Review: love him to death

mason, tenn 05/27/09
artist: jessica simpson
Review: looking TOOO sexy!!

Michelle, Houston, TX 05/26/09
artist: Keith Urban
Review: Keith Urban is the sexiest man alive!!

julie, paris, france 05/26/09
artist: muse
Review: je pourrai vous demander de m'envoyer votre putain de numero de telephone mais, je travaille pour aue je puisse vous entendre sans file, sans besoin de rien que mon oreille interne. je vous raconte pas comme j'ai hate qu'on en finisse avec leur connerie au sataniste de mes deux. je suis optimiste. si si j'insiste. je suis optimiste. c'est juste le super merdier. rien de plus.

Peter, Chicago 05/26/09
artist: Keith urban
Review: I wonder if he'd get jealous if I kissed his wife while he was away on tour?

Colin, Glasgow 05/26/09
artist: Mogwai
Review: Thank you for appreciating their great music.

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joanie, chicago 05/25/09
artist: keith urban
Review: thanks for the great review, the show was absolutely amazing!!!

lamont, memphis, tn 05/25/09
artist: hwy 61
Review: a beuatiful history indeed

Elaine, Norhtlake 05/25/09
artist: Keith urban
Review: This is my 2nd concert of his and it was fabulous. I love his energy. My husband was with me and surprised to see all the different ages. i had to call my daughters during You'll think of me, it is their favorite.

Brian, seattle, washington 05/25/09
artist: Dj Mangoo

britney, Ohio 05/25/09
artist: mcr
Review: They are so hot

Elena, Germany, Baden-W?rttemberg 05/22/09
Review: Jared is sooo beautiful, I absolutely adore him! And 30 Seconds To Mars is just the best band ever... I love their music!

Corine, San Diego, CA 05/22/09
artist: Antony and the johnsons
Review: A brilliant and gorgeous review.

John Langford, Chicago 05/22/09
artist: Mogwai
Review: what a phenominal band! see you have franz on there too. gotta love the Scots!

stacey, chicago 05/22/09
artist: mogwai
Review: killer stuff!!

alyssa, pasadena tx 05/21/09
artist: country thunder
Review: seriously ya'll are so awesome

anastasia, milwaukee, wi 05/21/09
artist: plies
Review: i love him that BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

derias, windermerefla. 05/21/09
artist: tpain
Review: good stuff

marianne, milwaukee 05/21/09
artist: franz
Review: great photos!!

andrea, Berlin, Germany 05/19/09
artist: The Strokes
Review: My fave band is Green Day, but I can say that The Strokes are my 2nd fave band :) They Rock!

John, Dallas, TX 05/19/09
Review: Very nice site!

besy, los angeles ca 05/19/09
artist: cher
Review: what an incredible talent!!

sfreak, beaumont, texas 05/19/09
artist: corey taylor
Review: what are you going to do about mushroomhead hating you?

julie, paris, france 05/19/09
artist: muse
Review: hi hi... on va bien finir par y arriver. et bien, je crois que tu as raison Mon Homme a moi que le Bon Dieu a cree rien pour que je puisse avoir autre chose que des emmerdes et de la frustration dans mon existence. ca fait longtemps que je t'attends tu sais... une bonne vingtaine d'annees au moins et pt'etre bien quelaues vies aussi.
en fait et a vrai dire, je ne vois pas trop ce que musicalement ma presence au sein du groupe Muse pourrait apporter. je veux dire que "l'espace" est plein, le son est partout; je ne pense pas que je puisse etre un element revelateur de quoi que ce soit dans votre groupe si ce n'est de moi, d'un point de vu strictement logique, Muse n'est sans doute pas la structure ou je puisse reveler quoi que ce soit sans modifier quelque chose. or, votre trio fonctionne. il n'y a rien a ajouter ou en tout cas, pas moi. j'ai tout a reapprendre, a recuperer. je n'ai pas le niveau mais, je peux faire des photos. avec Plaisir.

martin, san fransisco 05/18/09
artist: franz
Review: franz ferdinand moves me to the core. I love their new record!

carrie, milwaukee 05/18/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: beautiful photos!!

bill wilson, london 05/18/09
artist: franz ferdinand
Review: yes the scots know how to push the envelope

carmen, seattle, wash 05/18/09
Review: This site is very cool. can't believe the amount of awesome photography here

owen, clearwater beach, fl 05/18/09
artist: gavin degraw
Review: great review!!

penelope, indiana 05/18/09
artist: korn
Review: please, please let me win the korn tickets!!!

lawrence, new york 05/15/09
artist: Cursive
Review: they are overrated poisers!!!

Jim Lewis, Chicago 05/15/09
artist: Cursive
Review: These boys are truly something special, your story rocked!

katie, st. louis 05/15/09
artist: jo dee messina
Review: the girl has put on a few pounds, but she still knows how to belt it out with her beautiful voice

Chary, Miami, Fl 05/14/09
artist: CHER
Review: Cher's the best! Cindy is cool too but Cher has a more successful career!!! with Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy....

Haley, Milwaukee 05/14/09
artist: Cursive
Review: It was a crying shame to see Turner half filled for the Cursive show. Tim was so passionate and the band was rock solid. Thanks for the awesome review and photos Gypsy!

starstruck, reno, nv 05/14/09
artist: james morrison
Review: the man is a genuis!!

julie, paris, france 05/14/09
artist: muse
Review: right now, i feel the left swadisthan really painfull. so, there is probably something that you think i think maybe but it's not what you want me to think because it's not what you think. me, i think nothing even if i think.Me i wait to see. there is a difference between where we are and the 3 d reality.and concerning my 3d reality what i meet daily it's a tree, the metropolitan police and other nice (or unconcern) people. what i feel is different.
i am something with a lot of destroying powers; that's why it's important to be clear, to correct on time the wrong idea, the things that each one of you think maybe but don't want.

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Rain Lear, Berea, KY 05/13/09
artist: My Chemical Romance
Review: MCR kicks everything. Seriously. This band saved my life, as well as many other fans. AND thier music rocks thier lyrics. Pure genius, makes you think about whats going on inside thier musical minds.

Megan, Philadelphia, PA 05/13/09
artist: The Killers
Review: I have seen the killers twice in concert, once in august of 08 in AC nj, it was about an hour set...wayyy too short..I thought it was a joke and they would come back out, but they never did..Then I saw them again this past friday in camden nj, and same thing, super short show...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the killers and their sound is incredible, so why not play a while longer? There are so many songs I wanted to hear but didnt..I really hope they play longer sets, at this rate I don't wanna pay the 70 bucks a ticket to see them only play for a little over an's not fair..WE WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!

julie, paris, france 05/13/09
artist: muse
Review: no sadness. we have to shoe beat. those who want to dominate us. those who have no respect for our dharmic free will. i want to meet you 3. that's what you want too. no sadness. i Love you, you Matt, you Dom and you Chris. the question is not who is the best. Mother is not like that. the question is to complete. no sadness Mon Bellamy. and me i have to find what i can do, what a Muse can do in such circumstances and how it's right to act. i am allowed to do what, to be what in this time? if you feel me less "present" Matt it's because i have to establish some things before, to make our meeting possible with Chris and to become what i have to be and him too. no sadness. the world is such lie than we haven't got anymore the notion of what is good or not.what is good or not? that what we have to find? what is allowed in 3D? what is allowed in where we meet us already? no sadness. just meditate and find the answer.

TJ, Chicago, IL 05/13/09
artist: Queensryche
Review: Great pics & review!

gerri, memphis, tn 05/13/09
artist: gavin degraw
Review: I think you don't like gavin!!

peter m., chicago, il 05/13/09
artist: the horrors
Review: faris is so much cooler now without the goth makeup..great interview and I'd like to see you talk to him again and ask him what motivated them to change direction

jasper, minneapolis, mn 05/13/09
artist: queensryche
Review: wonderful, wonderful package with your review and awesome photos!!

Jill dubay, washington, NJ 05/13/09
artist: jesse mccartney
Review: Hi jesse your pictures are beautiful!!!!!!!

artist: tatoo artist
Review: wohhhhh!!!! fantastic

julie, paris, france 05/12/09
artist: muse
Review: salut, bon. j'essaye d'y voir un peu plus clair. le truc c'est que ce n'est plus vraiment a moi d'agir; le truc, c'est de piger la nature des obstacles qui empechent votre action. le truc c'est aussi que je ne sois moi meme plus un obstacle a votre action. il y a une chose qui est aussi importante a definir c'est ce qui venant de moi est necessaire a votre equilibre. une fois que c'est clair dans vos tete a tous les 3, soumettre vos desirs a Mere et voir ce qui est possible au regard du Dharma (l'action juste). je suis en train de me dire qu'on pourrait presque se fixer des horaires pour que je puisse fixer mon attention sur chacun d'entre vous en attendant de faire mieux, en attendant de se voir si tant est qu'on se voit.

deporres, st louis 05/12/09
Review: i love slipknot they kick azz

shante' dixon, jax, fl 05/12/09
artist: janet jackson
Review: she is so fantastic

stacey, milwaukee, wisconsin 05/11/09
artist: mondo lucha
Review: oh yeah, a breath of fresh air!

vinny, nyc 05/11/09
artist: queensryche
Review: your photos are beautiful!!

ringo, seattle 05/11/09
artist: lollapalooza
Review: I'm so down this year. see ya all at Grant park this year. if you see me don't forget to buy me a couple of beers

Jim Bonus, Des Moines 05/11/09
artist: Queensryche
Review: WTF are "aqua net arrangements"? Seriously, did you really go to this concert?

marianne k., chicago 05/11/09
artist: wizard of oz
Review: the show was so charming. I think I enjoyed it more than the movie

Madd Mallett, Brewcity Bruiser 05/08/09
artist: mondo lucha
Review: LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy, Portland OR 05/08/09
artist: Obama endorsement
Review: What a moving piece of writing. I'm sure you swayed the vote of people who weren't sure who they were voting for at the time. Bravo for the inspiration.

gerri, milwaukee 05/08/09
artist: Mondo lucha
Review: I was going to go but got lazy. man it sounded like so much fun from your review. I'm not going to miss it for the world next year!!!

mehrdad zooleh, iran-tehran 05/08/09
artist: tonino baliardo
Review: pleas give me tonino baliardo email addres. I so love him

Annalise, Harvest, Alabama 05/07/09
artist: 3doors Down
Review: OMG.. I LOVE 3doors down!!!?? Im an expert on the band.. I love Brad Arnold SOOOO0000 much I know EVERY song there is by heart and i know that his middle name is Kirk.. Im going to see you 5/8/2009 at the consert and it will bo my birthday on the 13th of may..ill be 14

justin, elkhorn, wi 05/07/09
Review: great dmb pix!!!

corrine, san francisco 05/07/09
Review: Hey Rihanna what's up you got lovely pictures we love you! You rock

davis g., chicago 05/07/09
Review: this site is pretty damn cool!

georgie, brussels 05/07/09
artist: Linkin Park

sohrab (student), iranc 05/06/09
artist: wizard of oz
Review: fantastic! really good. i like it.

blake, nyc 05/06/09
artist: dmb
Review: poeple just don't get this guy until you see him live youll never know how truly good he is!

ashley hall, ohio 05/06/09
artist: ac dc
Review: i really love ac dc because they rock

Mitch, Plymouth, WI 05/05/09
artist: Slipknot
Review: I Used to HATE u guys But now u friken awesome

laura, detroit 05/05/09
artist: dmb
Review: dave and the boys still rock!! cool photos too

karen m, chicago 05/05/09
artist: ryan cabrera
Review: ryan is still hot as heck

brian, albany, ny 05/05/09
artist: new orleans jazzfest
Review: where all of the jazz artists??

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Eyvind humborstad, nordfjored 22b 05/04/09
artist: kiss
Review: eg elsker kiss eg er s? glad i deg veldig du er sexy eg t?ler smerte det eg likar dette du er alt for penn

Mark Smutz Smith, Southampton, England 05/04/09
artist: Black Mercies
Review: they say a phrophets never recognised in his own land . . .well listen up America,we got the Mercies number already in the UK ,and next time them come across that pond ,we may just keep em ,as you like to say in the colonies "Fxxxxin Awesome" . . . !p.s. nice work Tina x

britney 05/04/09
Review: I like 30 seconds to mars very much. I love Jared Leto and his friends

lisa, springfield, il 05/04/09
Review: this is truly a GREAT music site!!

jesse, chicago 05/04/09
artist: david archultea
Review: jeanette, great photos!

george k., des moines, iowa 05/01/09
artist: slipknot
Review: i love you, joey!! Fantastic interview!!

Don, Santa Rosa CA 05/01/09
artist: top 10 bands
Review: My only beef is that Mark Bolan should be in Bowies place. In all truth it was Marc who was breaking the ground.

emanuel serrano, cabinda angola 05/01/09
artist: linkin park
Review: your photos are beautiful!

joey, nyc 05/01/09
artist: lollapalooza
Review: some of the best photos I've seen of lallapalooza anywhere!!

julie, france 04/30/09
artist: muse
on s'en fout un peu quand meme de ca... oups, j'ai oublie! je dois etre diplomate! ben merde alors. c'est presque pas l'cas.
Review: special thanks for christopher. pour ce qui est des grosses mendales (a coup de basse) dans la gueule des gros-ses mechant-es, c'est vraiment le PLUS fooooort... RaOUhWww.

mary, milwaukee, wi 04/30/09
artist: chris cornell
Review: love the review and the photos are brilliant!

kenneth, costa rica 04/30/09
artist: goo goo dolls
Review: excelent band the goo goo dolls good very good

robert collins, ohio marysville 04/29/09
artist: slipknot
Review: slipknot is the shit!!!!! and joey is amazing. im a drummer and on day i want to be as good as him but i dont think thats posible. slipknot has saved my life. im only 16 and i was doing bad in school with my grades and my behavior,i was always getting into fights but now when i get angry i just drift away into slipknots music.

marianne, detroit 04/29/09
artist: death cab
Review: you don't want to miss their show ever children!!!!!!

artist: BONE THUGS
Review: baddest muther fuckas eva

sandra. chicago 04/29/09
artist: chris cornell
Review: great photos - cornell is sooo hot!!

Michael, Chgo. Ill 04/28/09
artist: Richard Street
Review: I thought it was a very good article. Thank,s Keep up the good work.


j allen reynolds, bolingbrook il 04/28/09
artist: elo
Review: all of jeff lynne's material is like the best ever. he's a great song writer and producer. i alx am a big fan of the electric light orcestra, and i lke jeff lynnes style very much.

jim, st. petersburg, fl 04/28/09
Review: great site!

joannie, st. louis 04/28/09
artist: ludacris
Review: DAMN - really nice interview!! luda you sexy as hell!!!

jessica, lake geneva, wis 04/27/09
marcie, chicago 04/27/09
artist: death cab
Review: andy thanks for the wonderful review! death cab is such an important band, the really inspire me!

jessica, lake geneva, wis 04/27/09
Review: hey phil I haven't seen your beautiful photos or words lately. I miss them!!

kyle, chicago 04/27/09
Review: hey guys - I truly love this site!

jake l., philly 04/27/09
artist: flight of the conchords
Review: this band totally rocks my world!

Roger, Harvard 04/24/09
artist: Green Day
Review: The pics that I should say are amazing and ive never met another band that plays like Billie Joe and I don't belive if someone could be better.

??? 04/24/09
Review: There will be no other like him He is a once in a life time artist like the Beatles, Michael Buble and the like. This is only the beginning for this awesome young man of a talent. David Foster! Where are you! Grab this kid and guide his career. It's time for you to do this now. He is ready.

penelope, cali. 04/24/09
artist: glasvegas
Review: wow these guys are sure the coolest around!

britney, mimami, florida 04/24/09
artist: david archuleta
Review: sexy sexy sexy!!!!!!!!!

pretty girl, milwaukee, wis 04/24/09
Review: I come here often. it's refreshing to see all of the wonderful reviews here

lucero0, poza rika, veracruz 04/23/09
artist: gerard way
Review: !! gerard way !! the amo de vdd eres lo0 mejor para mii te amo !! te adoro cd que nunka estare con tigo es mas qe obio pero ce bieras mee cuarto estha lleno de ti , tus discoz,pozters,todo .mochilas , plalleras,todo te amo!!

johnny, chicago 04/23/09
artist: wilco
Review: way to go man...thanks for your report on the greatness that is wilco!!

lawrence schweb, seattle 04/23/09
artist: glasvegas
Review: great interview! glasvegas is finally getting the attention that they deserve!!

teri martin, oklahoma city, ok. 04/22/09
artist: carrie underwood
Review: Carrie underwood is the greatest singer songwriter ever!

Margot, Buffalo, New York 04/22/09
artist: Antony and the Johnsons
Review: Your review was stunning. You beautifully captured the emotionaslly artistry of Antony. Congratulations.

squidarmsonyourface 04/22/09
artist: glasvegas
Review: thanks for giving my boys the extra exposure ; ).

monica, milwaukee 04/22/09
Review: tom get your ass back where you belong. rage is your home

Margaret, Atlanta, GA 04/21/09
Review: I pray in Jesus name for you and any of your listeners
a praying mom

carly owens, tennessee 04/21/09
artist: taylor swift
Review: she is absolutely beautiful, fantastic pictures!!!

cierra nicole hollis, denver/co 04/21/09
artist: neo
Review: my apinuin is that my mom could have bin to neos consed.but she rather listen to neos vidows.her favrit is she walk like the boss.

audry, tx mineola 04/21/09
artist: skillet
Review: hay i love u skillet -i know everyone says this -i am ur biggest fan i love ur music and who u r -and u r just so cool--send me soon

gjema, KosOvo--ShtimE 04/21/09
artist: 50 Cent
Review: hey you ar wery goot in the america go go go

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